What needs to be done in Balochistan

by AZ

Generally, It is a trend spread all over the country that solution to our every problem is army action. If we consider this formula workable in FATA against militants, it doesn’t necessarily mean It can help in Balochistan as well. Considering FATA and Balochistan’s situation similar is stupidity. In Balochistan, the situation is entirely different. The ones who have taken law in their hands are simply against injustice. They have one-point demand i.e freedom. After analyzing the situation deeply, we’ll find that we are responsible for

the situation. We never tried to consider their demands important. When they tried to fight for their rights, they were jailed, involved in false court cases etc. It is certain that this attitude would create a trust deficit and it did. The trust deficit is at its peak and the angry nationalists are not ready to have any sort of dialogue with the federation.

In such a sensitive situation, the only solution is convincing nationalists to have a useful dialogue. Recently, the current government introduced ‘Azad-e-Huqooq-e-Balochistan’ (A package for Balochistan) which claims to have solved most of the problems, but demands and problems are still the same. It’s unfortunate that we never tried to learn from history.

For solving Balochistan’s problems, in first step, all the innocent nationalist prisoners  must be set free. After setting them free, all the nationalist should be brought on dialogue table. Convincing them for talks is not/should not be a big deal for when you can have talks with a neighboring country, you can certainly have talks with your own province as well. Some of the Balochs still support Pakistan and are ready to sacrifice for the country even after those injustices done by us.

We need to win the hearts and minds of the people by equal distribution of resources. After equal distribution of resources, all the true demands of nationalist must be fulfilled to end the trust deficit. Judiciary should punish the murderers of Late Baloch nationalists. It will help create their trust on judiciary. Lastly, after ending the trust deficit, every demand of Balochs must be fulfilled. Compensation reforms must be done. A visit or a package cannot calm the nationalists down. All stakeholders should be taken into confidence and a solution across the board should be finalized.

We, as a nation cannot afford another loss. Once this country is (God forbid) divided, It won’t be able to survive. For the stability of the country, all the nationalists must be taken into confidence before making any national decision. What we can do is to review our attitudes towards Balochs and other oppressed groups. Balcohs are patriot, you just need to listen to them!

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