Riaz Malik debunks BBC report and sings a paen for PTI Jalsa

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Aha, Liberal fascist Kamran must be crushed. See how great patriot and defender of Pak Fauj, Ejaz Haider has decontructed this falsehood of a BBC report in his typically brillliant, “Journalism or Jabberwocky” http://www.pakistantoday.com.pk/2011/10/journalism-or-jabberwocky/

In doing so, he has shown us that he is not only a great journalist but is also a master at English literature when he alludes to Lewis Carrol in the title. I salute him, Mosharraf Zaidi, Omar Waraich, Ayesha Tammy Haq and Cyril Almeida for coming out openly as PTI supportors on twitter while reporting the PTI jalsa. Now, we, Pakistani nationalist patriots who oppose the US but not Taliban can all come out ………. as PTI supporters.
I also salute those other journalists who can never critique great patriots like Ejaz Haider and his fantastic work on Balochistan!

In his article, Ejaz Haider has exposed the non sequitors, deflections, ommissions, errors, lies, misconceptions and strawmanning in the BBC documentary; tactics that are never used by luminous journalists like him and the other champions of Pakistani media like Ansar Abbasi, Mosharaf Zaidi, Hamid Mir, Nasim Zehra, Omar Warriach, Talat Hussain, Cyril Almeida, Javed Chaudhary etc. Pakistan’s interests and the facts on the ground support Ejaz Haider and not the BBC! After all, Osama bin Laden was discovered lounging around in Camp David and there were no Jews in Abbotabad the day the Americans violated us – again.

Both Kamran and this Aurakzai fellow can jabber all you want about what Pathan Pishtachio Walnuts really want and if our beloved anti-imperialist Pak Fauj is supporting anti-imperialist Che’ Taliban Gueveras.  Who gives a damn.  We want a rain of dollars, Yuan and Euros and we want the rule of the Pious Technocrats ala Bangladesh Model under the Caliphate of Hazrat Imran Khan. We will then turn the vision of beloved, marginalized, under-funded, under-previleged, non-corrupt, oppressed Pak Fauj of enjoying Nihari at Lal Qila Delhi into a reality.

No longer will they ever have to suffer the indignity of having Nihari at Muhammadi Nihari Mozang Chowk, Lahore or Ghaffar Kebab House, Karachi. Zaid Hamid and Ejaz Haider are the two sides of the same patriotic coin and will strive in the media for this patriotic dream. Mashallah say, the USIP-JI report is already a great first step and only 3-4 liberal fascist pipliyas  will talk about this silly BBC report while the urban champions chart a new course for Pakistan – Jazakallah!

The fact is that we know have most of the pop stars in our PTI fold, aside from pretty-boy Mimbo-clueless types like Laal.  Pakistan’s great intellectual (Dr. Shahid Masood ofcourse)  will also ensure that we have the models like his friends Aijaz Aslam and Adnan Siddiqui in the PTI lashkar against PPP corruption – because the rest of Pakistan was totally clean before the advent of paleeth Bhuttos and Zardaris.

(refer to my “Imran Khan takes over Lahore – by Riaz Malik”  where I have praised the rally in advance, Subhanallah

Lastly, I want to allegedly thank comrade General Pasha, Maulana Ludhianvi, Allama Hafiz Saeed, Allama Iqbal, Shehzad Roy, Ali Azmat, Strings, Flood Relief fund accounts, SKMT, Rasool Baksh Rais and the good looking people at LUMS, Sipahe-e-Sahaba, Jamaat-e-Islami for their alleged diplomatic, political, moral, aesthetic and financial support for the resounding PTI concert at Minar-e-Pakistan. Together, we will sweep away the dirty, uneducated and brainless rural idiots whose vote to corrupt Sindhi feudal imperialists like Jamshed Dashti has enabled the Bhutto tyranny over Pakistan.

It would be blasphemous to ignore the magnificent oratory of Hazrat Imran Khan. I can imagine Bhutto, Mandela, Pericles and Martin Luther King getting red with envy after hearing Hazrat Imran Khan’s speech at the PTI concert against PPP corruption.( FYI, Dr. King had secretly converted to Islam when he heard the azaan from behind the Washington Memorial during his “I have a Dream” speech and was re-muslimed as Mohammad Lohar Khan but thats another story….).  It is speeches like this that reflect the depths of Hazrat Imran Khan’s intelligence, sagacity, wit and ab-pec workouts.

‘ye baazi gel ki baazi hai
ye baazi tum he haaro gey,
har ghar se Toru niklay ga
tum kitnay Strings Bajao gey’
Riaz Malik

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