Baloch people reject Saudi-sponsored Jundullah terrorists

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Do not match Jondullah with Balochistan freedom movement – by Ahmar Mustikhan

It does not matter if one was Baloch and the other is an Arab. They both represent the violent face of wahabi sunni Islam. The Baloch must be extremely careful and do not look upon Jondullah as a lesser evil simply because it is comprised of Balochi-speaking sunni wahabis, warns intellectual and poet Dr. Malek Towghi of East Lansing, Michigan.

The Baloch cannot afford to see sunni wahabi’ism flourish, even if a foreign power might open bag loads of money in front of their faces. This is what is said to have happened in the case of Jondullah.

The struggle for Baloch people has always been secular. One of the most famous Baloch leaders, former governor and statesman Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti, 79, very aptly said what can the Baloch do with women and wine in heaven when neither has a “hole.”

The Baloch political fabric is based on religious tolerance. At least one in every five Baloch is zikri who does not go to perform the annual pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia, a global center of Muslim brainwashing.

If Taliban and al Qaeda get military logistic supplies from the Inter-Services Intelligence, the monies came from the Saudis not the Punjabi Muslim general s who to this day dream of returning to power in New Delhi. These generals are of the considered opinion that the Hindus are cowards.

In the case of Jondullah too, the monies came from Saudi Arabia, the world’s most decadent kingdom, according to highly placed U.S. sources.

The Jondullah is responsible for committing crimes against humanity. The U.S. Department of State has very correctly identified it as a terrorist outfit. But the U.S. known for its love for “quickies” even in international politics did so rather belatedly.

The sight of a young Baloch like Regi in the captivity of the Iranian pasdarans was an ugly, painful sight. It made them feel uneasy but then the video of Regi raising Allah O Akbar slogans and slaughtering his own brother-in-law in front of a camera flashed in their mind.

Regi got what you deserved just like bin Laden. There is little tolerance for ideas that can have lasting impact on the secular politics in Baloch society.

Dr. Malek Towghi, who has been involved in Baloch international activism, recalls an incident when the Jondullah was in its formative phase.

He said two Baloch from western Balochistan, Dr. M. Hosseinbor and Hakim Saeed of the Pen Foundation, wanted him to go for a protest in New York against Mahmoud Ahmedinijad.

“I said yes I will come there, but in my one hand I will carry a placard that says ‘Down with Iran’ and in the second hand another placard that says ‘Down with Pakistan’.”

But he said they told him, “If you mention Pakistan, they will not give us money.”

Towghi who is a simple American Baloch deplores the mixing of business and politics.

“Our Western (iran) Baloch are addicted to money,” says Towghi.

London-based Tariq Baloch, who recently defected from the camp of Baloch tribal leader Khan of Kalat Mir Suleman Daud Ahmadzai concurs with this view. “Even in Lyari the drug culture was introduced by the Baloch from Iran,” he said in an email.

In contrast in Eastern (Pakistan-occupied) Balochistan, there is stress on ideology and politics rather than money.

When Abdolamalek Regi was killed some Baloch groups organized protests. But the large and mainstream political parties, including the Baloch National Movement, were unwilling to join in protest against the terrorist’s death. “The BNM believes that the Baloch issue has nothing to do with religion nor can it go an extra mile to join hands with ethnic Balochs living in Iran who do not recognize Baloch nationalism and solely talk of religious rights,” Malik Siraj Akbar wrote in an editorial in The Baloch Hal. The U.S. official policy towards Iran has not been confrontrational, notwithstanding the rhetoric.

“American official agencies like the C.I.A. and Pentagon are behaving responsibly when it comes to Balochistan,” says Dr. Towghi.

A strange aspect of Hosseinbor’s presentation to the Oversight and Investigations sub-committee was almost half of his paper was devoted to Iranian Balochistan, with a stress on Shia and Sunni differences.

“But there are shias among the Baloch as well,” says Towghi. In addition one in every five Baloch belongs to the zikri sect that does not follow wahabi Islam and in stead offer their annual pilgrimmage or hajj in Mekran.

In an article in Foreign Policy journalist Mark Perry said Israel’s Mossad duped Baloch exiles in London that they are agents of the C.I.A. as they wroked with Jondullah to carry out attacks against Iran.

Towghi believes that in spite of his sympathy for Israel, the Baloch should never became pawns or mercenaries for foreign interests. “This will be a disaster. The Baloch will be crushed,” he warns.

Towghi is all praise for the correct stand of Baloch freedom leader Brahumdagh Bugti “who has been trained well by Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti. ”

Brahumdagh Bugti is grandson of Balochistan governor and chief minister, Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti, 79, who was killed August 26, 2006 on the orders of Pakistan military, Bugti’s killing destroyied any hopes, of there were any in the first place, for Balochistan’s existence in a federal Pakistan.

The young Brahumdagh Bugti, 31, came out against any fight against Iran at the same time the Baloch in Eastern Balochistan are engaged in a David-and-Goliath struggle against Pakistan rmy, the fourth largest in the world. Bugti insists the Baloch should first get freedom from Pakistan rather than open two fronts.

“The National Party is very clear on these issues,” Towghi said about a middle class party that has more than 70,000 members.

Bugti’s brother-in-law Mehran Baluch, who is Balochistan’s unofficial representative at the U.N. Human Rights Council and youngest and most loved son of veteran Baloch leader Nawab Khair Bakhsh Marri, 92, concurs with this view.

“I don’t want the Baloch to suffer,” Towghi said. “They simply want to use us as fodder,” Towghi who converted to Christianity and likes to uphold the truth said.

He said he can take a vow in any court of law that Hosseinbor is one of the main facilitators of Jondullah. “In fact I would love to do it,” he said. “Seymour Hersh could be another witness.”

Source: Pakistan Christian Post

6 Responses to “Baloch people reject Saudi-sponsored Jundullah terrorists”

  1. BLF’s (Baloch Liberation Front) appeal to Balochis to refrain from joining the Bahraini National Force (of Pakistani mercenaries):

  2. TheBaloch ‏ @BalaachMarri Reply
    I personally knew a Baloch linguist who was killed and his house burnt (all his research/work burnt) just because not supporting the Taliban

  3. Killing Non Baloch is OK and Killing Non Sunnis is non-sense
    very very funny argument!

    BLA is killing innocent non Baloch and Jindullah is kiiling Non Sunnis, Do Differences At All

  4. Abdel Malik Rigi’s execution: Does it call for protests from BNF? – by Ahmed Iqbalabadi

  5. @ Dr. Malek Towghi, Baluchis are hugely transformed during the period of General Zia into Wahabis and extremists sects of Islam. Yes, you are right to say Baluchis used to be secular but not any more the IsI has successfully transformed their way of thinking and now every 5 in 8 Baluchis are extreme Wahabis. That is why every Raisanis and Rind are became extreme Wahabis and they are the one who involved in the killings of Shia Hazazara in Baluchistan Pakistan. Their areas are Mustong, Saryaab Road, Raisani Muhalla. Arbab karam Khan Roads Killi Faizbad etc in Subarb of Quetta. Dr. Malek you must update your study then claim Baluchis as a seculars.


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