Pakistani Tweeples slam pro-JI homophobe Samad Khurram

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Samad Khurram is anti-drones, anti-USA, anti-LGBT and anti-politicians

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistani twittersphere has extended immense support to Pakistani senator and interior Minister Rehman Malik for his latest tweet in which he says he has ordered to trace and charge a pro-JI, pro-Iftikhar Chaudhry homophobe Samad Khurram under impersonation for Samad Khurram’s lies in his twitter bio.

Rehman Malik’s tweet says:

Samad Khurram is not my media adviser and I have ordered an inquiry to trace him and charge him under impersonation. @SamadK

Apparently, Samad Khurram has falsely put the following information in his bio:

“Media Adviser to @SenRehmanMalik. Clearly, I am very competent.”

Pakistani tweeters have slammed Samad Khurram for his consistent anti-politician, pro-military establishment and pro-ISI-backed judiciary tendencies.

Tweeples in condemnation of Samad Khurram:

Easy to put up a fake bio to get a rise out of PPP. Let’s see someone put up a fake bio linking themselves to say, MQM or JI

They know they’re safe to pull such pranks w PPP. Like the ‘artist’ who showed BB sitting on Zia’s lap. Try it w Londonwala

Agree w @maulabuksh: @SenRehmanMalik Sen. don’t waste ur time with JI homophobe Samad K; he wil just bring u down to his pit

ijattala Imran Jattala
truw that RT @Laibaah: @MaulaBuksh Many of these people supporting @samadk are themselves deeply insulting to @SenRehmanMalik
LGBT Activists of UK have already complained to British Council Islamabad against Samad Khurram’s homophobic attitudes and statements.

MaulaBuksh Maula Bux Thadani

sorry, not fooled by this “”sarcasism” excuse either! pathetic

@smokenfog @shahidsaeed @SenRehmanMalik @Laibaah so fraud, homophobia and supporting Islamofacists a joke for you guys!

when @samadk running smear campaigns against Pk’s top HR activist, that a joke too!

the true nature is one JI supporting homophobe who can make fun of politicians but stay clear of ISI.

@omarWaraich Malik Ishaq fiasco is your ISI backed Judicary. Good to see the defense of homophobes.

Laibaah Laiba Ahmad Marri
@Rezhasan Why are you meddling into Pakistan affairs while siding with pro-establishment fake liberal bloggers? @MaulaBuksh @SenRehmanMalik

@Rezhasan Of course you know @SamadK… and…

RiazToori Riaz Ali Toori
FF stands for Fake F? RT “@tammyhaq: #FF only @SamadK – the empire strikes back”

Laibaah Laiba Ahmad Marri
@SenRehmanMalik Sir, please note there is already a complaint pending against @SamadKhurram by a UK human rights activist @DavidIslamabad

Some influential people eg @TammyHaq and an SCP judge R behind @SamadKhurram

British Council must inquire into @SamadKhurram’s wrong impersonation of @SenRehmanMalik & also for homophobia

Anti-drone anti-US homophobes Union: Jamaat Islami goons garland Samad Khurram at Punjab University

8 Comments to “Pakistani Tweeples slam pro-JI homophobe Samad Khurram”

  1. @DavidIslamabad @BCPakistan @SenRehmanMalik @SamadK @MaulaBuksh @LGBTLabour @lgfoundation @LGBToryUK

    An open letter to British Council Islamabad: Who is this homophobe?
    — by Lindsey Collins

    Around the same time this month when the Islamofascist organization, Jamaat-e-Islami took out a Hate Rally to condemn a private party in the US consulate in Islamabad, a well known Anti-West, activist, Mr.
    Samad Khurrum, an employee of the British Council Islamabad, was using twitter to justify homophobia. Kindly observe his time lines from July 1 to July 5th which I have copied below:

    SamadK Samad Khurram
    The US Consulate does deserve a Darwin Award for holding an LGBT parade in Islamabad and issuing a press release about it.
    4 Jul

    SamadK Samad Khurram
    You can’t hate JI for being honest and logical in their beliefs. Quran doesn’t tolerate LGBT and is completely silent on rape.

    (Quran 7:81) “For u practice your lusts on men in preference to women : u r indeed a people transgressing beyond bounds.”
    4 Ju

    Indian Health Minister who happens to be a Muslim- & Jamat-i-Islami share same opinion on homosexuals
    4 Ju

    (Quran 25:165-6) OfAll creatures in theworld u approach males notfemales? U R transgressing all limits
    4 Jul

    Mr. Samad Khurram’s selective misuse of Quranic verses to subtly spread hatred against LBGT communities is detestable. On examining his timeline, I found nothing in support of the oppressed Baloch and
    Ahmadi communities that are facing dire straits in Sarmad’s native
    Pakistan. Surely, he could have written something to highlight the
    continuing genocide of the Baloch, Pakhtoons and Hazaras. A tweet
    condemning the killers of the Ahmadi, Shia and Christain communities
    of Pakistan would not have hurt him. Sadly, there is nothing to this
    effect by Mr. Samad Khurrum.

    Much as I find his twitter homophobia detestable, Samad Khurrum has to
    the right of free speech. However the fact that Mr. Samad Khurrum is
    an employee of the British Consulate in Islamabad in Pakistan makes
    his homophobia a matter of concern. It was not enough that this
    anti-West anti LBGT activist studied at Harvard; a university
    generously funded by Americans, private and public.

    Today, the British Exchequer also has to bear the costs of a
    shamelessly public homophobe. This is the sad state of affairs
    regarding multiculturalism and political correctness where an
    anti-West and anti LBGT Islamist activist enjoys a cushy job at the
    expense of the British Tax payer. Such shamelessness must not be
    tolerated. Please join me in sending this to all the British
    Consulates in the world, the UK media as well as Mr. Samad Khurram’s
    employers and colleagues in Pakistan. All those of conscience must
    protest this homophobia.

    Mr. Samad Khurrum’s claim to fame is his orchestrated protest against
    the drone attacks which are killing Taliban and Al Qaeda leaders and
    minimizing the casualties of our troops stationed in Afghanistan as
    part of the NATO mission there. For this “act”, Mr. Samad Khurrum was
    allegedly garlanded by the activists of the Islami Jamiat-e-Talaba at
    the Punjab University.

    Social media and Google have made it possible for us to expose hatred
    and Bigotry. Let us not be intimidated by Samad Khurrum’s powerful
    contacts which include the avowedly Pro Taliban journalist, Hamid Mir,
    fashionista and failed Imran Khan candidate, Ayesha Tammy Haq and the
    Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and known supporter of
    Jamaat-e-Islami, Mr. Iftikhar Chaudhry himself.

    This homophobe needs to be exposed just like Imran “Taliban” Khan or
    homophobic supporter of the late OBL, Zakir Naik.

    I am forwarding my letter to as many individuals, media groups, LGBT
    activists and human rights organizations as possible to highlight this
    blatant homophobia. Please feel welcome to post and cross post and
    share on your Twitter and Facebook accounts.

    In particular, I would like Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International
    and their Pakistani counterparts to look into this. I would also
    request prominent Pakistan Human Rights activists like Mustafa Qadri,
    Ali Dayan Hasan, Beena Sarwar, Asma Jehangir and Shehrbano Taseer to
    look into this. There needs to be a proper inquiry in this detestable
    act by Mr. Khurrum followed by proper action against such hate speech
    by an employee of the British Exchequer. Failing this, legal action
    should be taken against the British Consulate in Pakistan.

    Thanks to all my social media friends in Pakistan for getting my
    attention. I would acknowledge all of you all but that might endanger
    your lives.

  2. There are muslim LGBT organizations in the UK, Canada and USA which have a different interpretation of the Quranic verses. Samad Khurram chooses to highlight a selective position on twitter to support the JI. Similar verses are selectively quoted to launch pogroms against Christains, Shias and Ahmadis in Pakistan.

    Samad is either a duffer or a bigot or quite possibly both. His friends (on a closed forum) have already stepped in and given such laughable excuses that he is being sarcastic/funny etc . I see nothing sarcastic about gay bashing.

    Reading his timeline gives quite the following impression:

    In responding to an Aftab who is critical of the JI “LGBT “don’t deserve to be Muslim or Pakistani” Jamaat-e-Islami. But rapists deserv 2 be Muslim and Pakistani. Buhat aala” , Samad writes:

    “You can’t hate JI for being honest and logical in their beliefs. Quran doesn’t tolerate LGBT and is completely silent on rape.”

    The first tweeter Aftab was pointing out JI’s hypocrisy and Samad was doing the opposite. Taking out hate rallies is not being “honest” or “logical”.

    Do you know what the “Darwin Awards” are; A Chronicle of Enterprising Demises
    Honoring those who improve the species…by accidentally removing themselves from it! ,

    So the United States should accidently remove themselves from the human race for holding a party for those of LGBT. That is plain hateful to both the US and to LGBT!

    What next, the Sipah Sahaba are a Marxist Seriaki nationalist movement

    Samad’s tweets are an insidious excuse of accepting hate against LGBT members and communities.

    Religion can be viewed as a private spiritual contract or it can be misused by bigots by a selective reading. The position taken by Samad and Jamaat Islami reek of bigotry.

  3. Samad Khurram supporters (urban centric, soft on GHQ harsh on politicians network):

    tammyhaq Ayesha Tammy Haq
    #FF only @SamadK – the empire strikes back

    cpyala Cafe Pyala
    That’s what happens to smartypants 🙂 RT @SamadK Not really hilarious if you’re on the other side shitting in your pants.

    kaalakawaa Kala Kawa
    @beenasarwar Seriously? “JI Homophobe”? How exactly do you know that to endorse that statement?

    cpyala Cafe Pyala
    @beenasarwar Yes, would love to know how you arrived at that statement too. @kaalakawaa

    pakistanpolicy Arif Rafiq
    . @SenRehmanMalik Are you going to send Interpol after @SamadK?

    sanasaleem Sana Saleem
    Today we are all Samad Khurram @shahidsaeed @samadk

    shobz Shoaib Taimur
    @sanasaleem i say we should all change our bios to support @samadk

    Rezhasan Rezaul Hasan Laskar
    all this from a schmuck who thinks wives and girlfriends go around killing folks. way too ridiculous. this is like outa Star Wars.

    abbasnasir59 Abbas Nasir
    @samadK Change your location to Nine-Zero. The heat’ll be off before you can say the word. #nangaybhookaypowerwalay

    UroojZia Urooj Zia
    From a certain portion of his anatomy where “the sun don’t shine” RT @shobz: i really wonder where @SenRehmanMalik gets his statistics from.

    AmmarRashidT Ammar Rashid
    This is beyond brilliant. We’ve really arrived at mirthless insanity of Dadaist proportions haven’t we? @SenRehmanMalik @SamadK

    OmarWaraich Omar Waraich
    So Malik Ishaq will now roam free as the Interior Ministry hunts @SamadK #Absurdistan

    shahidsaeed Shahid Saeed
    RT @OmarWaraich: @SamadK is hiding in a big mansion outside Islamabad

  4. Laibaah Laiba Ahmad Marri
    Yesterday MQM goons ganged up against Zulfiqar Mirza. Today their fake liberal, homophobe @SamadK aides gang up against @SenRehmanMalik
    12 minutes ago

    Laibaah Laiba Ahmad Marri
    @SenRehmanMalik Trust me, the Talib loving judges who release Malik Ishaqs & Qari Saifullahs will readily favour JI homophobe @SamadK
    14 minutes ago Favorite Reply Delete

    Laibaah Laiba Ahmad Marri
    @SenRehmanMalik @SamadK is a PPP-hating Pro-Talib homophobe whose aim is to flash his Harvard degree & be a pretend liberal like his friends
    17 minutes ago

    Laibaah Laiba Ahmad Marri
    @SenRehmanMalik PPP haters in media @TammyHaq @SanaSaleem @ShahidSaeed @Rezhasan salivating at the prospect of @SamadK being charged by you
    18 minutes ago

    Laibaah Laiba Ahmad Marri
    @SenRehmanMalik Any attempts to go after @SamadK’s minor fraud only obscures his bigotry and twisted attention seeking life. @BeenaSarwar
    19 minutes ago

    Laibaah Laiba Ahmad Marri
    @SenRehmanMalik Plz don’t fall in the trap of going after JI homphobe @SamadK; Pakistan’s biased media waiting for you there.

  5. He was stealing money from many people and blackmailing them in name of some judges.

  6. Smaad Phattoo on Twitter:

    SamadK Samad Khurram
    Hence: I am Rehman Malik’s media adviser. (No I’m not, please read the previous tweets for the context if someone just RT-ed this).
    13 minutes ago Favorite Retweet Reply

    SamadK Samad Khurram
    FACT 2: I am completely incompetent.
    21 minutes ago

    SamadK Samad Khurram
    FACT 1: Rehman Malik gives terrible public statements. His media adviser is completely incompetent.
    21 minutes ago

    SamadK Samad Khurram
    So a lawyer friend has advised to change bio and explain the joke. First’s done & here’s a failed attempt at explaining the failed joke.
    32 minutes ago

    Bio on Twitter now reads: Samad Khurram
    @SamadK Pakistan
    This bio has been changed.

  7. Homophobic and secularphobic judges in Pakistan’s apex court

    To Pakistani media: Stop spouting homophobic hatred
    May 30, 2011

  8. Samad Khurram ‏ @SamadK
    Facebook hacks: Jilted youth booked for setting up fake profile Someone should start a case against Laibaah/LUBP types.

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