Some apartheids are more kosher: Deportation of Shia Muslims from the UAE

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A Shia mosque in Dubai

Hmmm . . . where are the protests in the streets of Karachi and Cairo, outrage in London and Washington over this apartheid policy by haters of Shi’ite Muslims?  Where are all the vocal Muslim groups (Jamaat-e-Islami, Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Hizb-ut-Tahrir, Jamaat-ud-Dawa etc), angered that a country is rounding up Shi’ite Muslims and expelling them?  Where are the Muslims in my neighborhood–normally protesting endlessly about this Western grievance against Muslims or that one, and how Islamophobia caused their every paper cut via some sort of conspiracy?

Well, if it’s not the Jews or the Westerners deporting Muslims, then I guess it doesn’t count.  That’s because the united Sunni-Wahhabi monarchies of United Arab Emirates are doing to Shia Muslims what the world would never allow America or Israel to do; and what, frankly, America and Israel don’t have the guts to do to Muslims of any sect or creed.  They don’t want their Muslim populations causing trouble.  We let Saudi Arabia’s and Iran’s loyal subjects, trainees from Pakistan army’s Waziristan camp run the show, as CIA Directors and ICE and FBI officials pander to them hysterically.

The United Arab Emirates has expelled dozens of long-term Lebanese Shiite residents from the country over their presumed affiliation with Hezbollah, a representative said on Wednesday.

“The common factor among all those expelled in the past three months is that they are all Shiites and as such are part of a community that supports the resistance [DS:  a common euphemism for/reference to Hezbollah],” Hassan Alayan, who heads a committee representing them, told AFP. . . .

Alayan, 50, said he was recently ordered to leave Sharjah, one of the seven city states that make up the mainly Sunni Muslim UAE, where he had been living for 22 years.

He said UAE officials gave no explanation for their action apart from saying that the orders had been issued from high up.

“I didn’t even get a chance to pack my bags or bring anything back,” said the father of four who worked as a journalist.

In Abu Dhabi, the UAE capital, officials had no immediate comment on the matter.

A foreign ministry official in Beirut said the UAE ambassador had been summoned several times over the affair but had so far given no explanation.

Alayan said the expulsions began in the aftermath of the June 7 legislative election in Lebanon that saw a Saudi- and Western-backed coalition beat a Hezbollah-led alliance. . . .

Hussein Masood, a 39-year-old businessman who had lived in the UAE since the age of four, said he still does not understand what prompted his expulsion in July.

“I was returning from vacation and was held at the airport and told that I could not enter the country for security reasons,” Masood said. “I wept at the time because my whole life is in the UAE.

“I have three companies there, five million dollars worth of contracts and 85 mainly Sunni employees who rely on me,” he added. “I can’t believe that this is all happening because I am Shiite.”

So sad, too bad.

While we don’t have the guts to deport the Saudi Salafi supporters (the remnants of the 9/11 brigade) that make up the fifth column of Western world–and we continue to let that population grow through, I respect that the UAE does have the guts to kick out the impure Muslims, the Shias, the Jewish children of Abdullah Ibn Saba as Shias are usually described by Jihadi-Salafis.

And the only thing we don’t want to lose is “Dancing With The Stars.”  Our national security be damned.

Yup, the very confederation–UAE–which helped the 9/11 terrorists is more concerned about Shia terrorism than the country that was the victim of the 9/11 terrorists imported from Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and UAE.  It would be hilarious, if it wasn’t so depressing.

Oh, and again, where’s the international outrage, the U.N. investigation, President Obama’s excoriation, and marches of tens of thousands of Muslims on the streetsof Dearborn  over this?

Some apartheids are more kosher, er . . . “halal,” than others.

When Muslims have internecine civil wars with other Muslims, it’s like Berkeley’s tree falling in the forest with no-one there to see it.  Like I said, if Jews or Christians didn’t do it, it didn’t happen.

And don’t forget:  they can’t get along with each other and are deporting each other.  And yet Israel and the West are supposed to make peace with them.  They won’t even tolerate each other, and yet we must tolerate them and their intolerance.

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2 Comments to “Some apartheids are more kosher: Deportation of Shia Muslims from the UAE”

  1. Islam is historically divided into two major sects: Sunni and Shī‘a Islam each having their own sub-sects. Large number of Shī‘a Arab Muslims live in some Arab countries including Lebanon, Yemen, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, the UAE and Qatar. Shī‘a Muslims are a numerical majority in Iraq and Bahrain and make up a plurality in Lebanon. Smaller Shī‘a groups are present in Egypt and Jordan. Despite the heavy presence of Shī‘a Muslims in some Arab countries, particularly amongst the population of the Persian Gulf Arab countries, they have been treated poorly throughout history. Additionally in recent times, Shī‘a Muslims alongside with Kurds faced genocide by the Saddam Hussein. Shias in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia face frequent persecution and extra-judicial murders. For both historical and political reasons, the Shī‘a have fared rather poorly in much of the Arab world, and the topic of Shi‘ism and Shī‘a groups are among the most sensitive issues for the Sunni elite.

  2. Ban all shias worldwide they are disgusting! They do more harm than good! They are the ones who destroy the image of Islam!

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