Abdul Khaliq Hazara and the ethnic cleansing narrative – by Marya Mushtaq

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Intellectual dishonesty in misrepresenting Shia massacres in Pakistan

The aim of this post is to introduce Abdul Khaliq Hazara, leader of Hazara Democratic Party – a pseudo-secular ethnic party through which ISI operates among the Hazara-Shias of Quetta.

He is the same individual who recently gave an infamous interview to Ejaz Haider (now more befittingly known on twitter as Ejaz Haider Jhangvi) in which he had labeled the people he claims to represent as Iranian agents. In Abdul Khaliq Hazara ‘s words, Hazara Shias:

“play in the hands of Iran, our religious leaders … Funds come from Iran through their consulate and we see this action-reaction pattern which takes toll of Hazara life.”

While both Khaliq Hazara and Ejaz Haider received a deserving thrashing on the social media, the former – with the help of his Khaki masters – is gaining good ground in Quetta by cashing on the recent Mastung and Akhtarabad massacres of Hazara-Shias.

According to Farrukhzaad Ali:

On the face of it, Abdul Khaliq Hazara is a secular nationalist Hazara leader, who assumed the chair of Hazara Democratic Party (HDP) after Hussain Ali Yousafi’s assassination. Ridiculous it might seem, but not so when ISI is involved. I have stated previously that while the duplicitous ‘deep state’ has crushed every genuine secular movement in Pakistan, the secular/nationalist Hazaras of Quetta have had the privilege of receiving maximum state support ever since the Iranian Revolution. During the Soviet War, Hazara nationalists served as ISI’s secure channel to the Hazara factions of Afghanistan, more specifically, the self-professed Maoist groups. They have enjoyed a cozy relationship throughout this period, and what keeps them closer is a magnified Iranian influence in Quetta. The nationalists project it to remain relevant to the deep state, which in turn uses it as an excuse to ruthlessly use Hazaras as bait while pursuing its grand project in Afghanistan. Suffice it to say that Abdul Khaliq Hazara is the incumbent ISI blue-eyed among Hazaras in Quetta.

Ban Muharram Processions

In a recent interview with BBC Persian Service, Muhammad Ahmed Ludhianvi, head of SSP warned Pakistan’s Shia Muslims to refrain from taking to streets in the month of Muharram. While Ludhianvi’s warning is clearly motivated by the Saudi-Deobandi sectarian logic, certain agents of the military establishment are using the security logic as a pretext to restrict Muharram processions.  It is, however, a fact that Shia Muslims are being killed everywhere as are moderate Sunni Muslims whose mosques are routinely attacked by LeJ-TTP terrorists particularly during Friday prayers. Thus the very suggestion, restriction on processions or congregations in mosques due to security, is ludicrous.

Interestingly but not surprisingly a similar proposal to restrict Muharram processions was previously offered by Abdul Khaliq Hazara. Khaliq had suggested four years ago what Ludhyanvi suggests today i.e., ban Muharram processions. On that occasion too, Shia Muslims of Balochistan including Shia Hazaras were highly suspicious of the real motives of the man who claims to represent them but is instead repeating and reinforcing the logic and agenda of LeJ-SSP-ISI operatives.

There’s no Shia genocide, only ethnic cleansing of Hazara community

In order to gain political benefit from the current situation, as well as support the establishment’s narrative, the line Abdul Khaliq Hazara and his followers have adopted (or have been asked to adopt) is to misrepresent the case for Shia massacres in Quetta on ethnic lines with an aim to shift the blame from LeJ-SSP-TTP operatives of the Deep State to the Pashtuns and the Baloch. Much concentrated efforts are underway in the political and public spheres in Quetta, as well as on the mainstream and socials media, to expound and echo this narrative, and dilute the religious motives and context of the issue.

While on the one hand, Abul Khaliq Hazara is supported by his operatives in social media (such as Saleem Javed @mSaleemJaved on Twitter) who treacherously propagate this narrative while not having the gall to openly admit their servitude to him, on the other, noted liberals like Ali Dayan Hasan (who otherwise pounce on every sexy topic and pin up to their chests the accolades to showcase themselves for their routine balls) are wittingly or unwittingly supporting this narrative by presenting selective information and using flawed jargon. The persistence of the narrative has been further reinforced by the usage of the same flawed jargon by other writers and activists, e.g., Mustafa Qadri of Amnesty International who described Hazara Shias as Afghan refugees. Another similar example is Khaled Ahmed of the Friday Times, who has not only been declaring the pogrom of Shias in Quetta an ethnic issue, but has also very confidently placed the onus of the killings on the Pashtuns. I wonder why he doesn’t blame the Baloch for what he considers ethnic killings; that would serve the establishment better. Here is a snapshot for such misrepresenting discourse from Twitter:

mSaleemJaved Saleem Javed
Ditto! RT @masydoraja:  Hazaras are not killed for sectarian reasons. Even if they were Sunnis dey wud suffer due 2 ethnicity

mSaleemJaved Saleem Javed
RT @masydoraja:  bringing Sectarian colour in focus is a sinister agenda to accentuate another faultline in #Balochistan

mSaleemJaved mSaleemJaved Saleem Javed
Bravo! RT @masydoraja:  U R not doing service to Pakistan by painting an ethnic problem with sectarian

mSaleemJaved Saleem Javed
If I call it sectarian, it’s an oversimplification of the issue. RT @PakistanEHRC: @mSaleemJaved How can you say there is not anti-Shia group operating in Quetta? Plz clarify your position

AliDayan Ali Dayan Hasan
It is shameful that #Pakistani authorities are turning a blind eye to ethnically targeted killings of the #Hazara in Balochistan says@HRW

The foregoing demonstrates one recent progress that has been made as far as the use of jargon is concerned. But for more harm than good. Previously, the terms used for this continuous pogrom of Shias in Quetta were vague and misinforming words like ‘sectarian clash’ and ‘sectarian killing’, insidiously presenting the situation like a tit-for-tat one, as was done by Ejaz Haider who called the happenings a ‘sectarian clash’ between Sunnis and Shias, thus reinforcing the establishment’s narrative that LeJ-SSP-TTP operatives represent Sunnis. Of recent, the words have been somewhat replaced by a ‘more academic and specific’ term such as ethnic-cleansing.

According to Abdul Khaliq Hazara and his loyalists, propagandists and affiliates, the Quetta killings are ethnic in nature and should therefore be stripped of their religious connotations and presented on ethnic lines. This agenda while comfortably ensconced in the army narrative also suits the liberal standards of human rights activists like Ali Dayan Hasan of HRW and so-called objective op-ed writers who can pretend to be writing on lesser-touched issues, and rather reinforce establishment’s garbage.

Hazara-Shias cannot be both religious and innocent at the same time

However, the clear doublespeak easily noticeable in the usage of these terms is that whenever the religious background of the issue is invoked, the situation is presented as a ‘sectarian clash’ in order to deprive the Hazara of the higher moral and emotional pedestal, but when the same issue is approached more sympathetically, the massacre is called ‘ethnic-cleansing’ and the religious/sectarian background is conveniently ignored. The point to be made here is that the Hazara-Shias cannot be both religious and innocent at the same time. In order to be innocent, they must be Hazaras only, for which they might be treated sympathetically, at least in words.

In response to whatever is being said here, some possible – but trite – arguments can be made, and it would wise to preempt them. For example, one might say that the term ‘ethnic-cleansing’ is an academic one that has been used for seemingly similar situations across the world, including the ones that have involved religious minorities.

This explanation is wrong on two, possibly three, counts. First of all, academically, ethnic-cleansing doesn’t apply to religious communities but ethnic ones, and religious and ethnic lines are not always confluent. In fact, a proper study of theories and historical development of ethnicity and nationalism can very clearly explain that religion is not an ingredient of these two compositions and therefore has always been treated separately. This is being said in light of the views of both primordialist and modernist exponents of the discipline.

Secondly, ethnic-cleansing shouldn’t be confused with genocide, for the two words are not necessarily synonymous. The same academic literature which is sought to take refuge in for the usage of the word can be checked for the difference between the two terms. For example, ethnic cleansing and genocide can be distinguished by the intent of the perpetrator: whereas the primary goal of genocide is the destruction of an ethnic, racial, or religious group, the main purpose of ethnic cleansing is the establishment of ethnically homogeneous lands, which may be achieved by various methods including genocide.

And thirdly, the term ethnic-cleansing has been coined in the West, and used in specific and distinct situations that are, or might be, very much different to the situation faced in Quetta. Therefore, a term that doesn’t belong to a specific situation – and in all probability has been wrongly used even elsewhere – cannot be superimposed on a peculiar situation. Indigenous terms can be coined if required; otherwise, what is befalling the Shias of Quetta can very easily be termed as sectarian-genocide. Just as the killings of Ahmadi Muslims and Christians are identified on religious grounds, those of the Shias too should be identified as such.

Non-Hazara Shias killed in Balochistan

As a matter of fact, Hazara are being targeted because they are Shias. It would take a great amount of intellectual dishonesty and ISI-fed knowledge to treat LeJ as an ethnic organization in complete disregard of the LeJ’s sectarian motives. The Shias martyred in Quetta along with Hazara include other ethnicities. Of course, the Hazara Shias have suffered most because of their high concentration in Quetta but the same could be said of Toori Shias in Kurram, Saraiki Shias in D.I.Khan and elsewhere.

Here are only a few names amongst dozens of non-Hazara Shia Muslims killed by LeJ-TTP in Balochistan in the last few years:

  • Dr. Mumtaz Haider (Urdu Speaking),
  • Dr. Abid (Urdu Speaking),
  • Mr. Sibtain Naqvi (Urdu Speaking),
  • Mr. Ejaz Rizvi (Punjabi),
  • Mr. Abid Abidi (Urdu Speaking),
  • Mr. Mureed (Punabi),
  • Mr. Abdul Khaliq Bangulzai (Brahwi),
  • Liaquat Lehri (Baloch-Brahvi); Syed Arif (Baltistani),
  • 10 Yousafzai (Qandhari) boys who were playing cricket.

All of the above named people were non-Hazara Shias. Clearly those misrepresenting Shia massacres by the LeJ-TTP in Balochistan as an ethnic issue are willing or naive partners of killers. Pakistani and international media persons as well as activists need to beware of such pro-army discourse.

Let’s wipe out Shias, first physically, then from the media discourse

The so called Hazara delegate which met President Zardari on 13 October 2011 was led by none else than the Deep State’s chosen man,Abdul Khaliq Hazara, known for his special relations with Pakistan Army. It is therefore no surprise that misled by such army-operatives, the press release issued by the media office of President Zardari did not refer to Shia Muslims even once in his vague (pre-approved by ISI?) statement in the aftermath of the meeting!

Misrepresenting Shia massacres to a particular ethnicity or region is no service to Shia Muslims. Such false narratives serve to obfuscate, and enable future massacres of Shia Muslims by LeJ, SSP, Jundullah etc. President Zardari and his media advisers must note that those slaughtering Shia Hazaras are not different from those who are killing Shia Tooris and Shia Saraikis. They must also note that mass murders of Shia Muslims will continue until Pakistan army abandons its policy of proxy war through jihadis. The ongoing blockade of Parachinar by ISI-backed Haqqani Taliban is an evidence to the fact that Deep State is punishing anti-Taliban Shias.

We note with concern that at least a few person in the PPP appear to be convenient mouthpieces of  army/ISI.  It is a matter of great concern if loyalists of the military state are infiltrated in the PPP or its media wing. Instead of misrepresenting Shia massacres as ethnic massacres, the PPP must get rid of the black sheep within its own ranks.

In her critical post on Hamid Mir’s crocodile tears on Hazara Shia massacre,  Laibaah identifies a number of problems with the ethnic cleansing narrative:

1. It ignores the fact that the LeJ, SSP, TTP killers proudly own the massacres of Shia Hazaras (as well as those of Shia Tooris and Shia Saraikis etc) as a part of their jihad against kafir (infidel) Shias. Of course, it would amount to intellectual and moral bankruptcy to consider LeJ, SSP as an ethnocentric organization.

2. Such narrative hides the only common element between Toori Pashtuns of Kurram, Saraikis of Dera Ismail Khan, Muhajir and Sindhi Shias of Karachi and Punjabi Shias of Lahore and Jhang. LeJ’s attacks on all of these groups are not motivated by their ethnicity but by their faith, ie, Shia sect.

3. It also ignores the fact that in an ethnic conflict, particularly when there is an allegation of ethnic cleansing, there are always two parties. For example, in the Rawandan genocide, Hutu militia groups, backed by the Rwandan military, systematically set out to murder all the Tutsis they could reach, regardless of age or sex. If Hazaras are being ethnically cleansed, which ethnic group is killing them? Herein lies the sinister aim of the vested interests currently spreading the false narrative of ‘ethnic cleansing’. By terming Shia Hazara massacres as ethnic cleansing they are indeed blaming Baloch nationalists and/or Pashtuns. Whose narratives are they serving? By blaming the Pashtuns, they are reinforcing General Hamid Gul, Tariq Ali and Imran Khan’s narratives who treat the Pashtun as synonymous to the Taliban. And of course, it serves the army/ISI’s agenda to blame Baloch nationalists including the BLA for the Shia Hazara massacres enabling the military state to kill two birds in one stone, i.e. the rebel Baloch and the non-compliant (anti-Taliban) Shia. Unfortunately the same ISI-esque narrative has been adopted by some media persons and human rights organizations.

4. As far as human rights organizations are concerned, it is much more convenient for them to paint Shia Hazara massacres in Quetta as ethnic cleansing because it helps them cover up their criminal silence on the brutal, incessant Shia massacres which are taking place in Pakistan since 1985 at the hands of the Deep State and its various proxies, e.g.,  the currently ongoing blockade of Shia Tooris of Parachinar by Pakistan army backed Taliban which is effective since 2007.

It also helps them cover up their complete silence on mass massacres of Saraiki Shias of D.I.Khan, Bhakkar and other similar incidents in Karachi, Lahore and other parts of Pakistan. In short, by reducing Shia Hazara massacres as ethnic cleansing, human rights organizations are conveniently shedding their ethical and professional duties towards Shia citizens of Pakistan.

An example from social media:

AliDayan Ali Dayan Hasan
It is shameful that #Pakistani authorities are turning a blind eye to ethnically targeted killings of the #Hazara in Balochistan says@HRW

5. The ethnic cleansing narrative clearly serves to ignore the complicit role played by Pakistan army and its subservient institutions (jihadi/sectarian organizations, judiciary, media etc) in stereotyping and massacres of Shia Muslims in Pakistan. For example, there is no mention of how in January 2008, two members of Lashkar-e-Jangvi, one of them on death row, were secretly released from a high-security prison in Quetta. Usman Saifullah Kurd and Shafiq ur Rehman were convicted for, among other things, the raid on Shia mosque in Quetta in 2003 that killed 53 people. The escape of the two was the second high-profile get-away in just over a month [of course with the help of Pakistan army]. A Pakistani British man, Rashid Rauf, suspected of involvement in an al Qaeda plot to blow up U.S.-bound airliners over the Atlantic Ocean was helped to escape by the Deep State’s operatives in December 2007. (Source). There are serious questions about the role of Pakistan army-ISI. How did Usman Saifullah Kurd, the LeJ terrorist, manage to escape from a high-security ATF prison situated in Quetta cantonment? What about Daud Badini? According to a report, the night Kurd escaped, some Hazara guards were relieved from duty and the roster changed. It is difficult to corroborate this story especially if the duty roster was indeed changed unless one could compare it with the original roster. It would be naive to think that would still exist. But the question remains: how did Kurd escape?

6. A Kufi Shia role is being played by some agency plants within Shias such as Ejaz Haider who justified Hazara killing by painting them as Iranian agents and Abdul Khaliq Hazara of Hazara Democratic Party who provided Ejaz Haider with such narrative. Abdul Khaliq Hazara is known for misleading Shia Hazaras of Quetta by diverting their attention from the real killers (LeJ supported by Pakistan army) and instead has been asked by Pakistan army to paint the Shia Hazara massacres as an ethnic issue. Abdul Khaliq Hazara is the man who has provided false assurance to Shia Hazaras of Quetta that army will come to protect them, therefore they don’t need to take care of their own security through licensed weapons, anti-terrorism training, better security arrangements etc. Of course, army sends its emissaries not to protect but to massacre Shia Hazaras on a routine basis.

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  1. Someone suggested Abdul Khaliq Hazara must draw some lessons from Khalid Khawaja’s death. Once used, ISI does not hesitate to dispose off its own assets.

    Honesty is precious. Life is temporary.

  2. mSaleemJaved Saleem Javed
    When your knowledge falls short to confront the logic, you start throwing false accusations to ease your remorse and guilt. #cowardice
    5 minutes ago Favorite Retweet Reply

    mSaleemJaved Saleem Javed
    I’m purely myself, strongly believe in what I say and hence U R requested to come forward directly to me instead of linking me up elsewhere
    12 minutes ago

    mSaleemJaved Saleem Javed
    The real people here in #Quetta know that I have no links with Khalique Hazara’s HDP. Neither I represent any group, party or institution.
    15 minutes ago

    mSaleemJaved Saleem Javed
    These cowards can not defame me or for that matter anybody who bravely fights against the extremism of all sorts-be it Mullahism or racism.
    20 minutes ago

    mSaleemJaved Saleem Javed
    Those who dare not even show themselves up & pop up with multiple fake accounts can not distract me from my goal i.e fight 4 #Hazara #Shias
    23 minutes ago

  3. Laibaah1 Laibaah
    @maryamushtaq hub-e-dunya, hub-e-shohrat, hub-e-zar wa hub-e-jah / dar dil-e-Javed-o-Toori, hub-e-Pasha bay panah. @mSaleemJaved @riaztoori

  4. RiazToori Riaz Ali Toori
    Thanks for follow – I am pleased @aliarqam
    22 Oct 2011



    Ali Arqam says:
    February 17, 2011 at 9:50 am
    Dear Rabia, In the above issue of publishing that post, you are evading very basic points.
    1. The debate is started by Riaz not Abdul, as he called us Aabpara phobes, which is unfair, if he is moderate in his criticism on the security establishment, its ok, but atleast being a political worker, he should not call a credible forum like LUBP as phobes.
    2. If Abdul mocked him for his timid replies, it cant be defended, but if Riaz called the whole blog as on someone’s agenda and also RAW agents to defame Pakistan Army.
    3. It is right, he’s a PPP worker and an active worker, we respect him for that, but the same forum criticised Babar Awan for his dubious credentials and speaking against Ahmedis, and R Malik statements regarding Balochistan, why R Toori is immuned of criticism, when he speaks against the blog publicly on a social network.
    4. Regarding using F. Ispahani’s name, she admitted that her twitter account was used against pro PPP blogs. May we respectfully Ask, who misused her account.
    5. Read her comments(or someone he is authorised to use her account) what she meant by on others agenda?
    5. Babar Awan statement regarding Rahat Fateh Ali is very idiotic and condemnable, should not we write against such statements by a person on such a post. i.e Law Ministry

    And in the end, I principally do not agree to dragging any person who is engaged in a debate or discussion with us on a public forum, if we deal him like this, it will discourage others to engage with us. As our image of some arrogant people and not to hear anyone, will not serve us.

    But on the other hand, I will refrain from discussing our blog issues in comments section as it can serve to our personal image in others eyes, but it will be a blow to the blog, we have other ways to discuss such issues.

  5. I am associated with reading and writing articles since 1985. Have heardly seen such well established article in any media. ISI, who is supposed to protect the Country and its citizens, is now painting itself as a Mass Killer of its own people.

    The ONLY POINT is disagree with the author is that along with Shias, there is being carried a Massacre of Brailvis as well. It is basically a Saudi funded blood shed project to wipe Shias and Brailvis out of Pakistan and make this country a Wahabi state.

    Imran Khan, Iftikhar Ch, Media people all are silent on this massacre and instead supporting the terrorists due to ISI involvment.

    This is the time for the Pakistan Nation to ask ISI “If you donot know WHO is carrying this massacre and cannot stop it, why you are here then?”

    May Allah save Pakistan from this blood Shed Agenda

  6. maryamushtaq Marya Mushtaq
    Why should Shias of Quetta take Zardari seriously when he doesn’t take Nasir Ali Shah seriously, instead calls Khaliq Hazara from Quetta?
    18 Oct

    maryamushtaq Marya Mushtaq
    PPP MNA Nasir Ali Shah still protesting outside parliamen. Y doesn’t Zardari meet him instead of ISI Stooge Khaliq Hazara?
    18 Oct

    Shmae on Riaz Toori, Kufi Shia and other flatterers of Pakistan Army, agents of dark forces in the PPP.


    Shame on Saleem Javed, a Kufi Shia, a worker of Abdul Khaliq Hazara who plays the ethnic card as directed by ISI.


    Saleem Javed and other Kufi Shia sellouts are busy in propaganda against those who want to save Shia Muslims from slaughter by sectarian terrorists supported by ISI:

    mSaleemJaved Saleem Javed
    It seems as if MNA Nasir.A.Shah’s bn tasked to defame #PPP leadership while de Hazara delegation’s meeting aimed to undermine Shah’s sit-in

    A lonely voice: Nasir Ali Shah’s mission to save Shia Hazaras

    • Dear Writer,
      Before posting anything kindly do research and then write an article, to write an article is not an easy Art.
      so please do not mix the religion with nationalism, we are first human then Muslim then Hazara and after that we are shia.
      A lot of hazaras killed in Mastung but not the non hazaras, so please stop blaming the HDP and the Hazara Leaders, we are proud to be Hazara and we support our Party (HDP) and our leaders.we live 4 hazara and we die 4 hazara…

  7. This person has gone made, alleging anyone with anything in his article shows nothing more than a mentally retarder person. In the name of religion he has tried very hard to divide an already divide ethnic minority. why has he not mentioned the fact that HDP from the very first day has adopted one clear stance that there are groups who are consistently trying to make Baluchistan a battle ground by creating a state of civil war. I mean look at his very limited knowledge, or show of limited knowledge.

  8. Marya Mushtaq, sorry to say, u totally depicted the wrong picture of the issue. Although the Hazaras are Shia but they are being killed in the name of Shia in order to weak the cause of Baloch nationalism and wanted to bring the situation on sectarian line as it was done in Parachinar. Really wrong assessment, it it is not assessment then it was written due being biased / prejudiced towards hazaras.

  9. One can feel writer’s desperation to defame an honorable man. I would be interested to know what was the site paid for this type of defamation? The Hazaras know their real enemies!

  10. Hoshyaar hazara az maar e aastin dar libas e islam az munafiqin wa shayatin. Hazara qaom ki shinakht ko mazhab k libaday may mitanay walo ki khinzir ajdad e najis pay laanat jo pashoon hain syed kay niqab may maloon mulla umar ke agenday pe kaar farma hain.

  11. A very disgusting & misleading article lacking factual arguments about the issue. The day Hazara pilgrims en route to Iran were separated from the other shia pilgrims & dragged out of bus and executed was enough for the Hazaras to understand that this is ethnic cleansing under the cover of sectarianism.The writer seems to be working on the agenda of dividing Hazara community.

  12. Dear..!
    we can go to court by your these points blaming the un real facts about our party and leader so kindly contact us and conduct an interview before publishing these sort of things about us. when did about khaliq Hazara told that muharram processions should be banded…?

    Sardar Sahil
    District Secratary
    Hazara Democratic Party

  13. i decently request you to conduct an interview with our chairman and then publish that as well that what ever you have written and what ever he says has a big difference

  14. mSaleemJaved Saleem Javed and Marya Mushtaq and rest of the people mentioned above might know more about the extremely complicated games played by Army,than a student like me,i dont want to talk about that.but something i have seen in the article is that the writer has tried to show the shias of Pakistan as a common nation,one nation.and no doubt thats what shiaism is about that we are one.the unity of all shias of Pakistan can result in a strong platform and success which definitely Army and its proxies dont want.any one dividing shias in the name of ethnicity is a kufi shia.and lastly Hazaras definitely are unaware of their enemies,every one is working for the rights of Hazaras in words but no one is in the practical state,unfortunately.

  15. A very lenghty article indeed and one must say that the author must have worked hard for the realization of her thoughts.Like wise it is very heart felt to comment that a really hard work has proved to be a trash as she seems to be fairly unaware of the political situation in pakistan and especially Balochistan.There must be religious sentiments behind Hazara killings but it cannot be totally attributed to the same.The hazaras have faced the same situation in Afghanistan aswell and the same bloody excuse was given that they are killed due to sectarianism.It could be called sectarianism in a way that the same is undergone by both sides.HAZARAS are being killed but there isnt a single incident of Hazaras doing the same.If Parachinar suffers sectarianism they are well aware of their enemies.They know their hide outs and have made the opposite party suffer aswell.The case is totally different in Quetta.Here a bunch of masked men do the killings and disappear in the labyrinths of the local residential areas.Every incident occurs in the baloch areas,while on contrary we are well aware of the fact that balochis are no religious fanatics and rather much attracted towards their cause of race or nationalism.Likewise,In this current on going baloch separist movements,Balochis would welcome any type of American involvement in the area but we come across astonishing incidents of burnings of NATO containers in MASTUNG and QALATH distiricts of the baloch population,adding to the American rage..At last the accepted fact here in quetta is that the community which benefitted the most from this current situation of balochistan are pashtuns and criminology diaries say that in a muder case when it is sorted out that who benefited the most from the muder,the case is resolved of the beneficiar being the murderer.Moreover,The Hazaras here in quetta blame HDP of their anti-ISI sentiments and the author blames them of their being in terms with ISI. Author must have not visited quetta, balochistan or have written this article with some prejudice on Khaliq Hazaraz part or the HAZARA NATION.The only thing i have analysed is that by connecting the current killings with setarianism ,she wants to advocate the pashtun cause and pollute the image of HAZARA NATION of being sectarian fanatics.She herself drags forward the so called ISI ideology of sectarian backings ,as the same contoverises and conspiracies are being faced by the hazara nation nowadays on grounds of the killings of pashtun mullahs in Quetta.God bless HAZARAS and save us from conspiarices resulting in our partition.

  16. By Muhammad Younas
    Source: http://www.hazara.net
    A couple of days before, a friend of mine emailed me a link
    by-marya-mushtaq/#comment-2615), and asked me to have a look of the write-up.
    The write-up, which was under the title of “Abdul Khaliq Hazara and the ethnic cleansing
    narrative”, written by Marya Mustaq, posted on a Pakistan Blogzine. It was about the killing
    of Hazara Shia in Quetta. While reading it was giving me, a kind of feeling that how can
    someone go to that extreme level of hatred to write about someone without an accurate
    knowledge and evidence. To me it was just another stereotyped unfounded a bunch of
    decomposed sentences, which is normally found in frenzy Urdu newspapers, which doesn’t
    have any sound knowledge except mudslinging and malicious slurs without profound
    evidence. The first impression, which I got was, as someone might have hired somebody to
    write something bad against someone by all means. The write-up itself doesn’t give an
    impression of something thought provoking or invites readers to think seriously but
    demonstrates a sheer hatred and abhorrence against Mr. Khaliq and Hazaras. The writer
    seems to be very upset and angry as why don’t Hazaras call themselves Shia instead of being
    Hazara and why the leaders of Hazara Democratic Party are not following the line of Shia
    politics. She seems to be so much pre-occupied for being Shia and doesn’t seem ready to
    allow Hazaras to call themselves Hazara. The more, I read the lines of the write-up, the more
    it gets clear about the narrow mindedness and extreme religious tunnel vision of the writer
    being a hardcore blind faith Shai extremist. She seems to be so much blinded of her idea;
    even she forgets that Mr. Khaliq is an individual and how can he make Hazara community to
    follow the line of nationalism. She needs to understand that it is the people who push the
    leaders to follow their lines and Hazaras themselves know that they get killed being Hazara-
    Shia in Quetta City. She also needs to understand that Hazaras face life threat everyday and
    every minute in the streets of Quetta. Perhaps the so-called writer doesn’t know that it is very
    easy to kill Shia in Quetta as Hazaras are physically very prominent Shia in the milieu of
    Pakistan especially Quetta as compared to Tories, Bangash, Panjabi Shia etc. The more I
    read the intellectual dishonest rotten sentences, the more I come to know the writer’s
    immaturity, who is believed not to have a thorough information about the environment of
    Quetta City and particularly Hazara. I’m sure the writer hasn’t been to Quetta or even seen
    any Hazaras physically in her life, otherwise, she would have thought before she could put
    her childish, fanatic, irrational and irresponsible words into sentences.
    The first two lines of her so-called article offer the full picture of her maniac mentality
    towards Mr. Khaliq and Hazara Democratic Party. To my wonder, she doesn’t seem ready to
    allow Mr. Khaliq and Hazara Democratic Party to go with the popular ideas of the people,
    which seem so weird. How can she forcefully stress a political party to go with Shia line? I
    think, it would be better for her to stop directing a political party and come out of her stink
    nature and let the Hazara people to decide their political idea for its better survival. Her
    sentences remind me of an old fashioned irritant female primary school teacher who imposes
    her tunnel-vision to the children with full force. Her words and sentences to be honest smell
    horrible with the blend of extreme religious rhetoric.
    The second paragraph shows her apparent hatred and immature personality by labeling Mr.
    Khaliq working as ISI agent, just for being interviewed by Ejaz Haider and saying against
    those Hazaras who get paid and incentives from Iran. To my understanding what’s wrong
    with this sentence? In Quetta city, every Hazara individual knows who gets paid from Iran. It
    is not something covert. There are people among Hazaras who promote Iranian politics and
    culture in Quetta city. Affiliation of these people with Iran can be seen openly on the ground,
    it is not something underground. I think, she herself knows very well that it is very easy to
    label someone with any infamous organization. I can also put a label on her easily with any
    outside infamous organization, but I won’t do it because I am not Marya Mushtaq. I need
    reliable source to do so. I think, now she needs some kind of evidence to get herself right,
    otherwise, the readers will think of her other way round.
    Her extreme narrow-mindedness and fanaticism has thoroughly turned her mind blocked by
    comparing a killer with a victim. I mean Head of SSP Muhammad Ahmed Ludhianvi with
    Abdul Khaliq, Chairman Hazara Democratic Party, which is a matter of great shame and
    embarrassing for her. She even doesn’t know who she is addressing to. Can she provide any
    proof except a childish blame? Doesn’t she think that Mr. Khaliq leads a political party in a
    society where Hazaras are 100% Shia in Quetta? Don’t know, what to say to her state of
    Referring to her notion about “Hazara-Shias cannot be both religious and innocent at the
    same time” Wow, great idea, how can Hazara-Shia not to be both religious and innocent? For
    her kind information, Hazaras dwelling in Quetta are Shia and vice-versa, both are religious
    and innocent. What is the problem with this? I think the problem seems to be with her as she
    doesn’t like Hazara that is why; Hazara name and Hazara party bother her a lot.
    In her write-up, she also seems to have problem with Hazara ethnic cleansing and genocide
    words. She tries her best to confuse herself and innocent readers with her confusing
    definitions bringing support sentences from Africa and the West. Let me ask only one simple
    question from her, what word she would prefer, when Hazara passengers were picked and
    taken off the bus and wagon during the day light, put them in one line and sprayed bullets on
    them last September. Hazaras are targeted, chased, ambushed and simply kill them nearly
    every day wherever they are found in Quetta city. Around six hundreds Hazaras have been
    pinpointed and killed so far in a very small city. I’m not talking about those thousands of
    Hazara injured, widows and orphans. Let me know, if you find any word or phrase for this
    kind of specific situation.
    And one thing more, I feel very sorry from the core of my heart for those non-Hazara Shias
    killed in and around Quetta. They are just like our brothers and feel very grieved for their
    near and dear ones. However, the impression, she is making that Hazara Democratic Party
    doesn’t feel sorry for them, which is totally misguiding and misleading. I believe, Hazara
    Democratic Party doesn’t believe in narrow fanatic nationalism but on the broad view of the
    nationalism based on equal human rights, mutual respect and religious harmony. I personally,
    would have been very grateful, if she had posted the names of six hundreds of Hazaras killed
    being Hazara-Shia, then the readers would have got the real picture of her vision.

  17. The article is baseless and no think more much / wastage of time. Further is a campaign against Hazaras and its single political party and is trying to mislead the masses.

  18. Dear Writer,
    Before posting anything kindly do research and then write an article, to write an article is not an easy Art.
    so please do not mix the religion with nationalism, we are first human then Muslim then Hazara and after that we are shia.
    A lot of hazaras killed in Mastung but not the non hazaras, so please stop blaming the HDP and the Hazara Leaders, we are proud to be Hazara and we support our Party (HDP) and our leaders.

  19. Wow wow Hold on! Hold on! you guys are going so fast!
    Without understanding the the context. Please do not throw your angers on any one.

    Why not revive our history for a second and think what is the reason behind Hazaras Mas killing!

    Reason being ” tagged Shia ”
    In reality It’s the truth that there are a lots of puppets inside our community who’s responsible for the killing of Hazaras.
    Forget about the terrorists for now! Think Internally.
    Trust me Mullas are the real enemy of Hazaras and the world!. They are against every other morals.
    Following Arabs , Torturing yourself for Arabs, dying for Arabs, whyyyyyyyy?

    Were they more valuable those who died in ” Quds ” day? Who led these people to take part in the rally for Quds day.

    The same Mullas. Ones we learn respecting People’s faith. Than there is no any issues will left behind. Unfortunately we use our wild emotions without thinking we make decisions.
    It’s native of we Hazaras we get emotional instantly ones the things are cool down. We forget every thing.


    Yesterday is a histry, Tomorrow is a mystery, but Today is a gift.


  20. Its totally deffrent between hazara killing in quetta and other shia killing in pakistan.the torries are pro iranian if they want to die for iran intrest that up to them.we hazaras know what’s good for our people.

  21. the writer is totally mad and lives in fool paradise,she is angry bcoz khaliq hazara is talking abt hazara and not abt irani shiaism,that is why she is going mad and trying to blame khaliq hazara lik with some unpapular extremist parties in pakistan,the writer is just blaming which has no base and no any prove.shame u such writer those who dont know abt some thing and just take work with blames.

  22. What a shameful and misleading article. If it wasn’t for HDP and its leadership we would be reading about civil war in Quetta at this very moment. HDP and its leadership reject violence in all shapes and forms and promote brotherhood amongst ALL ethnicities residing in Baluchistan. Perhaps this doesn’t suit very well with this disgraceful author and Pakistan Blogzine who would rather see a militant pro Iran Hazara organization that would contribute to a milieu of hate and violence.

  23. mSaleemJaved Saleem Javed
    @evo8X8 it was @ejazhaider who suggested that Hazaras are being massacred because a Deobandi cleric was shot dead @ISI_GHQ @attackerman
    12 hours ago Favorite Retweet Reply

    ejazhaider ejaz haider
    @mSaleemJaved listen, despite ur statement i will politely tell you that i never suggested that. am rabidly against sectarianism @evo8X8
    11 hours ago

    mSaleemJaved Saleem Javed
    @ejazhaider meanwhile, I had requested you to clarify your stance just when the piece was published. You always ignored. @evo8X8
    5 hours ago

    ejazhaider ejaz haider
    @mSaleemJaved i don’t remember your ‘request’ but if i didn’t respond it must be cuz of the tone of the tweet @evo8X8
    2 hours ago
    in reply to ↑

    Saleem Javed
    @ejazhaider It was a controversial piece hence you explained in a subsequent one. The interviewees claim that they were misquoted.
    35 minutes ago via TweetDeck
    Favorite Retweet Reply
    replies ↓

    ejazhaider ejaz haider
    @mSaleemJaved one interviewee is named/have his recorded interview. didn’t explain in subsequent piece/showed malice on part of critics
    25 minutes ago

    mSaleemJaved Saleem Javed
    @ejazhaider Thanks for the response, anyways. I know it’s an old odd stuff. Looking forward to seeing some benevolent write-ups. Cheers!

  24. کوئٹہ میں شیعوں کی نسل کشی امریکی ایجنڈے کے تحت کی جارہی ہے : سیاسی تجزیہ کار

    دہشتگرد گروپس اور قوم پرست لیڈر ، امریکی مقاصد کے حصول کیلئے قیچی کے دو دہارے کی طرح کام کررہیں ہیں جس سے وہ شیعیان حیدر کرار کو ضعیف اور کمزور بنارہے ہیں ۔

    حکومتی ایجنسیوں کا وظیفہ قیچی کے دونوں دہاروں کو تیز کرنا ہے ۔

    اس بات میں کوئی شک نہیں کہ پاکستان میں موجود تمام دہشتگرد تنظیمیں امریکی تربیت یا‍‍‌فتہ ہے اور انہیں خطے کی چند مرتجع عرب حکومتوں کی پشت پناہی حاصل ہے ، اور ملک عزیز پاکستان کی ایجنسیاں بجای اسکے کہ اپنے عوام کی حفاظت کریں ، انکے قاتلوں کے ساتہ ہمدستی کررہے ہیں ، اسکی واضح دلیل یہ ہے کہ پاکستانی ایجنسیاں باوجود اسکے کہ جانتے ہیں کہ کون کون دہشتگرد ہے لیکن انکی طرف سے انہیں کہلی چہٹی دے دی گئی ہیں ۔

    ایک سوال جسکی کسی نے جواب نہیں دی ، یہ ہے کہ جس شہر میں نہ اسکے عوام کی جان محفوظ ہو اورنہ وزیراعظم کی ، لیکن اسی شہر میں امریکی سفارت کار معمولی گاڑیوں میں رات گئے تک شہر کی گلی گلی میں اپنے جاسوس چیلوں کو دستورالعمل دینے کیلئے پہر رہے ہو ، اور دہشتگرد انہیں کچہ نہ کہے ، کیسے ممکن ہے ؟

    جواب واضح ہے کہ یہ دہشتگرد خود امریکی ایجنڈے پر عمل کررہے ہیں ، اور انکے اہداف و مقاصد وہی امریکی اہداف و مقاصد ہے ۔ جو پاکستان میں مذہب حقہ تشیع اور شیعیان حیدر کرار کو ضعیف اور کمزور بنانا ہے ۔ امریکی سفارت کار اس مقصد کے حصول کیلئے ایک طرف سے دہشتگرد گروپوں کو استعمال کررہا ہے ، تو دوسری طرف سے ہزارہ قوم کے اندر موجود اپنے نام نہاد قوم پرست جاسوس لیڈروں کو ہدایت کرتا ہے کہ وہ مذہب حقہ تشیع کے مسلمہ اصولوں پر حملہ کریں ، اور شیعہ عوام کو شک و تردید سے دوچار کریں ۔ در حقیقت دہشتگرد گروپس اور قوم پرست لیڈر ، امریکی مقاصد کے حصول کیلئے قیچی کے دو دہارے کی طرح کام کررہیں ہیں جس سے وہ شیعیان حیدر کرار کو ضعیف اور کمزور بنارہے ہیں اور حکومتی ایجنسیوں کا وظیفہ قیچی کے دونوں دہاروں کو تیز کرنا ہے ۔

  25. Maria Mushtaq and HDP’s Politics.

    A few days ago, I came across an article written by Maria Mushtaq with bogus and contradictory arguments about Hazara Democratic Party. The writer has called HDP a pseudo secular party without giving any arguments. This article will focus on the political practices of Hazara Democratic Party, which clearly nullify the writer’s views.
    If secularism is considered to be a political movement of middle class aimed to separate church from the state or drawing a line of demarcation between religious and political affairs, then HDP is by all means is a secular party. HDP has always considered religion and politics to be two different entities and has always been vocal against the so called religious politics which is aimed to create a theocratic society. Theocratic societies bear contradictions with in it and these contradictions have brought more sufferings in our contemporary age to human kind. The internal contradiction of two religious states of Iran and Saudi Arabia the opposite sect is victimized. HDP knows that a theocratic society not only binds the human creative minds but is detrimental to the very fundamental existence of Hazara nation in Pakistan and Afghanistan as well. The political stance of HDP has always been ethno- secular and moreover, the party manifesto reveals the same fact and thus calling HDP a pseudo secular party is nothing more than defying the fact.

    The ethno- secular stance of HDP has not been against any other ethnicity. Rather she has bridged the gap amongst different ethnic groups in Balochistan. Despite ruthless and horrifying eleven years, the political leadership of Hazaras did not blame a particular ethnic group for this bloodshed. HDP on occasions condemned the terrorist activities against other Shia minority. Even the party has condemned the target killings of Sunni Ulema as HDP believes that hidden hands are involved in spreading sectarian violence, which is aimed to ignite civil war and instability in Balochistan.

    Marya Mushtaq without giving any reason called HDP as an agent working for ISI. She has also alleged that Hazara nationalists enjoyed support from ISI in the past but, she seems to neglect the fact the present cadre of HDP including Abdul Khaliq Hazara went against the ISI’s policies of toppling down people’s democratic revolution in Afghanistan from the platform of HSF. Abdul Khaliq Hazara (then Vice President of HSF) and other secular nationalist and progressive student unions in Universities of Pakistan formed a common platform by the name of All Pakistan Progressive Student Alliance (APPSA) to support the peoples revolution of 1979 in Afghanistan and fight against religious extremism which was being cultivated by Gen Zia ul Haq regime and other neighbouring countries in the region.

    HDP is the outcome of series of discussions among the secular political workers of Hazara community after 9/11. HDP has been openly critical of the role of security agencies and ISI in their press releases and processions, since her establishment. Today, HDP is the only active secular voice in Balochistan. HDP has contributed much to the integrity of the people of Balochistan and raised the issues of provincial exploitation of Balochistan by the federation and openly criticised the role of military in the political affairs of the state, just like other anti-establishment political parties of Pakistan.

    HDP from the inception have been critical of the surreptitious role of security agencies and the government for supporting the terrorists. The party even has, time and gain, mentioned that Balochistan has become the hub of Taliban and Al Qaeda terrorists and the government and the security agencies are not taking any action against them.

    Meeting with President Zardari makes Marya Mushtaq assume that the party is pro-establishment. The general secretary of the party has time and again mentioned in one of the meetings with friends that our meeting with Prime Minister and President is not a negotiation at all, but a formal protest. And we all know that protests consequently results in table talk. It is note-worthy the global protest was launched by the Hazaras of the world in 35 countries within weeks on the call of HDP. President of Pakistan
    and the Prime minister of Pakistan were compelled to meet with HDP. Both the president and Prime Minister have assured them that the perpetrators will be brought to justice. We saw that HDP did not receive Rahaman Malik, when he came to Alamadar Road for expressing sympathy with Hazaras, but, HDP did receive the delegation of PML N when they visited Hazaras; which in itself bears an anti-establishment political message. By going through the recent press releases, one can conclude the protest is still continuing and now the Party is asking government to act upon their promises. By going through press releases of the party every students of Politics can easily conclude that HDP is a left and secular party with anti establishment tendency, if it is studied by an unbiased minds.

    In support of my arguments given above, I have selected the first paragraph of the press released issued by the party on 2nd April 2011. I hope that Maria Mushtaq will read and understand it.

  26. A tout of ISI’s tout Abdul Khaliq Hazara now praising Saleem Ali

    MeeraGhani Meera Ghani
    @saleem_ali thanks @mSaleemJaved @muslim4reform @Malik_73 @mrszkhan @Timurid_Malik @Chiltan #FF

    saleem_ali Saleem Ali
    #FF @mSaleemJaved @meeraghani @muslim4reform @Malik_73 @mrszkhan @Timurid_Malik @Chiltan New twitter friends

    mSaleemJaved Saleem Javed
    @AhmadShuja It was hypocritical & opportunistic posture to harass @saleem_ali after he apologized and made the amendments @mazdaki @Razarum

    mSaleemJaved Saleem Javed
    I had no issue other than choice of words.:P RT @AhmadShuja: @saleem_ali responds: bit.ly/un9EZ7 CC @mazdaki @mSaleemJaved @Razarum

    AhmadShuja Ahmad Shuja
    @saleem_ali responds: bit.ly/un9EZ7 CC @mazdaki @mSaleemJaved @Razarum

    mSaleemJaved Saleem Javed
    @saleem_ali Good and a balanced piece. Please keep writing on the issue but with a good choice of words.@etribune @afpakchannel @NasimZehra

  27. a perfectly well established article depicting the truth…. as iqbal says
    ” qoom mazhab say hay, mazhab jo nahi tum b nahi”

  28. What I sense is quite hidden and rediculous. The paranoid lady (Maria) though her fallicy-based judgement of the HDP has attempted to portray HDP as pro establishment (ISI) so that other nationalist parties in Balochistan which are sceptical about the role of establisment in the province doubt HDP’s struggle for coexistance and harmoney in Quetta Balochistan. She’s been cunning thoughout her write up to turn the resentment of other nationalist parties of Balochistan and their supportors against Hazara’s by naming Hazaras and their political party as ‘ethnocentrics’. Down to hatred-proviking mind set.

  29. What I sense is quite hidden and rediculous. The paranoid lady (Maria) though her fallicy-based judgement of the HDP has attempted to portray HDP as pro establishment (ISI) so that other nationalist parties in Balochistan which are sceptical about the role of establisment in the province doubt HDP’s struggle for coexistance and harmoney in Quetta Balochistan. She’s been cunning thoughout her write up to turn the resentment of other nationalist parties of Balochistan and their supports against Hazara’s by naming Hazaras and their political party as ‘ethnocentrics’. Down to hatred-proviking mind set.

  30. In addition to misinterpreting and misrepresenting the anti-Ahmadiyya legislation at least in one article by Raza Rumi (discussed next), TFT also published a misleading piece by Saleem Javed on Hazara persecution in the same issue.

    Saleem Javed’s article misrepresents Shia persecution and genocide as an ethnic one and misquotes the Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ)’s warning to Shia Muslims across Pakistan by confining it to Hazara Shias only. This is what the author wrote: “Banned militant outfits have threatened to make Pakistan “a graveyard for the Shia Hazaras” and have asked them to leave the country by 2012.” Of course, the author carefully hid the fact that the LeJ’s warning is explicitly against all Shia Muslims of Pakistan and that LeJ is a sectarian, not an ethnic, terrorist organization.

    The article is very implicative particularly when it refers to Sariab Road to give it Hazara vs Baloch ethnic colour. (Previously, TFT published another misleading article on this topic in which Khaled Ahmed presented false binaries of Hazara Shias and Pasthun Taliban.)

    ASWJ-SSP terrorists often stereotype Pakistan’s Shias as Iranian agents to justify their genocide.
    Saleem Javed’s article also has a very serious charge against Iran. The author writes: “In a single incident in 1998, Iranian forces killed more than 630 refugees, mostly Hazaras, in the Safed Sang Camp detention center.” This charge, however, has not been substantiated. Is there any statement by any human rights group (HRW, Amnesty) or United Nations to support this allegation? We have many complaints against Iranian theocracy, yet this is a very serious charge published by The Friday Times without any proof. If this charge remains unsubstantiated, it will show that the TFT has conveniently recycled and spread the Saudi-ISI inspired propaganda.

    Iran is an excuse to spread further hatred against Pakistani Shias. Defaming Iran legitimatises Shia killing in Pakistan SSP-ASWJ does that. Now TFT!

    Pakistani Shias are routinely stereotyped by SSP-ASWJ-Taliban and ISI-touts (Ejaz Haider etc) as Iranian agents. In fact, SSP-ASWJ leader Ludhianvi describes his participation in Difa-e-Pakistan as Difa against USA, India and Iran. Iranian connection or label is then used to misrepresent Shia genocide in Pakistan as a proxy-war between Saudi Arabia and Iran. Iranian label is also used to reinforce othering and hatred against Pakistani Shias. This leads to further target killing. Saddam used to do that, by describing and ridiculing Iraqi Shias as Iranian agents. Same tactic is used by autocratic anti-Shia regimes in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait etc. Ejaz Haider used the same technique in an Express Tribune article in 2011 to justify the target killing of Shia Hazaras in Quetta by painting them as Iranian stooges. Now, The Friday Times has done the same by blaming Iran to be responsible for the murder of 630 Hazaras which has two effects. It dishonestly highlights the ethnic nature of Hazara genocide in Balochistan which is anything but true. Further, it throws bad light on Iran and by stereotypical association on Pakistani Shias, thus obfuscating and justifying their genocide.

    We encourage TFT editors to understand that certain agents of Pakistan’s military establishment have been tasked to distort and misrepresent the Shia genocide to give it an ethnic colour. For example, the following article explains how such agents work: https://pakistanblogzine.wordpress.com/2011/10/22/abdul-khaliq-hazara-and-the-ethnic-cleansing-narrative-by-marya-mushtaq/

    Also please refer to the list of non-Hazara Shia Muslims killed by SSP-LeJ-Taliban in Balochistan to understand that Shia genocide is not an ethnic issue: http://criticalppp.com/archives/64797

    Do TFT editors know what’s common in Shia Pashtuns, Shia Hazaras, Shia Punjabis, Shia Muhajirs, Shia Saraikis, Shia Sindhis, Shia Balochs etc? Have they read the SSP-LeJ’s fatwa against Shia Muslims, particularly those of Parachinar and Quetta?


  31. without having any information how do you write these articles? m really surprised of ppl like you it would be better if you search about khaliq hazar some more still seems as if you are babay just introducing the ppl by the order of your boss

  32. Ali Salman Alvi ‏ @alisalmanalvi
    @mSaleemJaved I’d never a doubt about you bro 🙂 This tweet by you should be sufficient to shut a lot of mouths up 🙂 @RiazToori @razarumi

    Saleem Javed ‏ @mSaleemJaved · Open
    @alisalmanalvi Same happened to me. LUBP gang asked me to go viral against @AliDayan & @Mustafa_Qadri. I refused. Since then I’m ‘dubious’.
    Ali Salman Alvi ‏ @alisalmanalvi Close
    @mSaleemJaved I’ve met @AliDayan n @Razarumi n I knw they’re very good, upright n honest persons. Why should I spew venom against them?

    akchishti ‏ @akchishti Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
    Please be part of the #CUT campaign against cyber bullying & abusive tweetpies. Also request not to interact with anonymous users.
    Retweeted by Ali Salman Alvi

    Saleem Javed ‏ @mSaleemJaved
    No. Can’t verify this account. RT @Razarumi: @mSaleemJaved Do you know this Hazara writer/spokesperson Anwar Changezi? Does he exist?

    Humayun Bhatty ‏ @Humayun_Bhatty Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
    @mSaleemJaved @HazheerHazara We Pakistanis sympathize with the Hazara community out of our love and not for any publicity or recognition.

    akchishti ‏ @akchishti Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
    Please be part of the #CUT campaign against cyber bullying & abusive tweetpies. Also request not to interact with anonymous users.

    Ali Salman Alvi ‏ @alisalmanalvi Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
    @HashimRG MWM has been vocal of late but other than them the leadership has been spineless among Shias of Pakistan.

    Ali Salman Alvi ‏ @alisalmanalvi Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
    @Laibaah1 ka ghaddar… Miranshah mein aar paar… 😛 😀

    Laibaah ‏ @Laibaah1 Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
    I have now blocked Ali Salman Alvi. Can’t stand another Saleem Javed type who can sell any cause to gain liberal elite’s acceptability.

  33. Who is this lady who is speaking for the complete community of Hazara? Someone please give her a shutup call.

  34. To my assessment, Hazaras in Quetta are victims of being Shia as well as ethnic genocide… Ethnically, they are against Taliban, the security establishment’s proxy. My question to you is that why Sunni Hazaras were persecuted by Taliban in Afghanistan in late 1990s???

  35. Write more, thats all I have to say. Literally, it seems as though you relied on the video to make your point.
    You definitely know what youre talking about, why waste your intelligence on just posting videos to your site
    when you could be giving us something enlightening to read?

  36. Hi to all, how is the whole thing, I think every one is getting more from this web page, and your views are fastidious in favor of new people.

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    customer Redi-Trax can supply triumph.

  38. Howdy just wanted to give you a quick heads up.
    The words in your article seem to be running off the screen in Firefox.
    I’m not sure if this is a formatting issue or something to do with web browser compatibility but I figured I’d
    post to let you know. The style and design look great though!
    Hope you get the problem resolved soon. Many thanks


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