On Ejaz Haider’s ISPR press release on Hazaras of Balochistan – by Farrukhzad Ali

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Ejaz Haider recently visited Quetta with the purported agenda of meeting Hazara tribal and religious leaders and Deobandi/Lashkar-e-Jhangvi leaders to inform his readers about the situation in Quetta. But what he has finally produced as a result of his Quetta sojourn is nothing short of an ISPR press release. Athar Abbas has most certainly lost credibility, and needs new faces to deliver his messages.

To be honest, Ejaz Haider didn’t have to visit Quetta to write what he did at the end of the day. He knew what he had to write even before he had left. After having formally consummated his relationship with the ISI, he has proven himself as one of the most treacherous spokespersons of the agency.

In his August 3 article published in Express Tribune, Ejaz Haider tells us that the situation in Quetta is not as simple as it might seem because Hazaras are actually not a persecuted lot, but an Iranian proxy in Quetta who are funded by Iran and operate for Iran’s interests. The miseries of Hazaras are therefore self-inflicted, and they fully deserve the fate they have been subjected to.

The justifications Ejaz proffers to substantiate this buncombe are: the Iranian government invited 170 members from the Hazara community to commemorate Ayatollah Khomeini’s death anniversary this year; the Hazaras celebrated Shab-e-Barat this year by cutting a 40 lbs cake; Allama Domki is accused of being involved in a Deobandi prayer leader’s murder on July 28; Shia clerics indulge in sectarian sermons; and happenings in Quetta are of an action-reaction pattern. These are the reasons which according to Ejaz Haider have resulted in the killings of Hazaras ever since it commenced in the late 1990s.

Let me take each of his claims one by one.

For Ejaz Haider’s information, the Iranian government has been inviting Pakistanis from all backgrounds (including Hazaras) to attend Ayatollah Khomeini’s death anniversary for two decades now, and the list of invitees includes politicians, army officers, journalists, members of several religious parties, as well as ordinary citizens. The list of the invitees also includes names such as Qazi Hussain Ahmed, Munauwar Hasan, and Gen. Hamid Gul. So should we accept Ejaz Haider’s apology that Hazaras are being killed because Iran invited 170 of their members to attend Ayatollah Khomeini’s death anniversary in 2011? By the way, most of the 170 Hazaras who visited Iran this year were actually women and children, for whom the visit entailed no political connotations.

Shab-e-Barat celebrations in Quetta are as old a story as Hazaras themselves, and have never included sectarian sermons. Shab-e-Barat in Quetta, like elsewhere, is celebrated by using firecrackers, holding poetry recital gatherings and cutting of cakes – including one 40 lbs this year, which according to Ejaz Haider, was funded by Iran and resulted in killings of Hazaras. For his information, this wasn’t the first instance of a 40 lbs cake being cut – it is a tradition which has continued for quite a while now. And a 40 lbs cake in Quetta costs something like Rs. 6000, which doesn’t necessarily have to come from Iran. Half a million Shias in Quetta can afford to pool that much money. Ejaz probably mortgaged to Khakis his mind along with his character to become their spokesperson.

Allama Maqsood Domki’s involvement in Maulana Karim Mengal’s murder seems far from possible for several reasons. First of all, Domki – a Baloch – is not a native of Quetta and is therefore disliked by the somewhat ethnocentric Hazaras. During the past decade in which he tried to find footholds in the Hazara dominated areas of Quetta, not only did he fail, he was driven out of the Hazara localities. Assuming that the assassin was indeed Domki’s accomplice and hailed from Dera Allah Yar, can Ejaz Haider educate us as to where could he perish instantly after the attack keeping in view the fact that due to Hazaras’ distinct features and their abhorrence for Domki, he couldn’t seek refuge in the Hazara dominated areas which are the only Shia populated localities in Quetta? Does Ejaz Haider even know that Jaffaria Alliance is dysfunctional in Balochistan and doesn’t even command a dozen followers?

In fact, why should we not assume that Mengal was actually murdered by ISI spooks in order to put the onus on Shias of Quetta (hold all of them responsible), present the situation as an ‘action-reaction process’, and deprive them of even the niggling sympathy they have recently received. Is it too far-fetched an assumption keeping ISI’s track record in view? Is it not rather plausible considering that Ejaz Haider visited Quetta right after Mengal’s murder and followed it up with a lousy article? Should the fact that the incident happened at only a few hundred yards from the FC headquarters be ignored? It adds to the suspicions that no arrest has so far been made in connection to Mengal’s murder, although Ejaz Haider has hurled wild accusations against Domki. If our sleuths can instruct Ejaz to accuse Domki for the murder, they wouldn’t have hesitated a moment before arresting him in case there were evidences of his involvement.

While Ejaz Haider has mentioned that Allama Domki was attacked by Lashkar-e-Jhangvi terrorists in 2009 in which his guard (who happened to be a Hazara policeman) killed one of the attackers, he has carefully eschewed the details that followed the incident. The killed Lashkar-e-Jhangvi terrorist was later presented by the state as an ordinary citizen, and Domki’s guard was charged for manslaughter and obviously so – he had killed an ISI strategic asset.

Ejaz Haider’s claim of indulgence of Shia clerics in sectarian sermons is perhaps the most ludicrous of all. While this may be construed as either their spinelessness or diplomacy, Shia clerics in Quetta do not indulge in sectarian rhetoric. Even while carrying dozens of corpses, instead of sloganeering against any other sect, they conveniently blame either some unknown enemies of Islam, or US and Israel – the easy punch bags. If Ejaz Haider insists he is right in his claim, I throw him a wager to name a single such cleric, or produce a single such sermon (which should most certainly be recorded by the ISI, and will be in easy access to him).

Ejaz Haider’s equation of the death of over 500 Shias of Quetta with the assassination of a Deobandi prayer leader, killed on July 28 is appalling, and characteristic of the cold and inhuman Khaki behavior. Ejaz Haider’s simplistic khaki logic deduces that the situation in Quetta is in fact a two-sided sectarian war, in which both the antagonists are killing each other. He conveniently ignores that Shia killings have been taking place for over a decade now, and during all this period, not a single act of violence can be traced back to them. This is not a sectarian war, but systemic genocide of a single sect. Isn’t it ridiculous to say that Shias in Quetta were killed between 2001 and 2011, because a Deobandi prayer leader was killed on 28th July 2011 by unknown assailants? This is exactly what Ejaz Haider is telling us.

Since Ejaz Haider has heavily relied on Abdul Khaliq Hazara’s views to buttress his hogwash, it is important to introduce the fellow to the readers. On the face of it, Abdul Khaliq Hazara is a secular nationalist Hazara leader, who assumed the chair of Hazara Democratic Party (HDP) after Hussain Ali Yousafi’s assassination.

Ridiculous it might seem, but not so when ISI is involved. I have stated previously that while the duplicitous ‘deep state’ has crushed every genuine secular movement in Pakistan, the secular/nationalist Hazaras of Quetta have had the privilege of receiving maximum state support ever since the Iranian Revolution. During the Soviet War, Hazara nationalists served as ISI’s secure channel to the Hazara factions of Afghanistan, more specifically, the self-professed Maoist groups. They have enjoyed a cozy relationship throughout this period, and what keeps them closer is a magnified Iranian influence in Quetta. The nationalists project it to remain relevant to the deep state, which in turn uses it as an excuse to ruthlessly use Hazaras as bait while pursuing its grand project in Afghanistan. Suffice it to say that Abdul Khaliq Hazara is the incumbent ISI blue-eyed among Hazaras in Quetta.

As previously stated, Ejaz Haider’s purpose of visiting Quetta and penning a concocted version of the happenings there is to allay even the marginal feelings of sympathy for the peripheral Hazaras, in mainland Pakistan. He serves the agenda of his Khaki masters well by telling his readers that Hazaras are not innocent citizens under fire, but Iranian agents who are under strict control of war-mongering Shia clerics involved in murders of Deobandi clerics. By presenting the situation as an action-reaction binary, he tries to deprive Hazaras of the higher moral stead, and reduces them to Lashkar-e-Jhangvi’s level and holds them equally responsible for violence.

By trying to prove Iran and Hazaras as the main culprits who have provoked Lashkar-e-Jhangvi for violence, Ejaz Haider has absolved the Pakistani state, especially the ISI, of any culpability. By doing so, he is insidiously arousing the sentiments of the common Pakistanis against the Shias of Quetta, and sedating their consciences with the allegations of treason and violence against the latter.

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  1. Lashkar-e-Jhangvi behind Hazara killings in Quetta

    2 0

    Eleven people, including a woman, were killed on July 30 when gunmen opened fire on a passenger vehicle near Pishin bus stop in Quetta. All the victims were Hazaras. The incident sparked violent protests and Quetta was completely shut down on July 31.

    Over 200 Shia Hazaras have been killed in Balochistan in the last three years; they include businessmen, political leaders, government employees, clerics, police cadets, vegetable vendors, and daily-wage workers
    This is not the first such attack on members of the Shia Persian-speaking Hazara community. On July 10, two Hazara policemen were shot and killed on Qambrani Road. On June 22, two people were killed and 11 others injured in Hazar Ganji area when armed men ambushed a bus carrying pilgrims to Iran.

    Syed Abrar Hussain Shah, a former Olympian, deputy director of Pakistan Sports Board, and recipient of the prestigious presidential Pride of Performance and Sitara-e-Imtiaz medals, was gunned down on June 16 near Nawab Nauroz Khan Stadium in Quetta. Shah, who belonged to the Hazara community, has represented Pakistan in the Olympics thrice and won a gold medal at the 1990 Asian Games in Beijing.

    In another sectarian attack near Mirgahi Khan Chowk on May 18, unidentified men shot dead seven members of the Hazara community, including a baby, and injured five others. Most of the killed were vegetable vendors.

    Seven Hazara men were killed and several injured in a rocket and gun attack in Hazara Town on May 6. There were Frontier Constabulary and Police checkposts nearby, but the attackers fled.

    Over 200 Shia Hazaras have been killed in Balochistan in the last three years, according to elders of Hazara tribe and media sources. They include businessmen, political leaders, government employees, clerics, police cadets, vegetable vendors, and daily-wage workers. Hazaras are identifiable because of their Mongoloid features.

    A large number of Hazaras have also been killed in attacks on religious processions. Last year, over 80 Shias, most of them Hazaras, were killed in a bombing on a Shia procession on September 3.

    “Members of our community have been targeted persistently for the last 10 years by sectarian outfits, especially the banned militant organisations Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ) and Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan (SSP),” said Abdul Khaliq, chairman of Hazara Democratic Party.

    LeJ has accepted responsibility of most of these attacks. A spokesman for the LeJ in Balochistan, who ironically identifies himself as Ali Sher Haidri, said his group would avenge the killing of Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden by targeting not only government officials and security forces, but also Hazara Shias.

    Handbills distributed in Quetta recently have warned the Hazaras of a “jihad” similar to the one carried out against the Hazaras of Afghanistan by the Taliban.

    Handbills distributed in Quetta recently have warned the Hazaras of a “jihad” similar to the one carried out against the Hazaras of Afghanistan by the Taliban; the Taliban regime had killed 12,000 Hazaras in central Afghanistan
    The 3.5 million Hazaras in Balochistan are said to have migrated to Quetta from Afghanistan a century ago. In the 1990s, the Taliban massacred the community – the third largest in the country – killing thousands in Bamyan, Ghazni and parts of Uruzgan that later became the Daykundi province. They had accused the Hazaras of collaborating with the Afghan Northern Alliance (ANA) fighting the Taliban regime in Kabul. According to an Amnesty International report, about 12,000 Hazaras were killed in central Afghanistan by the Taliban.

    “Hundreds of Pakistani young men from militant organisations including the SSP, Jaish-e-Muhammad, Jundullah and Harkatul Mujahideen fought with the Taliban against the ANA,” said an expert on militancy who teaches at Balochistan University. “The same men are now killing the Hazaras in Balochistan.” He said the Al Qaeda and Taliban-linked groups accuse the community of colluding with the Americans and causing the downfall of the Taliban. Quetta is reportedly the new hub of the defeated Taliban factions, and has become a major site of expression of the hatred towards the Hazaras.

    The LeJ network in Quetta is being run by Usman Saifullah Kurd, Dawood Badini and Shafiqur Rind, a senior police official said. Kurd, who heads the LeJ in Balochistan, has trained a new group of killers who are carrying out attacks on the Hazaras, he said. Rind was arrested in 2003 from Mastung area of Balochistan while Kurd was arrested by the Criminal Investigation Unit in Karachi on June 22, 2006. Both fled from the Anti-Terrorist Force jail in Quetta on January 18, 2008. Rind was rearrested, but Kurd is still at large.

    A source in the SSP said Kurd had recently met Malik Ishaq, a founding member of the LeJ, in Rahim Yar Khan and invited him to visit Quetta to address the banned SSP’s public meetings.

    Ishaq, accused of having masterminded the attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team in 2009 from behind the bars, was recently released by the Supreme Court after 14 years in prison.

    The Hazara community had expressed concerns over his release. “The courts are releasing top leaders of banned organisations, and that shows these groups are getting stronger once again,” said a Hazara religious scholar.

    According to the Hazara Democratic Party chairman, Kurd’s escape from jail was proof that these groups have inside support. He said the government claims to have arrested the attackers in all the cases, but they are never brought before the court or the public.

    “The government has failed to tackle sectarian violence and protect the Hazara community,” Khailq said, whose predecessor Hussain Ali Yousafi was also killed for being a Hazara in 2009.

    Hazara elders believe intelligence agencies know about the activities of banned outfits and the whereabouts of their leaders, who simply operate under new names. They believe the state is either indifferent or supporting them.

    The writer is a journalist and a researcher who works on militancy and human rights. He can be contacted at zia_red@hotmail.com


  2. The Marabar Caves complex
    By Ejaz Haider
    Published: August 3, 2011

    Balochistan is like Marabar Caves. No matter what one says the echo turns it into a monotonous ‘boum’; and while something always happens, no one gets to the bottom of it. Allegations, defence, theories, nothingness and more of the same. Forster was asked what happened at the Marabar Caves. He said he didn’t know. In Balochistan, on all sides of the conflict, everyone seems to know everything and yet, scratch deeper and one realises that fact and fiction intersect with such bewildering frequency that sifting the grain from the chaff becomes an exercise in deep frustration.
    Take the example of recent sectarian attacks. I sat thinking about them as the plane began the descent to Quetta Airport. The narrative is rather simple: the peaceful Hazara community is being targeted by a sectarian terrorist organisation. I remembered visiting, last December, what the Hazara call the Martyrs’ Graveyard, close to the Marriabad locality where Koh-e Murdar begins to get diminutive. The expanded wing of the graveyard has more graves of people killed in subsequent sectarian attacks. Finding: the Hazara have suffered and continue to at the hands of Deobandi sectarian terrorists.
    But wait. Take a look at another set of ‘facts’. On July 28, as Abdul Karim Mengal, a Deobandi prayer leader at Jamia Albadar comes out of a mosque near Pishin Bus Stop, two motorcyclists kill him. Sources on both sides of the divide and in the police say there’s strong suspicion that the killers were linked to Allama Maqsood Domki, the chief of Balochistan’s Jafaria Alliance, and belonged to Dera Allah Yar, Allama Domki’s birthplace.
    Domki himself was attacked in 2009 and his guards killed one of the assailants. In June this year, about 170 people from the Hazara community were invited by the Iranian government to attend the death anniversary of Ayatollah Khomeini. “They were feted by the Iranian government. We don’t know what they were told but this year’s Shab-e Barat saw the biggest-ever celebration known to Quetta’s Shia community. They cut a 40 lbs cake, a novelty. It was an aggressive show,” a Hazara told me.
    The chairman of Hazara Democratic Party, Abdul Khaliq Hazara, was even more forthcoming as I sat in his baithak sipping kehwa and talking to him. A man with a sense of humour, he criticised both Deobandi terrorists and Hazara and other Shia religious leaders. “They play in the hands of Iran, our religious leaders,” he said. Not one to mince words Khaliq has quite often fallen foul of Shia clerics for objecting to their sectarian sermons and being close to Iran. “Funds come from Iran through their consulate and we see this action-reaction pattern which takes toll of Hazara life.”
    Law enforcement officers corroborate the Iranian connection but are more squeamish about the LeJ terrorists. How did Usman Saifullah Kurd, the LeJ terrorist, manage to escape from a high-security ATF prison situated in Quetta cantonment? What about Daud Badini? One source alleges that the night Kurd escaped, some Hazara guards were relieved from duty and the roster changed. It is difficult to corroborate this story especially if the duty roster was indeed changed unless one could compare it with the original roster. It would be naive to think that would still exist. But the question remains: how did Kurd escape?
    Hazara clerics seem convinced the LeJ is supported by some elements in the establishment. This is the terrain of allegations which is utilised by all sides in Balochistan. The Deobandi side alleges that former General-President Pervez Musharraf had a policy of placing Shia officers in key positions, another allegation.
    The problem with these allegations is that they are based on the group’s own narrative and draw on some elective fact(s) to weave a tapestry that is then mouthed and written about regularly until it is accepted as the gospel truth within that group. The Baloch think they have been deprived while a Pashtun journalist said to the army chief during a function in Quetta on August 1 that the Pashtun think the entire thrust of development is directed towards the Baloch because the latter have picked up the gun – “Should the Pashtun do the same to make their voice heard?”
    The army has its own narrative; but equally, within the army, there is much scepticism about the policy of ignoring Baloch sub-nationalist groups. Recently, Commander Southern Command, Lt-Gen Javed Zia, a thinking officer who has worked very hard in the province, was criticised for saying that he didn’t think those who burnt the flag were traitors and should not be engaged. But on the Baloch side ask anyone and they would convincingly tell you that the army thinks as a monolith and its one agenda is to kill the Baloch.
    It has become a war of narratives and everyone persists with theirs, deepening the existing fault-lines.


  3. Comments on Ejaz Haiders’ post on ET website:

    mind control
    Aug 3, 2011 – 10:45PM
    @Ejaz Haider
    Sir, you claim,
    Recently, Commander Southern Command, Lt-Gen Javed Zia, a thinking officer who has worked very hard in the province, was criticised for saying that he didn’t think those who burnt the flag were traitors and should not be engaged.
    Well in the season of multiple narratives,according to another source, this is what Gen Javed Zia is supposed to have said,
    “Talking to the press recently, Lieutenant-General Javed Zia denied that the missing Baloch were kidnapped and killed by the army, the FC or the ISI. He said some people, who for monetary gains burnt the Pakistani flag or carried out subversive activities, were hit by ‘patriotic elements’. ‘
    Will the real Gen Zia stand up please. Or is it only the spin master who is trying to array Gen Zia on the side of the ‘traitors’ and against the ‘patriots’.

    Aug 4, 2011 – 5:11AM
    The hearsay on Iranian funding but no reference to big time sectarian financiers from Saudi and UAE render the writer unbalanced. What else can you expect from the paid journalists.

    Aug 4, 2011 – 7:11AM
    The army should get out of Balochistan and release the lost people, it has detained. Bringing the small Hazara sect to the level of proven Wahabi/Salafi terrorists is a shame and dishonesty at its lowest.
    The Deo which was band in India has been out and thriving. It is therefore you can jump to the conclusion that the killing of Baloch leaders is not the problem but India has exported the Deo to Pakistan. We are all innocents and as always it is other’s fault.

    Hasan Mehmood
    Aug 4, 2011 – 10:29AM
    {But wait. Take a look at another set of ‘facts’. On July 28, as Abdul Karim Mengal, a Deobandi prayer leader at Jamia Albadar comes out of a mosque near Pishin Bus Stop, two motorcyclists kill him}
    A single individual incident mentioned to balance the almost daily massacres of bus passengers / cadets / vegetable sellers / faceless labourers etc duly acknowledged by the likes of LJ. They did not spare even gold medal winning boxer. Was he a prayer leader or cleric? Hazara’s maybe getting support and funding from Iran, but how many indiscriminate bombings and killings have they carried out?

    Aug 4, 2011 – 10:46AM
    These days no article ends without a favorable reference to the Army.
    Thanks for giving us the Khaki narrative in what they think is “right”. And equally thanks for giving us all a respite from Aatish, Shashi and India. The GHQ boys ought to be happy for the Khaki points scored.

    M Baloch
    Aug 4, 2011 – 11:03AM
    Aijaz Haidar seems either quite excellent in lies(most probable) or doesn’t know iota of the situation there?
    Hazara are being targeted since how long? After Moulana Mengal’s murder? Baloch Moulana Mengal’s murder is alleged to another Baloch but Shia leader Moulana Domki, so how hazara came there? Allegations of murder to Moulana Domki are equivalent to LeJ’s claiming responsibility for the carnages? Did he know how Hazara shia despise Iran’s silence on Ustad Mazari’s killing? Moulana Domki was attacked so he attacked back to Mengal but Hazara are getting killed everyday but offer Ejaz to visit their graveyard to write a column against them? How many Shia officers are there? Moulana Domki’s influence is much higher than Hazaras? Moulana Domki can call people from his hometown to kill Moulana Mengal but not Hazaras? LeJ alleges Moulana Domki but attacks Hazaras? Pervez Musharaf’s love for Shias is known for banning and arresting Moulana Jan Ali Kazmi from Quetta and then expelling him to UK?
    Do you care for truth Mr. Goebbels?

    Aug 4, 2011 – 3:38PM
    “It was an aggressive show,” a Hazara told me”……You sir are one of the thousand anti Shia, pro Wahabi/Saudi PR agent, a little birdie told me.

    4 hours ago
    While Hazaras are being massacred ruthlessly, they SHOULD stand up to protect themselves. Now even the “Yellow Jornalists” have come forward to protect terrorists.
    Every body knows its NOT IRAN but Saudia, backed by its American masters, aiding terrorists of LJ, Taliban and Sipah e Sahaba to attack Mosques, Markets, Hospitals and Police and Army bases to finish Pakistan, God for bid
    Both Saudia and America are our “Freinds” Mashallah

    One of the Hazaras
    3 hours ago
    Bravo Mr Haider! Way to turn and twist the narrative, you have almost made it stand on its head: for a community of over 300000, the invitation of 170 people equals Iranian backing, and the involvement of an ethnically Baloch Mullah in a sectarian attack somehow falls upon the Hazara community. By extension of the above ‘facts’, the community has brought upon themselves the killing of over 500 of its members in recent times!
    The train of your thoughts sounds almost fascinating. At this rate you could conquer Afghanistan and invade India, all by yourself.

    3 hours ago
    Ijaz Haider seems to have missed mentioning Saudi Arabia that is feeding Taliban shura and al-Quaida killers in the province.


  4. Not surprised how Ejaz haider justified hazara killings & Perhaps many of you wouldn’t be surprised if you bring back his early associations with ISI which is evident from his posts, being a Quetta local having grown up in this very city, i confess the fact that Hazara’s were never accepted as true citizens they are being killed for as long as i remember, Police and Para military forces have never been serious in addressing the Hazara genocide, and none of the prepetrators have been arrested. Frankly speaing the attack on hazara community wasn’t a sectarian/reactionary attack, it must be clear that the attack was by the religious extrimists under state patronage, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, Sipah-e-Sahaba, with the Help of ISI and state sponsored civilians spread the massacre hence nobody gets caught, the deprived hazara’s living in Mariabad area of Quetta had to ordain common hazaras who volunteer as to securitize the area at nights to avoid attacks on them, those volunteers roam around on motorbikes so that the rest of the community can sleep peacefully. The point is how terrified & unsafe the hazara’s of Quetta are, and a post by Ejaz haider justifying hazara genocide & misleading commoners is shameful and must be condemned.

  5. Nadeem Haider!

    Very impressive, well written, intellectually analyzed, and informedly researched Furrukhzad Ali. Well done for such deep critical analysis to unpack the motives underneath the killing of Hazara-Shia in Quetta Pakistan. A point that has struct me is traditional old behaviour of Pakistanis as well as Muslim ‘finding a scapegoat to put all the blames.’ Thoughtout your write-up you challenged Ejaz’s allegations and blames; however, at the end you yourself displayed the similar attitude like Ejaz by putting the blame on HDP’s chairman and indentifing him as a blue-eye to the spy agency of Pakistan – ISI.

    Could you please educate me if Khaliq Hazara is backed by ISI, why ISI didn’t support him in 2008’s election and rather backed up Jan Ali Changezi? Why ISI didn’t support Jawad Isar – ex-chairman of HDP a secular nationalist as well – rather supported Lt. Col. Younas Changezi?

    I’m very keen to know about your analysis and thesis over the Secular Nationalist’s-ISI relationship.

    Many thanks! I look forward to hearing from you soon.


  6. There is no doubt about the link of ISI with extremist outfits, it used to be their Godfather and some of these organizations are still functioning at the will of ISI and in return they are receiving full support. The recent release of LeJ head is a small example of such cooperation and mutual understanding which otherwise could not be possible without influence of ISI. Escape of LeJ operatives i.e Usman Saifullah Kurd and Shafiq Rind from a high security jail is another instance of such cooperation. These two terrorists had close relations with ISI & MI high ranking officers.
    It is rather disturbing fact that these elements have sympathizer even among the members of Provincial assembly, who provide safe sanctuary and other logistical support. Last year on 9th September a bomb exploded inside the house of a provincial minister, two persons were killed while three others were injured. Initially, media reported that it was a suicide attack and the potential target was the provincial minister but luckily he escaped the suicide attack. This incident remained in media reports just for few hours and after that nobody knows the follow-up or actual fact. Earlier, on 3rd September a suicide bomber blew himself up in a Shia rally that killed at least 60 people and injured more than a hundred. The rally was organized to protest and condemn the Israeli occupation of Al-Quds. These two incidents are linked with each other. Earlier on 31st August, National Crisis Management Cell, Islamabad issued a source report highlighting the possible suicide attack on rally. It was also mentioned that three suicide bombers along with other armed terrorists from Waziristan had entered the Provincial capital and their likely target was Shia community. One of these suicide bombers exploded himself up while the other two were missing. The second suicide bomber mistakenly exploded on 9th September. Among the injured was Usman Saifullah Kurd who was also present in the house when the bomb went off. However, he was immediately shifted to some unknown place. Saifullah Kurd was seen several times in the official vehicle with the said minister. The minister had close ties with ISI and he used to be on the pay roll of Pakistani spy agency before elected as MPA.

  7. @ Nadeem

    Your concern is valid, but I believe this relationship is based more on hatred of Iran rather than love for each other. I have already mentioned that.
    On Jawad Eesa – Col Changezi polls: Well the former was allied to Pakhtunkhwa during the 2002 elections and the latter was supposed to join PML-Q. Who do you think should have won? HDP could have become an ally, PML-Q was their own kind.
    And Khaliq did his best to make himself acceptable to the agencies (at a larger level) but couldn’t. But he still is the most preferred from amongst the Hazaras, and his nuisance value serves ISI best as far as he isn’t powerful enough to cause a change. As the HDP grows powerful in Quetta, it will lose ISI’s trust and favors. And this is the reason Jan Ali Changezi won the elections because he was a supine, worthless creature. ISI needs an HDP amongst the Hazaras which is influential, more powerful than the religious elements, but not too powerful. And I hope the nationalist elements amongst Hazara realize and understand this.


  8. First of all I want to mention that, I am not a shia nor a sunni (Wahabee), but I am an atheist and live to study religions of the world with problems.

    Mr: Haider, this is a critical analysis of your article, so please don’t take it personal.

    As a scholar of the International Relations, specializing in the region, I can confidently say that, such articles create more harm then good. It is clearly attacks one side and praises the other. He got his basics wrong, unless he belongs to one of them.
    After this bias article, certainly questions raises of his relationship with “the groups”.

    Is that what his education and analysis thought him? He should ask for refund from his educational institute.

    Surprizingly he failed to mention that LeJ and SSP member’s regular invitation of blessing with dollar bills $$$ to their masters Saudi Arabia, UAE and Kuwaiti, which known to the high ranks.

  9. @Furrukhzad Ali….I ‘m relieved now after reading your article because the non-sense article of EJAZ HAIDER needed to be answered and you did quite brilliantly….

  10. @farukhzad..if u’ve twitter/ facebook, leave ur id…i want to follow you!!

  11. Its really the bullshit of Aijaz Haider who don’t even knows the Hazara People who are the most coward people born on this earth. More then 800 of their people are killed in last decade but I have never heard of any news of their revenge. Alas! the things written by Aijaz Haider would have been true and let the world know that after all Hazara can also take revenge. The day the Hazara people start taking revenge will be the last day of their atrocities. I bet.
    But Lashkar e Jhangvi has set a very good target. They know how coward people they have messed up with. So let’s keep killing Hazara.

    • I might educate before every thing that, I am not a Hazara or Shia, but a human being.

      Asad! You clearly lack common sense but seems to be overloaded with idiotic ideas of treating violence for violence.
      Two wrong acts can never results in a good satisfied outcome, that’s the fact. Unsuccessful provocation of Hazaras has never worked nor it will in the future.

      Pointing a nation as coward does not mean they are not capable of a sold reaction, as you are under estimating the synergy of a nation. They simply may not believe in the philosophy of violence as you do.

      Its people like you and your ideas, who creates and encourages violence,.

      My Advise for you is to open you mind, grow up, get some education, think globally and act humanly, because violence can never end violence.

  12. the answer to the questions raised by Eijaz haider is answered but it is still unclear that farrukhzada has served interests of hazara People , hazara shias or iranian regime or discrediting abdul khaliq hazara for his alleged connection with ISI . so many other things has also been said here . but it is understood that Abdul khaliq hazara has not got the will to stand infront of the pakistani spy agency even he is blessed by GOD . so his selection as being another pitto of ISI like others and specially the dearest Jan ALi can cause any differnce for PAKISTAN < ISI OR HAZARAS is mad's dream . ISI is fighting to prevent iranian influence through Abdul Khaliq HAzara in quetta is another bias theory . Tehran and Islamabad has to much in common in baloch lands . End of Hazaras in Quetta is not the End of Humanity , turko-mongol race nor hazara and Hazaragi in the world . making big comments and bigger promises to advertise once self and prove him self """ SHAH PARASTTAR AZ SHAH """" is the norm in this part of the world .no one is in position to push hazaras toward any end or decide on behalf of Quetta Hazaras . we have much more in common with balochs and pashtuns of Quetta and with pakistan than those who are fed from here and there , those who were living here and there hearts were beating some where else . for an ordinary hazara general musa's rank , Ayatullah Fayaz's knowledge and position , Jan Ali's ministry , Khaliq's tricks ( purthi ) , jawad Eisar's coal mines ( kaan Kola ) , Yousafi's fix / to the point comments is not worth a single penny but the respect of their being hazara and than their achievement in their spheres of life as proud hazaras in their fields as leaders and references to hazara nation .still for a religious hazara scientific approach of our communists is of no use as a communist hazara he can't sense being a azadar of hussain .vis a vis a hussaini hazara is not ready to even touch the topic of communism or to understand the function of mobile phones communication . they prefer to send Dua's through SMS and voice calls . but once being hazara remains . religion can be a degree for those who lack national or tribal identity in Quetta's tribal culture .

  13. i think Asad wants the Mongol history get repeated,

    as advised earlier, it is high time for u to get education and grow up. by the way could u please mention your race here as you sound quite courageous.

  14. Thanks Mr. F Ali
    First of all I think there are no any justification of killing any peacefull citizen of any country, and secondly Mr. Ejaz Haider is trying to justify killing of more then 400 inocent man, woman, and children, which is crime against humanity. It seems like he is good friend and sponsor of Lashkar Jangvi, or Gov’t Agency working in the name of LJ
    I always thought that some how, Gov’t or Gov’t agencies are involved in Quetta killing and Now after reading your article I believed that they are one group (Gov’t agency + writers like Ejaz+ killers).

    Hazara people always suffered from IRAN and Irani agents through out he history and now instead of helping hazara people to get some relife from Iran, they are punishing more. I can’t believe this.

  15. I have read all the comments, let me tell you as a Hazara, we people are tired and fed up of these so called religious leaders not from last years “youm ul Quds” but from decades. Those religious leaders doing all this for the money they get from Iran, and to make them happy. They have no interest in Harazas or peace of Quetta. We are living here from last 100 years with Pustoons, Baloch’s, Punjabi’s, Christians, Paresis. Those who are 50 plus or 60 plus of age… tell stories how peaceful the life was. No one ever talked about religion or tribal differences. Still we are having good relations with those families from last 3 generations. Every Nation is sad about all this, they cry with us for our relatives who died or got injured. If we have no differences or having problem to live together then who is it ruining our peace. …Are they people who are wearing mask behind mask. Actually they wear so many mask that common people can hardly recognize them. but history is in front of us. After conquest of Mecca by Muslims, our prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, forgave all his enemies. it was good time for munafiq to accept Islam just to save their life and seat.(throne)…. Today as we see Islam is because of those munafiqeeen. they twisted and turned our religion just to rule the world or on a piece of land. For that they can do any thing, manipulate the situations, play with minds, use religion for their own sake. Ask them how many of thier family members sons’s brothers, daughters, sisters they have sacrificed for religion, ” NONE, I am sure.Those who kill for them and get killed ( haraam mauth) are jahil idiots. They want those kind of people to get what they want. And poor they kill themselves just to go to heaven. or… they have filled their brain with hatred, so much hate that they can do anything for that hate. That is why Allah himself do not like jahalath, get educated and learn, how much Allah has told us to love . Islam is a message of love.

  16. In reply to Ejaz Haider, some of friends have analyezed the situation and his points very well, really appreciable.In this regard, We condemn what Ejaz haider has written, it is really inhuman to say that HAZARA’S themselves are the cause of their genocide. It looks like either he is fully biased, or totally unaware how to look into the matter.

  17. As far as Ejaz Haider’s press release on Hazaras is concerned, I am not suprised what he has stated having known his affiliation with ISI. He is just a senseless trained parrot, who do not speak but only repeats what he is taught.

    Some of ISI’s authorities are playing a devastating role in Pakistn’s politics. I assume that ISI is being operated by crooks, which also is a foremost reason of instability in Pakistan.

    What do we think doesn’t ISI know whats going on in Pakistan, mainly in Karachi and Quetta, and who are behind the scene damaging Pakistan’s peace and stability? ISI knows everything! When authorities know everything and have the full ability to stop the evil and they don’t, it means they are involved in so called terrorism in Pakistan.

  18. The Hazaras as a Muslim should realize and understand the fact that whatever political motives are there, sectarianism is not worth losing lives for it and it is very important when you live in Pakistan and on the basis of religious attachments to Iran, Iran provokes her political agendas.Who ever targets and kills but until and unless you consider The Holy Qur’an itself the criterion in your lives, you will be a target to monarchism through out your history and a target of it now in the Saudi Arabia, you will be a target to the scholars of Iran and to dictatorship of Pakistan as well because Qur’an will tell you that you are the target unless you consider its words that people are the authority for deciding for a system of governance and whatever they decide to be implemented by the state and how to run the state. So, people should consider Qur’an the criterion and then God may give them the chance of making decisions for their countries.
    Without this fact, these all killings and forcefulness in the three brother countries would never stop because The Army, The Scholars of Iran and The Monarchism of Saudi Arabia, they all are an institution with their own mind set and their mind set cannot be changed, you will never be able to change their pattern, it is against the nature’s principles, so instead of any attempt to changing their views one should change its direction towards Qur’an and study it without any story and prejudice because words of God are more important than any story and logic of Mulla, Molvi and Mushtahid.

  19. Balochistan is a vast province, inhabitated by the Baloch, Pathans and Hazara living with harmony & peace/earning their livelihood together since past 120 years. They are locals of the province, are generally liberals, hard attitude and rough nature but friendly,loyals and dedicated people.They have not fought with each other nor had any ill feelings for each other ever since the independence of Pakistan.However, it was in 1984 onwards during the rule of Gen Zia-ul-Haq when the extremists/fundamentalist showed up their large presence & gradual accumlation was felt in the province, particularly in interior/remote areas of the Balochistan under garb of missionaries.The first killing was started in July 1986 in which the state machinary was used against the Shia Hazara peaceful procession by Gen Zia under patronage of these extremists and Hazara was damaged by removing Air Marshal Sharbat Changezi who was the likely Air Chief Marshal of Pakistan Air Force, a gallant officer of PAF having gallantry awards of 1965 & 71 Wars and son in law of Gen Musa khan, C in C of Pakistan Army from 1958 to 1966, who was declared Hero of 1965 war; subsequently removal of Brig Khadim Hussain Hazara, Director of ISI Balochistan looking after Afghanistan affair, a gallantry award holder of”Satara-i-Jurat” in 1971 war at Chawinda sector,who was promoted Major General but was forcefully retired as Brigadier so goes the civil administration by the Zia regime. The involvement of Pakistan in Afghanistan against the Soviet Union under USA pressure and financial support of Saudia Arabia brought the Saudi brand of Islam into full bloom in Pakistan, particularly in Balochistan disrupting the peaceful & prosperous life of people of Balochistan in 1984 onward as mentioned above.
    There after, Shia faces discrimination in Pakistan particularly the Shia Hazara in Balochistan faces full weight of all evil designs with full force allegation of being Iran backed /lovers whereas Hazara is nothing to do with Iran except for the love of their Imam Musa-i-Kazim(AS) buried in Mashad, Bibi Mansooma in Qum and other family member of Ahle Bait in Iran cities. Not only Hazara, all Shia muslims visits Iran for the ziarat of their Imams otherwise their is nothing for Hazara in Iran nor Iran care for Hazara, rather Irani call Hazara “Barbari” mean Jungali, due to 200yrs of rule of Iran by Mangols which included Hazara as well in1700 centuary. I was surprised that Mr Ejaz Haider, has called Hazara as fifth columist of Iran and mixed up Shia Hazara killings with the assissination of prayer leader of Sipah-i-Sahaba or Lashkar-i-Jangavi. Well such writings is always produced by a writer who has no indepth study of history and solely rely on, one sided narratives or listening from un-authenticated source or sickminded persons, i suppose Eijaz Haider is one of them.
    As far as my meagre knowledge is concerns, Iran has never helped Hazara in Afghanistan rather Tajiks who are invarible having racial linkage with Iran.Primarily Hazaras are supposed to be from Kushans dinesty and got involved in inter marriages with Mongols in 1300 centuary when Mongols invaded Afghanistan. Further more, Hazara of Pakistan who migrated into sub-continant firstly in 1830 and their burial in Quetta can be witnessed in Hazara graveyard in 1893, took active participation in Independence of Pakistan and fought all wars against India from 1948 to 1999 earning gallantry awards of Hilal -e- Jurat,Sitara-i-Jurat, Tagha-i-Jurat, Sitara-i-Basalat and other gallantry awards which can traced from Pakistan Army, Air Force, Navy and Pakistan govt. The area in Quetta where Hazara are living was inhabited by Hazara &Hindus before Independence, former than migrated to India. Maligning and allegating a patroitic, loyal and dedicated citizens /community/ tribe like Hazara of Pakistan is not justified and pershaps against the Islamic teachings. Mindset & attitude of such persons must be changed who call others dis-loyals, are themselves dis-loyals & are surely not in the interest of Pakistan

  20. Hazara of Pakistan knows how to fight back & kill, invariable they are brave fighters but refraining in committing sin and stain their hands with blood of humans as it is forbidden in Islam. The fighting capability & ability of Hazara is evident by the sacrifice they have / are giving to the defense of Pakistan in all wars and can be asked from higher ups of all three forces of Pakistan. Secondly, Invariably Hazaras are inclined towards education and bussiness which made them dosile in nature, infact the progressiveness of Hazara is pinching into the heart & mind of those hyprocrate & dirty nature like personalities who had exposed their mental calibre such as Ayattulah Durrani and many other who are at constant opportunity to see Hazara falling and stop from progress in all walk of life in Pakistan& are adament to create Afghanistan like situation in Pakistan, forgetting that it is Pakistan and the people of Pakistan with their resilience, justifiable approach will never let them to do so as they desire. killing of person is easy, bearing the repercussion of kill is difficult in this world and hereafter.

  21. Really good work Farrukhzad Ali…Really appreciate your thoughts and information.

    Ejaz Haider is the stupid guy and agent of ISI………There is no influence of Iran in Quetta or anywhere in Pakistan…. Only conflict in Pakistan is creating by ISI & MI etc….Agencies don’t want peace in Pakistan and specially dominant of Shias in Pakistan….Because Shia’s and Sunni brothers are real builders of Pakistan and thats why ISI is funding and supporting SSP/Lashkar e Jhangvi and other Banned Organization to kill Shias and sunnis in pakistan so that they can Spread the Doubandi shcool of thought in Pakistan which is being funded by Saudi Arabia (so called Khadim ul Harmain e sharifain)…..

    Ejaz Haider is totally on the payroll of ISI , thats why he is writing against Iran and Shia’s of Pakistan……Ejaz haider should open his eyes and should see that which country is enemy of Pakistan and which one is friend of pakistan…….

    Ejaz haider should also investigate/ask from his Godfather ISI, that what was the role of Saudi Arabia in past and what is the role of Saudi arabia in presen and what whould be the further role of saudi Arabia in Out motherland Pakistan……

    Saudi Arab never want a peace in Pakistan…..All Jihadis belong to KSA….They are sending these stupid Jahadis in pakistan to Kill Pakistani Innocent people either Shia or sunni with the help of Pakistani Agencies……

    I wish Ejaz haider ask his Godfather ISI and write an article on the influence of Saudi Arabia in Pakistan…..

  22. Thanjks foг inally talking aboiut >On Ejaz Haiders ISPR press release
    оn Hazaraqs of Balochistan – bу Farukhzad Ali | Pakistan Blkgzine <Liked it!

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