The brutal killing of Shia Muslims in Quetta – by Karbala-e-Quetta

by admin

Source: Kabala-e-Quetta

Quetta can be considered as more oppressed because whatever cruelty happens to the Shias in Quetta, even the news do not reach out. Media does not publish any news about Shia killings, instead the title of their news is that unidentified persons were killed by unidentified persons. And we don’t even think and ponder as to who are these unidentified who were killed? Who were those unknown beings who were killed?

Whatever incidents happen over there ninety percent targets are Shia’s and even the news do not reach the other areas of Pakistan as to who was martyred in Quetta? There is no one to look after them despite the fact that few hundred thousands population is resident in this area but living in a state of utmost of fear and terror. We can say that even in those areas where Shias are very few and enemies of Shia’s are more, there also Shia’s are not living in this state of fear the way they are in Quetta. Though its a big population and also strong in all aspects; they have political and civil rights but still the fear that prevails there won’t be present in Punjab and even border areas. This population in Quetta has the potential to defend not just themselves but they can defend and give protection to the Shia’s of entire Pakistan.

The Shia’s of Quetta are strong but practically they are subdued under awe and terror. The fear which is hovering over them by carrying corpses every other day has turned it into a grievous situation.

قوموں کیلیے موت ہے مرکز سے جدائی
ہو صاحب مرکز تو خودی کیا ہے خدائی

2 Comments to “The brutal killing of Shia Muslims in Quetta – by Karbala-e-Quetta”

  1. abb bhee hoosh me na aye to mukamal fana ho gayn gae.

  2. Hosh main aa chukay hai , qayadath ki zarurat hai

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