Urban liberal friends of the Deep State activated against Farhat Taj

by admin

Will you reveal your sponsors, Samad Khurram?

Farhat Taj is amongst very few credible Pakistani scholars who have honestly and bravely presented a Pashun perspective on the Taliban and exposed the complicity of Pakistan army with the sectarian and jihadi monsters.

Recently, Farhat Taj wrote an honest criticism of an ISI-inspired ‘research’ by Sherry Rehman’s Jinnah Institute which recycles and reinforces the Deep State’s views on the future of Afghanistan.

Critical readers know that Farhat Taj is long despised by some known friends and apologists of the military establishment. Here are some responses from some of her critics in Pakistan’s social media:

Imtiaz Gul
some people are loyal than the king in fact. I wonder what credentials farhat taj herself have to band over four dozen writers/intellectuals as pro-establishment bigots? Those who live in this country are bound to see things differently, differently from what people outside Pakistan would have on this country. At times this view does synchronise with the way the military establishment thinks or acts.

Look at recent American writers such as Mark Sageman, Michael Rolance, Wendy Chamberlain, Bruce Riedel, and so many others, they are all important but former CIA officials, and they are advising the government. In fact Riedel did advise Obama on Indo-Pakistan through a paper.

The point I am trying to make is not to be cynical all the time, not to laugh every thing that is Pakistani or smacks of Pakistan. It may be a shitty country but, ladies and gentlemen, a lot of this shit comes from within the ruling elite – from all those who have held important positions and made the best of those positions whenever they had an occasion – regardless of whether fuaji or civilian. Let us be candid and introspective.

If more than 50 Pakistani writers/intellectuals think alike, they then far outnumber those who are being cynical and dismissive of it in the name of liberalism and objectivity and what not. We should in fact be proud of the fact that such a big number of people have for the fist time spoken through a document.

SamadK Samad Khurram (and co on Twitter)
RT @ sahar_shafqat Ugh. Farhat Taj has written a book. More propaganda and lies from a person who refuses to answer any questions about her methods/data.

sahar_shafqat Sahar Shafqat
@Razarumi Farhat Taj is a fraud masquerading as a scholar.

These Long Wars (TLW)
Farhat Taj is a nihilist who can shoot her missives from afar. She reminds me of the old Kabul Communist elite who begged the Soviet Union to intervene, because they couldn’t come to admit to themselves that the people they are from hold some personally bigotted and narrowminded views.

SamadK Samad Khurram
i had repeatedly emailed Farhat Taj on the methodology and never got a response @sahar_shafqat

SamadK Samad Khurram
Farhat Taj has also repeatedly published fabrication. This guy reponded : bit.ly/pLD8gc  @sahar_shafqat

SamadK Samad Khurram
difference of opinion is completely fine. not disclosing funding/methodology is not @sahar_shafqat @ziyad_f @razarumi

SamadK Samad Khurram
@Mehmal yaar bohat email kiya hai. is her yahoo id bergen34? i dont even remember half my questions now. @sahar_shafqat @razarumi

SamadK Samad Khurram
the burden of responsibility of explaining funding, methodology, etc is on the researcher.

SamadK Samad Khurram
@sahar_shafqat @Mehmal  that is academia 101. If you do not do that I’m sorry people can and should doubt your research.

SamadK Samad Khurram
@sahar_shafqat  also she has repeatedly lied. read this for example: bit.ly/o0hWia

SamadK Samad Khurram
I called him (Mansib Khan) & indeed it was him who wrote the letter. Ms.Taj didnt reply to me. @sahar_shafqat @mehmal

SamadK Samad Khurram
Farhat Taj’s published response was “ISI lied to me and misled me to make me look bad.” Hilarious! @sahar_shafqat @razarumi @mehmal

SamadK Samad Khurram
really don’t think a verification is needed after Farhat Taj herself retracted the claims of his death.

Mehmal Mehmal Sarfraz
@sahar_shafqat heh, I don’t think either of the two were funding her PhD but why don’t you and @samadk wrote ur ques & email me?

Mehmal Mehmal Sarfraz

@sahar_shafqat you can ask @mazdaki about Ariana, he was also part of it for a while 🙂 @Razarumi @samadk

Razarumi Raza Rumi
@Ziyad_F i’m not always in agreement w/ Farhat taj. However, she is the only 1 who has attempted 2 record local voices #FATA

Five Rupees (Ahsan Butt, a pro-MQM, pro-establishment blogger) campaign against Farhat Taj:

Letter Of The Day
By Ahsan Butt Sep 30, 2009 12:13AM UTC

From The News
It is indeed shocking to know through an article which appeared in your newspaper on Sept 27 titled “The Taliban and the Salarzais” by Farhat Taj that I am dead and that the ISI is responsible for my killing. It is to bring to the notice of all that I am very much alive and can be contacted on telephone no 0300-7044755. It is highly regrettable that the news of someone’s death is published without verification. The writer must apologise for the trauma caused to my family and well-wishers. Malik Munasib Khan, Spokesman, Salarzais Lashkar. Bajaur Agency

I love that he gave his cell number. That killed me. Anyway, this video is a dedication to Mr. Malik Munasib Khan. (Ahsan Butt) (Source: Five Rupees)

Sahar Shafqat’s position on US and NATO’s war on Taliban-AlQaeda:
Action for a Progressive Pakistan stands opposed to the U.S. war in Afghanistan and its expansion into Pakistan. We strongly condemn the continuing drone strikes in the tribal regions which have already killed hundreds of civilians. We also condemn the venal role of the Pakistani state and its security forces in this war. We hold them accountable for the massive displacement and loss of life and livelihood that has resulted from the army actions FATA, NWFP, and Baluchistan, and for the disappearance and torture of thousands of Pakistani citizens by security agencies. Source

Counter comments (anonymised):

you have the right to differ with Farhat Taj, but it is too much on your part to doubt her credentials. Perhaps, it goes the other way round for you. Perhaps people like you and me cannot afford to be so blunt and direct when it comes to blame those who have turned Pakistan into a hell for its common people. In one way, we can say that we all are responsible for the deterioration, but in many ways it needs not some special sense to understand that there are those who are more responsible than anybody else. Rather the main problem lies with them. If I cannot name them and you also want to defend them by blaming others, so we both are sort of cowards. But there are few others who may not be so. So please give credit to those who deserve it. Be generous, please.

Airra’s 80 members pooled personal contributions to run it. No outside money from what I know.

Can u please confirm that Munasib Khan wrote this letter. Have u asked Ms Farhat Taj about it?

Nothing hilarious about Taj’s explanation. In news business it’s not uncommon.Admitting oversight is better part of valor

I’ll forward your Q to her. Any other verification if it indeed was Munasib answering ur call.

The columnist is also giving 3rd party account in the column itself.Don’t know why this columnist should be picked on in particular (except that dead guy gave his phone number to newspaper;-)) since all the columns of Shireen Mazari? and Ahmed Qureshi are trashy,bombastic and makes facts out of thin air…These guys dont even use the phrase “from my sources..” they just go on and on with their thesis..

It’s a bit ridiculous for anyone to be accusing Ms. Taj of being a typical conspiracy theory obsessed Pakistani journalist. For one thing, she’s an academic, not a journalist, which is why I feel she should get a bit more slack for not verifying her sources. For another, she’s been an outspoken critic of the Taliban since back when the Pakistani military and government were happily making the Swat peace deal. Her takedown of Shireen Mazari was a thing of beauty. And well, for *another* thing.. if it makes someone a loony conspiracy theorist to suggest that the ISI might possibly still be backing militants… then I guess Stanley McChrystal and Ahmed Rashid are nuts too.

(Re: the false death report in Farhat Taj’s article) It could be a baiting tactic. You know..Times of India was aggressive on China and was pissing off wussies in Indian establishment. So, they possibly poisoned the “sources” and TOI reported that “their sources” told them two ITBP jawans got hurt in Chinese firing. Then India Govt gets around to file an FIR against TOI for false reporting and “promoting enemity between countries”.Now the whole credibility of the writer is lost.This is how you do it..simple isnt it.In this case ISI or IB might have contaminated sources with deliberately false info.
It really takes away from the issue that she was discussing in her column of tribal laskhars receiving inadequate support from the army which is very true and needs discussing.

5 Comments to “Urban liberal friends of the Deep State activated against Farhat Taj”

  1. Samad Khurram’s only crime is that he hates homosexuality. He proved it by quoting Jamaat Islami and Zakir Naik interpretation of Quran.

  2. Archive on Samad Khurram. This man seems to be a useful Toru of the Deep State.

  3. I can’t believe. Did Samad confirm that he actually telephoned the ISI plant. An ISI proxy confirming another ISI proxy? LOL.

    “I called him (Munasib Khan) & indeed it was him who wrote the letter. Ms.Taj didnt reply to me.”

    Lagay raho, Samad Bhai

  4. Samad Khurram and Urooj Zia are an urban liberal version of Zaid Hamid and Ahmed Quraishi types. Shame on them from their dirty propaganda against Farhat Taj and Raza Rumi.

  5. mazdaki Mohammad Taqi
    @SamadK The call was made.And please don’t use caps if u wish to discuss things with me. Thnx @sahar_shafqat @razarumi @mehmal
    3 hours ago

    mazdaki Mohammad Taqi
    @SamadK At the time of the report he was in Bajaur & fairly incommunicado.FC reported he was alive @sahar_shafqat @razarumi @mehmal
    3 hours ago

    mazdaki Mohammad Taqi
    @SamadK Is Ilyas Kashmiri dead or alive?You’d have 2 do a little better than Munasib Khan 2 impugn Farhat @sahar_shafqat @razarumi @mehmal
    3 hours ago

    mazdaki Mohammad Taqi
    @SamadK Aren’t we tad trigger happy:) Just said that he did die – not that it was in attack reported by FT @sahar_shafqat @razarumi @mehmal
    3 hours ago

    mazdaki Mohammad Taqi
    @SamadK FYI Munasib Khan was indeed target-killed http://j.mp/qb8IUQ injured in attack Farhat mentioned @sahar_shafqat @razarumi @mehmal


    SamadK Samad Khurram
    @mazdaki when did i use caps?
    3 hours ago

    SamadK Samad Khurram
    @Razarumi should one refrain from making a claim unless they can verify it? Isn’t that basic journalism? @mazdaki @sahar_shafqat @mehmal
    3 hours ago

    SamadK Samad Khurram
    @mazdaki all that was needed was ONE phone call to the Salarzai tribe elders.surely she has sources there? @sahar_shafqat @razarumi @mehmal
    3 hours ago

    SamadK Samad Khurram
    @mazdaki it is not unreasonable to expect the writer to do the necessary confirmation of facts. @sahar_shafqat @razarumi @mehmal
    3 hours ago

    SamadK Samad Khurram
    @mazdaki sir munasib unlike ilyas was easily accessible. you can google his media appearances. @sahar_shafqat @razarumi @mehmal

    SamadK Samad Khurram
    @mazdaki sorry misread it and corrected it immediately. the overall point on FT’s credibility remains. @sahar_shafqat @razarumi @mehmal

    SamadK Samad Khurram
    @mazdaki @sahar_shafqat @razarumi @mehmal he died in April 2011. Farhat Taj claimed in 2009 that he died and he did not bit.ly/rr3NdR

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