Riaz Malik Hajjaji Leaks: Pakistan’s Islamopatriot Alliance (PIA)

by admin

Dear readers,

Welcome to my leaks. Yes, I leak….. good information.

Recently, I intercepted this sketch (made by Syed Ali Asghar Rafzi Sabai Irani) that was being circulated by the anti-Taliban liberal fascists!

It is a sketch of human rights activist Wali Jayan, Muslim rights activist Falak Miswaak and their true leaders and supporters, the generals and the judges who have saved Pakistan.

While liberal fascists were trying to malign these Islamopatriots and were trying to subscribe a sinister meaning to the meeting, here is the caption of what I think truly went down:

Wali Jayan (Human Rights Activist): My human rights comrades and I have done my best to avoid mentioning your name or your organization in relation to the incidents of, ahem, ethnic cleansing at Mastung and elsewhere. In not publishing a single statistical report on Rafzis’ killings in the last ten years, we are following the example of our brave judiciary who also did not mention MQM’s services in their recent report on Karachi.

Falak Miswak (Muslim Rights Activist): Jazakallah Brother! We appreciate your support. By presenting our victory at Mastung as “routine sectarian massacre” you have done your best to obfuscate the issue – all for a good cause ofcourse. Keep it up!

Dear readers, this caption must be appreciated, especially since our closet Rafzi president himself echoed the explanations of HRCP, HRW and Amnesty International and did not once mention the powerful Rafzis in his press release today.

For obscuring the role of Falak Miswak in the great victory at Mustung, I must commend Wali Jayan and frame this sketch of Pakistan’s Islamopatriot Alliance or PIA.

11 Responses to “Riaz Malik Hajjaji Leaks: Pakistan’s Islamopatriot Alliance (PIA)”

  1. Great illustration of Hazrat Ali Dayan and Hazrat Malik Ishaq.

    Down with Rafzi Shias.

  2. Malik Ishaq’s recent speech against kafir Shias

  3. marvisirmed Marvi Sirmed
    What nonsense? Shame on you for maligning rights campaigners like this MT @PakistanEHRC interesting shake hand between Malik Ishaq & Ali….

    marvisirmed Marvi Sirmed
    @iamthedrifter This bugger, hiding behind Jinnah’s picture & the flag, has made a cartoon of Ali Dayan shaking hands with Malik Ishaq

    beenasarwar beena sarwar
    @marvisirmed @iamthedrifter Sad that they have nothing better to do than hide behind fake IDs & attack those who are speaking out openly

    marvisirmed Marvi Sirmed
    Cowards MT @beenasarwar @iamthedrifter They’ve nothing better to do than hide behind fake IDs & attack those who are speaking out openly


    Censorship tactics and the ‘unity of liberals’ – by Alamdar Mengal


    Pakistan’s Shia Muslims reject President Zardari’s false assurances


    Let’s justify Shia Hazara massacres: On Ejaz Haider’s lies and urban fake liberals’ silence!

  4. Beena Sarwar, an employee of Aman Ki Aasha project of daily Jang, paying back to her owners:

    beenasarwar beena sarwar
    And his speech was excellent – thoughtful and hilariously self-deprecating. Got several rounds of applause & a standing ovation. Well done.
    7 hours ago Favorite Retweet Reply

    beenasarwar beena sarwar
    I love that Mir Ibrahim of #GeoTV acknowledged all the professors in the hall, while being honoured as a Babson College Alumni Entreprenur

  5. Human Rights Watch defends human rights of SSP-LeJ’s convicted terrorists:



    A member of a Sunni Muslim fundamentalist party in Pakistan has been
    hanged for the 1990 murder of an Iranian diplomat.

    A Pakistani court refused to delay the hanging of the Islamic activist,
    Haq Nawaz Jhangvi, despite fears of sectarian violence and a call by
    Amnesty International to stop the execution.

    Jhangvi was sent to the gallows before dawn in Mianwali Jail, central
    Punjab province.

    CNN was told the situation remains calm in Mianwali, where preventative
    detentions have been imposed and armored personnel carriers deployed in
    case of a backlash from Sunni fundamentalist groups.

    Local newspapers said police had arrested hundreds of Sunni activists for
    fear of violent protests after Jhangvi’s hanging and possible clashes
    between rival militant groups from the majority Sunni and the minority
    Shi’ite sects of Islam.

    An anti-terrorist court convicted Jhangvi in 1991 for the December 19,
    1990, murder of Ardeshir Sadegh Ganji, director-general of Iranian
    cultural center in Lahore.

    The provincial high court as well as the country’s Supreme Court rejected
    Jhangvi’s appeals against the conviction and President Mohammad Rafiq
    Tarar recently turned down a mercy petition.

    Bomb attack

    On Tuesday a bomb blast in central Lahore on Tuesday injured 4 people.

    No one has claimed responsibility for the attacks and there is no firm
    evidence to confirm speculation that the blast was linked to the imminent

    Human rights group Amnesty International said the death penalty would not
    resolve the ongoing violence between Sunni and Shiite extremists, but
    would rather fuel further attacks.

    “While the Government of Pakistan must take decisive action to end the
    sectarian violence that has killed dozens this year alone, the death
    penalty does not serve this purpose,” Amnesty said in a statement.

    “On the contrary, the use of the death penalty only encourages the cycle
    of violence to continue as sectarian groups seek revenge for those

    (source: CNN)


  6. Human Rights of Pakistan Army – by Riaz Malik


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