Homage to our Leader Benazir -by Riaz Ali Toori

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A woman of strong nerve, wit and intellect is no other than MOHTARMA BENAZIR BHUTTO.A woman who was influencing not only mentally but spiritually. In spite of frequent allegations of corruption and on having an obvious taste for comfort, she came forward as a rescuer of poor Pakistani people. She kept the bond of love and loyalty strongh with her supporters, even during exile. She regularly spoke of her father how he used to encourage her to study the lives of legendary female leaders like Indira Gandhi and Joan of Arc, and as a young woman, she observed his political maneuvering up close. After her father’s death she walked into the limelight as his successor. Her thinking was that of a realist like HARRY S.TRUMAN said “we must have strong minds ready to accept facts as they are.”

She had the courage to put Pakistan on exact course. “Life and death is in the hands of Allah, and that is why I have the courage to stare in the eyes of death without any fear” this is what she said to President of Afghanistan on December 27th 2007. Undoubtedly she was afraid of nothing except Allah.

Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto had great decisive power. Within a blink of an eye she used to analyze a problem and quick to offer its solution, where others scrabble for weeks strategizing party policies. Her interests in life included feng shui, astrology, health and nutrition. She was a talking computer and walking encyclopedia.

Benazir Bhutto gave her last speech at Liaqat Bagh having tears of a true leader in her eyes, “today, as I came to the Rawalpindi rally, I felt my father walking beside me and saying he was around to support me.” It’s hard to deem that even she could die. Today when she is not with us, she is still alive in the mind of every Pakistani. She will always be remembered and admired by friends as well as foes.

She expressed her love and affection for the oppressed people of Pakistan in her last speech:

“Comrades, People’s Party governments established peace in the region. Our country was facing the threat that it will be declared as a terrorist state. When the People’s Party came into power it got the country rid of the menace of terrorism and the threat of being declared as a terrorist state. The country is once again is in the danger”.

“This is the same city which saw that when Yahya Khan was not leaving, they thronged to the Liaquat Bagh to hold a huge and powerful rally and that forced dictator Yahya step down; it was after that the government of the Pakistan People’s Party was established. Rawalpindi is the same city from where Zulfikar Ali Bhutto started his struggle against the dictatorship of General Ayub Khan and young Abdul Hameed sacrificed his life for democracy. This is the city which has defeated all dictators and Inshallah its people will once again inflict a crushing defeat on another dictator and usher in an era of democracy; the sun of democracy will again rise on the horizon of Rawalpindi’’.

To make Pakistan a true democratic state was her vision. One can salute her by saying these famous lines of HENRY HOWARD (English poet):

A head where wisdom mysteries did frame,
Whose hammers beat still in that lively brain,
An eye whose judgment none effect could blind,
Friends to allure and foes to reconcile;
Whose single look did represent a mind…
With virtue fraught, reposed, void of guile……………………………

In the memories of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto, the article is written by Riaz Ali Toori from Pakistan’s ill-fated Tribal area Parachinar where the human life is in great danger due to the ongoing terrorism and extremism. In previous one decade more than thousand innocent tribesmen, children and women of Toori tribe have been slaughtered by inhumane terrorists.

On the 3rd saddest Martyr Anniversary of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto the writer appeal “The Chairman of PPP Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, Co-Chairman of PPP Asif Ali Zardari and PM Pakistan Syed Yousaf Raza Gillani” to take actions for the rescue of the people of Parachinar as in a conversation just few days prior to martyrdom Shaheed Benazir Bhutto has promised us that “On coming into power she would make Parachinar one again the piece of heaven”.

One Comment to “Homage to our Leader Benazir -by Riaz Ali Toori”

  1. i greatly admire your skill of expression .It is a wonderfully written article that pays full tribute to the country’s lost leader and it so deeply portrays her personality and presents her picture of her political struggle and her best thouhgts of her last day in life , Mr Toori i appreciate yopur skills in writing and pray to God that the plight of my people in the Parachinnar region and all in all in all over our land comes to an end and our country is spared moments to survive and prosper as is the right of any Nation on Earth, we are not the aggressors but the aggressed ones and pray to God Almighty to bless our lost leader who braved the country’s worst enemies like a lioness ,but could not be spared by the cowards who alweays strike their victims from the back , Inshallah they will meet their ends in a worse manner than hers and shall be shone to the world as traitors of their state and their leader. She was an undefeatable ruler and a great politician who was maturing fast and would have steered the country away to the zenneth of success and prosperity. a wonderful article Mr Toori, keep writing.

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