Virtual activism with bias – by Tatom2k

by Mureed Bizenjo

Karachi Violence

In recent weeks there have been numerous Human Rights violation reports in Balochistan Province against the nationalists and alleged insurgents, whose mutilated bodies were being found in different parts of province. Even after the release these reports these unfortunate events are still coming. In the mean time a massive wave of violence was observed in Karachi, where more than 300 people died in few weeks, dozens of bodies separated with head were found. Majority of those died belonged to Muhajir community especially from Orangi Town of Karachi, at the same time there were also unfortunate killings of other ethnicities like Punjabis, Pashtuns and Baloch.

As this fiasco was going on and people were being killed and butchered like animals. The butchering of Human values and Rights were also being done by the so called right activists or just activists. In fact it would not be wrong to say that such activists felt violence only when violence fell to the community they belonged to or they are inclined to. They were not only silence on the killings of others but rather busy in debating for long hours like Pashtuns are more victims than Muhajirs, Baloch more victim than Sindhis or vice versa. No one including the so called representatives of Human Rights Watch (HRW) or Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) etc. had any concerns in the killings. I had an exchange of Tweets with one of them where I gave my concern regarding a tweet to condemn every party involve and don’t exclude any militant factions or biasness specially those who are known in the recent violence like the so called Peoples Aman Committee (PAC) or their opponents from other parties. The representative however agreed with me on this gave the condemnation on all. As I said now some circles kept on counting the dead bodies as their own, without knowing the ground realities claiming that the ethnicities of dead bodies. Few belonging to oppressed communities, who themselves are victims of the such killings & were supposed to be condemning these events as whole more than any other blind had same approach of body counting and limited condemnation.

The worst was the case of those who were laughing and making fun at the time when death was dancing on the streets of Karachi. Such people mostly were giving it resemblance to retaliatory killings or had point that they deserved to be killed or making fun of dead bodies.


Balochistan Killings of Non-baloch

As much as the unfortunate killings of Baloch are condemnable and need to be stopped a similar approach is also required for those people being killed in Balochistan who are of different ethnicity. Mostly the labour community of Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) or those Baloch who are employees of Government entities fell as targets of insurgents. A similar attitude observed in case of Karachi violence is also observed here too. Mostly such supporters and activists first hail the unfortunate killings by mentioning them as spies or traitors. Discussing for hours on why & how they were being killed. Condemnation or even condemning may be followed by some harsh tweets. Thousands of people belonging to other provinces have already fled Quetta and other major cities of Balochistan selling the properties they made in years due to this violence. Many more are continuing, the worst are being faced by those who are coming to Karachi or some sensitive KPK or FATA districts. It’s like death is following them where ever they go.


Hazara Shia massacre

The same goes to the recent target killings of Hazara Shia Community where not only the Government, security agencies & Army is failing to give protections to the Hazaras but there were such people too who are of the view that the incidents are given too much attention or Hazaras Shias giving oversensitive touch to such killings because they want their Australian Immigration case. Hazaras is one of the only community from Balochistan who most of time in any crisis remained non-partisan. They are the biggest recruits for the Government jobs like Teachers, Provincial Ministries, Army etc. due to their high education ratio in the province. Yet the Government is failing to give them security and help. Even in the recent visits of high profiles from Islamabad like PM Gillani himself and Interior Minister Abdul Rahman Malik, non of them even had courtesy to visit any of the victim community from Hazara or those Baloch vicitims whose closed ones have been either been killed by state led operation & had been crying now for years for their missing closed.

At this same time even I find many of my friends who belonged to different provinces like Balochistan, Punjab, Sindh, KPK, Gilgit Baltistan who I believe felt in the same way like I did. In short “a dead person when he or she dies when we burry him takes no ethnicity”. As it is said by Prophet Muhammad PBUH “A killing of human being is killing of humanity”. These killings are not only needed to be condemned as whole, rather the selective biasness we do in condemning leads to more racism and hatred which may further leads to extreme acts of violence. In end I pray that God give us restrain from biasness & barbarism and give us courage to help and speak for all the oppressed people.

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