Liberal fascists launch an attack on Imran Khan’s financial credibility – by Riaz Malik Hajjaji

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As the tail wind of the Hazrat Imran Khan Tsunami, I want to inform you, my millions of readers, of the latest media attacks by the liberal fascists on Imran Khan.  We all know that in Pakistan, the media is dominated by liberal fascists like Kamran Shafi, Farhat Taj, Dr. Taqi, Nadeem Paracha, Fasi Zaki and Dr. Siddiqa. These are the people who dominate both our electronic and print media and not a day goes by when they are not on some channel along with other fascists like Prof. Hoodbhoy. These liberal fascists then gang up and start bullying pious muslims like Ansar Abbasi, Irfan Siddiqi, Hamid Mir, Ejaz Haider, Kamran Khan, Talat Hussain and Nasim Zehra.

It is only Marxist TV channels like GEO that provide the alternate viewpoint and give airtime to Islamo-Marxists like Hazrat Imran Khan, the one and only liberal of Pakistan!  The owners of GEO do all sorts of hard labour to keep up the only channel of truth in Pakistan because the JANG group is the only anti-establishment voice in Pakistan.

I will now proceed to present the allegations against Hazrat Imran Khan and I will then demolish these allegations and win another battle with these liberal fascists. Not only that, these liberal fascists will have to publish my volley of truth and justice on their websites and facebook pages.

Here is what Dr. Taqi wrote against Imran Khan in his column for Daily Times today

“For example, one of the newest converts to the PTI, Mian Muhammad Azhar had, ostensibly, remarked on a recent television show — the YouTube clips of which have now mysteriously disappeared — that Imran Khan does raise funds (simultaneously) for the SKMH and the PTI. A prominent anchor and former information secretary of the PTI, Nasim Zehra, despite her kid-glove treatment of Imran Khan in a recent interview, was forced to ask about his personal assets and property. Even though Ms Zehra did not ask pertinent follow-up questions, Imran Khan was visibly antsy answering queries about his financial propriety.”

This is what a blogger has said:

“Now comes the confusion. Haroon-ur-Rasheed, noted journalist and a known supporter of Imran Khan (I have personal respect for Mr. Rasheed for being a relatively honest person) has in his column in Jang dated 4th November, 2011 titled “قریب تر ہے نمود جس کی…”, has added to the confused state of affairs. He says which I am trying to translate as:

“Servants and those looking to serve in future have made the Captain’s house as controversial. Firstly, anyone can make or purchase anything with his honest and true source of income. Secondly, 280 Kanals of land was bought at a price of Rs. 140,000 per Kanal, and approximately Rs. 20 million were spent on construction. How much is this? In those days, a 2 Kanal house in E-7 would cost the same. He is fortunate that prices rose in this area and it rose as much as 30 times, just like his popularity has. He sourced this money by selling his flat in London, which he had bought for GBP 50,000 at a price of GBP 700,000. The money was remitted through banking channel. Each penny has been paid tax upon.”

This coming from Haroon ur Rasheed sahab, has to have some value. 280 Kanals @ Rs. 140,000 = Rs. 39,200,000 and Rs. 20,000,000 on construction gives it a cost of Rs. 59 million approximately.  Unfortunately, this is more likely to be true, but what Imran Khan stated in his FY2007 statement of assets as a member parliament was misleading. Either of the above is true. Imran Khan’s submitted statement (I am assuming has been signed by him) or Haroon ur Rasheed sahab. If Haroon ur Rasheed is true then Dawn News has hit the right spot while Imran Khan has knowingly given a wrong statement and misled the people.”

Imran Khan’s financial credibility five months down the road

This is what the Aloo Anday singer said about Hazrat Imran Khan:

“Moving on, Imran Khan is very determined about keeping a check on the assets of the current political figures. But shouldn’t these good intentions begin at home? A well-known political analyst from PTI said that Imran’s annual income culminates to 2 crores from which he donates around 1 crore to Shaukat Khanum and other non-profit institutions. But one can’t but have conjectures about where the dough is coming from for all his campaigning. The lighting at Minar-i-Pakistan that day was very well. And then there was the new campaign style introduced by IK – inviting singers to jalsas and covering their boarding and lodging.There were also the caravan of floaters (publicity vans) that roamed around the city with Imran’s posters. These ring a bell in one’s mind about the finances. Given Imran’s insistence that party members aren’t rich enough, one has to ask: where is the money coming from?”

Imran Khan is playing in the hands of the military establishment – by Ali Aftab (Beygairat Brigade)

I will now start with the last allegation by this weak man who is probably a Hindu RAW agent; What is my proof you ask?

He only eats Aloo Anday, and NOT Aloo Ghosht like all muslims should do. How can a proud Islamic Pakistan take an Aloo Anday eating thin man seriously! Watch this video of his band and you will know what I mean:

Now on to Ahmed Iqbalabadi’s silly questions about financial transparency; my response is Bah!  Hambug!  Everyone of my millions of readers can see Imran Khan’s humble abode in this youtube clip:

After seeing the wretched living conditions that Hazrat Imran Khan has to put up with, people should shut up. I for one have no problems in believing that this is a gift from Jemima Khan to her ex-husband and probably costed a few thousand rupees at most or a little over one lac ruppees (approx $1,200 USD).  One canal (500 sq. Yards approx) could easily be purchased for Rs. 1.25 in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad during 2002. Similarly construction costs in Pakistan during 2002 were 4 annas or Rs. 0.25 per square foot (approx half a cent in 2002 swap rates) There is nothing wrong here okay so Mr. Ahmed should be quiet and concentrate on the palaces that PPP thugs have made in Lyari and Thokar Niaz Baig.


Now finally moving on to Dr. Taqi. This is the same man who had written “Imran Khan: A Taliba Goebbels”


a year ago. Why should the views of those who critisize our holy Islamo-Marxist anti-imperialist Holy Warriors, the Taliban, be taken into consideration! Case dismissed.

So what if Imran Khan does not want foreign aid for Pakistan from America!!

Does that mean he should not accept American donations for SKMT and PTI? What sort of logic is this??

I was thrilled to see how Imran Khan handled a hostile and pointed interview by neutral PTI supportor Nasim Zehra where he schooled her on finance in general and Present value calculations.  Here he himself says that his 3 acre estate on an Islamabad forest-hill suburb cost him Rs. 135,000 (approx $2,250 in 2002 conversion rates). Construction costs must have been free and we all know that such things are never taken into asset evaluation.  You can see the exchange here where Imran Khan very correctly informs PTI supporter Nasim Zehra that assets should be valued at the same price that they were 50 years ago because we all know that land value never appreciates.!  (Nasim Zehra interview of Imran Khan)

Hazrat Imran Khan is also validated in this media segment:

Everyone knows that the Zaman Park property of Imran Khan had nothing to do with the Evacuee Trust and was always owned by his ancestors, unlike the Zardaris and Bhuttos; opportunists who gobbled up property all over Pakistan after migrating penniless from Goa in 1957.  Imran Khan’s father was the most honest bureacrat in Pakistan’s civil services and NO questions need to be asked there. Asking such questions against Hazrat Imran Khan would be akin to blasphemy because today, the educated urbanites, Jamaat-e-Islami and Sipah-e-Sahaba finally have our own popular leader who will sweep the next elections.

Game, Set and Match. See how I hit all these allegations for a Six!

Now I will launch my attack on one of the main liberal fascists, Nadeem Paracha.

This is a man who lives on a million acre estate on the border of DHA and Clifton in Karachi: property that has been snatched from innocent begumaats by the Devil himself, Zardari ofcourse. Every year on his birthday, Nadeem Paracha is weighed in gold by Zardari in Bilawal House and the gold along with one billion euros is then gifted to him. He does no work but zooms around Karachi in his diamond plated Porsche while smoking Monte Cristos wrapped in Rs. 5,000 notes. Every week, he and Fasi Zaka loot Khada Market in Defense to fund their lavish parties.

To those who don’t know, Khada Market is the place where the Socialist-Peasant Seths of Karachi store their gold that is the result of their hard labour and every week, Nadeem, Fasi and an army of 50,000 Lyari Jiyalas come storming down in a fleet of Humees to loot this area on behalf of Zardari. In these parties, barrels of Beluga caviar is consumed along with Biryani that is supplied by Mossad. These parties are held in Nadeem Paracha’s famous Winter Palace with Gold chandeliors and marble floors spread over acres on a private Karachi beach which has its own 5000 mile coastline. This beach is off limits to Non-Jiyalas and these parties last for weeks on end.

Fasi and Nadeem don’t do any work and for their weekly columns and articles, they have employed 50 journalism students in Pune University in India and a 100 students in University of Tel Aviv in Israel who are doing their Phd. in Global Domination. Underfunded Islamo-communists intellectuals like Hazrat Zaid Hamid are waging an intellectual war with these liberal fascists and thanks to his bravery (first displayed in the Liberation of Afghanstian circa 1996), Zaid Hamid has won the day against these liberal fascists and their comrade Marvi Sirmed. Watch this video clip where Zaid Hamid defeats the baseless arguements of Marvi Sirmed:

Hazrat Zaid Hamid is a comrade of Hazrat Imran Khan and in a followup, I will also publish the picture of the two of them together along with another great Pakistani intellectual, Lt. Gen. (r) Hamid Gul.

My fellow PTI supporters; we are winning the day. In this post, I have vanquished all the silly, baseless corruption allegations against Hazrat Imran Khan.  We are very close to the new DAWN that was talked about by the pious musalmaan poet and lover of Hazrat Zia ul Haq, Faiz Ahmed Faiz. Dispair not. The new DAWN is fast approaching when we will vanquish the liberal fascists and after 64 years of struggle, we will take back Pakistan from the Jiyalas and give it back to the those of us who really matter: the educated urban youth, our brave and underfunded army generals and our pious Islamic scholars and brave anti-establishment journalists like Maulana Ludhianvi, Fatima Bhutto, Zaid Hamid, Ejaz Haider, Hamid Mir, Cyril Almeida, Zafar Abbas, Najam Sethi and Maulana Abdul Aziz whose immortal bravery during the siege of the Lal Masjid will be passed on down the ages and will merit a Nishan-e- Haider in the coming caliphate of Hazrat Imran Khan.

Riaz Malik

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