Tahaffuz-e-KhatameNabuwwat: Killing of Ahmadis be allowed through legislation – Pakistan

by Schimi

According to news accounts reported in Pakistan’s Urdu newspaper, Daily Express, an anti-Ahmadiyya conference held in Lahore by Khatima-e Nubuwwat Tahafuz Majlis ended with demands that killing of Ahmadis be allowed through legislation.

The clerics at the conference demanded that the legislature must enact ‘Shar?’a-compliant’ punishments for apostasy.

In layman’s terms ‘Shar?’a-compliant’ punishment for apostasy means that those considered apostate by the Muslims clerics should be put to sword, a view developed through the dark ages of the Muslim Ummah and ever since Muslim clerics have been desperately trying to hold on to their congregations through use of force.

All moderate Muslims believe that the notion of killing someone as a punishment for abandoning their faith is utterly un-Islamic and contrary to the teaching of the Holy Qur’an and the Prophet Mohammad.

The extremist group, Tahaafuz-e KhatimeNubuwwat (TKN) – whose name literally means and the stated purpose includes guarding against God sending any prophets to the world – is at the forefront of demanding legalization of killing Ahmadis for being apostates.

Ahmadis believe their founder Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian, India, is the Promised Messiah and Mehdi, a prophet of God subordinate to the Holy founder of Islam, the Prophet Mohammad; as foretold by the Prophet Mohammed himself.

TKN has repeatedly distributed throughout Pakistan their own hit-lists of Ahmadis with names and addresses; and pamphlets, calling masses to start killing Ahmadis and ‘earn an abode in paradise for the virtuous deed.’

Attended by scores of renegade clerics, the Khatima-e Nubuwwat conference was used as a platform to encourage the trend of forced conversions of Hindus and to promote further persecution of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community, it was reported by Daily Express news published on March 20th.

Further, according to the news, the conference also issued statements of confidence and support for Difa’a-e Pakistan movement, a group of militants clerics who came together as a new front against moderation after several of their militant organizations were banned as terrorists.

Difa’a-e Pakistan and TKN are joined by members of several known militant organizations such as Tablighis, Lashkar-e Jhangvi (LeJ, Lashkar-e Tayyaba (LeT), Jamaat-ud Dawa (Jud), and even Tehrek-e-Taliban, Pakistan (TTP).

The clerics demanded that Ahmadi homes should be raided to locate if the community has stockpiled munitions in Rabwah, a town of majority Ahmadi population in the Punjab.

While JUP (a religio-political group) speaker Rouf Farooqi claimed Ahmadiyya community was installed by the British to end the notion of Jihad from Islam, Jamaat-e Islami representative Fareed Parach alleged that the Ahmadis are working against the interest of Pakistan by cooperating with America, Israel, and India.

Abdul Latif Khalid-Cheema, one of the speaker at TKN conference decried that while Pakistan was founded in the name of Islam, why the founder of Pakistan, Mohammad Ali Jinnah installed Sir Zafrullah Khan – who was an Ahmadi – as its first foreign minister, 65 years ago.

Sir Zafrullah Khan, a prominent Ahmadi , and world renowned jurist also lead the Pakistani delegation at the UN, served a term as president of the UN General Assembly and went  on to head the International Court of Justice at Hague.

TKN group and other attending clerics at the Lahore conference stated that they will make sure no Ahmadi is ever given any key governmental posts or assignments.

Source/Credit: Ahmadiyya Times

                                The Horizon

                        By: Imran Jattala

4 Responses to “Tahaffuz-e-KhatameNabuwwat: Killing of Ahmadis be allowed through legislation – Pakistan”

  1. Ahmadis are Pakistan’s most persecuted group. They deserve full support.

  2. via Twitter

    Dr. Israr is considered a moderate scholar, he preached the message of “peace” through the Fatwa all his life, here is a sample of his hate speech against Ahmadis:

  3. Kamran Khan declares Abdus Salam a Muslim scientist…watch 31:05;

    Think what you may of it.


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