Graphic details of murder of Brahumdagh Bugti’s sister and niece on 31 Jan 2012

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Brahamdagh Bugti’s sister, and Mehran Baluch’s sister-in-law Zamur Bugti (34), and 13-year old daughter, Jaana Domki were visiting the house of Zamur’s maternal uncle after attending a wedding ceremony of a cousin at Carlton Hotel in D.H.A, Karachi. They were accompanied by their driver (Barkat Baloch) and a helper’s 12 year old daughter. They were travelling in a black Toyota sedan (Registration: ANR-353). The car also had an MPA Balochistan plate on it.

Between 1 and 1:30 AM on the 31st of January, shortly after leaving the uncle’s house, a black coloured car intercepted Bugti’s car near Gizri Bridge, Clifton. A man dressed in black shalwar kameez and wearing a black face mask jumped out of the car and shot the driver, Barkat Baloch, as they tried to get away. The driver was killed on the spot as a result of multiple bullet wounds to the head. Then the assailant opened the rear door at which point two bikes arrived at the scene and parked on the left and right side of the car. Upon opening the door, Zamur Bugti offered her jewellery, phone and valuables to the man, thinking that he was a robber. In response the killer told Zamur that he didn’t need her valuables and that he was there to kill her and her daughter, in urdu. Zamur Bugti told him to spare her daughter and that he could kill her. At this point the killer went to the daughter who was sitting on the front passenger seat and fired multiple shots at her, hitting her in the chest and neck.

Zamur Bugti was made to witness the brutal killing of her daughter. Zamur Bugti was then shot over a dozen times in the head, face and neck at point blank range and was left in a pool of blood. During this incident, the police were spectating from a distance.

We have gathered all this information from a first-hand witness who was a helper’s daughter. She was deliberately spared by the killer. The girl ran back to the house which they had just left and informed the family there of what had happened. The family members immediately rushed to the scene where they found the previously spectating policemen close to the victims’ bodies, trying to steal jewellery the victims were wearing. A family member who just arrived at the scene from the uncle’s house witnessed this and yelled at them and told them to get away, so they stepped back. No personal belongings were taken.

The victims were then taken to the hospital.

Zamur Bugti was the grandaughter of Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti and daughter of the late Rehan Bugti. She was the older sister of Brahamdagh Bugti and wife of Balochistan MPA Bakhtiar Domki, who is part of the opposition in the Balochistan assembly. Domki is also a maternal grandson of Nawab Akbar Bugti.

Bakhtiar Domki has held the state’s intelligence agencies responsible for what he has called a targeted killing.

Zamur Bugti had received threats previously. A number of Baloch women related to leading Baloch nationalist figures have also have received threats in the past.

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Source: Baloch Samachar

One Comment to “Graphic details of murder of Brahumdagh Bugti’s sister and niece on 31 Jan 2012”

  1. ‘Domki family killing was a message’S. Raza Hassan | Metropolitan > Karachi | From the Newspaper Yesterday
    KARACHI, Feb 4: Investigators who interviewed the only witness to the targeted killing of the wife, daughter and driver of Balochistan provincial assembly member Mir Muhammad Bakhtiar Khan Domki, a young maid employed by the family, feel certain that the killings were carried out to convey a message to Brahmadagh Bugti, the grandson of the slain Nawab Akbar Bugti.

    Mr Domki’s wife was Brahmadagh Bugti’s sister.

    The maid had narrated the incident to senior law-enforcement officers before she was handed over to the bereaved family hours after the attack.

    During the early hours of Jan 31, at around 1:30 am, assailants killed Jhumar, 32, and her daughter Janna, 13, and their driver at a deserted street close to the Gizri bridge within the
    remit of the Clifton police station.

    Apart from the young maid, there is no other witness to the gory killings. The fact that the girl was spared suggests that it was not a random, but very selective targeted killing, the investigators remarked.

    Requesting anonymity they told Dawn that the girl saw three men come out of a car that intercepted their vehicle and first kill the driver. The men separated the maid from the rest and then killed Janna.

    Upon this, Janna’s mother became hysterical, asking the attackers what they would do next. They replied that they were going to kill her, and proceeded to do just that, the investigators quoting the young maid told Dawn.

    The murders were committed with two AK-47 rifles fired at point-blank range. An empty magazine and several dozen spent bullet casings were recovered from the crime-scene by the police.

    According to the investigators, it appeared that the attackers were following their target and chose a deserted street for the killing.

    Although the make of the car used in the attack is not yet clear, the investigators said that as per the maid’s account, it was a small black car.

    The use of an assault rifle in such a murder is a question that investigators are still pondering over.

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