We need your help to recover Jalil and Akmal – by Hassan Turi

by admin

This child has been missing for almost one year.

He was abducted by the Taliban from river Kurram on 5 March 2011.

His name is Jalil Hussain.

He was abducted along with his friend Akmal Hussain.

Ironically, both of them were abducted after a peace accord between Sunni and Shia tribes in January 2011. Their families were contacted by someone from Afghanistan that their sons are in Afghanistan, they travelled twice to that country but could not find any clue about the whereabouts of their sons.

I visited their village and took information about their families.

Jalil’s father died recently of cardiac arrest. They are very poor, his mother’s mental condition is not good.

Mashooq Ali, father of Akmal Hussain, too is in an ongoing state of shock.

We request Pakistan’s army chief General Kayani and President Zardari to instruct Pakistan’s security agencies to do the needful to free these children from the captivity of the Taliban.

We request Pakistani media, social activists and human rights groups to campaign for the safe and urgent recovery of Jalil and Akmal.

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