A blasphemy against Caliph Omar (RA)!

by admin

By Omar Khattab in Islamabad

A couple of days before, a Multan-based lawyer filed a case in a court alleging that a detergent powder TV advertisement insults Caliph Omar. In this advertisement, there are two characters: one little boy names Omar and his grandmother. The grandmother searches for Omar who is shown to be a clever boy. The boy is clever because he put some ink on his face and stands in one corner of his home posing as a scarecrow. This lawyer said that the name Omar is taken 5 times by the woman and in the end the young Omar is shown to have blackened his face. According to the lawyer, this is an instance of treasonous blasphemy because the blackened face insults Caliph Omar.

This is not all. The lawyer (I am not giving his name because he wants his name all over the media), notorious for his open support for Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, Rana Sanaullah and Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry, has claimed that the person who designed the advertisement is “known for his links with Israel and the Jews” (I am giving the name of this gentleman in order to protect him).

This lawyer is one instance of the hypocrisy we are into as a nation. Let us say there is a criminal who molests children and then kills them. Let us assume that the name of this person is Muhammad Bakhsh. Will calling this person a criminal constitute blasphemy? If you look at some of the worst criminals in Pakistan, they made sure that “Muhammad” was tagged with the name they used to be addressed usually. Before he dismissed ZA Bhutto’s elected government, he was known as General Zia ul Haq. But once in the political command of Pakistan, he ordered that his complete name be mentioned: “General Muhammad Zia ul Haq”. Nawaz Sharif was “Mian Nawaz Sharif”, but the day he decided to turn into a Stalin of Pakistan through constitutional amendments, he became “Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif”. So did “Muhammad” Shahbaz Sharif.

What about “Ameerul Mominin” Mullah Omar of Afghanistan, one of the maddest psychopath-criminal of modern times. Isn’t he an embodiment of blasphemy against humanity? A one-eyed monster who reminded the civilized world of some of Omer’s nastiest mythical characters, Mullah Omar as “Ameerul Mominin” was nothing but a murderer, rapist (he forced women to marry him), dictator, and a drug pusher. He was/is surreal enough to be taken for a mythological monster come alive! Doesn’t the very name King “Abdullah” evoke “good” Muslims’ anger? Why does this Abu Jahil of modern times have the name of the father of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)? What about “Muhammad” Iftikhar Chaudhry who has disgraced the great Prophet’s name by making a mockery of the justice system of Pakistan? Will the good lawyer launch a long march against Cheap Justice?


8 Comments to “A blasphemy against Caliph Omar (RA)!”

  1. I salute you, Omar Khattab, for writing on this topic.

    I too happened to read this news item and was appalled to see the lowest level to which this country’s legal and judicial systems has fallen down.

    Then, what can we expect from a High Court which is led by Khwaja Muhammad Sharif, a poodle of Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, both of these characters are a blasphemy to the holy name of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

  2. The problem with us is that we see ‘Sazish’ in every thing around us. But what the real ‘Sazish’ is being played by religious fanatics, we do see but ignore it.

  3. LOlzzzz

    What an idiot person that fundo lawyer and even bigger idiot is the LHC bench who accepted the absurd application !!!!

    I totally agree with Omar Khattab that the boy ‘Omar’ in the commercial of detergent is rather shown an intelligent boy who helps his grandmother and in a sequel of this commercial that boy ‘Omar’ is shown doing things which only intelligent boys are capable of doing !!!!

  4. we have nothing to think/ do positively, we all are brain dead and living in mental, emotional and religious poverty and distress. we do not want to move further.

  5. Please come out of the Conspiry theroies mode and be relistic .The boy in advertisment is pakistani / muslim and could heve any name , The most com0n nemes now days are Abdullah , Humaza , Ali , Osman , and amny more all with reference to the gerat muslims . If Not Omar what name should be the neme with a raelistic touch ?
    Well if this be the case then every day theree will be blasphemy as every second moment when some boy being anoyed abuse other fellow using the name . Have a haert and please be positive .

  6. These are the commercial ads – Surf Excel Aik Min

  7. One way or the other, I request that moronic CJ of Lahore to ban this ad. It is down right annoying and irritating, plus they keep buzzing aik minute, aik minute, aik minute every hour.

    Also, I wonder if they had used a non-traditional name would this person have filed a petition that it is probably some kind of saazish by tricking us to think that there is no distinction between India and Pakistan.

  8. Gadhoo kay sar par seengh to nahee hotay….

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