On Dr. Ayesha Siddiqa’s little wars against the new Auditor General of Pakistan

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This is in response to Dr. Siddiq’s post (PM Gilani, don’t appoint a man of doubtful integrity as head of the supreme audit institution) published on LUBP:

Dr. Ayesha Siddiqa is one of Pakistan’s boldest, anti-military establishment writers and columnists. It is however relatively less known that Dr. Siddiqa remains also acutely critical of Pakistan’s political class and is in this respect not much different from Pakistan’s Marxist class who remain entrapped in their own theories while being oblivion to ground realities, issues and challenges of the realpolitik.

Recently Dr. Siddiqa was seen on email, twitter, googlegroups, social media, blogs etc campaigning for the appointment of a high profile bureaucratic position by the elected government of Pakistan. Apparently by virtue of her previous employment in a similar department in Pakistan army and due to some other reasons, Dr. Siddiqa has a personal interest in the appointment (or not) of a specific person on this post (Auditor General). In Dr. Siddiqa’s long list of charges (in which she does not hesitate to cite an ISI report to support her argument), the person is incompetent and a sex offender.

It is interesting to see 99% energies of a leading Pakistani scholar/ columnist spent on the appointment of Auditor General. Personal interests?

Instead of misdirecting her efforts to defame political govt the leading scholar/columnist may write on mass murder of Shias of her own area (Saraiki Waseb).

Two questions:

1. Why single him out when most bureaucrats right from General Kayani to CJP Chaudhry are incompetent?

2. Further, what’s the evidence of Auditor General’s incompetency?


Accountability in Pakistan always remains limited to politicians & their actions. Lets start from Generals & Judges now!

Naeem Bokhari’s letter to CJP is more substantive evidence of his incompetence & dishonesty. criticalppp.com/archives/6040

A fellow poster Khalid Hamayoun wrote:

Without prejudice to Dr. Ayesha’s stand that appointment of such an important post like Auditor General of Pakistan, the nominated person/s should be a man of integrity, nonetheless, there is a thin line between accusation and integration. A universal maxmim of justice is audi artem partem (hear the other side).

I happen to watch a talk show where Buland Akhtar Rana was contacted online and explanation to accusations against him so highlighted by Dr. Ayesha Siddiqa, was sought for. What I gather from Mr. Rana’s explanatory reply is:

1. The sexual harrasment charges could never be proved and the charge stands dismissed
2. The ISI report is based on the apprehention that perhaps Mr. Rana would not compromise on transfers of unutilized budgeted fund under different civil heads to the Military account in the name of Defence strict requirement and would unnecessarily raise objections
3. He never had more than one Pakistani passport. The two passports attached to one another, one is old and expired. He was sent to Canada on deputation and this special assignment required to travel on a special passport which was surrendered as and when he returned.

Let me declare loud and clear that I never knew and perhaps would never know this gent called Buland Akhtar Rana. If he had a dubious character in real and still the government was desirous to appoint him on such a sensitive post, it would have been a worst kind of nepotism. But, to condemn a person on hearsay is also not justified. When some person declare that this man is black but he says he is white, a dispute has been created and the issue can only be settled in a court of law.

Also, according to an FIA official:

Mr. Rana never went to Canada on deputation. He was there for 5 years and he is a canadian citizen. His family is still there.

He used all these passports during the period between Apr 2004 and Dec 2009. Following is the letter from Ministry of Interior in this context.
No. 7/102/2010-FIA
Government of Pakistan
Ministry of Interior

Islamabad, the 10thFebruary, 2011
The Director General,
Immigration & Passport
Islamabad .


Dear Sir,
I am directed to say that an enquiry was conducted by FIA against Mr. Muhammad AkhtarBulandRana, Deputy Auditor General (BS-21), an officer of Pakistan, Audit and Accounts service and to say that PISCES Record of FIA reveals that he holds two national identity cards, 27215-2270858 and 36302-36357279 and three Pakistani passports KB274440, KB274550, AA9797271 and a Canadian passport JQ-104864, which were used by him at different times during his traveling abroad during the periods from April 2004 to December 2009.

It is requested to take disciplinary action against the defaulters who issued three passports and additional/dual CNIC to Mr. Muhammad AkhtarBulandRana.

It is further requested that additional passports/CNIC may please be cancelled.

Yours Truly
Abdul Hannan
Section officer ( FIA)
Copy for information to
1 Auditor General of Pakistan Islamabad
2 Director General FIA Islamabad

A friend noted that the bad thing is that army is making politician accountable but it should be the politician making army accountable. However, when politicians hold army accountable, army decimates them. e.g. ZAB, NS, BB, Taseer, Bhatti. The list is ongoing.

4 Comments to “On Dr. Ayesha Siddiqa’s little wars against the new Auditor General of Pakistan”

  1. A very sorry article i must say. Does being critical of Pakistani politicisn class is some how an offense? Of everyone else could Dr Siddiqua be criticised like that. She has been one of the few analysist who is persistant in her criticism of Army establishment policy of supporting the jihadi elements, she very boldly exposed the southern punjab jihadi factories who are back bone of anti shia violence in Pakistan. Even than its being demanded that she should write on Shia genocide?. She was one of the first analysts to criticize the superior judiciary of Pakistan. She used the term “judicial populism” to criticise the direction which Pakistani judiciary . She also was only the fiew if not the first to criticize the media of pakistan, she was bold enough to say on news channel the their views are constructed by ISI. If such a person criticizes political government, it should be seen as a real cause of concern and not to criticize her like that.
    i think some times we tend to loose sense of proportion.

  2. k.Mirza
    I agree. Almost the entire population of Pakistan is aware that we have the most corrupt Government of our history at the helm of affairs. They have been crowning state institutions with characterless persons for rent collection. They are aware that such persons can be blackmailed into towing their line. The AGP appointment is undoubtedly one of these.Therefore Siddiqa’s campaign is missionary and laudable. And she is not alone, the entire media and the free press of Pakistan has been shouting foul. The article probably sponsored by Rana and his henchmen is therefore shameful, as is their effort to defend him by fabricating baseless stories and slinging mud on respectable persons such as Anis Marghoub the acting AGP who should have been rightfully confirmed in the position for his spotless and meritorious service.

  3. Ayesha Siddiqa praises Haqqani:

    Express Tribune must not distort facts about Husain Haqqani – by Laibaah


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