Ahmadiyya Muslims’ services for Pakistan – by Maood Ahmad

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Sir Muhammad Zafrullah Khan with Qaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah

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Whatever is done at the behest of sectarian mullahs will prove to be in violation of religious freedom and human ethics as dogmatized in Holy Quran. It is the majority that is condemned in Quran. “And if thou obey most of those on earth, they will lead thee astray from Allah’s way; they follow nothing but mere conjecture, and they do nothing but lie.” “Verily we have brought the truth to you; but most of you have a hatred for truth.” (Quran 6:117 & 43: 78.)

Justice Munir on Punjab disturbance inquiry reports ‘The establishment of Pakistan came as a great disappointment to the Ahrar’. The new Muslim state came to them as a shock, disillusioned them of their ideology and finished them as political party. For some time they found themselves in a state of frustration, completely bewildered as to their future.’ ‘It may indeed be said that the Ahrar took their birth in the hatred of Ahmadis.’ (P-12) Ahmadis are described as traitors who have no loyalty to Pakistan.’ ‘Sir Zafrullah Khan began to be attacked and described as a traitor.’ (P-20)

A book by Prof. K.K Aziz ‘Making of Pakistan’ published by Chatto and Wandus London 1977, he wrote ‘It must be remembered that Iqbal did not argue for a Muslim state, but only for a Muslim block in an Indian federation. More over Bengal and Assam did not enter into his calculation. It is grossly misleading to call him the originator of idea of Pakistan.’ (P-54) ‘Till 1947 Moudoodi did not believe in Pakistan and that the demand for it was Un-Islamic,’ (P-106)

Few know this fact that Mr. M. A. Jinnah had quit the Indian political scene and out of the frustration left Indian politics. He retreated to London (UK) after attending the second Round Table Conference in 1932, where he established his legal practice. It was a great loss to Muslims in India. It provided immense relief to Indian Congress, as their main adversary left the field.

Mr. M. A. Jinnah was persuaded back to India by no other person than Hadhrat Mirza Bashir-ud-Din Mahmud Ahmad, the Head of Ahmadiyya Movement (2nd Caliph). This divine figure surveyed the Indian political horizon and found no honest and outstanding Muslim figure to lead the Muslims of India, the Muslims who lost their empire in India after five centuries of Mughal rule.

It took Mr. Dard three hours face to face talk successfully persuaded Mr. M. A. Jinnah to return to India. Mr. Jinnah was most reluctant, but he eventually changed his mind. The Sunday Times London (April 9, 1933) carried a report of a reception that was held by the Imam of London Mosque, Mr. Dard, where Mr. Jinnah frankly acknowledged the fact that: “The eloquent persuasion of Imam left me no way of escape.”

Sardar Shaukat Hayat in his book “The Nation that lost its soul” mentions the following event: “One day, I got a message from Quaid-e-Azam saying “Shaukat, I believe you are going to Batala, which I understand is about five miles from Qadian, please go to Qadian and meet Hadhrat Sahib and request him on my behalf for support for Pakistan’s cause. He wrote “At about twelve midnight, I reached Qadian. When I got there his blessings and, Hazrat Sahib had retired. I sent him a message for him from the Quid-i-Azam. He came down immediately and inquired what Quid’s orders were? I conveyed him Quid’s message to pray for and also support Pakistan. He replied please convey to the Quid-i-Azam that we have been praying for his mission from the very beginning. Where the help of his followers is concerned, Ahmadi will stand by a Muslim leaguer.”

An article titled ‘Snake in the Sleeve’ appeared in Urdu daily ‘Islam’ on 5/9/2003 by Muhammad Tahir Abdur Razzaq in which he quoted Ahmadiyya daily Al-Fazl dated 17/5/1947 ‘ United India; If we have agreed the division of India, it was not with pleasure but compulsion. Then we will try some how to get united. Again in the same paper, another man called Tahir Mahmud wrote, ‘In spite of of Qadiyani Jama’at’s opposition, Pakistan came into being.’ The name of the paper is ‘Islam’ and the editor is Mufti. Every word is a concoction. The truth is in Al Fazl after two days. Favoring creation of Pakistan Hazrat Mirza Mahmud Ahmed Said: “It (Pakistan) is rightful claim by Muslims. Even if we were to be hanged for supporting their rightful claim, we will take it to be an honor for us.”(Al Fazl 19/5/1947) on the face of Mullahs in particular repeatedly portray Ahmedis as anti- Pakistani who are trying to undo Pakistan.

Mr. Wali Khan in his book: ‘FACTS ARE FACTS’ wrote: “The government of Pakistan was determined to tamper with historical records and give the public a one-dimensional view.” (Preface) The subject of preparing the map of two dominions was discussed in that book on page 29. It was Chandlery Zafrullah who prepared the map and passed on to Mr. Jinnah. In this regard Lord Linlithgo wrote to the secretary of Sate for India: “Since Zafrullah was a Qadiani, he had to be cautious. The Muslims would become irritated if they found that this scheme was prepared by a Qadiani.” To prove the contrast between Hazrat Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmud Ahmed and Maulana Moudoodi in response to his approach, he exposed Maudoodi Sahib in next para. “Moulana Madoodi basically belonged to Deoband School of theology, which was at the time supporting the Indian National Congress. When I conveyed the Quid’s message to him requesting him to pray as well as support Pakistan’s cause. He replied how he could pray for NAPAK Pakistan (Impure Pakistan) till the whole of India had been converted to Islam. Such was the vision of the leader of Jama’t-i-Islami.’

Maudoodi Sahib is the founder of Jama’at Islami, he opposed creation of Pakistan tooth and nail. His book ‘Musalman and Siasi Kashmakash’ was fully devoted to condemn Pakistan coming into being. After partition, this book disappeared from the bookstalls and libraries. The provincial chief of Jama’t Moulana Fateh Mohammad in a press release claimed “It would be uncharitable not to count Maulana Moudoodi among the founders of Pakistan like the Quid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah and Allama Iqbal.” (Dawn 19/3/1973)

On retirement of Zafrullah Khan from the president ship of the international count of Justice, Mr. Bhutto, President of Pakistan wrote “As a leading member of the political movement, which lead to the achievement of a homeland of the Muslims in the subcontinent and earlier as President of the All-India Muslim league in 1931, you played a very significant role in the creation of Pakistan.” “As foreign Minister of Pakistan for the first seven years after the birth of the country, you helped in establishing Pakistan as a state which commanded respect abroad and whose voice carried a weight in international forums.” (Morning News. 19/3/1973)

“An associate of the Quid-i-Azam and a founding member of the All-India Muslims league, Zafrullah Khan was closely associated with league politics during the critical period prior to independence.” His defence of the Palestinian cause won him ‘The star of Jordan’. “He was similarly honored by Tunisia, Noricco, Algeria, Libya and Syria for his tireless role in championing the cause of the independence of many Muslim countries in Africa and the Middle East.” (Editorial Dawn 3/9/1985)

Mullah’s tributes to Zafrullah in Allah’s name, it is compulsion to show the other side of the coin that will besmear these lines. Otherwise, the filth they spattered would have been avoided here. I quote those hurtful lines from Punjab disturbance 1953 inquiry report page 100, by Justice Munir. “The students of M.B. High school Wazirabad, carried in procession on a charpoy with a dog tied on it representing Ch. Zafrullah Khan.” “Another procession, which had marched thorough the streets of Kasur on 25th June 1952, after Friday prayers and which was reported by the Additional Superintendent of police, Kasur in his dairy dated 26th July 1952 also came to the notice of the Chief Minister. In that procession Ch. Zafrullah Khan had been grossly abused in slogans such as ‘Zafrullah Knjar’ ‘Zafrullah dog’ and ‘Zafrullah swine’. Did it not occur to any of the Mullahs that the as person “swine” for a human being if ever read any where, it is in tradition (Hadith) only for Mullahs and not for Zafrullah Khan.

It was during the days when Chandlery Zafrullah Khan was championing the cause of independence of many Muslim countries in Africa and Middle East and also struggling in the U.N. on Palestine issue. Mufti of Egypt declared him an infidel. At this, News papers and the heads of Muslim countries reacted against Mufti and declared: “If Zafrullah is an infidel we want such infidels.” Just as Zafurllah Khan’s role as makers of Pakistan had provoked anti Pakistan Mullahs to vilify him, so did his struggle defending Arab cause provoke an Arab Mufti to declare him an infidel. Could it be the perpetration of Anti Muslim clandestine schemers?

Justice Munir Rebuked Mullahs, “But the President of this court who was a member of that commission, considers it his duty to record his gratitude to Chandlery Zafullah Khan for the valiant fight he put up for Gurdaspur” “Vile and unfounded charges have been leveled against the Ahmadis that the District of Gurdaspur was assigned to India by the award of the Boundary Commission because of the attitude adapted by the Ahmadis and the arguments addressed by Chandlery Zafrullah Khan who had been elected by the Quid-e-Azam to present the case of the Muslims before the commission, considers it his duty to record his gratitude to Chandlery Zafrullah Khan for the valiant fight he put up for Gurdaspur. This is apparent from the record of the Boundary Commission which any one who is interested my see. For the selfless service rendered by him to the Muslim Community, it is shameless ingratitude for any one to refer to Chandlery Zafrullah Khan in the manner in which he has referred to by certain parties before the court of Inquiry.” (P-197)

Under the caption “THE DANGEROUS TREND” there was series of editorials in English daily DAWN early in 1952 by then editor Mr. Altaf Hussain. Unmindful of the warning the nation responded with a stoic attitude and brought about a strategic situation as is prevalent now. Excerpts from fifth edition only will impress the truth: ‘Unless this danger is effectively curbed and the design of the particular type of Ulema is nipped in the bud, they will try to reduce Pakistan to the worst kind of dictatorship. Throughout Muslim history in all times and all climes, the false Ulema have repeatedly tried to do disservices to Islam and slab Muslims in the back. Let it not also be forgotten that some of these Alims attacked the person of Quid-i-Azam himself and tried their best to mislead into believing that he was not a true follower of Islam.’ (DAWN 13/7/52)

The truth behind the political turmoil in Pakistan had been summarized by Justice Javed Iqbal in DAWN dated 14/1/1998: “Politicians failed to implement the concept of humanistic Islam. Anti Ahmadiyya Movement was the first example of sectarianism being used for political purpose.” In defiance to Allah’s commandments, the diabolic spirit let loose by Mullahs is evinced in Justice Munir’s report.

Corrupt, Brutes, Criminals and Terrorists like Diabolists Mullahs are truly insult for Islam and Muhammad (saws) Pakistan has topped in the world in corruption and crime. Collectively they are exemplifying the merits of being followers of Muhammad (saws), adversely to disprove moral and spiritual influence of Islam. On the other hand Ahmedis who bask under spiritual sun shine of Muhammad (saws) are qualified to identify differently.


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    Recorded on 24th July 2010

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