Let’s get rid of terrorism! – by Ailia Zehra

by AZ

It has been rather disturbing how sectarian violence is badly dominating our society. Persecution of Ahmedi and Shia Muslims is at its peak. 

If we analyze the situation deeply, It seems it is a planned game to destabilize the country, by creating differences among its people.
Pakistan today is engaged with a guerrilla war and its importance in the current scenario cannot be denied. On the other hand, despite its importance, we are still not sure if its our own war.

First of all, It has to be realized that this war is in our own interest and secondly, Taliban, against whom this war is being fought are the enemies of whole of the country not specifically of a certain sect or religion. They attack the mosques of Sunnis as well as Shias.

Unity between all the people can help control the situation. Religious scholars (Ulama) should play a very positive role in this regard.
They should disown attacks on any religious place whether it is Ahmedis’ worship place, Christians’ church or Shias’ imam bargahs. 
We as a nation should recognize black sheep among us and should be united regardless of religious or sectarian differences.

This unity is solution to a lot of or I would say, almost all problems.

It is unfortunate how the politicians observe point scoring on the name of terrorism. All the political parties are still not agreed over the guerrilla war we are engage with. No doubt, American influence is present in our country but still, this war is in our own interest as well.

First of all, we have to make it clear that this war is our own. Secondly, Siding with terrorism and holding processions with them plus using their support for elections are all immature acts which clearly show that we are not getting used to this war.
Then comes, judiciary. Judiciary should punish terrorists instead of releasing them and permitting them to hold rallies and processions and to display their power. 

Lastly, No doubt the youngsters of Pakistan army are sacrificing their lives on the honor and dignity of the country plus they were always there when we needed them. But at the same time this trend needs a change that army and agencies of Pakistan are pro Taliban. Journalist Saleem Shehzad’s murder is an example, where family and friends blamed ISI. Questioners question in due time that what was OBL doing a few kilometers away from GHQ.

In the end, the only solution is that the people, government, politicians and generals should get used to this war. Let’s end this cancer of terrorism and the only solution is unity. Together we can, together we will!

3 Comments to “Let’s get rid of terrorism! – by Ailia Zehra”

  1. I have seen this disease of openly calling Shias and some other Muslim factions as infidels on the streets of non other than our capital Islamabad. Parents send their children to so called madrarass’as, where they are taught only one thing that, except one, all others are kafirs and they don’t even deserve to live. So, first those parents should be educated, they should be brought into human world, as they are living a life worst than many animals..!

  2. Exactly, education and especially quality education is the need of hour plus govt should take action against madrassas involved in terrorism. They are brainwashing the rising stars of our country.

  3. I agree, Ailia, unity is the only way forward. Foremost, we need unity amongst the oppressed people.

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