Zaid Hamid bashing bandwagon: Will urban liberal chatterers follow the Marvi model?

by admin

Through this brief post, I wish to express my gratitude to and appreciation for fellow blogger and journalist, Marvi Sirmed, on her successful confrontation and expositions of Zaid Hamid, one of the most dangerous Islamofascists tools of Pakistan’s military establishment.

Given that Zaid Hamid bashing (along with Aamir Liaquat Hussain and Meher Bokhari bashing) is a favourite pastime and a token liberalism gesture of Pakistan’s urban liberal chatterers, there is something unique in the way Marvi Sirmed confronted Zaid Hamid.

Marvi took Zaid Hamid heads on with respect to the following issues:

1. The questionable role of Pakistan army in Balochistan (and previously in East Pakistan);
2. The ISI’s claim that more than 90% of Pakistani media persons are on its payroll;
3. Zaid Hamid’s silence on the suffering and mass murders of the Baloch, Shia Hazara and Tooris of Parachinar.
4. Judiciary’s shameful role in releasing sectarian and jihadi terrorists.

This is the highlighting of the above issues which makes Marvi Sirmed unique from many pseudo-liberal, Iftikhar Chaudhry and Imran Khan loving intellectuals, apologists of the Supreme Court, ISI and Sipah-e-Sahaba, who either misrepresent the sufferings of the Baloch, Hazara, Tooris, Pashtuns or remain silent.

Here is my challenge to Ejaz Haider, Mohammed Hanif, Shahid Saeed and other graduates of military academies, it is also my challenge to Mosharraf Zaidi, Ayesha Tammy Haq and other urban liberal chatterers who have never or hardly written on the on going genocide of Shia Hazaras, Baloch nationalists and anti-Haqqani Tooris by the ISI-TTP-SSP network. I dare the silent ‘liberals’ to follow the Marvi model (the Sunnat-e-Marvi), say the Kalima-e-Haq (the truth) and speak up for the rights of the mass murdered Baloch, Shia Hazara, Pashtuns and Tooris.

In Faiz’s words: jo zulm pe lanat na kare aap laeen hai (he who does not curse the tyrant is himself cursed)

A fellow blogger recently wrote in a media googlegroup:

Many youngsters attending elite universities in Pakistan, especially in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad subscribe to his views. There are significant similarities between those who follow Zaid Hamid and those who think that Imran Khan is the second coming, including ex-rockers like Ali Azmat. . Their selective morality regarding terrorism, as brilliantly exposed by Marvi is a common theme. No dharnas for Balochistan, Parachinar or the decimated Shia Hazaras of Quetta!

It was only the youth of Peshawar university including activists from Amn Tehreek, ANP, PSF-PPP who confronted Zaid Hamid and his nonsense

I would request all those of conscience to counter the hate that is being spewed against Marvi in the comments section on various forums. Its not enough to simply congratulate Marvi but also to support and reiterate her stance on Shahid Nama.

Those who are eager to ride the anti-Zaid Hamid bandwagon under the leadership of Marvi Sirmed must realize that merely congratulating Marvi is not enough. Take a bold step and join her voice in support of those being mass murdered by the Deep State and its proxies in the madrassahs and the judiciary.

2 Comments to “Zaid Hamid bashing bandwagon: Will urban liberal chatterers follow the Marvi model?”

  1. I was part of the protest against Zaid Hamid in Islamia College (it was not Peshawar University). The governor Owais Ghani had facilitated his visit even though Ajmal Khan (still remains kidnapped) had resisted. ANP activists came after a while too. We didn’t allow him to speak for more than two hours. A lot of us weren’t allowed to enter. They were booing him inside the hall like anything. He kept saying ‘I am a Muslim’ but people weren’t protesting against his faith. The guys who were protesting were kicked out of the hall one by one. There was a lot of police you know. Even the conservatives were against him for their own reasons. He came running out of the hall and shoved himself into a car. Many guys ran after him. I picked a stone and threw it at the car but I missed. I should practice some stone throwing just in case I see him again. lol.

  2. I also saw that programme where Marvi took on Mr Hamid and punctured his bravado through logic and knowledge. I salute her courage and conviction. May God be with her.

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