Does CJ Iftikhar Chaudhry not own a house?

by admin

On several occasions, Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry and his several promoters and fans have stated that he does not have a house nor the resources to buy one. Well he owns one in Quetta Cantt, and has rented it out.

CJ Chaudhry is known to keep grudges, and could go very low when he gets an opportunity. The entire Balochistan high court is aware of this trait of his, where he has served as a justice and then eventually as CJ Balochistan High court. So when he came back after being restored, the entire Balochistan High court judges resigned, which is not a joke. Not one, not two, but the entire lot resigned. Why? I leave that to your imagination. This did not happen anywhere else, Why?

One has to give him credit for his journey. Being born in the house of a Police Hawaldar, having a deprived childhood, and then doing odd jobs, here and there, one being the munshi at a petrol pump at Hyderabad, and then reaching where he is standing today, commendable. But he has not overcome his complexes, going around with huge convoys, demanding extra ordinary protocol, keeping even an embulance in his convoy. Come one, mentally, he is still a complexed person, who seeks solace in show off.

During the lawyers moment, some judges from Quetta, who were in Islamabad on official visit, went on to call on him out of curtisy. He was very depressed, being under house arrest, and to a question, How things will turn out? he said, maza nahi hay, sab khataam hoo gaya hay.

And then, one fine morning, he woke up as a super hero.

He is not a saint, that we have made him. He is just an ordinary person, with lots of short comings.

He became an overnight hit, because he was used for the ouster of Musharaf (by the right-wing pseudo-liberal alliance forged by the usual suspects), and the Raiwind brothers injected money crap.

Source: Facebook (written by a resident of Balochistan)


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