Why Imran Khan should be worried about PTI’s Vice President Shahid Qazi’s resignation – by Laibaah

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Imran Khan and his political party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) suffered its biggest blow yet as one of its main leaders from Balochistan resigned, alleging that the party was toeing the line of Pakistan’s all powerful military establishment.

According to news reports, Central Vice President of Imran Khan’s PTI, Shahid Qazi resigned from the party blaming the central leadership of ignoring the province. Shahid Qazi, who is also a member of PTI’s Central Executive Committee (CEC) and its core group, also tendered his resignation from the basic membership of the PTI.

Qazi listed several grievances against the party chief Imran Khan including his acceptance of known pro-establishment opportunists and turncoats (lotas) from other political parties (PML-Q, PML-N, PPP etc) while ignoring the protest of sincere workers, and PTI’s complete silence on atrocities of Pakistan army against the Baloch people.  He said many Q-League leaders and opportunists from other parties are being accepted in PTI and more are to be accepted according to party’s policy.

Contents of Shahid Qazi’s resignation letter

“PTI is accepting all those people who are openly working for the establishment and recent policy changes strongly point towards the policies of the military establishment. Qazi identified the party’s attitude towards Balochistan, the leadership’s contacts with the MQM, policy to accept former aides of General Pervez Musharraf into PTI folds, no intra-party elections, and becoming the ‘establishment’s party’ as the reasons leading to his resignation. Qazi said that PTI’s central leadership had “always ignored Balochistan”. To substantiate his point, he claimed that the last rally was held almost two years ago in October 2009. Qazi also criticised the party’s policy of accepting PML-Q members saying, Q-League was responsible for many evils, including the murder of Akbar Khan Bugti and the killings of innocent Pakistanis. “It is very unfortunate that many Q-league leaders are being accepted by the PTI,” he added. Qazi said that Imran had ignored the protest of sincere workers over his telephonic conversation with MQM chief Altaf Hussain. Qazi added that no intra-party elections had been held in the past 10 years, which has opened the door for appointment of sycophants with examples abundant in the party’s central leadership.

Sources: The Nation, Express, Express Tribune

In summary, Shahid Qazi has resigned in protest on following grounds:

1) Imran Khan’s failure to hold elections in PTI
2) Imran Khan’s failure to organize demonstrations and sit-ins against the murder of the Baloch people by Pakistan army
3) PTI’s acceptance of known turn-coats and opportunists from other political parties including those belonging to PPP, PML-N, PML-Q and Musharraf group
4) Imran Khan’s links with pro-establishment parties including Jamaat-e-Islami, PML-Q, Musharraf League, MQM etc.

Qazi is known to be a strong advocate of intra-party elections; under his presidency PTI Balochistan chapter held regular elections. PTI has almost nil presence in Balochistan, Qazi was working very hard to develop PTI as a grassroots party in the province.

See Shahid Qazi’s views on military operations in Balochistan (2:30 onwards):

We appreciate Qazi’s bold, principled stance and salute him on his moral courage.  At the time when PTI has a chance to have considerable influence in Pakistani politics, its VP from Balochistan is leaving the party which shows that he is genuinely frustrated with the party’s policy. We hope that Imran Khan will give serious thought to Qazi’s complaints and will make an effort to address those issues and bring Qazi back to the party. We also suggest that Imran Khan considers getting rid of his VP from Punjab who is known to have links with extremist organizations (Sipah-e-Sahaba, Kahatam-e-Nabuwat etc).

Khan must also consider his policy of accepting turncoats and corrupt politicians in PTI. As noted by veteran columnist Kamran Shafi:

So then, the anti-politician politician is getting set to welcome into his party’s fold at least ‘12 former ministers’ alongside several ‘heavyweights’, whatever that means. Does Imran understand that accepting these much-travelled lotas and turncoats who have changed political parties like one would change clothes will do him no credit at all? That lotaism is the worst corruption in politics, for you change loyalties to get rewards: from sitting government’s jobs and patronage, from what are believed to be up and coming political parties such as the PTI, getting on to the bandwagon? Or was it always the case that he said one thing but meant entirely another?

PTI’s reaction

Unfortunately, not unlike Dr. AQ Khan saga, PTI’s response has been less than mature. Instead of giving serious consideration to Shahid Qazi’s legitimate complaints, the party spokesperson (PTI Information Secretary Umer Cheema) has brushed aside all allegations levelled by Qazi saying, “These allegations are baseless. It could only be his (Qazi’s) personal opinion.”

Thus, not unlike the treatment meted out to Dr. AQ Khan after he refused to join the PTI, Shahid Qazi too is being abused and ridiculed by PTI members and fans for daring to criticize the party leadership. In the meanwhile, PTI keeps accepting political turn-coats and pro-establishment lotas from other political parties. Latest addition to the PTI are Awais Leghari of PML-Q (ex-Millat Party) and former intelligence cheif Masood Sharif Khattak. This gives further credence to the allegation that the PTI is the new king’s party in Pakistan’s politics.

15 Responses to “Why Imran Khan should be worried about PTI’s Vice President Shahid Qazi’s resignation – by Laibaah”

  1. Does PTI even has any outside Punjab and KPK? I doubt

  2. Interesting article Imran Khan should consider every little aspect in his politics or else results will be the same as that of other political parties

  3. its very sad that such an asset and a credible leader like shahid qazi left PTI, i dont see him just as a bloch but an asset for whole nation. PTI should try to negotiate with him and convince him to change his decision and also give also do practical work for Baluchistan

  4. hahahhahahh every one knows about the character and capacity of Shahid Qazi, I am Baloch of Karachi, if Qazi was for some more time in PTI, most of the sincere and intilectual youth would have left the party. I am sure this is posted by his family member coz all intelectuals know about Qazi.

  5. PTI is given the task to remain in punjab and DEVIDE the vote bank of PLM-N, nothing else.

  6. Jameel Ahmed lolx man ask yr family member also to make one report for u lyk da above mention dear… n den do telme abt dat report i’ll also leave ma comment dere…

  7. PTI has started its active politics with the induction of turncoats and rejected politicians of mostly Q League. Imran Khan has been claiming over a decade that he would not induct such category in his party. In fact he had no option but induct such people to get respectable votes if elections are held in a fair way. Imran Khan please don’t befool innocent people.

  8. There are no turncoats and rejected Q LEAGUE members joining Iran Khan. Now u uneducated freaks, listen to me very carefully! They were not rejected from Q-League, they were begged and even asked to become federal ministers for the alliance between Q and PPP. Now if u think Awais Leghari and Ghulam sarwar khan are So called lootas, then i challenge u to prove a single corruption case on any one of these people.

  9. PTI is a bubble blown from ISI mouth,It is not gonna stay longer, top of that all corrupt political garbage has been collected by captain,now how can imran even think to bring revolution through young,educated,poor,middle class prsentation that has been thrown away from PTI.
    One thing is clear like crystal that no one can have the presentation of middle class in polatics like MQM had done in Pakistan, other parties only slogans..

  10. PTI is just another PML Q in making, and Imran khan is the improved version of Chudary Shujat

  11. Will Imran Khan also accept Zardari in his party if he wows to change himself ???

  12. well this is our problem here with us all (pakitanis in general).. lets be honest with ourselves first.. we all, pti supporters, criticise everything and anything AGAINST our party on net and tv talk shows. its very true and i admit it… BUT there is a not a single chance missed by the rest of pakistanis (those against PTI) to criticize IK and PTI whenever there is an article like this and a talk show against pti n ik … but still people on media say that PTI supporters use abusive language against anchors..i accept it with grace..yes we do abuse them..but so do the haters abuse IK and PTI and PTI supporters..why don’t they show the same thing on media as well ?? whats wrong with this media? why don’t they accept this fact also ?

    anyways back to the topic.. Mr. Qazi might have made a right decision lets not argue about it.. he might have made a wrong decision too.. its just his views that he mentioned in the resignation letter who knows the logic behind doing all this…?? the good thing is that IK clearly accepted the fact that people are leaving us also at the same time coming into the party…so that meanz IK has taken a note of this… so this article is pure written by someone who never actually support IK to be honest..and it shows it clearly because if u watch IK;s recent interviews and tv talk shows he clearly mentioned this issue over a 100 times already…

  13. How many people knew Shahid Qazi before his resignation? Raise your hands. A poor attempt at raising his profile. Shahid Qazi very well knows Imran is in favor of intra-party elections. Shahid Qazi has been in UK for the last three years. He probably failed to mention that in his resignation letter. What a great timing for Shahid Qazi to announce his resignation. WOW. Anyone is Baluchistan who knows Shahid Qazi can easily refute these allegations.

  14. Totally agree with your suggestion… Very nice post and good information here… Thanks for posting that….


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