An open letter to Kenneth Roth, Executive Director of HRW: A call for help from Pakistan

by admin

 The following is an exact copy-paste of the ad hominem, straw man and abuses which were showered at me by Mr. Ali Dayan Hasan, Director of Human Rights Watch, Pakistan, on Thursday, 22 September 2011 in full public sight. What was my crime? I had written the following critical post: : Pakistani Shias, rights activists reject HRCP’s statement on Shia killings in Pakistan.

In summary, the following was my criticism of the HRCP statement in view of the feedback received from various rights activists including Shia activists:

Pakistani human rights activists including Shia activists have rejected a very weak, formal statement by the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan on the Mastung massacre, which:

  1. fails to name and condemn the Deep State for its institutional support to the SSP-TTP footsoldiers who are killing Shia Muslims and other minority communities in Pakistan.
  2. wrongly presents the ongoing Shia massacres by the SSP-TTP proxies of the deep state as a routine Sunni-Shia sectarianism.
  3. fails to provide a bigger picture of the ongoing Shia massacres which are currently taking place in Parachinar, D.I.Khan, Karachi, Quetta and elsewhere.
  4. does not provide exact statistics on Shia killings in Pakistan in recent years.

One wonders why doesn’t Zohra Yusuf and her colleagues in HRCP show some courage and integrity by modelling the bold and honest statement which was issued today by the Asian Human Rights Commission on the ongoing Shia massacres in Pakistan highlighting the complicity of Pakistan army and judiciary.

It may be recalled that only one day ago, on 21 September 2011, Mr. Hasan along with two of his friends had attacked me with a similar abusive discourse , while deflecting my criticism of the army/ISI. Here is a copyy of what Mr. Hasan wrote to me on Twitter:

You know @Laibaah, your attack on HRCP is unwarranted, unnecessary & counter-productive. Why do u spend all your time (anonymously) attacking human rights defenders and orgs rather than human rights abusers? do you want to focus on holding abusers accountable or engaging in twitter trials of hr defenders and orgs?

@Laibaah is not even a real person. On twitter all he/she does is attack HR orgs & defenders instead of talking abt abusers. allies should be allies and not a lynch mob – there are too many of those anyway.

attacking HRCP is counter-productive, not seeking help. very different things.

I put my life at risk repeatedly. No one has ever seen Laibaah or knows whoshe actually is. Surely, u c the difference. she says she lives in the US. I have invited her to visit any HRW office in the US with verifiable evidence. No response.

However, the level of discourse today (22 Sep 2011) was much viler than his previous performance. 

Here is my appeal to Mr. Kenneth Roth, Executive Director of Human Rights Watch.

Mr. Roth, sir, is this the level of discourse and conduct expected from your representative in Pakistan. Does Mr. Hasan’s language and attitude represent the ethical and professional conduct of Human Rights Watch? Please review my post, I only raised voice in support of a mass murdered, widely neglected and misrepresented community. Was my post, which represented sentiments of Shia and other rights activists, really that problematic that Mr. Hasan found it apt to attack my person, called me an ISI agent, a virus, a computer program, and a killer of human rights activists?

I can tolerate personal abuse, what is really disappointing is the fact that the HRCP’s statement and Mr. Hasan’s reaction deliberately obfuscates, confuses and deflects criticism of army/ISI in fostering the Jihad Enterprise that directly threatens the lives of 36 millions Pakistani Shia Muslims specifically and 180 million Pakistanis overall.

Please review Mr. Hasan’s own words and my response (copied from Twitter without any alteration). Mr. Hasan’s comments are in block quotes (bold) whereas mine and other Tweeps’ responses are in square brackets. To say the least, many of my friends and myself have lost our faith in the Pakistan chapter of Human Rights Watch!

AliDayan Ali Dayan Hasan
@Laibaah Anyone who’s such a big coward hidin even in Arizona has no right to preach to us in Pakistan.

Someone hiding in Arizona writing anonymous blogs/screaming tweets-even better!

It turns out @Laibaah is a spineless coward preaching to those in line of fire #hypocrite.

[Laibaah Laiba Ahmad Marri: @AliDayan Sir, when you are done with abusing me, plz do tell what was wrong in my post.]

Lets shut down HRCP, Amnesty, HRW and leave @Laibaah to defend Pakistan rights from “hiding” in US #NOT

Come and spend ONE day in Pak facing reality before you dare be ignorant and disrespectful again .

@Laibaah I hope for once in your twitter life, you are quiet because you are ASHAMED. You ought to be. Take my advice, stay quiet #UNETHICAL

[KamranShafi46 Kamran Shafi: @AliDayan How come I can’t see any response from @Laibah?]

Maybe @Laibaah is concentrating on her own contradictions, hypocrisy, lies, dishonesty and cowardice

[Laibaah Laiba Ahmad Marri: @AliDayan Ali Dayan, I respect you more than most around. I am not your enemy, FGS!]

@Laibaah It hardly matters. You have no credibility. You are not even a real person #Joke

More important than your silly posts @Laibaah there is something seriously wrong with you

[RiazToori Riaz Ali Toori: RT “@Razarumi: @Laibaah Ok let’s call ceasefire now. I would request @AliDayan as well. Twitter-jhagras will lead us nowhere]

With due respect to @RiazToori , I can never be part of “us” that includes @Laibaah. I am both sane and a REAL person.

Witrh due respect to @Razarumi , @Laibaah is a fraud and a hoax. Enough. Abusive trolls need to be put in their place.

[Laibaah Laiba Ahmad Marri: @Razarumi Sir, I am not even returning @AliDayan’s personal attacks. I don’t want to fight with him. I am on his side! ]

@Laibaah You are not on anybody’s side. For that you need to be an ACTUAL person.

[Laibaah: @AliDayan Upset by my post on HRCP, you focus on my person? No harm in being honest!]

@Laibaah You pathetic internet freak- you are NOT A person. Just a computer virus.

[Gilgiti Farooq Ahmed Khan: @AliDayan Ali Sb why are you so adverse against? @Laibaah]

[Laibaah Laiba Ahmad Marri: @AliDayan Hold it, Ali. Pause and reflect.]

@Laibaah We are not on a first-name basis, twitter troll. “Pause and reflect” -HAHAHAHAHA

[Laibaah: @AliDayan Your attitude today is very unfair I must say.]

@Laibaah Now go and write another moronic blogpost as per your “programming loop”- #fake

Call Microsoft, get in touch with Twitter, rumor has it the ISI has unleashed the @Laibaah virus. It kills all human rights activists.

[Laibaah Laiba Ahmad Marri: @AliDayan LOL. Yesterday @beenasarwar called me a liberal fascist, today you call me a virus unleashed by ISI. I am flattered.]

The @Laibaah Virus has gone into “hurt” mode. It can mimic human emotions very well.

[Laibaah: @AliDayan Of course I am human. I get hurt when Shias, Ahmadis, Baloch etc are killed! ]

@Laibaah Oh cut the crap. “You” get hurt – the rest of dance with joy? right! #LOSER

The @Laibaah virus originates in US and targets & kills human rights activists in Pak so it can run HR movt from cyberspace as Supreme Leader

[Laibaah Laiba Ahmad Marri : @AliDayan I am not a virus, nor do I kill human rights activists in Pakistan. Please stop this!]

[Laibaah: @AliDayan Who is Laibaah? and To my silent friends on Twitter: dunya mein Qateel uss sa munafiq nahin koi/jo zulm tau sehta he baghawat nahin karta, approximate translation: “only hypocrites remain silent on injustice.”]

[Laibaah Laiba Ahmad Marri: @AliDayan I ask only one question: what was wrong in my post on HRCP. Abuse me as much as you want but answer this question plz]

@Laibaah HRW talks to real people not comouter programs. You are a prog on a loop right now.

[Laibaah Laiba Ahmad Marri: @AliDayan You couldn’t save Saleem Shahzad from slaughter, how can you guarantee my safety & privacy? ]

@Laibaah Now, never address a tweet to me or including me ever again. Comprendo? I talk to REAL people not computer progs

[Laibaah: @AliDayan As long as you are a director of @hrw Pakistan, I will keep reminding you of your ethical and professional duties. I promise!]


A specimen of general reaction by Pakistani and international Twitterati to Mr. Ali Dayan Hasan’s abusive language

[coffee_n_cream One world no borders: I have to say that as an outside observer, I am appalled to watch HRW staffer @AliDayan do his level best to dehumanize another human being. No one who is supposed to be the standard-bearer for human rights anywhere has a right to be so verbally violent. I don’t care what Laibaah has said to infuriate you so, I expect better from you. The whole world does, & counts on that. I keep hoping to find out his account was hijacked. I really… really, I find this extremely upsetting. :(. disappointed. ]

[agmnkb Ghaffar Baloch : @coffee_n_cream I don’t believe that @AliDayan could behave like this. Remember words represent an individual.]

[y2raza: @alidayan fact is you don’t want the same fate as SSS, and frankly i don’t blame you for that, speaking up abt Shia Massacre is a nogo area]

[y2raza sar765: @Laibaah so i state the facts, and @AliDayan blocks me ! in my opinion he found this cushy job, well at least he thought it will be cushy: just to put out statements ! i am guessing he was a English or Communication major ! typical Pakistani elitist ! on top of that you are tearing down the facade he has so meticulously put up; “HUMAN RIGHTS CAMPAIGNER” ! even if he puts out any statements against Shia killings, the tone and tenor of those is so obviously watered down ! i pointed out the very fact, that he in all honesty can not point out the actual culprits ! he blocks me ! at the end of the day, i do not blame him, he has a family and a social life, case in point SSS ! my gripe is ok MR Dayan fine, don’t mention the real culprits, but just admit it and while you are at it quit well if does some thing like that, HRC will have to relieve him of his duties ! CUSHY JOB ! ]

[MaulaBuksh Maula Bux Thadani: @Laibaah @AliDayan @KamranShafi46 @y2raza all this because of criticism of the vague, purposeless and obtuse HRCP report? if valid criticism of vague & ambivalent HRCP reprt caused this outburst, I fear frm PK human rights orgs. The world would have understood had HRCP stated that its hand were tied instead of issuing lies! These intellectually dishonest reports completely obfuscate the role of ISI-GHQ, 180 mill cannot afford such lies. Forget tone & tenor, these reports missing basic facts & the main culprits ISI-GHQ!. agreed[Dayan might have constrains]. but does that mean he should shout down dissent.. stop wasting ur time @Laibaah nearly 500 Hazara Shias killed while HR groups did nothing. Look at the tragic irony, HR campainger shouting down dissent.Not talking about the role of ISI-GHQ who created Jehad Inc tantamount to a coverup not HR report! If one can’t hold the Deep State accountable, atleast allow others to expose them. Dayan has constraints but should not stop others from doing his job.]

[FarhadJarral: Ali Dayan, I agree with Laibaah. HRCP report has serious problems. Don’t deflect criticism by irrational arguments (like computer loops)]

[Gorgh: @AliDayan Unfortunate,for those man who cant answer but point his finger to others & uses grimy phrases to avert his embarrassment @Laibaah]

[nukh_1975 Nusrat Khan: @y2raza @Laibaah i am going to complain 2 hrw about @AliDayan ‘s bias,so shud you-am also complaining to sum desi donors 2 hrw i know in nyc]

23 Responses to “An open letter to Kenneth Roth, Executive Director of HRW: A call for help from Pakistan”

  1. As someone who lost a very dear relative only two days ago in Mastung, I protest Ali Dayan’s brutal and self-worshipping attitude. Instead of highlighting our miseries, he wants to silence the very few voices who want to help us? Shame !!!!

  2. Very disappointing standards of human rights champions. Poor show!

  3. This man has nothing to do with HRW. I bet.

  4. What’s the aim of this post? Why do you want an American to help us?

  5. I will not be donating a single penny to HRW as long as this Ali guy is in charge in Pakistan. FFS he is behaving as God.

  6. By the way, I think this letter should be addressed to (and hopefully actioned by) Brad Adams. It is his domain.

  7. I support this petition. People like Dayan have nothing to do human rights. They suck up to the powers that be. They use their status with the Generals and big politicians to enhance their own status. Good work Laibah!

  8. OMG Beena Sarwar called you a liberal fascist only because you disagreed with the HRCP’s statement?

    You should have mentioned this in your post above.

    And Ali Dayan Sahab calls you an ISI virus to kill human rights activist?

    I give up. This is beyond my understanding.

  9. By the way I loved this article. You must cross-post this on your blogzine.

    Intellectual dishonesty in misrepresenting Shia massacres in Pakistan

  10. Excellent comments by Mureed Bizenjo:

    MureedBizenjo Mureed Bizenjo
    @AliDayan with due respect, HRCP’s efforts for balochistan issue are commendable but we reject HRCP’s weak report issued on shia genocide
    over the top of it protecting them from prosecution & judicial decisions, we expect HRCP to fill the gaps in the issued report
    There’s no shame in clearly saying that the SSP-TTP organisations are being provided with logistics & financial support by the ISI
    there’s absolutely no idea/statistics as to how many shia’s have been killed in numerous sectarian attacks,…
    the open support of ISI to the fanatics is not highlighted in the report which makes it weak and baseless kindly also note that
    Shia massacre in Pakistan is not something new, perpetrators have not been brought to justice which is failure on gov’s part but
    TTP-SSP/LEJ openly admit shia genocide with the help of deep state and ISI, which is not highlighted in HRCP report issued

  11. I pity Pakistani Shias.

  12. Mastung incident: BHC takes suo motu notice of atrocity
    By Shahzad Baloch
    Published: September 22, 2011

    Ethnic Hazara women hold placards during a demonstration in Quetta on September 21 to condemn the attack. PHOTO: REUTERS

    Balochistan High Court Chief Justice Qazi Faez Isa on Thursday took suo motu notice of the Ganjidori incident in which 26 Shia pilgrims were killed in an attack on a passenger bus on September 20. The hearing will begin on September 26.
    The chief justice took note of the incident following appeals from civil society members after reports on the incident were published in local and national media. The passengers were forced to disembark the bus and were shot dead in cold blood. The court observed that the incident has spread terror among the people of Balochistan and traumatised a segment of society.
    The court has issued notices to the government of Balochistan through secretary home and tribal affairs, and the federal government through the interior secretary, provincial police chief, inspector general Frontier Corps, commissioner Kalat division, deputy commissioner Kalat and director general Levies.
    Meanwhile, the Balochistan government has decided to form a wing of the Anti Terrorism Force (ATF) exclusively to provide security cover to the Hazara community in Quetta.
    The decision was taken following the targeted killing of 26 pilgrims in Mastung. Anti-Terrorism Force (ATF) personnel and police with anti-terrorism training will be recruited for the wing.
    Hazara Town and Marriabad are two Hazara populated townships in the provincial capital where the government has decided to deploy the special force. “It has been observed that the Hazara community is being subjected to targeted killings and bomb blasts, thus the government has decided to provide them adequate security,” said Balochistan Home Secretary Naseebullah Bazai.
    “Private transporters who provide transportation to pilgrims from Quetta to Iran had already been directed to get themselves registered with the provincial home department. The law already exists at the federal level by which transporters must first inform the government if they provide transportation to pilgrims.”
    Shia Muslims usually travel from Quetta to Iran through private transport companies and mostly without any security cover. “It is unfortunate that the killings have intensified. Therefore, the government is compelled to adopt strict security measures,” Bazai added.
    Another decision under consideration was to deploy personnel of Federal Levies along the borders of Afghanistan and Iran. “There are 3,000 personnel of Federal Levies and they will be posted along the borders and highways as we cannot deny the fact that cross border activities have caused much damage to peace in the province,” he said.
    Published in The Express Tribune, September 23rd, 2011.



    eye washer blah


    Too little too late!!!!

    Ali Mardan

    Justice delayed is justice denied.
    emphasized text“Chief Justice took note of the incident which took place on Tuesday, following appeals from a score of people through reports published in local and national media” it seems that the Justices are not part of this society they can’t see (since justice is blind) what is happening under his nose, bravo His Excellency for taking note after so much bloodshed of the innocent people. I wonder why report of previously taken suo moto has not been made public? Perhaps, pages of the previous report could be available with the small shop owner close to BHC, selling “Pakora”. Believe me nothing will be changed despite of suo moto notice or formation of probe committees as we have already witnessed such time wasting and fruitless exercises.


    This is probably third of suo motu notices that his lordship has taken. None had any final say on them. People must understand that this has gone well beyond the reach of an entity as the CJ of BHC. It’s a case of state abandoning a community which does not subscribe to the former’s ideology.

    Ghulam Hussain

    delay of justice is injustice, suo motu notice should be bring the fact result and behind the cover hands must be show to people and affected families of shohada Quetta, dair aaiyad durust aaiyad. we want peaceful atmosphere in Quetta equality and brotherhood.

  13. I’m not surprised by Ali Hassan Dayan’s constant attempts to ignore the valid criticism and to dehumanize an activist, who wishes to stay anonymous. What is the credibility of the so called Human Rights Watch? It was established to “expose” the “violations of human rights” in the former Soviet Union and the whole Socialist Eastern Bloc. Therefore, it has always been an imperialist franchise of distorting facts and figures. I can’t recall a single report by HRW about those hundreds of killings in Zia’s era of those who resisted against him. Many communists were assassinated and tortured in the 80s. The human rights employees of imperialism remain silent about those real violations.Ironically, the person who is bashing Laibaah for being in the States, has always been affiliated with the US – as a student and as an employee.



    At least three people were killed and two injured in a shooting incident near Sariab Road in Quetta on Friday.
    The Express Tribune correspondent Shehzad Baloch said that those killed belonged to the Hazara Shia community and were coal mine workers. They were travelling through Mach Town when unidentified gunmen opened fire on a passenger van.
    The injured were shifted to the hospital after the incident.
    The Shia community in Balochistan had earlier come under attack when 29 people were killed in two separate, targeted incidents claimed by banned militant outfit Lashkar-e-Jhangvi.
    At least 26 people were killed and six others injured in Ganjidori area of Mastung, about 30 kilometres southeast of Quetta, when a group of armed men attacked a passenger bus carrying Shia pilgrims from Quetta to Iran.
    Hours later, three more people, hailing from the Hazara community, were gunned down near Akhtarabad area of Quetta as their rescue team made its way to the site of the bus attack. Two others were also shot.


  15. The killing of Hazaras in Pakitsan is shameful and there is nothing wrong with exerting pressure on human rights organizations including HRCP to do more. This is what Laibbah did. The Director HRW Pakistan should not put on the act of ‘holier than thou’ towards one organization or towards individuals he should be more professional, accommodating and responsive towards All the concerns which are raised. To be honest the loose comments on Laibbah were not just disgusting but heart breaking; one just didn’t know what t say.

    Laibbah some people would like to be you but they don’t have the spine; therefore they hate you.

  16. Open letter to @hrw from Pakistan

    @kenroth @marywareham @Benjamin_P_Ward @MinkysHighjinks @jmf60 @jimmurphysf @epiraces

    @amnesty @amnestyonline @hrw @kenroth @carrollbogert @EmmaDaly @Mustafa_Qadri @AliDayan

  17. coffee_n_cream One world no borders
    I was among those appalled to see an HRW staffer based in Pakistan viciously attack, dehumanize & degrade another human y’day.
    I was among those appalled to see an HRW staffer based in Pakistan viciously attack, dehumanize & degrade another human y’day.
    let alone someone bearing the human rights standard for HRW and, in fact, the world, there are also questions raised abt HRW’s
    documentation of systematic killings of Hazara Shia in Pakistan. I have not myself done a review of HRWs work in this area; however
    I think that the allegation that HRW in Pakistan is neglecting systematic killings against a particular group is a concern &
    demands your urgent attention. I also wonder how anyone who believes in fundamental principles of human rights can
    engage in a vitriolic campaign that is aimed at dehumanizing and belittling another human being. What is of additional concern is
    that the person who was the target of aforementioned attack appears to have leveled a valid critique of the work of HR orgs in PK.
    We all know that dehumanization of “the enemy” & brutally silencing critique are two of the main tools in the arsenal of fascists.
    I think that HRW needs to perform a self-critical review of its work in Pakistan & determine what needs to be done in order to
    ensure work of HRW fully & fairly serves dire human rights needs in Pakistan, where ppl are daily bleeding & suffering under abuse.

  18. Read Dr Haider Shah’s comments on dehumanizing. Compare with how @AliDayan tried to dehumanize me!

    Re Dr Haider’s article: @AliDayan dehumanized me by calling a virus, comp program etc. LeJ killers dehumanized Hazara Shias as hate worthy objects.

    Dr haider writes: the heartless killing of Shia pilgrims in Mastung, recurring incidents at both the social and state levels are indicative of the malaise of dehumanisation that has taken deep roots in this society.
    In all these cases, the murderers treated the victims not as humans but mere objects of hatred. This is the major symptom of dehumanisation as humans no longer remain persons but are viewed as objects.

    What distinguishes the dehumanisation trend in Pakistan from common crimes is the social approval or indifference to such occurrences. Mumtaz Qadri was garlanded by a section of lawyers and one can see numerous support sites on the net as well.

    The process of dehumanisation in a society does not happen overnight. According to one author, organised and bureaucratic state mechanisms can also give rise to a dehumanisation process that results in groups of humans being regarded as sub- or semi-human creatures, or perceived as not being human at all. Just about 70 years ago, we witnessed the mass scale killing of the Jews by the Nazis in Europe. The greatest worry in the context of Pakistan is that the state, instead of arresting the dehumanisation trend, is actively complicit in promoting it. The killing of a young man in Karachi by uniformed Rangers is indicative of the institutional disregard for human life, which is rampant in all security institutions. This particular incident made headlines only because it was by chance recorded and shown on the electronic media. The cases of Umer Cheema and Saleem Shahzad betray the deep rooted dehumanisation in the state apparatus as a dissenter is treated not as a human but as an annoyance that is removed with no remorse.

    In the heat of the moment they forgot that viewing the world as ‘they and us’ sows the seeds of hatred and thus can become the driver of the dehumanisation process.


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  22. Exceptional post but I was wanting to know if you coluld write a
    litte more on this subject? I’d be very thankful if you could elaborate a little biit more.


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