Questioning Laibaah’s integrity – by Ailia Zehra

by AZ

A fellow tweeple, Abdul Bugti, who describes himself as “A Baloch” questioned @Laibaah’s integrity on the Pakistan Blogzine advocacy google group for the oppressed ones.  I suggest him to read the post “Who is Laibaah” written by Laibaah herself. That post describes a lot.

Below is the email thread in which Abdul Bugti questioned Laibaah’s integrity:-

Abdul Bugti:

Umeedain shuma jor-o-washay, gap ishet k mana bazen sangata’n ghusta k Laibaah yak Baloch-ay nahen or Baloch-ay naam-a use kuto Baloch tweeple-aa ni hamdardiya much kanangey, man loteto ke sha thai jinda soch kana gud baaz sharen, ni yak cheez-ay zahir-en k aga shuma mai ey e-mail jawab Balochi-ya daat gudda aa duroog-a bandagesa.Hope you understand and will reply in the same language.Regards,

Dear Abdul bhai,

I am a Saraiki Baloch. If you write to me in Saraiki, I should be able to reply in the same language.


Abdul Bugti:

Another friend of mine also suggested that you (Laibaah) are the man/woman who was doing the same thing on facebook with a fake profile of “Waseem Baluch” and later with “Waseem Azmet Baluch” who was eventually exposed and banned by Baloch activists.

I think if Baloch tweeples/activists will do know that you are not a (Marri) Baloch,you will surely lose credibility among the Baloch activists and another thing which i personally want to ask that If you were not a (Marri) Baloch then why did you chose to use a fake profile?

Here’s Laibaah’s reply:

Dear Abdul bhai,

Did you read this post? “Who is Laibaah?”…

I think I have explained in the above post who I am and what I stand for. I can’t be more transparent than that because of personal and family security reasons. I am sure you will understand that.

Pakistan Blogzine is not the only project in which I contribute. I work on various similar projects in Pakistan and elsewhere for human rights advocacy. I share my emails and accounts with the people who I trust in human rights advocacy.

If you review my timeline on Twitter, you will surely realize that I
have been variously alleged to be as: Mirzayee (Ahmadi Muslim), Hazara, RAW, BLA, Irani Sabai (Shia), ISI. I have documented evidence of all these charges levelled against me. Except the RAW and the ISI, I gladly accept all other charges. 🙂

I have no connection with anyone with the name of Waseem or whatever.

After I published my post, Qasida-e-Husain-Haqqani – by Malik Siraj Akbar, Siraj was the first one to write against me.…

This is what Siraj wrote:
maliksirajakber maliksirajakbar
@marvisirmed A blog with a “Marri editor” and a Pakistani flag makes it clear who is speaking. Marri & Paki flag?

I am not obliged to reveal my real identity or location to Siraj or anyone so that the Najam Sethis, Hussain Haqqanis, Malik Siraj Akbers, Ejaz Haiders and their masters could track me down. All I can say is that Jamia Haqqania Twitteria wants to hunt us down, one by one!

Let me repeat. Our work in Pakistan Blogzine is focused on two items: advocacy for the oppressed, persecuted and mass murdered groups, and media criticism. I remain committed to and focused on an inclusive agenda for the Baloch, Hazara, Pashtuns, Saraikis, Shias, Ahamdis and all other oppressed groups in Pakistan.

Feel free to doubt my personal integrity or this group’s integrity if you find us less than committed to this agenda.


Apparently Abdul Bugti understood what Laibaah was trying to explain to him. Many fellow members of the Pakistan Blogzine understood and supported Laibaah’s stance.

I would say, when you tweet so frequently against mass murders being done by agencies, you always have to hide your actual identity. In Laibaah’s case, her account was banned thrice on twitter. So, anyone questioning Laibaah’s integrity must know that precautionary measures have to be taken, when you discuss such a sensitive issue.

What needs to be learnt is that she is a human right activist fighting against persecution of oppressed groups. Furthermore, she has already written on this matter and the post’s name is “Who is Laibaah”. Anyone who is doubtful about her identity, should read that post.


Some other responses in Pakistan Blogzine google group:

Farooq Ahmed (Gilgiti)

It is quite disappointing and a very shameful act of threatening Laibah. How long you can go to stop her from calling a spade a spade. Don’t forget she has courage beyond the Mount Everest. Better we use a common language so that we could learn also what allegations are being leveled against her. At least we have found her a very true and honest girl that is why we trust her.Yes God has bestowed her with a quality to raise voice before the tyrannical imperial which almost we all lack and take in between lines. Questioning ours Laibah’s integrity is not acceptable. Yes she has a bold stance on issues which is ever disliked because we have been accustomed to hear words that praise us and keep appreciating. But every one on the earth is not coward and morally corrupt. Better we listen to her for the sake of reasoning and rationale.

Few more words. Laibah is such a daughter i would love to be a father of, she is such a sister I would feel proud to be a brother and above all a true person, not hypocrite, principled and a genuine activist. Such remarks against her are unbearable. Lastly, to clear your mind, dear Abdul Bugti, Hazarat Ali Says dont see who is saying See what he/she is saying.

Mureed Bizenjo:

Waja Abdul Bugti, may o shuma sangat yak hanchen open em platform ey a nishtagan k ayi ey sara kas era trace kanag giraan en habar ey nahent, Habar ey nahen k ey naam laibaah raast ey ya drog, bachak ey ya janik ey, habar esh en k ey k a kaar a kant a pa baloch an faida mand en ys na, ey dour ey taha man tau o dega sangat rad dayag naban, maa shuma har wara har cheez a sarpand an, boot kan dega ham baaz en naam biban k awaani naam raaat en maban, baley habar ideology o vision a ent, naam e nahent, or aga ma shuma sangat marchi awaar an tou ey naam ey pushta na ey kaar o ideology ey pushta awaar an, dega kayi naam che ent che fark daari. Man umeed kaneen shuma sarpand baye!

Shumaila Hussain Shahani (Schimi):

Dear Abdul Bugti (A Baloch)

I think you are mislead by some people who may not be committed to Baloch cause even if they claim to be. Don’t doubt anyone’s commitment to the cause till you don’t have strong reasons. Don’t allow anyone alienate you from the cause or weaken your support. I love it when Laibaah says:

“Feel free to doubt my personal integrity or this group’s integrity if you find us less than committed to this agenda.”

It would be naive to think that those who disagree with us or have been doubted by us in their commitment to the cause will leave us to work freely without hindrance. Don’t let them hunt us down. Lets focus on our common agenda.

I have a better solution to your doubts. Read us, test us. You be the judge.


Dear Abdul Bugti

I do not know who Laibaah is, and I do not need to know. She has never asked me for my credit card numbers, she has never asked me for my home address, she has never asked for any other information or favor that she could use to her benefit or my detriment. My relationship with Laibaah is based on what she says, and I am not coerced into either being friends with her or following her. So does it then really matter who she is? Do I need to know who she is?

Whether she is a Marri, a Mirzai, or a Musawi – what difference does it make? Why do you have to judge what she is doing or saying by treating her surname as a criterion?

Laibaah might not be a Baloch, but I’d treat her surname as an allegoric reference to what she is doing. The person using the ID might not be a lady, but I will continue to treat him/her as one because that adds to the symbolic identity for women are the most persecuted of our social classes. And I will treat her Middle name Ahmad as a reference to her audacity to speak for the marginalized Ahmadis. Kindly realize that this profile is a symbol, and treat it such so that it becomes an emblem of courage.

Laibaah, we do not care who you are. Continue your good work. We will look at you not through the lenses of ethnicity and sect, but through the lens of conscience and truth. We will judge you for what you say and stand for. That’s the only criterion.

And I appeal to everyone to have a mind nuanced enough to understand that this profile is a symbol, and therefore it cannot be called fake.

Abdul Bugti, kindly revisit your views and for a moment try assuming that you might have been wrong in your approach, and look at the issue as I have requested you to.

Alamdar Mengal:

There is not much more that I can add to ANON’s excellent rejoinder.

When I wrote about how Laiba was silenced, it was her activism that drew me and others to Pakistan Blogzine. Just because I am not a pure Baloch and do not speak the language does not mean I cannot advocate for the human, civil and political rights of the Baloch. Similarly, just because I am not Ahmadi muslim or Hindu or Christain does not mean that I cannot call a spade a spade and say that my country men who belong to these faith and sect communities should not enjoy their full human rights.

Zubair Khan:

Adding what to Irtiza and Alamdar bro had to say. There are many
Marri’s out there that are not exactly separatists. Shaheed
Lt. Jehanghir Marri was one such Baloch-Marri from Kohlu who laid his
life fighting Taliban in Swat 🙂

Munir Khan:

I too would like to associate myself with ANON’s excellent reply, and would urge the membership to focus on the broader struggle and not get bogged down in these factional disputes.

As a Pakhtoon I can tell you that throughout our own history, we have been let down by our own cursed factionalism & sectarianism, which has always resulted in schism & disunity.I suspect that I am probably much older than some of you, but was attracted to the Baloch cause by the passion that Laibah displayed in her outcry against the indifference and passivity of the “urban elite”, as she described it.I think that it is important to build upon that and make a broad based movement otherwise if you concern yourself with establishing purity of motives and antecedents, then you may end arguing amongst ourselves and not progress any further – which would be an unforgivable tragedy.

Let us move forward on these broad democratic principles………..


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