The mutilated bodies of the Baloch are a human tragedy, not a mere issue! – by Archen Baloch

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Translation of Dialy Tawar editorial: 30/05/12

Exactly at the same time when PM Gilani was issueing statement about the increasing number of missing persons, two mutilated bodies from Quetta and one from Khuzdar were found of the missing persons. The PM was admitting that the number of missing persons was rising. He said he would talk with army chief on this issue that day. Now what question this statement poses here is that what the army chief has got to do with missing persons? In addition, did the PM summon army chief for clarification?

On the other hand, the Supreme Court constantly issued orders for producing the missing persons before the court. However, the missing persons appeared but in the form of mutilated dead bodies!! Now this invigorates the impression that there is a supreme power behind the heinous of crimes of all abductions and their subsequent dumping of mutilated bodies on desolate areas. And the rulers are totally helpless before this supreme power. The observers believe the rulers cannot exonerate themselves by offering sympathy. Because it isn’t politics, rather, it is a tragedy. If the rulers are powerless, at least they can expose the hidden forces. Otherwise, their criminal silence would put them in same row of those who are committing the crime of mutilated bodies. This issue is so increasingly widening the gap between Pakistan and Balochistan that, perhaps, no Pakistani leader, in future, would be able to decrease the distances. The reaction from Baloch side is very much according to the law natural. However, in the end, nothing comes beneficial to the fate of Pakistan rulers except the repentance.

Translated By Archen Baloch

2 Comments to “The mutilated bodies of the Baloch are a human tragedy, not a mere issue! – by Archen Baloch”

  1. Ejaz Haider and Jinnah Institute Pakistan endorse these dead bodies 😡

  2. I offer salute to our martyr brothers and their bravery!and shame at Pakistan and it’s so-called government that is basically an Islamic country but killing Muslims<

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