Silence on Shia genocide in Pakistan is a war crime!

by admin

The veiled criminals should be disgraced

Those who do not do anything for the persecuted and target killed Shias, specifically those who have means to help, who can afford to help, those religious scholars who have authority over the wealth of the community, those who control the community treasure house, Khums; they do not take any step for their people. A list of such personalities should be made and they should be condemned in Public exposing their names openly. These are those faces who could have done something for Shias but they did not do anything. They should be exposed openly but unfortunately all these are left and that name is taken who has done so much for Shias, who has sacrificed everything for Shiite. Whereas these veiled personalities are sitting behind the curtains who did not gave a moment for Shiite, not a single penny they gave for Shiite but instead they have eaten several hundred thousands from Shiite. Hardly 1 or 2 Ullamas and other authority holders are working for the Shias in Quetta and other cities – others are more like coward black sheeps.

Shias of Quetta, D.I.Khan, Karachi and other areas should get a lesson from Parachinar – a much more oppressed region in Pakistan – that the only way for the salvation of Shia’s in Pakistan is regional resistance. We should leave this false hope that someone will come to resolve all our issues overnight.

The Shias in Quetta and other parts of the country are quite strong, wealthy with many specialized and positive qualities present in them. But they have lost their souls, such a big quantum of people who are just thinking of their own profit and nothing else. Wallah you-every individual and specifically the authority holders will be questioned about this. These Martyrs will ask you for if you had sacrificed your one night sleep to fail the enemy’s plots – You will be questioned!

فضاۓ بدر پیدا کر فرشتے تیری نصرت کو
اتر سکتے ہمیں گردوں سے قطار اندر قطار اب بھی

Those who are acting like a silent spectator, in Pakistani media, judiciary and human rights groups, are not less than the ASWJ-SSP morons. Recently, Dawn newspaper and Najam Sethi’s The Friday Times have misrepresented Shia genocide in Pakistan. Shame on them!

Source: Karbala-e-Quetta

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