An account of invaluable services of the ISI to the nation – by Muhammad Ali

by admin

ISI, the Inter Services Intelligence, an agency members of whom were found guilty of raping more than 35000 women in East Pakistan. 1386 members of the famous ISI were recommended to be trailed in the Hamood ur Rehman Commission’s report.

ISI, the Inter Services Intelligence, an agency which made millions of petro-dollars in the Afghan War. Tempering the myth of Jihad was an easy job on hand with lush green dollars. General Akhtar Abdul Rehman and Hameed Gull exported children of poor helpless mothers for the Jihad e Afghanistan when their own sons were studying in the United States.

ISI, the Inter Services Intelligence, an agency that sold Stinger Missiles received as an aid in the black market. Upon an inspection, the Ojhri Camp blasted out bringing the doom’s day for the citizens of Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

ISI, the Inter Services Intelligence, an agency which holds the prestige of looting the nation via Mehran Bank Scandal. Lt. Gen Asad Durrani the then DG ISI alone made 1.6 billion in the filthy trade.

ISI, the Inter Services Intelligence, an agency which took clothes off the Baloch Women. Zarina Marri, a Baloch school teacher was abducted by the ISI and gang-raped, she was further used as a humiliation tool for the Baloch Nationalists.

ISI, the Inter Services Intelligence, an agency which is involved in the human trade. General Pervez Musharraf exclusively explains in his books the norms of human trafficking. 500 U.S. dollars was the rate of each Pakistani citizen sold to the U.S. That included Dr Aafia Siddiqi and several others.

There is a lot more to say about the “Prestigious and Patriotic” role of he ISI but these facts might not ruin the show of our clowns in the blog-sphere.

“ISI is committed to defending our borders.”

ISI, the Inter Services of Intelligence, an agency which only holds political scandals on its credit sheet. ISI has on numerous occasions tried to subvert the elected governments. ISI is the name of a filthy political player.

ISI managed to create IJI, a right wing alliance to counter the Leftist Pakistan Peoples Party though an alliance of the Pakistan Muslim League and several religio-political parties including the Sipah-e-Sahaba, Jamaat-e-Islami and others. For this purpose, ISI used state money and resources to bring the fundamentalists on political front.

ISI tried to over-throw the elected government of Benazir Bhutto via Saudi riyals. ISI distributed huge sums of money in the right wing politicians to buy loyalties of pro-Benazir Bhutto parliamentarians.

ISI distributed millions in right wing politicians in order to ensure their victory against Benazir Bhutto.

ISI rigged the elections 2002 to ensure the victory of its divine master Pervez Musharraf. The ISI chief Lt. General Ehtashnm Zameer later confessed the fact in the Pakistani media.

A lot more can be written on what ISI’s real role is, but the clowns of the establishment in Pakistan’s mainstream and alternative media might find it hard to ruin their show.

I will just give a glimpse of what “ISI has done to protect the borders of Pakistan.”

ISI briefed the MO branch on the possible reaction of the Indian side on the Kargil Adventure. According to ISI India will at the most move forward with Special Operatives and try taking back the Tiger Hill. There are rare chances of application of artillery as India would try not to agitate Pakistan. Role of Air Force or Navy is beyond possibility grounds. India will never look forward to a full scale war. All these fables of ISI were flushed to gutter when India respond to Kargil drama with full might and Pakistan Army had to accept the bodies of it’s soldiers with humiliation.

Pakistan is under attack but by whom?

Pakistan is under attack by the filthy politically motivated generals of Pakistan Army and its political and jihadi operatives.

All the terrorists today were given birth by the Pakistan Army in early 1980s under the Riyal-Dollar umbrella. These mujahhideen of the past have turned blood sucking beasts of today’s Pakistan and Afghanistan. The lives of hundreds of thousands of Pakistanis go in the credit sheet of Pakistan Army.

Today Balochistan lies at the brink of demise. Thanks to Pakistan’s myopic generals, Balcohistan now does not see a way back. The genocide and rapes in Balochistan have yielded perfect results, Balochs are not ready to forget the humiliation they were served with.

“Ahmed Qureshi is a Patriotic Pakistani”

Yes Ahmed Qureshi, the ISI’s stooge in Pakistani media (along with other more refined operatives who keep on reinforcing the military establishment’s narrative on Taliban, India, drone attacks, politicians etc) is patriotic to the extent that he spends days and nights making up stories which have no farthest connection to reality.

In the words of this patriot:

“Yes we need to create more fake stories that appeal to the audience, like the one created about the Israeli Primer David Ben Gorian to have more guys attracted towards Pakistan.”

Sorry LUBP is not that patriotic we publish which is the truth!

“You people will be liable for high treason when a revolution comes”

I guess the clown brigade is once again looking forward to the politically and financially corrupt generals of the nation.

Let us prepare some lushing medals for Pakistan Army as their achievement sheet does not seem to end. Even a glimpse is hectic to watch:

1. Land Grabbing: The colonial tradition of land grabbing by military officers continued unabated during the past three years.

a) 111 armed forces men have allotted to themselves at least 400 or more kanals each of prime land in Bahawalpur and Rahimyar Khan districts, heart of Punjab, “to defend it from the enemy,” at the throw away rate of Rs 47.5 per kanal, while the real price in those areas ranges 15,000 to 20,000 rupees per kanal. Thus 35,000 kanals of land were distributed among 111 military men in one case alone. Theypaid 1,662,500 rupees at the nominal rate of 47.5 rupees per kanal, while the real price comes to 700 million rupees.

The list includes the names of:

· General Pervez Musharraf, Current President, 400 kanals in Nouabad village, Yazman, Bahawalpur.

· General Moinuddin Haider, Current Interior Minister, 400 kanals in Chak DB/43.

· General Aziz, Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee, 400 kanals in Chak DB/44.

· Lt. General Khalid Maqbool (Current Governor Punjab), 400 kanals in Chak 54/p.

· Major General Muzaffar Usmani (Later promoted to Lt General and retired recently as Deputy Chief of Army Staff Musharraf), 400 kanals in Chak 93/p.

· Lt. General Muhammed Afzal Janjua, 400 kanals in Chak 54/p

(i) 64 serving and retired officers of colonel to general rank got 400 kanals or more. They include:

10 Generals, 9 Lt. Generals, 16 Maj. Generals, one Admiral, one Air Marshal, 18 Brigadiers, 5 Lt. Colonels and 3 Colonels.

They paid 19,000 rupees for 400 kanals of land worth 400,000 rupees at market ratesif the land is unirrigated. The value of irrigated land in these areas is much higher.

(ii) 47 non-commissioned officers also got plots of agricultural land measuring 200 kanals or less.

Many of the generals have already sold their lots earning millions of rupees in profit at market rates, while others have turned into feudal lords with hired labor toiling for them.

b) Former Chairman of national Accountability Bureau Lt. Gen. Muhammed Amjad was allotted a 2-kanal (1000 sq. yd.) plot in Lahore, with a market value of 10 million rupees, against mere 800,000 rupees payable in 20 years. Invested in Defense Saving Certificates, those 800,000 rupees would multiply to 225 million rupees. He immediately sold half of the plot for 4.5 million rupees earning a profit of 8.2 million rupees on one plot.

c) General Musharraf has acquired a commercial plot, with the market value of 20 million rupees, in Defense Society, Lahore, for mere 100,000 rupees that he will pay in installments spread over 20 years. The General has neither showed this piece of land in his assets, nor sold it. If 20 million rupees are invested in the Defense Saving Certificates, they would grow up to about 500 million rupees. He owns several plots in other localities with a total market value of 200 million rupees. He has gifted a house with a market value of 20 million rupees to his daughter, which he has not shown in his assets. The 400 kanal agricultural plot that he got in Bahawalpur is also not mentioned in his assets.

d) The ISI has forced Environment Minister Shahida Jameel to allot 100 acres of land in the Margalla Hills National Park, one of the big attractions of the capital city. The agency wants to construct a new and “safe” Headquarter as well as, quite intriguingly, a housing colony for its officers. An official summary generated by Barrister Jameel’s ministry has been sent to President Pervez Musharraf, for an urgent decision. Initially the Environment Ministry response was one of alarm, as giving away 100 acres on these hills would almost destroy the whole area as a natural park, which needed to be preserved. When the ISI bosses learned about it, they immediately contacted the Minister and “convinced” her about the immediate need of 100 acres. The lady, naturally, could not resist the pressure. Again, the Generals would grab the best pieces for their homes.

e) Another 100 acres is being selected in Bahawalpur for the outgoing Naval Chief. Defense officials’ teams have been seen visiting Bahawalpur to select these 100 acres, while an offer had also been made to the outgoing Chief to become Pakistan’s Ambassador to Tunisia. The Chief wants to be Ambassador to France and his argument is that his force has a lot to buy from France, like the Augusta submarines his predecessor Admiral Mansurul Haq bought.

f) In a report, after a random check of 4 out of 11 military estate offices in 2000 –2001, Director General of Audit of the Defense Services has found close to five billion rupees loss caused by misuse of land, mismanagement and encroachments. According to an analyst, “the report is an outright indictment of the military, as it not only shows the monumental size of the lands acquired, but also the losses being caused are gigantic, compared to peanuts for which politicians are persecuted day in and day out.”

g) The Defense Housing Authority has been grabbing large chunks of valuable residential land at nominal prices around the country for the exclusive benefit of officers of the armed forces. For instance, in January 2001, the Sindh Governor bypassed the Sindh High Court stay orders, and permitted sale of highly valuable 200 acres of coastal land along Clifton, Karachi, at embarrassingly low rates to Defense Housing Authority. The land valued at market rate of Rs. 4,000/- per square yard was sold to Defense Housing Authority at Rs 20/- per square yard. Thus, the governor caused a staggering loss worth billions of rupees to the exchequer! An acre contains 4840 square yards. The real cost of 200 acres, multiplied by 4,000 per sq. yd. comes to 3.872 billion rupees

2. Defense Purchases: The submarine purchase scam involving Mansurul Haq is only a tip of the iceberg. Many more such deals with heavy kickbacks are hidden in the military closets. A large of deals for purchase of tanks, submarines, mine hunters, Mirage aircraft and army jeeps were signed through the Army Welfare Trust, Sheen Foundation and Bahria Foundation. It is estimated that various military officers pocketed commissions totaling 5.7 billion rupees in these deals.

a) A former NAB Chairman is reported to have written to the three service chiefs to provide records of certain arms deals, but NAB still awaits an answer.

b) The records could provide proof to the allegation that a former air chief Abbas Khatak received three million dollars (180 million rupees) in the purchase of 40 old Mirage aircraft for 120 million dollars. He is also accused of receiving kickbacks in deals for French missiles and Italian radars.

c) Another former air chief Farooq Feroze Khan is suspected of receiving 5 percent commission on purchase of 40 F-7 aircraft for 271 million dollars.

d) In 1996, Army bought 1047 GS-90 jeeps at 20,889 dollars per jeep, while the market price of the jeep was 13,000 dollars. NAB sources have been reported saying that some senior army officers pocketed 8.5 million dollars (510 million rupees).

e) The British Inland Revenue Services wrote a confidential letter to the Central Board of Revenue (CBR) in Islamabad to confirm a payment of five million pound sterling (450million rupees) in commission to an Islamabad-based Pakistani citizen who had acted as an intermediary between the British agent of an American company and the Pakistan Army for an 80 million pound sterling deal.

When summoned to the CBR in Islamabad for confirmation about the payment he had received from London, the Pakistani agent stunned the then chairman CBR Moinuddin Khan by acknowledging, unhesitatingly, that he had received the amount mentioned in the letter.

This shadowy businessman soon dropped a bombshell by disclosing that he got only 200,000 (2 lakh) pounds from the total payment of five million pounds (50 lakh pound) while the remaining amount was distributed among four senior officers of the Army. He also provided an actual breakdown of the payments and impressed upon the then CBR chairman that the then Chief of Army Staff had personally authorized the contract, meaning the COAS was also involved in corruption.

Within next few days a retired major general, who was the former Director General Weapons and Equipment (DGW & E) at the GHQ and had structured the deal with the American company through its British agent, approached the top CBR official and briefed him as how the disclosure and any probe into this deal would jeopardize the national security interest of the country.

After a flurry of activities between the CBR and some retired military officials, the CBR shelved the matter. This controversial deal is understood to be in the knowledge of the present military set-up, but there is nothing on the ground to suggest that it is being probed afresh

Around June/July this year, Pakistan Army awarded a contract for purchase of 1000 Hino trucks at $40,000 per truck, while the Gandhara Industries had offered Isuzu truck of same specifications at $25,000. As per standard procedures for bulk military purchases in Pakistan, no international tenders were invited but tender documents were sent to four pre-selected companies for procurement of 1,000 5-ton 4×4 trucks (ammunition carrier vehicle) by the director general military purchase on April 10. Gandhara Industries sources dispute the Army’s claim that their vehicle was not approved as 5-ton ammunition carrier. The Isuzu trucks were delivered to the Army for extended trial in February and after two months of trials the vehicle was finally short-listed and approved as 5-ton ammo carrier at the GSEEC meeting held on April 13. However, the top brass made final decision in favor of the Hino trucks. The loss to the national exchequer in this deal, at the rate of $15,000 per truck amounted to $15,000,000 (900 million rupees).

g) Pakistan Army’s purchase of more than 3,000 Land Rover trucks in 1995 had also generated controversy with the allegation that the owner of Sygma motors, which had supplied the vehicles, was closely associated with the then chief of general staff of the Pakistan Army. Corruption amounting to 2 billion rupees is alleged in that deal.

h) The Field General Court Martial (FGCM) sentenced former Naval Intelligence Chief Commodore Shahid to 7 years of hard labor, but former Chief of Naval Staff Admiral Fasih Bukhari wrote off his sentence after three months, which he had spent in the comfort of his home. It is believed he was freed after he threatened to disclose many more shady deals including a 250 million dollars purchase of mine sweepers.

i) In April 2001, the Public Accounts Committee ordered court trial of 22 corrupt officers of Garrison Engineers (Army) Rawalpindi for causing over a loss of over one billion rupees to the national exchequer with dubious purchases and embezzlement. Defense Ministry officials present at the PAC hearing opposed publication of the culprits’ names, whereupon senior PAC member Lt. General Talat Masood (retd.) admonished them and said that hidden faces involved in corruption must be exposed.

A lot more will be provided on demand.

In the meanwhile, let us salute the saviors of the nation before we are beheaded by the patriot brigade!

23 Comments to “An account of invaluable services of the ISI to the nation – by Muhammad Ali”

  1. The post mentioned by name was in fact a comment of mine on an LUBP post “The ISI media’s two pronged strategy: From Ahmed Quraishi to Azhar Abbas”, where I deconstructed some Ahmed Qureshi sympathizers. According to Hassan Qureshi and Noor Alim Afridi ISI is the most patriotic and self less organization of Pakistan. ISI is committed to the defense of Pakistan and working for ISI was a holy task.

    I am more than glad to see how beautifully Sarah Khan has transformed my scrap, fling and abrupt comment into a meaningful and professional post.

    Thank You Sarah Khan for this beautiful piece of note, my name with the post is just a formality it is you who deserves the credit.

  2. Rabia while replying to the Blatant Lies and rancorous propaganda of Ahmed Qureshi said “Unlike Ahmed Quraishi, whose own network of lies is run directly from GHQ, LUBP does not take dictation from Farahnaz Isapahani or Hussain Haqqani. We publish whatever we think is the truth. Not something that anyone should expect Ahmed Quraishi to understand though.”

    This to me was a million dollar statement. We at LUBP always publish the stuff which stands on factual grounds. For the ISI sympathizers I have decided to post the bibliography of the post by Sarah Khan. It is for them to see on which side of the court they stand.

  3. Bibliography:-

    Ahmed Qureshi proudly accepts over his Facebook that he is tasked to carve stories which have no head or tail. Reason is obvious he wants to indulge Pakistani nation into an Anti-Pakistan phobia so that no one can ask about the defense budget:-
    🙂 🙂 🙂 And his sympathizers blame LUBP of exaggeration of Facts….

  4. Serving Army officers related to ISI and MI were named as culprits of rapes . Hamood ur Rehman commission after examining several evidences and interviewing several officers found the allegations to be genuine in nature.
    🙂 A patriotic Institution!!!!

  5. Soviet-Afghan war was a money in bag project for Pakistan’s ISI, General Akhtar Abul Rehman the DG alone made U.S$ 3 Million:-

    General Hamid Gul is considered to have made near to $160 million from the CIA-ISI pipe line:-

    A total of $700 million went missing in he air out of the monetary aid of $1.09 Billion:-

    🙂 A self less organization!!!

  6. Mehran Bank a scam of 7 million:-
    🙂 A trustworthy department!!!

  7. ISI the core architect of the Islami Jamhoori Itehad i.e the Rightist Orthodox Political Hub:-

    ISI distributed millions to oust Benazir Bhutto:-

    ISI encouraged Osama Bin Ladin to invest in Pakistan’s Politics Arena:-

    ISI bribed PPP’s parliamentarians to make them vote agaimst Benazir Bhutto:-

    Maj Gen (R) Ehatasham Zameer accepts rigging of 2002 elections by the ISI:-
    🙂 A defense oriented organization!!!!!

  8. ISI failed to calculate the Indian response on the Kargil adventure, the limited war strategy brought Pakistan to the brink of chasm with no bridge:-

    India responded with complete might making Pakistan retreat with disgrace and humiliation. Pakistan had to accept the bodies of it’s soldiers with shame and piety:-

    🙂 :-p Defender of our Borders!!!!

  9. ISI is the mother of theocratic extremism in Pakistan, which has cost the nation thousands of lives:-
    🙂 The most intelligent organization of Pakistan that strives for national interest!!!!

  10. Pakistan Army and it’s side kicks are the most corrupt mafia ever seen by Pakistan, according to some rough estimates one single General costs 500 million!!!!
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 The saviors of the nation you can trust!!!!

  11. Pakistan Army and it’s side kicks are the most corrupt mafia ever seen by Pakistan, according to some rough estimates one single General costs 500 million!!!!
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 The saviors of the nation you can trust!!!!

  12. Pakistan Army and it’s side kicks are the most corrupt mafia ever seen by Pakistan, according to some rough estimates one single General costs 500 million!!!!

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 :-)The saviors of the nation you can trust!!!!

  13. And it is the LUBP which is a traitor website that needs to dealt with high treason!!!!!

    So Be It!!!!

  14. Thank you for that, I know comments on LUBP aren’t that much but your articles are rapidly shared on facebook and we comment there, so if there are less comments here be sure most were made on sites other than LUBP. Keep the light coming, thank you and thank you Muhammad Ali for the references

  15. Having known that the ISI’s watch dogs are keeping an eye on each and every inch of the blog-sphere and have a special affection towards LUBP it is commendable how boldly the LUBP team has criticized the holy cow of Pakistan. I congratulate Muhammad Ali (or Sarah Khan as Ali says it was she who actually sketched the article) for generating the ripple!!!!

    The bibliography was cool and provided substance to the article!!!!Thanks….

  16. By the way I have a question!!!!!

    Do you people write under your actual name, Are Sarah Khan, Rabia, Abduul Nishapuri or Ali actually what they pose to be. I mean having known the history of ISI and what it does to it’s opponents in the print or electronic media, isn’t it a bit over daring to write under your actual name!!!!!One can always use a fake id?????

    Just a food for thought from a sympathizer!!!!

  17. The murderers of Benazir Bhutto and Bhutto Family!

  18. Great effort to expose the real face of these so-called patriots who have sold half of the country in 1970. Who have decorated their chest with Medals as Rapists, abductors, killers, torturers, drug sellers, land-grabbers and genociders.
    It is high time to stop this un-holy Mullah-Military alliance of the killers to further kill Baloch and Pashtuns in Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
    In Pakistan, we need to call a spade a spade. We have passed through a long saga of hypocracy and should not tolerate it anymore.Military and its off-shoots like ISI and Military Intelligence should be made accountable to the civilian government otherwise in the days to come there will be no country with the name Pakistan on the map of the world.

  19. I wonder what Zaid Hamid, Ahmed Qureshi and bla bla bla be doing at the moment!!!!

    They must have run to Abpara and siad:-

    “Genral sahab, General Sahab, General Sahab, App ne dekha woh LUBP walun ne app ki shan mein kitni gustakhi ki hai. Tauba Tauba Tauba!!!!Yeh tu sab kharij ul Islam ho gae hain “

  20. Royal Indian Military had no role at the Independence Movement.
    Pakistan Military personals have been trained to maintain DNA of Superiority since 1947.
    In Pakistan, Military orchestrated situations to justify their importance and existence by playing Kashmir Card to keep Indo-Pak enmity alive.
    Unfortunately, Pakistan Military Generals, intentionally created hatred against Democracy and Political Parties and laid down the foundation of Corruption through Republican Party in 1956-57.
    Each Military Government starting with Bismillah ended up with Laanatullah and Laholwallah.
    Maj. Gen. Sikandar Mirza, Ayub Khan, Yahya Khan, Zia ul Haq and Musharraf failed to fix the priorities and preferences for making Pakistan a worth living place for the future generations.
    A democratic Government in India , under Jawahar Lal Nehru, consolidated the basic foundations of Infra Structure, such as energy resources, roads, Dams, education and patriotism.
    Poor people of Pakistan, for the last 63 years have been hooked up to the game of Snakes and Ladder.

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