Ajmeer Shah, you will not be mourned – by Laibaah

by admin

You will not be mourned.

Right wingers hate you because of your operations against the soldiers of Islam, the TTP, LeJ, SSP etc.

Urban liberal elites (aka fake liberals) do not consider you worthy of much attention because you are neither urban nor elite. Of course, you are neither a Punjabi, nor an Urdu speaking. You are only a demented Pashtun whose only utility is to serve as a willing partner and tool of the Deep State. You chose a different path and therefore opted for your own death.

For the Deep State, you were no more than a worthy collateral damage, someone who was ‘foolishly’ hurting Pakistan’s interests by eliminating the Deep State’s best assets.

Ajmeer Shah, you will not be mourned.

No articles will be written on you in Pakistan’s English and Urdu media.

International media will keep publishing articles promoting Sherry Rehman, Najam Sethi and Shehrbano Taseer. You have no dedicated network of urban-centric journalists promoting your valuable services to Pakistan or human rights.

No vigils will be organized for you by NGOs and ‘civil society’ activists.

PPP and ANP leaders will keep serving their own economic and political interests while religiously parroting the Deep State’s narratives on Haqqanis and Taliban.

Yet, we the ordinary, oppressed, silent, ridiculed, ignored, 180 million Pakistanis salute you. It is you and other honest police officers who have sacrificed everything to save Pakistan from Islamo-fascists assets of a ruthless military state.

May Allah shower His blessings upon your soul.

May Allah bless your mentor Safwat Ghayur (shaheed) and other daring police officers who are fighting a lost battle against a ruthless military state and its holy warriors.

Brief biography
Hailing from Shabqadr village of district Nowshera, Station House Officer (SHO) Ajmir Shah was on Taliban’s hit list after conducting several successful operations in which several prominent militants commanders were either killed or arrested. He had also foiled many terror plots. The SHO had been receiving threats from the militants and had survived several attempts on his life. A suicide bomber killed him in Bara Banda area of Risalpur on Friday 28 Oct 2011. His murder is seen as Taliban’s reaction to avenge the capture of their commander Jannut Gul in which Shah played a key role. He also led an operation which resulted in killing of Qari Abdul Basit of LeJ-TTP. For his gallantry, Shah had also received Pride of Performance Award from the President. (Source).

Police Inspector Ajmeer Shah had reportedly infiltrated the ranks of the militants by disguising as a militant and spending time with them some years ago in Mohmand Agency. Celebrated police officer Safwat Ghayur (a loyal supporter of PPP during his student days), who was a mentor to Ajmeer Shah, is said to have encouraged him to undertake the adventure. Safwat Ghayur too was a daring cop and was known to go after criminals and militants. He too took risks and was finally martyred in a suicide bombing while serving as Commandant, Frontier Constabulary. (Source)

It has been reported that the 36-year old Ajmeer Shah wasn’t willing to get married as he used to say that he won’t be able to live long due to the countless risks to his life. But his parent in his native Charsadda finally prevailed upon him and arranged his marriage recently. Ajmeer Shah was right and now a young widow and old parents are left to mourn his death. (Source)

For a report in Urdu, read this article on BBC Urdu.

18 Comments to “Ajmeer Shah, you will not be mourned – by Laibaah”

  1. Nobody will mourn him. It was foolish of him to work against the power and the powerful.

  2. this is such a fantastic post needs to go into mainstream media

  3. we all love ajmir shah he was hero and he is hero. i use is for him because shaheed niver dies. he is the kpk police tiger.

  4. Excellent post indeed, a great to Tribute to Ajmer Shah

  5. A very sad day indeed. Most of the newspapers did not even mention his assassination. Most of TV channels ran a strip only. They were all occupied playing up Shahbaz Sharif’s rubbish against the parliament. The message is clear: Do not lock horns with the terrorists, or else. I hope there will be more like him who will not fear terrorists and continue to fight terrorism. May his soul rest in peace.

  6. Great job Laibah…
    I too had shared his story … and I would write something on my blog in Urdu as well. Keep it up

  7. Very brave man Ajmeer shah.The honest and loyal officer of police department KPk.I love u Ajmeer shah.May Allah Rest ur soul in peace..U r Alive in our hearts.

  8. I hope to my ALLAH InshahAllah you will be in Jannah we will recommending you to Allah your short life is more better than other dishonest police officers if these police officers have faith or Imman so they will lesson to your life and you have done and fulfill your duty….

  9. Oh! Syed Ajmir Shah, now you are not present amongst us . But your efforts has been seen every side in village. Oh! my brother! You were so brave like your father. You were the real successor of Hazrat Ali and Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). You were so honest and generous. You gave charity to poor and indeed this merit has lost your life, when u consider the suicide attacker as beggar and stopped car to give him charity.
    we lost the personality who fought for the sack of country and for poor people. He was the tiger of village tarkha Shabqadar. he will never die, because he is in our heart.
    i thanking especially Laibaah who wrote on his personality. and thanking every one who give tribute him and give rights to him instead of one who himself foolish and cowardly.
    by Shafiullah Spinvari Khel Tarkha Shabqadar.

  10. In a telephone call to reporters in Peshawar, a man claiming to be a spokesman for the rebel group Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan said the TTP was responsibility for the attack and will carry out more suicide attacks, a report in The Nation newspaper said.

    “Our target was Ajmeer Shah who had killed our commander Jannat Gul in a raid in Akora Khattak last month,” the TTP spokesman said.

    Shah, 36, was born in the district. He received the Presidential Pride of Performance Award for his part in tracking down Gul and for foiling many attempted terrorist attacks. For his efforts Shah had been receiving regular death threats from suspected terrorists.

    Gul, who also went by the names Jamaluddin and Qari Basit, was killed in a shootout with police in late September.

    Gul was wanted by police for his involvement in a bomb attack in the northwestern garrison city of Kohat. He was also blamed for a militant attack on police in Peshawar in August to free convicted Taliban commanders Zaqeem Shah and Nadeem Abbas.

    Three policemen were killed in the August attack carried out when a police team was taking the Taliban commanders from their prison to a dentist.

    Also in August, a bomb blast in Nowshera district targeted Pakistani military personnel at a restaurant, killing 10 people, including several air force personnel.

    Shah entered the police force as a constable in 1995 and was later appointed an instructor at the Police Academy in the city of Hangu, northwest Pakistan. He later served in Peshawar before transferring to Risalpur and marrying last year

    Read more: http://www.upi.com/Top_News/Special/2011/10/31/Decorated-Pakistani-cop-dies-in-attack/UPI-98851320063393/#ixzz1cchAAwwM

  11. Nowshera suicide attack: Amid tears and sobs, Ajmeer Shah laid to rest
    By Umer Farooq
    Published: October 30, 2011

    Police officials inspect wreckage of the vehicle following the suicide bomb attack. PHOTO: AFP
    Ajmeer Shah, the Station House Officer of Risalpur Police Station who was killed in the suicide attack in Nowshera on Friday, was laid to rest amid tears at his ancestral graveyard in Tarkha Koruna on Saturday.
    The attack occurred at around 11:30am at Bara Banada Chowk, targeting Ajmeer while he was patrolling the area with a gunman.
    The whole village was struck by an immense wave of grief as Shah, 32, was returned to the soil by his fellow villagers.
    However, Murad Ali Shah, the deceased’s father, stood out due to the confident expression on his face, and showed pride in his son’s selfless sacrifices to protect his fellow countrymen.
    “My son wanted to serve his country since he was a little boy. I will always be proud of him”, said Murad in a confident manner.
    A few villagers who were seen holding AK-47s outside Shah’s house were so grieved over his death that it seemed as if they were waiting to take avenge their neighbour’s assassination.
    The whole area was cordoned off by the police and family members.
    Ajmeer, who got married in February this year, was recently posted at the Risalpur Police Station to curb increasing militancy in the region.
    According to sources, Shah had played an important role in killing Qari Basit, a senior Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) militant, a few months back, which is believed to be the reason he was targeted.
    Due to his excellent performance, within a relatively short span of time, Ajmeer was promoted to inspector and was awarded with different distinctions including the Pride of Performance for his courage and success in missions against various militants and outlaws.
    “He was a bold man who never hesitated to fight criminals. He did everything to provide security to residents of the area. I always advised him to err on the side of caution and that his insistence on being the first at the crime scene could be dangerous for him,” said a police official close to Shah.
    Bacha Shah, one of Ajmeer’s brothers, said Ajmeer was beloved by the entire village as he had a very social and outgoing personality, despite the fact that he had to deal with criminals on a daily basis.
    “Over 300 people have come to offer their prayers for his soul, which shows how much people cared for him. He died while serving his country and we are all very proud of what he has done,” he remarked
    Published in The Express Tribune, October 30th, 2011.


  12. NOWSHERA: The authorities here Saturday launched a probe into the suicide attack in Risalpur in which Station House Officer (SHO) Ajmeer Shah and his driver were killed and another cop was injured.

    The sources said that different aspects of the incident were discussed at a meeting presided over by Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s new Inspector General of Police Mohammad Akbar Hoti.

    Capital City Police Officer Imtiaz Altaf and officials of the intelligence agencies also attended the meeting.

    The sources said that Ajmeer Shah, SHO of Risalpur Police Station, had been lured into reaching Bara Banda Chowk where a suicide bomber stated to be 19-year-old was waiting to target him.

    Some reports suggested that a motorcyclist dropped the suicide bomber at the place of the occurrence.

    According to those injured and also the intelligence agencies, the slain SHO mistook the bomber for a poor person and approached him to give him some alms. At the same time the bomber struck, blowing up himself and the Inspector Ajmeer Shah.

    There were also rumours that two families living in Bara Banda near Risalpur mysteriously disappeared following the suicide attack. Keeping in view the prevailing security situation, the sources said that security had been beefed up in Peshawar, Kohat and Mardan divisions.


  13. Qadir Shah, the in-charge of the escort vehicle that used to follow Ajmeer Shah who was under constant threat, witnessed the bombing. “We were on a routine patrol in Bara Banda and were 15 meters behind the jeep of the SHO when the waiting suicide bomber struck,” he recalled. “By the time I ran towards our SHO’s jeep and once the smoke and dust settled, Ajmeer Shah and his driver Takrimul Haq had been killed and gunman Shakil was lying wounded,” he added. He said the deceased SHO used to change his route regularly but on Friday he used the same way and was targeted.

    Thirty-six-year-old Ajmeer Shah was at the top of the target list of militants and was feared by both militants and hardened criminals. ìHis death would have brought a sense of relief in their ranks,î said an observer.

    Three earlier suicide bids on his life were foiled by intelligence agencies. However, the militants finally got him on Friday by using a suicide bomber to attack his luxury vehicle. “The bomber struck the vehicle of Ajmeer Shah like that another one did his mentor Safwat Ghayur, the senior cop who was serving as the commandant of the Frontier Constabulary when he was killed in a suicide attack August last year,” said Qadir Shah, adding that the legs of the suicide bomber landed on their vehicle after the blast.

    One could see a huge banner, now dotted with blood, close to the spot of the blast, inscribed with a welcoming slogan for Ajmeer Shah on his appointment as the SHO of the area. He had thousands of fans who backed him for showing no mercy against criminals.

    A search operation was launched all over Nowshera after the attack during which 25 suspects were arrested and shifted to an unknown location for interrogation. Senior police officers said Ajmeer Shah had been receiving threats for the last several months. The TTP wanted him killed as he had destroyed its network in many parts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

    “A suicide bomber has been sent to target me but I don’t care as I have to perform my duty,” Ajmeer Shah once told The News. He had busted the network of anti-state elements when Safwat Ghayur was commanding the Peshawar Capital City Police. He had arrested a number of would-be suicide bombers, their handlers, supporters and planners during crackdowns in different parts of the province.

    District Police Officer (DPO) Nowshera Muhammad Hussain and other top cops said the deceased officer had carried out operations in Kaka Sahib, Badrashi and other villages and killed and arrested top militant commanders like Abu Haider, Abu Saeed, Qari Aqeel and Jannat Gul aka Qari Basit. The officers said the deceased had also arrested the mastermind of the Shabqadar blast in which over 80 Frontier Constabulary recruits were killed. They said he had also arrested those involved in bombings at a bakery on The Mall Nowshera and in the local courts.

    Ajmeer Shah had however earned criticism in the missing persons’ case and was summoned by the Peshawar High Court (PHC) on a number of occasions. The court had also ordered the authorities to probe his assets since his luxury vehicle and life-style were deemed beyond the status of an SHO.

    The funeral prayers for Ajmeer Shah and his driver Takreem Shah were offered at the Malik Saad Shaheed Police Lines in Peshawar and attended by Governor Barrister Masood Kausar, Chief Minister Ameer Haider Hoti, Senior Minister Bashir Ahmad Bilour, Inspector General of Police Akbar Hoti, cabinet members, top police and civil officials and friends of Ajmeer Shah.

    Ajmeer Shah was recruited in the police force as a constable in 1995 and had topped his training course. Subsequently, he was appointed an instructor at the Police Training College, Hangu. He also topped his intermediate course. He served in Peshawar and was later transferred to Nowshera Kalan as SHO. He headed several operations against militants and hardened criminals from 2007 till his death. He married last year on the insistence of his elderly parents and is survived by his young widow. He has received Presidential and Chief Minister Awards.


  14. Ajmir Shah was a matchless police officer
    Three TTP spokesmen claim responsibility for slaying
    By Javed Aziz Khan
    PESHAWAR – Fallen police officer Ajmir Shah, 36, had earned such a heroic reputation that three different spokesmen for the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) rushed to take responsibility for his October 28 slaying.

    Then-Nowshera District Police Officer Nisar Tanoli (left), now a deputy inspector general of police, pins inspector’s stars on Ajmir Shah in Nowshera in 2010. Ajmir, a much-revered police officer, was killed in a suicide attack October 28 in Nowshera District. [Javed Khan]

    Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Governor Masood Kausar (at head of coffin) salutes Ajmir Shah October 28 at the Malik Saad Shaheed Police Lines in Peshawar. [Javed Khan]
    Related Articles
    Charsadda suicide attack kills 12
    Foreign couple carried out D.I. Khan attack, police say
    Peshawar CID bombing kills at least 8
    Ihsanullah Ihsan, the TTP’s main spokesman, was the first to claim responsibility for the officer’s death.

    Next came Sirajuddin, spokesman for the TTP’s Swat chapter, who said: “He killed one of our commanders, Jannat Gul … in Akora Khattak in September.”

    Finally, the TTP Dara Adamkhel chapter called journalists in Kohat to take responsibility.

    Plaudits for Ajmir
    “He was an extraordinary cop. … That was why TTP’s different chapters immediately claimed responsibility,” said Deputy Inspector General of Police Nisar Tanoli.

    “Ajmir was an extraordinarily brave officer who was matchless in operations and excellent in interrogations. At the same time, he was … a true professional,” Tanoli told Central Asia Online.

    The traders’ community in Nowshera announced three days of mourning following news of his death.

    Ajmir joined the police force in 1995 and was at the top of his class in his training and intermediate courses. He quickly rose through the ranks, thanks to his dedication, intelligence and bravery.

    “He was a real-life hero, going after criminals and terrorists even outside his area of jurisdiction. He was always ready to kill and die,” said Akhtar Khan, a resident of Nowshera Kalan, where Ajmir received his first posting as station house officer (SHO).

    Wherever Ajmir was posted, militants and criminals soon realised they had to flee, Khan said. “He was in public demand and was always warmly welcomed by the people … where he was posted.”

    Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) high government and police officials attended Ajmir’s funeral at Malik Saad Shaheed Police Lines in Peshawar.

    “Ajmir has offered the supreme sacrifice … (he) led innumerable successful operations against militants and criminals,” said Chief Minister Ameer Haider Hoti, who lauded the sacrifices of the KP Police.

    Ajmir was a fan of Additional Inspector General of Police Safwat Ghayur, who killed and arrested hundreds of militants and criminals before a suicide bomber killed him in Peshawar Cantonment in August 2010. Many junior cops nicknamed Ajmir Safwat.

    “Ajmir … used to avoid public invitations (to social events) so his work would not suffer,” said Tanoli, who recalled meeting Ajmir for the first time at 3am during an operation in Nowshera.

    TTP tried 4 times to kill him
    The TTP had tried three times to kill him in recent months.

    “I know the suicide bombers are after me, but I have to perform my duty,” Ajmir told Central Asia Online a few months before his killing.

    The fourth attempt, however, succeeded.

    “Our escort vehicle was 15m behind the vehicle of the SHO when it slowed down over a speed breaker in Bara Banda Chowk (market). As the car slowed down, a 19-year-old boy went close to the SHO and blew himself up,” recalled Abdul Qadir Shah, the officer-in-charge of Ajmir’s escort. Investigators suspect militants lured Ajmir to Bara Banda Chowk. They say the area was chosen because Ajmir had only one possible route to the market.

    “Ajmir never (used) the same route on patrol … but on October 28 he had to come back … the same way for lack of an alternative,” Shah said.

    The blast took place near a huge banner locals had hung to welcome Ajmir’s posting. The banner is now spotted with his blood.

    Numerous achievements
    Ajmir led operations in Kaka Sahib, Badrashi, Akora Khattak, Jehangira, Kheshgi and other villages and killed and had arrested top militant commanders, including Jannat Gul aka Qari Basit, Abu Haider, Abu Saeed, Qari Aqeel, said Muhammad Hussain, district police officer for Nowshera.

    “Ajmir also arrested the mastermind of the Shabqadar blast in which over 80 Frontier Constabulary recruits were killed and had solved the bombings at a bakery on The Mall in Nowshera and in the local courts during recent months,” Hussain said.

    Investigators fear militants will keep Nowshera under constant attack now that they have eliminated Ajmir. Police have received information that more suicide bombings are planned, Akhtar Ali Khan, deputy superintendent of police for Nowshera Cantonment, said.

    “The security of sensitive areas and important personalities, including provincial Information Minister Mian Iftikhar Hussain, has been increased following the threats,” Akhtar said.

    Ajmir always knew the risks he was taking.

    “Ma Lewanee da khpali khawri da namoos pa khatir, hagha qarzoona hum ada kral chi rapori na woo” (“I paid the price for the dignity of my soil that I was not even supposed to pay”) was a text message he sent to a senior police officer a few days before death.

    Ajmir long resisted his parents’ insistence that he marry, saying he did not expect to live long. However, he took a bride eight months ago and now leaves a young widow as well as his parents.


  15. this young Police offices should have lived more…. I lived in RisalPur for 5 years and i like the people of that area and around so much…Tragic Death of this young officer is hearbreaking……

  16. cadet inspector syed ajmir tarkhvi is a brave police officer of kpk police department sacrifice for his country on oct 28 2011 on friday at 09:00 am at bara banda resalpur mardan.he is a brave police officer all distt nowshera witnees on him.he made some useful operation against terrarist.he also recieved president award and pride of performance and brave police officer award from chief minster kpk amir khaider khan hoti.we salute to his bravness.

  17. Why not. We salute you brave officer and brave son of soil. I read this post after almost 6 years of his death but I am feeling that as it has happend now. May Allah grant you a palce in jannatulfirdaus . A salute from Punjab to great son of soil.

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