Sami Shah – comedian, writer and a disrespectful thug – by Ravez Junejo

by admin

Note: Obscene language is used in some of the tweets reproduced in this post. Readers’ discretion is advised. We don’t have any personal differences with Sami Shah; the aim of this post is to exemplify what exactly is wrong with Pakistan’s urban (fake) liberal class, those who remain not only selective moral and urban centric but are also very insecure and abusive when challenged on their hypocrisy.


Who in the world is Sami Shah? Have you heard of him or know what he does? For a long time I had no knowledge of this individual or his raison d’être. Till I read a post on PB (Pakistan Blogzine) about how a group of prominent (read notorious) urban (read Karachi and Lahore based) ‘liberals’ had flattered their way into the social circle of Tristram Perry, the Information Officer at US Consulate Lahore.

Within that post, extracts of a conversation between noted human rights activist @Laibaah1 and some of these ‘liberals’ had been copied and pasted. One of those conversations involved the use of absolutely vulgar and demeaning language by a @samishah whose bio identifies him as “Comedian, Writer, Graphic Designer, Producer, Sapien.” Disrespectful thug would be a welcome addition to this list considering the guttural vocabulary of his discourse.

After I had completed reading the post in question, I tweeted through my Twitter profile (@ravezjunejo) how @samishah had acted as a “D-bag” (a word that would not be out of place in his vocabulary) and that the PB post by @Laibaah1 that used his tweets had brought unnecessary attention to him. (NOTE: Tweets have been colour-coded in that BLUE tweets are of @samishah and RED tweets are of @ravezjunejo)

“Wow @samishah is a total D-bag!” “Ironically I didn’t really know who @samishah was until @Laibaah1 wrote that post abt him. She brings them so much unnecessary attention :P” (See screen cap S1).

As I had expected, I got an angry response from @samishah instead of a reasoned reply. To my pleasant surprise, there was a swear word in there for me too!

“@ravezjunejo wait there is a post about me? In which i am a douchebag? And you wanted me to know? Thanks cunt.” (See S2)

Normally I would be ashamed of using the language that I was forced to use by this person. But my inhibition was weakened by my resolve to teach this one rowdy brat a proper lesson in a language he’d understand. Be comfortable with really.

“@samishah cunt? Im not your mother asshole.”

“@ravezjunejo Good one! You suck your dad off with that mouth?” (See S3)

“@ravezjunejo  lets remember u insulted me out of the blue. Much like Laibah did, who went on to write column w/o mentioning i was trolled” (S4)

Now this last tweet seemed somewhat defensive. Maybe he realised he was way out of line with his unwarranted verbal attacks at me and tried to rationalise them by blaming me on bringing this fusillade of abuses onto myself. Not that he stopped swearing afterwards.

“@ravezjunejo and u did the same. Trolled me for no rhyme or reason. My cursing is inappropriate? You are acting like an asshole. Thats ok? ” (S5)

By this time I realised that, the sensitive child that he was, @samishah was probably offended by the word that I used for him. Which puzzled me considering his verbal attacks at @Laibaah1 had been much more vulgar, to say the least. So I ventured a defence of my own.

“@samishah NOTHING gives you the right to use the language you and your people use against her! I called you on ur behaviour with her.” “@samishah Before reading her post abt ur tweets to her I didn’t know or care who you were OK mister?! Btw when did asking Qs become troling?” (S6)

“@ravezjunejo I have no “people” genius. There is no agenda and no grand plan. So stop making this out to be bigger than it is.” (A word of advice for @samishah at this point. Over-emphasis on one word within a larger sentence is a sign of mental retardation.) “@ravezjunejo Laibaah came at me for being friends with someone they didn’t like. Then kept harassing me online rudely. I retaliated.” “@ravezjunejo You, meanwhile, called me a “d-bag” and made sure I knew about it by putting my username in the tweet. So you picked a fight.” My suspicion was confirmed! “@ravezjunejo Next time, don’t pick a fight and expect people to not respond. Stop acting like a dick and grow the fuck up.” (S7) All of this, mind you, just because @Laibaah1 dared to tag @samishah in a list of urban liberals. Not abusing him or his family. Only for calling him what he was, and apparently, is proud to be according to one of his OWN tweets!

“@samishah I’m sorry I cudnt respond to ur ranting. Apparently between the two of us I actually have a life outside of Twitter!” “@samishah Harassing you online rudely? Wow that’s a lot coming from a guy who swears at people at first contact!” “@samishah Pray tell what ignominious filth did that “bot” use against you?! Did she abuse ur parents like you did mine?!” “@samishah And for the LAST time, I called you a D-bag ONLY because of your unnecessarily acidic behaviour with her.” “@samishah Oh and since you get so emotional and hurt if someone calls u a bad name (you poor thing!) I’ll just leave out the swearing.” “@samishah I owe a wierd-abusive-stranger-I-never met atleast that much.” “@samishah Wow I caught you at a very bad time. It must be that time of the month for you huh?” (S8)

This very forceful response seemed to do the impossible. It actually managed to shut the ‘Comedian’ up! The last I heard from that man was the tweets below.

“@ravezjunejo Ok sure. Thought I might try to get you to see that you and yours started it by acting inappropriately. Clearly a waste of time.” “@ravezjunejo Enjoy your judgmental life with warped values. So long.” (S9)

I was a little amused that @samishah would use such an abusive, and frankly wierd, way of trying to show me or @Laibaah1 the error of our ways. Anyone who reads this exchange or his previous one with @Laibaah1 would naturally assess @samishah’s intention being to abuse and insult rather than converse and understand. But that was the claim with which he sought to end the conversation with me before he blocked me.

The reason behind his blocking me, though, was not this conversation. Recently I came across a picture of @samishah speaking at a little known bloggers event in 2011 grandiously titled the ‘Pakistan Blog Awards’ where his comedic performance was apparently panned by some audience members of that event ( It was then that I realised who @samishah was! I recognised him as the host of two shows on the defunct English language version of the (now Urdu language) Dawn News channel. As I recall, the first was a movie review show he apparently did with his sister. The second was a version of the American ‘Daily Show’ that he helmed ( I remember never watching more than a single episode of both those shows because of their absolute dreariness. On the second show which had an overtly comical setting, I never found a one-liner or quip of @samishah worth even snickering to! For the life of me, I cannot comprehend why this terribly unfunny man would claim to be a comedian! By the way, both of the shows of his were scrapped (probably due to low ratings) and such programming ultimately led to the downfall of Dawn News English. It was when I related this revelation to @Laibaah1 while also tagging @samishah in that tweet did I find myself to be blocked from his profile.

In the end, his ego was hurt not so much by my swearing at him as it was by my reminding him of his past failures.










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25 Comments to “Sami Shah – comedian, writer and a disrespectful thug – by Ravez Junejo”

  1. Very well deserved treatment to a lowly, racist thug.

  2. He flatters Tristram, Dr Wahab, Rumi and Rabia Gharib for a purpose, the poor chap wants to be invited to perform the pathetic stand up comedies

  3. The blog award night was wrapped up by a pathetic attempt by Sami
    Shah, a guy whose looks are funnier than his words, at standup comedy.
    You know when you are sitting in the audience, listening to a standup
    comedian and you are saying to yourself, “What are they laughing at,
    he’s not even funny, it’s racist joke”, yes people this was my
    reaction to Sami Shah’s racist, insensitive jokes. Another tip to all
    you good people reading this article, don’t laugh at a joke just
    because the friends of the comedian are sitting in the table in front
    of you and are going banana’s over his every spoken word, to you my
    advice would be “to have some standards and don’t follow the crowd”.
    To Sami Shah, your articles in Express Tribune are as clueless as is
    your attempt to embarrass your fans through racist jokes. Please no
    more travesty of humour in the name of stand up comedy and no more
    travesty of journalism in the name of your blogs in Express Tribune.
    Why doesn’t Tribune consider its own reputation? And Pleeeeease! Sami
    Shah, when you can’t think of any funny stuff don’t start cracking
    jokes on Pashtuns or Maulana Fazal-Ur-Rehman or the fact that we are a
    porn loving nation, this is called non-sense which is anything but

    from: Source

    Comment by: Zaid Pirwani
    Couldn’t agree more…I never ever heard of Sami Shah before that
    night and might never hear him ever again..

  4. Sami Shah @samishah
    Can someone please tell me what #LUBP is? It seems like all the trolls
    I get come from there.
    5h Dilawar Asghar @dasghar
    @samishah is the website. Urs truly hs contibutd. I
    dnt agree w/ evry single thng, but over …
    5h Sami Shah @samishah
    @dasghar From what I’ve read they think liberals support the army and
    hate Balochistan. Are they really that stupid?
    5h Dilawar Asghar @dasghar
    @samishah Thts the part I disagree w/. Although @AbdulNishapuri claims
    tht thr R fake liberals pushing the narrtive of Fauj in a subtle manr
    Sami Shah @samishah
    @dasghar Oooookay. So LUBP. Where “Intelligent” & “Discourse”
    never meet. Isn’t it a pro-PPP site? So quite a collection of idiots
    Dilawar Asghar @dasghar
    @samishah Humbly disagree. Highlights mostly atrocities agnst
    minorities of all kinds. Vry democratc, open & publisz criticsm on
    itslf opnly

  5. Sami Shah (a flatterer of Tristram Perry) scrambles his own flatterers
    to defend him:

    mehreenrana Mehreen Rana
    Hahahah RT @rafay_alam: ROFLMAO!! RT @samishah: @Laibaah honey i am a
    comedian. I live to make a fool of myself. What’s your excuse?

    rafay_alam Ahmad Rafay Alam
    ROFLMAO!! RT @samishah: @Laibaah honey i am a comedian. I live to make
    a fool of myself. What’s your excuse?

    Goshno Nosheen Abbas
    *beep beep beep beep beep beep*RT @samishah: @Laibaah honey i am a
    comedian. I live to make a fool of myself. What’s your excuse?

    samishah Sami Shah
    @Laibaah you are just noise now. Like human static. Oh and every dead
    balochi and shia hates you. Like alot. No seriously. They told me so.

  6. Comedian Sami Shah making a fool of himself by defending
    Tristram Perry:

    samishah Sami Shah
    @Laibaah you dishonor the innocent balochi dead with your behavior.
    Using them to gain twitter followers. You should be ashamed.

    samishah Sami Shah
    @Laibaah i dont get that. You can go around insulting and bothering
    people. But when we react angrily it is uncivil? Mmm….go fuck

    samishah Sami Shah
    @Ghausia @Laibaah is just a heckler. Nothing more. They get off on
    being assholes.

    Ghausia Ghausia
    @samishah couldn’t agree more, I don’t know why so many established
    journalists treat her like she or her opinions’re worth anything at

    samishah Sami Shah
    @Laibaah quickly! Use it as a sign of pride! How cool you are! Btw,
    living in america means you r liberal elite too.
    1 hour ago

    samishah Sami Shah
    @mahveshm it should work brilliantly actually! For me its when i drive.
    1 hour ago

    samishah Sami Shah
    @TheChameleon84 heh. Just find people who only exist to shit on their
    betters very annoying. Plus “liberal elite” is sumthing am proud of!
    1 hour ago

    samishah Sami Shah
    #ThatAwkwardMomentWhen you realize so many people die every day yet
    @Laibaah lives on.

    Laibaah Laiba Ahmad Marri
    An urban liberal wants me to die! RT @samishah #ThatAwkwardMomentWhen
    you realize so many people die every day yet @Laibaah lives on.

    Laibaah Laiba Ahmad Marri
    At least be civil. Please. RT @samishah @Laibaah is just a heckler.
    Nothing more. They get off on being assholes. @Ghausia

    Laibaah Laiba Ahmad Marri
    @samishah You have made enough fool of yourself. Now please carry on
    with the usual stuff.

  7. Shame! RT @samishah @Laibaah not sure if u r being ironic or just an
    asshole. Also, not a hypocrite. I own my liberal eliteness. @tammyhaq

    @samishah Not unlike @uroojzia you use vile language and keep licking
    @tammyhaq’s and @TristramPerry’s shoes

    Laibaah Laiba Ahmad Marri
    While all three of you –> @UroojZia @TristramPerry @samishah are
    taking cheap shots at PPP politicians, any comment on Gen Pasha?

    Laibaah Laiba Ahmad Marri
    Credit of flattery? RT @samishah #ThatAwkwardMomentWhen you realize
    @Laibaah’s entire strategy is to take credit for other people’s work.

    Laibaah Laiba Ahmad Marri
    Civility please! RT @samishah #ThatAwkwardMomentWhen you realize
    angrily tweeting about @Laibaah has had no effect on erection.

    Laibaah Laiba Ahmad Marri
    Urban elite is a mindset. RT @samishah When you realize @Laibaah lives
    in America while calling you “elite”

    For a quick look at how many urban liberal fakesters are flattering a
    US diplomat in Lahore, check @TristramPerry’s timeline on Twitter.

    RT @TristramPerry: RT @samishah: “I have had a hat made of the quran
    so I can always tell the truth” #zmirzasaidwhat

  8. I congratulate the author on writing an objective evaluation of PBA. I
    too was one of the affectees (participants) and I can’t forgive myself
    for wasting my time in such a shallow group of few elites surrounded
    by a few dozen aspirers.

    One thing I must say: The disco molvi Sami Shah is not funny at all.

  9. anon for a good reason says:
    December 25, 2011 at 6:48 am
    Three people most hypocritical in the event were:

    Bald-head Shobz (Shoaib Taimoor) who is the most lowly flatterer
    Pakistan has ever produced;

    Bearded Sami Shah whose sense of humour is as limited as is his little brain;

    Sana Saleem (whose recent post on silence was complete silent on Shia genocide)

    Beena Sarwar and Bina Shah were absent but many others similar to
    these two were there.

  10. anthonypermal Anthony Permal
    Man the way I see it, if ppl insult u on such sites+twitter hiding
    behind a pseudo+avatar, they’re manure @shobz @samishah @sanasaleem

    shobz Shoaib Taimur
    @samishah @anthonypermal @sanasaleem can u imagine how life would be
    like if they couldn’t use the Internet to trade barbs?
    15 hours ago Favorite Retweet Reply

    shobz Shoaib Taimur
    @samishah @anthonypermal @sanasaleem they don’t bother Me. At least I
    know I am doing something right

    @samishah Sami Shah
    @anthonypermal @shobz @sanasaleem its fine. Its part of the reason the
    internet was invented.

    shobz Shoaib Taimur
    @sanasaleem haha. it just made me laugh. @samishah these ppl really
    have time to target others
    16 hours ago Favorite Retweet Reply
    in reply to ↑

    @samishah Sami Shah
    @shobz @sanasaleem its easy to do when you havent achieved anything in
    your life except molesting a first cousin when you were 13.
    16 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone
    replies ↓

    shobz Shoaib Taimur
    @samishah oh yeah. a bunch of idiots. @sanasaleem

    samishah Sami Shah
    @anthonypermal @shobz @sanasaleem its fine. Its part of the reason the
    internet was invented.
    15 hours ago

    samishah Sami Shah
    @sanasaleem @shobz Fozia wahab and son plus laibaah who thinks
    liberals are pro army! Wow! A veritable brain trust!
    16 hours ago

    samishah Sami Shah
    @shobz @sanasaleem i am still not sure what LuBP is by the way? Like
    who is it by and who is on it?
    16 hours ago

    samishah Sami Shah
    @shobz @sanasaleem its easy to do when you havent achieved anything in
    your life except molesting a first cousin when you were 13.
    16 hours ago Favorite Retweet Reply

    samishah Sami Shah
    @shobz @sanasaleem i tend to avoid LuBP as much a possible. Probably
    something about how terribly unfunny i am or some such i imagine.

    sanasaleem Sana Saleem
    @samishah @shobz Bunch of guys. Know ppl in ppp, backed by Fozia wahab
    & son.
    16 hours ago Favorite Retweet Reply

    sanasaleem Sana Saleem
    @shobz @samishah can’t be assed. forget it.

  11. samishah Sami Shah
    So why are people who were moved to care by the Shamsul Anwer hoax being mocked and criticised? For caring?

  12. Shame on you for doing baseless propaganda against Pakistan’s most notable comedian after Moin Akhtar

  13. Sami Shah never uses abusive words. This all is doctored. Shame!

  14. Seriously, SHAME on you for insulting such an amazing comedian by making up such stories.

  15. rafay_alam Ahmad Rafay Alam
    Wow, @samishah, you ain’t famous till you’re trolled. Meanwhile, I’m supposed to be a “scattered” supporter. Glad to be. Proud of it!
    in reply to ↑

    @shahidsaeed Shahid Saeed
    @rafay_alam @samishah hey hey, don’t get cocky. I have a whole post to myself as well.
    3 hours ago via TweetDeck
    replies ↓

    mediagag Hassan Cheema
    @shahidsaeed I am yet to hear of how you got that video… Guilty (of being military lackey) until proven otherwise…
    3 hours ago

    samishah Sami Shah
    @shahidsaeed @rafay_alam dont steal my thunder!!! It’s my only achievement of 2012!

    samishah Sami Shah
    Because the internet wasn’t strange enough. A troll blogs about our interaction:
    5 hours ago Favorite Retweet Reply

    cyalm cyril almeida
    @samishah you urban liberal scum! Who knew!

    norbalm Norbert Almeida
    @samishah imagine what they would do with a pic of “face in mud tying a rose” to hand to his maiden 🙂

    samishah Sami Shah
    This is all @TristramPerry’s fault. Stare in horror as I bully innocent trolls, gaze upon my works and despair-
    3 hours ago Favorite Retweet Reply

    samishah Sami Shah
    @shahidsaeed @rafay_alam dont steal my thunder!!! It’s my only achievement of 2012!
    3 hours ago

    samishah Sami Shah
    @rafay_alam You are now part of my entourage. Shall get you a “THUG 4 LIFE” tshirt.
    3 hours ago

    samishah Sami Shah
    @norbalm i demand you instantly destroy that pic or hear from my lawyers @cyalm this is awkward, i might need you to represent me.
    4 hours ago

    samishah Sami Shah
    @cyalm Truly! I am the scourge of innocent trolls! How dare I respond ro insults with insults of my own!

  16. abdulmajeedabid Abdul Majeed
    @samishah Re: ur clash with the troll, y in 1st place were baloch nationalists writin abt u.? Are u ISI-funded.? 😛 #justcurious

    @samishah is a lowlife attention seeker. Even ISI has some standards. He licks boots of boot-lickers.

  17. Nothing has been faked or doctored in this post. This is 100% bonafide, unadulterated truth. Even Sami Shah in his response to this post has not denied any part of the ‘conversation’ he had with me.


  18. “noted human rihts activist Laibaah” …. hahahahahahahahahahahaha

  19. I’m a comedian based in Lahore… maybe you might like MY stuff! You never know you might find it funny…
    I do think though that a proper comedian wouldn’t have retaliated in such a way… less vulgarity and more wit is the comic spirit, what say?

    • I absolutely agree with you. No one, for that matter, should speak to another person in such a manner. A person using such language only raises question marks about the upbringing he/she has had at home. There’s a reason why our parents always told us to be well-behaved, you know.

      If you are on Twitter, send me links to any videos of your work if you have any 🙂

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