Veena Malik and the case for moderate Islam – by Taha Kehar

by admin

Veena Malik’s stint on the popular reality TV show, Big Boss, may have been condemned for its extreme notoriety but it will always be remembered as a courageous testament to the absurdity of our clerics.

Over the last few weeks, we have heard painfully consistent diatribes on how Veena Malik is a potential threat to cherished Islamic values simply because she goes larking about in skimpy outfits with male contestants – that also on ‘Indian’ television. From the intimate moments shared with counterpart, Ashmit Patel to the occasional display of coquetry, Veena’s behaviour has been viciously scrutinized. She has come to personify a “woman of loose character”.

But vulgarity is too strong an allegation against Veena, particularly if it is hurled at her from the more broad-minded sections of society who have followed suit from the clergy. After all, of the many prerequisites involved in keeping an open mind, accepting a miscellany of facts and narratives is the most important. And if this is understood successfully, the ‘liberals’ would realize that Veena Malik is a representative of no one but her own conscience. What she does and what she doesn’t do is no one’s business other than her own. So why create such a furore over something has to be dealt with in an individual capacity?

The clerics are bound to make hypocritical assertions about her behaviour simply because it is at variance to Islamic precepts of decency. But on a more logical note, why is it that some Islamic ecclesiasts are condoning the Taliban and then pouring scorn on Veena’s ‘moral weaknesses’ when the latter has neither committed a federal crime nor adversely affected the workings of the State? Doesn’t the Taliban onslaught threaten our global image more strongly than the antics of a woman who hails from a society suspended between external westernization and frustration?

Whatever the verdict may be, it is important to place issues in the right context. We cannot disguise the key issues that plague our society under the garb of morality. As new insight unfolds, our society will experience drastic changes that will consequently affect the socio-political climate. With the presence of bastions like Salman Taseer and Sherry Rehman who have even-handedly tried to preserve the image of moderate Islam, change now appears inevitable. All we have to do – collectively, and not tiny pockets – is to embrace it with the assurance that our Islamic values are too entrenched too be easily compromise.

13 Comments to “Veena Malik and the case for moderate Islam – by Taha Kehar”

  1. It is a well written article. However, in my personal view neither Veena Malk nor Salman Taseer (or Sherry Rehman) are bastions of moderate Islam.

    If one can comfortably identify a person as a bastion of moderate Islam not only in Pakistan but the entire world, that was shaheed Benazir Bhutto!

  2. i completely agree with you taha!

  3. Individuals bear responsibility for their own acts, No one should symbolise someone acts with any version of Islam whether moderate or backward and conservative. The chauvinistic attitudes we have towards women have nothing to do with religion, its our primitive, agrarian and tribal mindsets, where poor woman has to bear the burden of false egoes.
    These attitudes have nothing to do with any religion.
    As we have seen Indian women protesting on the choice of dress Aishwaria had at the Cannese film festival.

  4. As Meera can smooch a Pakistani actor playing the role of a Gujjar/Arain etc..
    But she cant do the same with a ã grade Indian actor.
    Veena can publicaly on in Tv shows announce and cry over the nature of her relations with Asif, the banned Pakistani Cricketer. But, she cant flirt with the Indian actor in a tv show. It has nothing to do with religion, its the same hibernated Hate India mindset, which react and wakes up selectively.

  5. All these *mullahs* need is a chance to get on air. That interview of Ali Salman on news express a while back was just the perfect example where these idiots try imposing their own version of Islam onto others.

    Nicely put.

  6. Yea, really excellent comment Sheen Alif, it’s also ok if Moamar Rana embraces & caresses Neha Duphia and Mahima chaudhary. And it also give us a sense of superiority if Shoiab weds Sania. I’m not able to understand why we are tagging show biz personalities with liberalism or conservativeness. I mean i’ve never heard such a funny debate that whether Sharoon Stone[Basic Instinct fame] is a Liberal Christian or conservative Christian…? OMG when we get rid of religion conservatism and when we will move forward?

  7. Thanks Abdul and Junaid…
    Actually religious mix has confused us a lot.
    Last night, I visited Capri Cinema to watch an Indian movie. Before the movie starts, National Anthem was runned, people have responded half heartedly, few stood, others were busy in their gossips. When the film started it has a Hindu Bhijjan at the starting credits, but the Cinema wallas have replaced it with a Pakistani song, I was irritated with such a ridiculous act as they have to show the Indian movie to earn
    but will not forget their national character of moral policing.

  8. Agreed and Partially disagreed.

  9. I appreciate the feedback! 🙂

  10. I beg to differ with your views Taha.

    Our biggest tragedy is that we are starting to categorize all our values as prehistoric. Nation should never lose their core. We need to think with our own minds and observe with our own eyes instead of blindly munching down on fables from beyond the border.

    Lastly, I agree that there are far more serious issues at hand in Pakistan than this veena malik and her affairs with whomever, but that does not mean that we should let her off the hook because with her open vulgarity she is playing a role in corrupting our youth further.

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