PM's wife's dupatta and Haji Javed Chauhdry – by Ali Raja

by admin

Pakistan PM YR Gilani, his wife Fauzia, Turkish President Abdullah Gul and his wife Hayrunnisa Gul at a ceremony in Ankara, Dec. 7, 2010. (AP Photo/Burhan Ozbilici)

Jonathan Swift was a political philosopher, a critic, a poet and a revolutionist. One of the wisest men of his times. A man who holds the honour of overthrowing the Tory Government of Great Britain. A man who holds the honour of standing before the crown and the church. A man who gave birth to the Ideology of Ireland.

However, he had a little problem. This problem was remembering jokes at events as serious as cancer. He was always able to find the humorous side of every picture and what was even worse was that he did not keep that side to himself. This humour reflected itself in his novels, his essays and his prose. Unfortunately this legendary critic got famous as a Humorist. Even his harsh criticism on the English Culture “Gulliver’s Travels” was laughed upon. They say he could never forget the discrediting of his master piece and so died a man with a sound brain and a deep heart.

With nothing good of me even close to Jonathan Swift, I happen to suffer from the very same little problem that the legend once faced. With every event that takes place in my life I find a joke associated. I try my level best to keep it to my self but just cannot help it. With so many different jokes I still have one as my favourite.

Ever since this Democratic Government has come to power I remember that joke nearly everyday. “It is about an old villager who goes to the station masters office and asks about the timings of Shalimar Express, Bolan Express, Khyber Mail and many many more. The annoyed station master asks about the destination the gentlemen intends to travel to. This is when he reveals that he only wants to cross the railway line.”

Ever since democracy led by the Pakistan Peoples Party has stepped in Pakistan, I see a mob of poor old villagers running from one station master to another, inquiring about Mails, Expresses and Tezgams. Making their calculations, having their dreams and waiting for a time when they get to the other side. I thought endlessly but could not get to the point. What is it that lies on the other side? what is that has made these villagers so anxious? and what is which makes them work so hard​? Why is that this Mujahideen 11 is so much after PPP.

I considered each and every option piece but Alas! It did not seem to fit in the puzzle:-

Is it the corruption of PPP?

It sounds quite good but how can this be the case. To oust the PPP they are even ready to welcome Nawaz Sharif, a guy who tendered an unconditional apology before a dictator to run away from 85 of his references 38 of which were corruption oriented. They are ready to welcome the Army, an organization which lies on the top of every corruption centered list. They are ready to welcome the Chief Justice, a man who is known for dumping 145 litters of petrol in his fuel tank at one time. So it can’t be the corruption mantra.

Is it the incompetence of PPP?

With foreign reserves of Pakistan touching record $17.1 Billion,with Pakistan Steel Mills trembling back to feet and with PIA cutting short its loss from Rs 140 billion to Rs 74 billion, how can one call the PPP incompetent​? The rehabilitation of Sawat IDP’s is alone an example enough to illustrate PPP’s competence.

Is PPP dangerous for Pakistan?

The federation has united hands over the NFC after 19 long years. The long dreamed provincial autonomy has touched the lands. Swat and Waziristan are back in national grid. These to me are not the signs of a dying federation. PPP in fact seems to strengthen the Federation of Pakistan.

I applied this hit and check methodology on every possible reason but had no success. I just could not find the reason for which our dear ones and near ones are against the PPP government. I could not see through their eyes. I could not figure out what lies on the other side of of the track. I could not get to know what is wrong with PPP.

Thanks to good old Haji Javed Chauhdary that he pointed out what I was looking for since 2008. He pointed out what he is against, he pointed out what stabs his heart, he pointed out what lies on the other side of the track. He actually pointed out what is wrong with PPP. Haji Javed Chauhdary in the tune of a villager lady who goes to inspect a daughter in law for her self said “Haey Allah!!! Eda Dupatta Wekhia Eee???” (Oh My God! Did You See Her Dupatta?)

In his 09 Dec 2010 column Haji Javed Chauhdary after softly criticizing the secular standing of Turkey mentioned the photograph of PM Yousuf Raza Gillani and President Abdullah Gull. Haji Javed Chauhdary criticized the first lady of Pakistan for not covering her head up to the mark. He remarked “In comparison to the first lady of Secular Turkey who had Islamically covered her head with a scarf, the first lady of Islamic Republic of Pakistan was not even having a dupatta over her head.” In the eyes of Haji Javed Chauhdary this was the reason for the demise of Pakistan. In his beautiful column Haji Sahib, failed to mention some facts.

Facts which would have been very interesting for his readers. Facts which would have cast a clear view of the picture.

  • Haji Sahib failed to mention that before secularism came to Turkey, Turkey was known as the “Ill man of Europe.”
  • Haji sahib failed to mention that Turkey was a bankrupt nation in the Ottoman Khilafat.
  • Haji sahib failed to mention the the present day Turkey evolved after the seeds of secularism were sown.
  • Haji sahib failed to mention that Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Allama Muhmmad Iqbal overruled any possibility of defending the Ottoman Khilafat.
  • Haji Sahib failed to mention the people of Turkey are in a deep love with secularism and the Republic Protests of 2007 were an evident expression of this love.
  • Haji Sahib failed to mention that the very same President Abdullah Gull in his first speech to the Parliament said “Turkey is a secular democracy, these are basic values of our republic, and I will defend and strengthen these values.”
  • Haji Sahib failed to mention that Madam Eda Gull the First Lady of Turkey on the day of Presidential Elections said that “Wearing head scarf is as honourable as not wearing a head scarf. We want to pursue the true spirit of democracy in Pakistan.”
  • Haji Sahib failed to mention that Justice and Development party the mother party of Gull is the party which passed a unanimous resolution in favour of secularism.

With so much to see and follow in Turkey, Abdullah Gull and Madam Eda Gull the only thing which caught Haji Javed Chuhdary’s eyes was a bright red scarf. He was ashamed to dirt when he saw our first lady without a scarf. Who cares if eminent Islamic scholars like Dr. Muhmmad Saleh and Dr. Muhammad Ismail say that scarf is not a compulsion upon the women (

All that matters is that the Ameer ul Momineen of Haji Javed Chauhdary, General Zia ul Haq used to consider scarf a compulsion. So how can it be that first lady does not wear a scarf in the royal kingdom of Zia ul Haq. Along with condemning the scarf less head of Fauzia Gillani, Haji Javed Chauhdary also scolded the Pakistani nation for electing a non Islamic Party. He praised the Turks for giving the mandate to rightly deserving Islamic Party. At the end of his column, Haji Javed Chauhdary dreamed of a Pakistan which qualifies to be an Islamic Republic. A Pakistan with a head scarf. A Pakistan under the Islamists.

I think the PPP is going through a modesty phase now a days. Bowing their head before every accuser and abuser the PPP is off to set a new trend in Pakistan’s politics so I hope the Prime Minister will be over polite with Haji Javed Chauhdary and generously make his dreams come true. Prime Minister will be happy to transform to an Islamist but just to set the record straight I must state that what sort of an Islamist Haji Javed Chauhdary is looking forward to. Ones who qualify to his list are:-

Hajaj Bin Yousuf
Mehmood Ghaznavi
Meer Hassan
Sultan Abdul Hamid II
Musa Bin Naseer
Uqba Ibn e Nafi
Abdul Malik Marwan II
Muhammad Bin Ali

These are the true leaders of the United States of Islam. People who spoke by the tip of sword, people who sat on pyramids of skulls, people who were the ancestors of the Al-Qaeda theory and people who had head scarfs enforced. I must warn Yousuf Raza Gillani and his wife to refrain from “Mulhids” Islamists.

People who are included in the red book of Haji Javed Chauhdry are as follows:

Muhammad Ali Jinnah
Fatima Jinnah
Chauhdary Muhammad Ali
Nawabzada Liaqut Ali Khan
Begum Rana Liaqut Ali
Ismat Anunu
Mahateer Muhammad

These are the demons of Islam, people who built up nations, people who carved states for their people, people who preached harmony, people who were a beacon of light but people who did not care about the scarf. People who lie in the evil axis of Haji Javed Chauhdry.

In case Mr. Prime Minister plans to execute what the “National Demand” is, I must also put on board another form of Islamists. The one I would recommend: The “Haji Javed Chauhdary” class of Islamists is the the most “notorious and luxurious” class ever seen by the Islamic world. Of course Hajid Javed Chaudhry type hypocrites find it convenient to spend extra-marital honeymoons in Switzerland (pictures abound on the internet) but do not tire of lecturing others on Islamic values.

The PM will not have to work very hard to satisfy Javed Chaudhry types. All he has to do is give lengthy emotional lectures on Islamic ethics, criticize the rest for their poor moral fibre, keep his wife locked at home and enjoy the company of beautiful women in Europe.

21 Comments to “PM's wife's dupatta and Haji Javed Chauhdry – by Ali Raja”

  1. Note: The above post was slightly edited to respect Javed Chaudhry’s privacy.

  2. I don’t know which way is our media going????

    First It was Tallat Hussain talking about Angelina Jolie and Now Javeed Chauhdary talking about Fauzia Yousuf Raza Gillani!!!!!Have problems in Pakistan vanished that these “Maii” like journalists are discussing women and their dresses???

    When will the media opt a self censorship policy!!!!!If discussing women and their character is known as journalism I guess we must put an end to journalism!!!!

    And That snap of Javeed Chauhdary is all over the internet by looking at one side I have figured the other one my self:-))) What was the reason of editing it!!!!!

  3. جاوید چودری پر شرعی حد نافذ کی جائے

  4. If it was decided, Why Pakistan was created and why hundreds of thousand people sacrificed their life, wealth and chesty?
    We could do this each an every thing more better in United India.

  5. Ali Raja forget to mention that Our beloved prime minister was also a member of Ameerul Momineen Zia’s Majlees Shoora.

    The mentality of PPP’s supporters is always funny for me

  6. Haha.. Kashif.. there is a fine line between forgiving and forgetting.. even though the version of islam that most mullahs and journalists of Pakistan now believe in believes that forgiveness is haram the PPP does not.

    Yousuf Raza Gilani, Babar Awan and many others were hand in hand with mardood e azam Zia but they all got the opportunity to abandon BB and join Mush.. remember PPP Patriots?! they didnt and chose to go in jail. So they did not abandon PPP after it lost poweer, like certain founding members abandoned Bhutto.

    Pakistan was created to safeguard the economic interests of muslims and ensure their survival with honor and equal chance of progress in the face of hindu domination.

    Quaid-e-Azam tried his best to achieve it in United India… remember the proposal by Cabinet Mission?! He accepted it, it was three super provinces within a United India but alas Congress backed out after accepting it.

  7. Kasheer Nasir is always there to remind us that stupidity is an abundant asset in Pakistan!!!!

    Why Pakistan was created!!!!It is not us who have to realize it but the Mullah Brigade of Kasif Naseer….The 11 September speech of Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was the guide of the newly born nation!!!!The Indian National Congress had proved to be an orthodox party by implementing Geeta oriented legislations in it’s 1937-1939 rule….In order to preserve the Muslims of India from an orthodox rule Muhammad Ali Jinnah decided to attain an independent home land…..But thanks to Body Guards of Islam Pakistan proved to be an even more orthodox state than India!!!!Hijab is a personality oriented action and no one else reserves the right to raise a finger on some one else’s head….People like Javeed Chauhdary can have extramarital honeymoon permit by raising the slogan of Islam but a lady without a scarf ohhh my god what will become of Pakistan!!!!Pakistan has none to do with scarfed heads!!!!

    I guess we all must attend a seminar by Kashif Nasir in which he will elaborate why Pakistan was formed!!!!

    Spirits of Muhtarma Fatima Jinnah and Rana Liaqut Ali Khan must also be invited as they used to roam scarf less and now must benefit from the vision of legendary Kashif Nasir

  8. Pakistani media Actually PUPPETS of Khakis & Taliban ,majority of media groups and persons are doing a marvelous job as a Clean Shave Taliban !
    Geo TV and its team of Goebbels – by Irfan Urfi

  9. Maudoodi fellow Manzur Nomani objected that Maudoodi’s family does not practice Pardah and a young servant goes there and no one objects…..

    Would Kashif Naseer,open his eyes and mind to know Jinnah’s wife was more westernized than the lady with Javed Chauhdry and Premier’s wife

  10. Jinnah and his Parsi wife Rattanbai

    Jinnah got married to Emibai in February 1892.It was a marriage arranged by his mother Mithibai when he was 16 and his bride just 14.The minor bride was terribly sick when he left her in Nov 1892 and sailed off to England. As he left she died. That was how his first marriage came to an end.
    Sir Dinshaw Manockjee Petit, an extremely rich Parsi was a close friend of Jinnah.He used to stay at Dinshaw’s summer home in Darjeeling, a summer resort in the north of India. In 1916 he met Dinshaw’s daughter Rattanbai or Ruttie as she used to be called, who was just 16, and legally a minor. He was enamored by her beauty and charm and developed relations with her, to the utter disgust of his friend, Mr.Dinshaw.
    He forbade Ruttie to meet Jinnah who wanted to marry her. In February 1918 Ruttie turned 18 and was free to marry as per English Law. Nobody from Ruttie’s family attended the marriage. Four years after the marriage they both separated as he had no time for his wife. In 1922 Ruttie took their only daughter Dina and left for London. On her return she again tried reconciliation but it failed and finally they separated in 1928.
    Ruttie died on February 20th, 1929 on her 29th birthday.

  11. The matter is all about hypocrisy. People like Javed Chaudhry believe in “Doosron ko naseehat, khud ko faseehat”

  12. ڈاکٹر شاہد مسعود نے ابھی کچھ ہی دن پہلے حمید گل اور اس کی فیملی کا انٹرویو لیا تھا جو غالباً آجنسیز نے کروایا تھا ،حمید گل کی پوری فمیلی میں مجھے کہیں بھی طالبان کی شریعت نظر نہیں آی ،حمید گل کی داڑی نہیں ،ان کی بیگم پردہ نہیں کرتی ،بال کٹے ہوئے ہیں ،بیٹا پورا کلین شیو ،نواسی بھی فیشنبل ،سب لوگ انگریزی اسکول کے پڑھے ہوئے اور ایک ماڈرن زندگی گزر رہے ہیں ،مجھے اس پر کوئی اعتراض نہیں ،پر کیا یہ منافقت کی حد نہیں کہ ایک طرف طالبان کی شریعت کی حمایت ہو رہی ہے اور خوں بہایا جا رہا ہے ،عورتوں پر زبردستی کی جا رہی ہے اور خود شہر میں رہ کر آزاد زندگی گزر رہے ہیں اور دوسروں کے لیہ “شریعت ” نافذ کر رہے ہیں

    جماعتی اسلام ہے ہی یہی ،صرف حکمرانوں پر اسلام کو نافذ کرنا اور اپنی ذاتی زندگی سیکولر گزرنا

  13. Hypocrisy is not only the virtue of Javeed Chauhdary, almost all of the Islamists of Pakistan happen to own this heritage!!!!

    Kashif Naseer can be a test case…..Here at LUBP he is teaching us all the moral code of conduct that Islam emphasizes upon and have a look what he has to say about himself at his blog:-

    جسے لوگ عشق کہتے ہیں پہلی بار اسکول میں ہوا اور پھر ہوتا ہی چلا گیا۔ لوگ بتاتے ہیں اس کھیل میں ناجانے کہاں کہاں نظریں گاڑی گئیں

    ب انہیں ایک بار پھر کوئی اچھا سا رشتہ درکار ہے، خواہشمند خواتین براہ راست یا بل واسطہ رجوع کرسکتی ہیں

    آج کل ایک جگہ بڑا سنجیدہ کھیل چل رہا ہے اور بات بن بھی سکتی ہے۔

    Obviously Shariat takes a U-Turn at road!!!!!

  14. Hillarious!!!!

    Raja Asad saab u r definitely a mossad agent and so is Ali and moreover both of u are punishable (hopefully under the blasphemy laws) as u have breached the privacy of fellow momineen and u must know that momineen are sacred cows and immoral people like u have no right to breach their privacy. I’m thinking about filing a case against you guys.

  15. 🙂

    Yeah even I feel Black Water on my back and Ali Raja is definitely a “Yahood O Nisara” agent who is hatching conspiracies against the fortress of Islam!!!!Andddd there is no need of filling a case just call upon Maulana Yousuf Qureshi, the contractor of Islam and he will gladly announce a bounty on my head!!!!After all I have committed a blasphemy against Ameer-ul-Maumeenen General Zia ul Haq’s tribe!!!!Ahhhh doom is your destiny!!!!:p

  16. In one of Javed Ch related post . Junaid Qaiser nicely summed up Javed Ch 1 hour of khutba ” Aik badshah tha aus nai fakir ku jangle mai dekha………… ; fakir nai kia khob jawab dia ………………………….; chuncha sadar zardari ko sharm karni chahyee !

    Good one Raja Sahib !

  17. I wish someone tells Javeed Chauhdary that how much people love him!!!!:-)

  18. “If it was decided, Why Pakistan was created and why hundreds of thousand people sacrificed their life, wealth and chesty?
    We could do this each an every thing more better in United India.”

    @Kashf Naseer:
    Your Mullahs were in favour of United India and called Pakistan Na-Pakistan and what not. You and your Mullahs don’t have any say in how Pakistan is run.

  19. Mullahs of Kashif Naseer still don’t believe in the Nation State Theory!!!!!

    One of my friends joined the Hizb ul Tahreer this year and celebrated Eid with Saudi Arabia arguing that Pakistan is not Dar ul Islam and these states are man made fuss!!!!

    Entire earth belongs to Allah!!!!!Same as what Maulana Abulkalam Azad used to say in 30s

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