An open letter to Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry

by admin

Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry
Supreme Court of Pakistan
Constitution Avenue

Dear Mr. Chaudhry

First of all please accept my heart felt apology to address you as  “Chief Justice” as your actions totally negate your designation and the world ”Chief injustice” is most befitting for you.

I know, you are too busy acting as “Leader of the Opposition” showing am ”Tsunami of Sue Motto Actions” with every possible effort to destabilize the Government and the State. To the surprise and shock for every Pakistani, you have recently taken action against a Bye Election women Candidate who slapped a Lady Presiding Officer. Let me show you a picture of the country, virtually turned into a “Jungle” under your supreme system of “Justice” of which you have firmly closed your eyes, refusing to see any thing.

 *17 February: Parachinar Tragedy*

43 Shias were killed in Bomb Blast and subsequent firing by the security agencies. Eye witness account reveals that the bomb was detonated remotely
after it was placed on an empty cart in the Kurrami Bazaar by a person who disappeared in the same hotel where security forces were hosting reportedly
“Internally Displaced People.” This brutality did not stop and further the said officers called in Tanks to run over the people, killing at least 1 and injuring many.

Tall Parachinar Road has been forcefully closed by Taliban Terrorists for the last 4 years. Children are dying without food and medicine Parachinar has become the biggest Catastrophe in Pakistan.

* 28 February : Kohistan Tragedy*

4 Buses heading Gilgit from Rawalpindi were stopped by armed men in Army Uniform. 117 passengers were taken off the Buses, their Identity checked, 18 of them “scrutinized” for being Shia, lined up and killed.

The assailants completed their “Mission” and fled on foot without any fear for being chased. All this brutal action took place in an area, which is  under high surveillance of Pak Army and is so considered to be a safe area. No attempt was made for their arrest subsequently.

*What does these 2 incidents imply?*

All the International and even the National Media answers these questions

**63 persons are killed just in 12 days**

As a Protest,the armed Soldiers of NLI Regment on the kargil boarder left
the boarder and have come down from the mountains..

*19 September Mastung Tragedy:*

In Mastung, Balochistan, 28 persons from Hazara Shia Community were disembarked from the bus and massacred while going to Iran to visit holy sites. The incident took place very close to FC Check Post

*4 October Quetta Tragedy:*
Another similar incident, killing 13 persons.  This incident took place in the outskirts of Quetta city where nobody can travel without identifying themselves at the check posts.

*From Karachi to Quetta, Shias and Brailvis are being ruthlessly massacred by the Arab, Afghan, Sudani, Somali,Uzbek and Chechen  “Jihadis”.*

Shia Mosques, Sunni Shrines, Milad ul Nabi (Pbuh) and Muharram processions are being attacked brutally.

How many Sue Motto Actions you have taken to stop this innocent Blood being shed on the roads of Pakistan?*

Mr Chaudhry!

This is just not the case.

We further know your attachment with the banned terrorist gangs like Sipah e Sahaba and Lashkar e Jhangvi

It’s YOU who released terrorists like Ghulam Rasool, Akram Lahori, Malik Ishaq and many others who acknowledged to kill 100s of innocent people, on
grounds of* “Insufficient Evidence”* including Ishaq who managed to kill 8 witnesses against him from within Jail.

Again for the second time, YOUR Kangroo Court has released Ishaq of any involvement in Sectarianism as you” lack evidence “(even a Blind but not Deaf can hear Ludhanvi, Ishaq and other SSP thugs chanting Kufar and Sectarian slogans, setting the country on fire all over the country)

You DO NOT have any “Evidence” that it is upon the Army and the secret agencies to defend the country and formation of any Gang of ” Armed Jihadis” in form of DPC is against the Constitution of Pakistan.

*However, you DO have “Sufficient Evidence” against the Prime Minister in Memo Case and against the Elected Member Parliament in “Slapping Case”. I would say, you yourself are a “Slap” and a “Spot” on the name of Justice.*

I would never appeal to you to fear Allah, because if you would have any such sentiments, it was not possible for you to remain dumb, deaf and blind on Shia Genocide occurring in the country. The only thing I want to say is that your so coward, dishonest and biased behavior have parted lot shame to me as a Pakistan. You have insulted the word “Justice”, turning the court into your “Kangaroo Court”

*It would be written in the history of Pakistan that when the banned Sectarian Gangs were massacring the people all over the country, a Kangaroo Justice was fully parting with the terrorists and in desire of cheap fame was issuing Sue Motto Actions and Notices on an incident of Slap.*

Mr “Kangaroo!”

Your well wisher

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16 Comments to “An open letter to Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry”

  1. aslam o aliku ap say guzarish ha k ap blocho k leya azkud nots leya ha ap nay in say pucha ha k in ko q mara jaraha ha. Ap nay kabe panjabio k leya azkud nots leya k un ko q mara jaraha ha taqreban 3000 panjabio ko mara jachuka ha or 200,000 ghar bar chor k chlay gay han kabe pucha ha k in ko q mara geya or jab bloch marta ha to us kleya azkud nots or panjabi mara jasay kuta mar geya us k leya koe nots nahi. Janab say guzarish ha k blocho ko isleya mara jaraha ha q k unho nay bhaguna panjabio ka katal keya ha. Janab say guzarish ha k panjabio k hak k leya azkud nots leya jay shukreya.

  2. aslam o alikum ap blocho k leya azkud notes laytay han kabe ap nay panjabio k leya notes leya k wo q mar rahay han taqriban 2000 panjabio ko katal kardeya geya or 100,000 ghar bar bach k chlay gay in k leya kon notes lay ga…..

  3. sir plz take somato action on my issue.plz…………plz

  4. Dear most respectable Chief Justice Mohd. Iftikhar Chowdhry,
    My name is Ghazala Akhtar and I am a Muslim Pakistani residing in the UK. I have been doing some voluntary work for the past eight years for one of the Asian Community Centre. I am also a member of Liberal Democratic Party. I have few requests or suggestion to make to you as you are better observer and better judge than rest of the other politicians in Pakistan.
    Sir, I love my country Pakistan which our founder Quaid-e-azam had made for us so that we especially the Muslims can live happily and freely but this is not the case of today. I feel very sad whenever I go to Pakistan. I don’t feel like I am at home but somewhere which is so artificial and so out of law and order.
    My visit to Pakistan was last October 2012. For few years I see no respect for the women in Pakistan especially those who are helpless and elderly. Also, eunuchs are not accepted in our society. Also, there is lot of prostitution going around in Lahore and Karachi because many women don’t get justice and they don’t get financial support by their husband or the government. Even married men from all walks of life cheat their wives due to their status and money power. I want you to set an example and pass such law for the husband especially those who are loaded with money and that no wife feel unwanted or become a prey to someone else’s husband. I want you to make such ruling that no women carry her head low and cry for mercy. No, one should force any woman for prostitution just because she has no one to support. Just like Malala being a beti of Pakistan there are several other beti’s of Pakistan that are injured and killed every day and some innocents are obsoleted in the name of honour while the real culprits take advantages of their power. I haven’t seen many husbands in Pakistan who knows what marriage is about and how to respect their wives and other people in the society. To them, marriage, is just like a drop of rain which dries up as soon as it faith on earth from the sky. Many married men in Pakistan support prostitution from different background including politicians, police and men loaded with power, status and money.
    Make law that will change many lives and wrong doing and above all make husband and other men think twice before they commit a crime everyday and promote prostitution ratio. Pakistan is the Islamic state and we believe in Allah and teaching of Prophet Mohammad (P.BU.H). Prophet Mohammad respected women and therefore he wanted them to live respectively in the world not as prostitutes. If any husband gets caught up with a prostitute, then after investigation he has to spend six months in jail and 10,000 rupees fine and he has to get married to the same prostitute because he is turning the community into sin city and the law breaker should taste the rules of Islam. Also, this law should abide with the rest of the people of Pakistan being politicians, maulvis and police etc.
    Support and favor the law for feared and battered women and that every married woman should have their bank accounts for savings from their husbands and that half the husband wages or salaries should go into their wives accounts. The government should pay reasonable amount of money to the women who are homeless, without financial support and without any family. Please help those who can’t seek justice and who cannot reach you for help. Bring more awareness to the people of Pakistan that Pakistan is an Islamic state and it has some very strict rules. Make Pakistan a better and very different Islamic state from rest of other Arab countries and the world. I want my country to stand high above the rest of other countries in many things especially sorting crimes.
    Every company and hospitals should appoint two or three hijras as an employee or company staff. Our religion is so simple and full of love and care then why can’t we change the faces of disbelievers and wrongdoers. I have seen many people mistreating the hijras and giving them funny names which are very sad and painful. I hope you bring the change in Pakistan if you are truly a Pakistani and respect your motherland. Hijras who are living in Pakistan are human beings and most of all they are Pakistanis.
    Also, there should be awareness for hurting an animal’s especially to dog’s and domestic mules and horses. Some punishment should be set for hurting any animal like 1 month in jail plus Rs5000 fine and the money should contribute towards treating the animal or the money should go to well recognized Animal’s foundation or trust. People should donate some money for the animal’s welfare every month.
    With regards
    Ghazala Akhtar

  5. Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry
    Supreme Court of Pakistan
    Constitution Avenue
    Dear Mr. Chaudhry

    Subject: Request to An Islamic Country to help in Provision of Visit Visa / Deportation of my Child

    Respected Sir,

    I SUHEL holder of Indian Passport No.J5962857 working in UAE & married to Pakistani National IQRA holder of Pakistan Passport No.BW1321951 & having one child ISHA holder of Indian Passport No.K2068391

    This is to inform you that my wife went to Pakistan for vacation along with my child on 07th Aug from Dubai. My child was given 2 months visit visa (Single Entry) by Consulate General of Pakistan, Dubai. That visa had expired on 06th Oct.

    My wife was due to come back to UAE on 23rd Sept & I had already sent the tickets for the same. But, at the airport, her UAE Residence Visa Page along with Passport Page No.20-21 was found missing. This caused the delay & she missed the flight. Now she is stuck in Pakistan with my child. As per the rules of Pakistan Foreign Ministry, she has to acquire a new valid Passport & entry permit from UAE Embassy in Islamabad to obtain entry to UAE.

    I applied for my Visit Visa for Pakistan from Consulate General of Pakistan, Dubai & they told me to bring all the documents along with company NOC letter to travel to Pakistan. I have provided the required documents to the CGP, Dubai but I am sorry to say that they are not doing the needful to process my Visit Visa & delaying the case which is causing me unnecessary mental harassment. My wife & child are alone in Pakistan, with no one to help them.

    To make my wife’s new passport & visa from Islamabad will take too much time. So that I had requested to CGP to provide me the Visit Visa on urgent basis to bring my family back to UAE before the Visit Visa of my child expires. If not, then kindly deport my child so that she does not suffer from any immigration hassles.

    My child had to return to UAE before 06th Oct as the visit visa provided by Consulate General of Pakistan, Dubai had expired. Last month my Wife’s brother hit her very badly. She was hospitalized for 2 days still now also she is not fine. My wife’s father had expired long back and now they don’t have any monetary source. They are having some dispute in their family.

    The visa page missed that I mentioned above that was tear off by her brother and it is a crime to tear off some one’s passport. Her brother’s mental condition is not suitable after the death of his father he is not having any work no earning power.

    I was Hindu before marriage I converted my religion as MUSLIM from Kalema center in Al Quasis, Dubai. Am having that religion change certificate Issued by GOVT OF DUBAI.

    Sir my child is not in safe hands her life is in danger. As an INDIAN As an MUSLIM I requested to you to please help me in this case. My child is having INDIAN passport and her visa had already expired on 6th Oct. Now she is in Pakistan as illegal. I already submit the same matter to Consulate General of Pakistan, Dubai also. I applied my visa on 25th sept, but from their side I did not receive any response. Our INDIAN COUNSULATE GENERAL, Dubai also send the letter to COUNSULATE GENERAL TO PAKISTAN, DUBAI to help me in this case provide me the visa to bring family back or deport my child.

    Sir you are also Muslim you are also having three daughters, as an muslim I requested to you to please help me to bring my child back. Almighty Allah promised to each girl that Allah will help to each and every daughter’s father for her good life. No one is helping me I leave my family, converted to muslim, no one is here to help me from last two months am suffering, am in depression, I requested to Pakistan consulate Dubai also if anything will be happen to my child who will be responsible they give reply in very funny way that nothing will be happened and on visa counter they told me such a rude way that why I change my religion for Pakistan. My daughter was in hospital on her 1st birthday also, am very helpless for Allah sake please help me.

    If any thing will be happen to my daughter on the day of Judgment in front of Almighty Allah, me and my daughter will hold all of your hands that because of this persons a father loose her daughter. In my family no one knows about my condition. If seriously Pakistan is ISLAMIC country so please help me.

    I would be very grateful to you if you can do the needful.

    Thanks & Regards

    (Mb No 00971-50-8148298)
    (Al wahda town, Sharjah-UAE)


    dear sir
    Mere father Pakistan Machine Tool Factory mai job karte hai pichle 3 saal se PMTF mai salary ka problem ho raha hai employee ko salary 3 3 months tk salary nhi di jati aur is dafa bhi bhi october 2012 ki salary nhi mili ye ka sa mulk hai yaha koi pochne wala nhi hai kiya jis mazdoor k ghar ek months ki salary nhi mile waha ap ap soch b nhi sakte kitne masayel ho jate hai mere apne ghar mai 2 waqt khana bunta hai hai ek time bhooka rehna pardhta hai ap k age hath jordta hun plz justice sahab action lijiye PMTF k sarbarhan k khilaaf sir plz give me a action bht corruption ho chuki hai sir plz give a urgen take action

  7. Iftikhar uncle please shahzab ka case ma insaf karain pehla toh express tv walo na Kia kahan apna dekhA ab sb bAdal diya Gaya hai main apko apna dad smjh ka Appel karti Hun plx insaf karain siraj talpur is case ma involve nai tha yahi express pa bhi dikhya Gaya ab sb ushi ka khilaf Hain plx ap sach ka sath dein mujhA apsa umeed hai. Jab shahzab ko goli Lagi tab uska parents siraj ka ghr pa tha plx aik naki kardin aik bey kasor ko Saza mat dein plz agr ap ya nai karsagtA toh mujhA b ushi ka sath Saza dey dejiya ga

  8. Shahzab khan ka case ma siraj talpur ka koi hath nai plz insaf karain plx warna ap mujh b Saza dein or Han jis waqt shahzab ko mara Gaya us waqt shahzeb ka parents siraj ka ghr betha tha plx ap mera dad jaisa ho insaf karo warna usko chor ka mujja Marwa do ab

  9. Mr. chief justice of Pakistan! Sir, Please civil court mein process server ki Vacancies pr merit pr appointment ko yaqeeni bnaen. agr judicial department b corruption lena shuru kr dy to ghareeb log kahan jaen gy? qayamat k roz ap Allah ki adalat mein Responsible hon gy.

  10. Mr. chief justice of Pakistan! Sir, Please civil court chiniot mein process server ki Vacancies pr merit ko yaqeeni bnaen. agr judicial department b corruption lena shuru kr dy to ghareeb log kahan jaen gy? qayamat k roz ap Allah ki adalat mein Responsible hon gy.

  11. Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry
    Supreme Court of Pakistan
    Constitution Avenue
    Dear Mr. Chaudhry
    I have the honour to ask you if you have any connection with Mr Javed Ali Chaudry, I met in 1979 in London in Westminster district about a family affair. I am a french neurologist from the suburb of Paris.
    Very sincerly.
    Dr Claire T Moret Chalmin

  12. Sir plz internet se behayai par mabni mawwd par pabandi lgwain

  13. Sir Indian program big boss mai jannat dozakh ka mazaq bnaya ha aur WO Pakistani channel ary par dkhaya bi ja raha ha plz band krwain

  14. aslamoaliyekum

  15. Sir,

    Salaam, my name is ilyas Malik i belong to middle class family. sir i am living in flat which is in nazimabad hyderi pride flat #121 sir my kiraaydaar is forcing me to shift and leave their house in 10 days they had given me 3 months before but my leg was fractured badly so they gave me 3 months after my leg got recovered they forced me again to leave their home as soon as possible as they want to sale or may be they want to shift sir i triere and found one flat in my area its little expensive and also told kiraydaar that i had already found the house so give me some time till march in case if i dont get the flat in the area due to any reason i will have time to find another one, but the kiraydaar sid plz leave in 10 days they are abusing me now so please help me my number is

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