Rehman Malik or Pakistan?

by AZ

“Rehman Malik is a ‘100 per cent compulsive liar.’ Malik could have been a better politician and administrator if only he told 50 percent less lies. If this country suffered losses, Rehman Malik should be held responsible because ‘he is the greatest enemy of Pakistan.’ Malik had no stakes in this country as his family lived in England.”

Above are some historical words from the former home minister Sindh, Zulfiquar Mirza. It has been rather shocking how an official of PPP, blasts another official.
Rehman Malik’s personality has always been controversial in Pakistan. Foreign minister was changed once. Information minister was changed twice. The remaining cabinet was shuffled a few months back too. But It seems no authority, has the power to sack Rehman Malik.

He has been there at his position since the start of the government. At first, he was adviser to the PM on interior. After a year, he was made full fledged interior minister. Analysts say he is the right hand man of Zardari which is why it looks like he is glued to his seat.
Last year, when SC’s verdict on NRO was awaited, It was feared NRO beneficiaries in government will be fired. (Rehman Malik is also NRO beneficiary.) But It didn’t happen even after court’s verdict. However, PM Gilani used to announce that changes in cabinet are being made and all the minister with corruption allegations or any other sort of allegations are being sacked. PM once announced that the cabinet was being dissolved the next day. The next day, cabinet was the same as first and the PM said no changes are being made. It didn’t happen once, same kind of immature moves were made by the PM countless times. Rehman Malik, despite corruption charges, is STILL there!

Here it should be noted that a governor of a province, a federal minister, MNAs, MPAs were killed during his rule as an interior minister. Osama bin Laden’s presence in the country is a failure of both intelligence agencies and interior ministry.

Above all, if we accept that all these allegations on interior minister are false. Who dares to answer Zulfiquar Mirza’s solid allegations on Rehman Malik?
Rehman Malik has not given any acceptable answer of Zulfiquar Mirza’s allegations yet.

27th December 2007, when BB’s car was in dire need of security incharge (Rehman Malik).The ‘security incharge’ was concerned only about his personal security and immediately left the spot . Now the same ‘security incharge’ is the interior minister, the ‘security incharge of the nation!

It comes to one’s mind that when a minister is repeatedly charged with shocking allegations, what makes the government unable to sack him?

Rehman Malik’s interference in other ministers’ work is not hidden. Other than Zulfiquar Mirza, PPP’s Nabil Gabol who is an elected MNA from Lyari, also complained of Rehman Malik’s interference in Karachi’s issues.

Nation questions state: Is a minister more important than the country? We don’t lack competent people at all. Why is the government not replacing Rehman Malik with a more competent person having public support and credibility? Democracy demands listening to people’s opinion. The thing is, Rehman Malik has lost every sort of credibility. (if he ever had)

The real PPP, should submit protest against this incompetent minister. PPP claims to be a democratic party. Withing PPP, a large number of members are against him. PPP should listen to them. In democracy, majority is authority. Majority is against Rehman malik. Sacking Rehman Malik is the only option left or else we all should accept the fact that in government’s view, a minister is more important than the country.

3 Comments to “Rehman Malik or Pakistan?”

  1. Why is the government not replacing Rehman Malik with a more competent person having public support and credibility?

    I agree with Ailia.

  2. SenRehmanMalik Rehman Malik
    Friends, our Govt simply needs to identify the terrorists who are using G-mail and management of G-mail must honor orders of our courts.

    Perhaps G mail is more likely to be used by G friends. Anti-terrorism comes full circle! @SenRehmanMalik

  3. the government not replacing Rehman Malik with a more competent person

    This is stupid. You might as well call for the resignation of Asif Ali Zardari.

    It’s called a good cop, bad cop strategy. Zulfiqar Mirza is the bad cop who kicks enemies of the PPP; Rehman Malik comes in talking peace. Repeat the process of a PPP hitter like Z. Mirza hitting the enemy, and then Rehman Malik cooling down that enemy in their now smaller space, and you get what we have now: A walled in MQM.

    Wassan, Ebad Discuss Law & Order.

    Observe how the MQM has been corralled into a corner. The PPP has won this round of the game. Maybe even till the next elections.

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