Joy to the World, Merry Christmas

by admin

Dear Friends,

Wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year. Thank you for all the support you extended towards Let Us Build Pakistan in 2010.

In Solidarity

7 Comments to “Joy to the World, Merry Christmas”

  1. Merry Christmas every one!

  2. Christmas call for peace from the Middle East

    Church leaders in Bethlehem have called for peace and reconciliation at the annual Christmas mass held at what is said to be the birthplace of Jesus.

    Tens of thousands of Christian pilgrims are in Bethlehem for Christmas, in a record year for tourism.

    Only a lucky few scored tickets for the traditional midnight mass near the spot where Jesus was said to be born.

    Church leaders used the mass to renew calls for peace. Latin patriarch Fuad Twal appealed for the church bells to drown out the noise of weapons in the Middle East, and expressed a hope that Jerusalem would become a model of co-existence between Christians, Jews and Muslims.

    But the Christmas Eve cheer was marred by news that three Italian nuns were killed in a car accident in northern Israel earlier in the day, and two others were seriously injured.

    The ongoing lull in violence has given a huge boost to Bethlehem’s economy – hotels are booked out and more are already being built to cope with future demand.

    Shopkeepers have reported strong sales in traditional souvenirs, including nativity scenes built out of the local olive tree wood.

    But residents say the massive concrete wall that separates Bethlehem and the West Bank from Israel is still a major deterrent for tourists trying to reach the town.

  3. Merry Christmas very nice post and post comments !

  4. کہو اللہ ایک ہے۔
    اللہ بے نیاز ہے
    نہ وہ کسی کا باپ نہ کسی کا بیٹا
    اور نہ کوئی اس کا ہمسر ہے۔

  5. Kaho!!!!!

    جسے لوگ عشق کہتے ہیں پہلی بار اسکول میں ہوا اور پھر ہوتا ہی چلا گیا۔ لوگ بتاتے ہیں اس کھیل میں ناجانے کہاں کہاں نظریں گاڑی گئیں


    ب انہیں ایک بار پھر کوئی اچھا سا رشتہ درکار ہے، خواہشمند خواتین براہ راست یا بل واسطہ رجوع کرسکتی ہیں


    آج کل ایک جگہ بڑا سنجیدہ کھیل چل رہا ہے اور بات بن بھی سکتی ہے۔

    Yeh Sab Keh Kar Na Sirf App blogging Ke Nam Per Cheep Romance Kar Sakte Hain Balkeh Islam Ke Thekedar Bhi Ban Sakte Hain Kashif Naseer Ki Tarah!!!!!

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