Flood Victims 2011 Call For Help – by Pireh Memon

by Schimi

Pakistan Flood Victims 2011 Call For Help

Floods in southern Pakistan have caused more than 200 deaths, a million homes have been destroyed and more than four million acres of cropland have been affected. And still the devil is to come. More heavy rain is forecast in coming days. The coastal city of Karachi suffered the least where educational institutions have been closed for two days and work came to a halt the previous day after heavy rain. Unusual weather patterns caused heavy rains in Sindh and according to the BBC poor drainage exacerbated the problem.

More than 500 villages in Badin, the worst hit district, have come under the water, including the village of Golarchi which was flooded after a 50-foot breach in Miyan Drain widened to 300ft. In Mirpurkhas, the army was called out to rescue thousands of people stranded in flooded villages in Jhuddo taluka where alone about 15,000 people have taken shelter in makeshift tents along roads and in school buildings. Where millions are homeless, standing crops of millions of rupees have also been washed away. This only shows the level of the people’s misery.

This flood has caused widespread damage to crops and is reported as worse than the previous year in terms of life and property losses. A large number of displaced people staying in the open along canal banks and other higher places have not received satisfactory help. President and Prime Minister of Pakistan appealed to international community for assistance as the calamity is “beyond the control” of Pakistan to which China, Pakistan’s most trusted friend, is perhaps the first country to pledge $4.7 million to Pakistan for urgent humanitarian assistance. United Nations also put its step forward and started a relief operation in the province. Special campaign to feed half a million people have also been launched by the UN.

It was expected that after destructions in 2010 floods extraordinary steps would be taken to prevent a repeat this year, but it seems that both the federal and already scandalous provincial government have failed to restore the damaged infrastructure and rehabilitate the victims.

The people displaced, yet again, will be lucky if they can find some help. They are in need of clothes, food , medical assistance and other daily essentials to which the world must respond quickly and substantially.  I therefore request everyone to come and help the flood victims. Please show your support and send relief goods to the victims.

20 Comments to “Flood Victims 2011 Call For Help – by Pireh Memon”

  1. @The present crisis unveiled the feudalistic, anti-people and undemocratic face of political leadership.
    @The present corrupted system could give nothing to masses except lawlessness and bloodshed.
    @To get rid of corrupt leadership and present crisis, the powers will have to be transferred to people at grass root level.
    @The present system, political leadership never respected the peoples’ mandate and always used power for their personal gain.
    @The status quo would lead to further social and political turmoil therefore it is need of the hour to replace the present leaders through local governments’ system that is the only way to transfer power to the real representatives of people !

  2. How can we donate? Is there an online account where we could donate some money?

  3. Excellent and much needed post, Pireh.

  4. Excellent and appeal to all to donate whichever authentic agency or people are available to them.

  5. very nice article.

  6. loved this article Pireh Memon.
    we all should help the victims.

  7. excellent.i request govt to help them.

  8. Thanks a lot Aqsa,Ammar,Zara and Nida 🙂

  9. excellent Alish!

  10. if anyone wants to donate quality mineral water on factory rate, for flood victims , please contact us
    call: 03002412193

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