Pakistan’s social media activists must beware of informers and impostors

by admin

The following warning notice has been published by a leading Shia activist forum (Karbal-e-Quetta) to warn Shia and other human rights activists to be mindful of impostors (terrorists and agency plants) who are reportedly monitoring internet to identify and potentially harm social media activists. While the aim of some of such impostors could be to monitor your activities or moderate the intensity of activism by counter-measures, others may have more vicious agenda to cause physical harm to you.

There are reports coming from various sources that Sipah-e-Sahaba terrorists gather information of momineen using internet also.

Some fake (shia) webistes are in place for the purpose. Also, there is a possibility that they advertise for JOBS and ask Momineen to submit Resumes, CVs, Address, Phone number, photographs etc.

All momineen, particularly males, be very careful in providing such data. Avoid submitting identification information to unknwon sources, even if it appears to be a Shia source.

Be extremely careful in adding unknown people on facebook, and try that your photographs can not be seen by unconcerned people. (Source: Karbala-e-Quetta)

We support the above word of caution and expand the scope of this advice to all rights activists including but not limited to Shia, Barelvi, moderate Deobandi and Salafi, Ahmadi, Christian, Pashtun, Balcoh, Hazara etc.

Surely, SSP-LeJ-ASWJ-Taliban-AQ terrorists are now monitoring the internet (facebook, twitter, blogs, email groups). Don’t share personal details with unknown persons.

Based on experience, we advise all human rights activists to use pen name (or multiple pen names) and do not provide personal details (name, address, travelling details) to anyone. Exercise maximum care, the enemy (SSP-LeJ-ASWJ, Taliban, Al Qaeda) is ruthless and is also supported by Pakistan’s security agencies.

Many people may request, urge or dare you to reveal your true identity or personal details to them. In view of the ongoing target killing of the Balcoh, anti-Taliban Pashtun and Shia activists and also in view of the tragic murders of Saleem Shahzad, Javed Nasir Rind and many other Baloch and Pashtun journalists, you must not share your personal details with any person, and report all such suspects (interested in or revealing real life identities of activists and authors) to law enforcement agencies in Pakistan and abroad (as appropriate) and also advise other fellow activists to be careful of such suspects.

7 Responses to “Pakistan’s social media activists must beware of informers and impostors”

  1. Some informers are presenting themselves as best friends of Pashtuns, Balochs, Shias, Ahmadis etc but in fact they are best friends of agencies and their elite touts.

  2. Shia’s of Pakistan
    Warning (especially to shia youth):

    Beware of fake facebook IDs especially those of young girls with shia names and attractive profile pictures. They are fake ids used by Sipah Sahaba terrorists to gather information about our community and to target them in killing operations especially in Karachi

  3. Beena Sarwar of Jang Group’s Aman Ki Asha (an ISI Project) has been tasked to locate the true identity of anti-establishment activists. She passes on the details of all anti-ISI activists to ISI via General Mahmud Durrani of Aman Ki Asha.

  4. beenasarwar beena sarwar
    Folks attacking HRCP are only playing into the hands of those creating divisions among progressive-minded Pakistanis. Liberal fascists = hide behind anonymous ids, have progressive pretensions, attack others who have moderate views.

    marvisirmed Marvi Sirmed
    +1000 RT @beenasarwar Using fake IDs is ok if you need protection. But then don’t use those fake IDs to
    3 hours ago Favorite Retweet Reply

    Beenasarwar beena sarwar
    @casanovamaveric Don’t have unlimited time to deal w fake ID users who aim only to attack & push other humanrights activists to ‘do more’
    5 Oct

    beenasarwar beena sarwar
    @BushraS @zburki Blocked him ages back. Can’t believe he claims to be a ‘student of int’l relations’. Fraud, hater, fake id.
    5 Oct

    AliDayan Ali Dayan Hasan
    RT @beenasarwar: Using fake IDs is ok if u need protection. But don’t use it to taunt, harass those who are openly using their real names.
    4 Oct

    beenasarwar beena sarwar
    @tariq_najeeb If someone is using a fake ID that isn’t hurting anyone else, fine. But not when used to troll, harass, fingerpoint, abuse.
    3 Oct

    beenasarwar beena sarwar
    Using fake IDs is ok if you need protection. But then don’t use those fake IDs to taunt, harass those who are openly using their real names.

    I found this excellent resource on Beena Sarwar:



    On Twitter, my leader Beena Sarwar, a great defender of the defender of the Deep State (Ejaz Haider) is inciting people to demonstrate against corporations.

    beenasarwar beena sarwar
    Great, inspiring, peaceful movement #OWS. But how about targeting the laws that allow corporations to exploit in the way they do?


    Of course, Beena’s own work for Jang Corporation’s Aman Ki Asha is a noble project. Everyone needs money for living.


    Beena does not like fake IDs and abusive comments:

    Of course fake discourses are much more preferable to fake IDs.


    Beena Sarwar defending ISI-stooge Ejaz Haider
    Let’s defend Ejaz Haider, the defender of Pakistan army!

  5. now media freedom goes negative to pakistan

  6. Ali Arqam ‏ @aliarqam Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
    RT @Razarumi: @mSaleemJaved I did not believe you earlier but you are right about the identities of fake activists. The recent post proves that. Shame.

    24m Ali Arqam ‏ @aliarqam Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
    RT @Razarumi: RT @AliDayan: @RazaRumi Not only are the Laibah’s of the world intellectually dishonest cowards, …

    Ali Arqam ‏ @aliarqam Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
    RT @mSaleemJaved: Somebody’s poodle who spreads hatred against Hazaras. Trolls their supporters. RT @azad10: …

    9h Ali Arqam ‏ @aliarqam Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
    RT @mSaleemJaved: Mullah Abdul Nishapuri complains that he is left alone by Shia activists and then equates …

    Mariyam Baluch ‏ @brranzz Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
    why Paki liberals u r vocal against Laibah who expose u but not a word against @therealylh racist remarks, lies & rhetoric & provocation?


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