Virginia Woolf said: “On the outskirts of every agony sits some observant fellow who points.”

Pakistan Blogzine (PB) is an advocacy platform to highlight the mass murder or/and persecution of the Balochs, Hazaras, Pashtuns, Sindhis, Gilgitis/Baltis, Saraikis, Shias, Ahmadis, Christians and other persecuted groups in Pakistan. As media critics and human rights activists, we question silence of Pakistan’s mainstream media, bloggers, civil society and human rights activists on mass murders and persecution of the oppressed groups.


Pakistan Blogzine (PB) does not wan to be just another Pakistan blog which serves to defend the powerful but remains silent or apologetic on the dishonest narratives of the urban elite in Pakistani politics and media.

Pakistanis of all faiths, ethnicities and political or ideological affiliations are welcome here. We also welcome international visitors and contributors.

Our values

  • In the main, the PB remains committed to a democratic, progressive and multicultural Pakistan.
  • We remain opposed to all forms of violence, particularly in the shape of terrorism, sectarianism and ethnofascism.
  • We remain opposed to discriminatory laws related to individual faith, gender and ethnicity.
  • We remain committed to peace and harmony in South Asia and the entire world.

We are a blogzine

The PB is a blogzine. It comprises authors, contributors and visitors of diverse political and ideological affiliations who have a firm commitment to values of democracy, diversity, social justice, tolerance and religious freedom.

However, within this commitment, there is a heterogeneity of ideas and approaches, which is frequently reflected in various articles we write and publish at the PB. We are multiple voices not one voice, nor do we intend to enforce a ‘one voice policy’ at this blogzine.

Email: pakistanblogzine@gmail.com

PB Google Group: http://groups.google.com/group/PakistanBlogzine

PB Google Group email: pakistanblogzine@googlegroups.com

PB on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pakistanblogzine

Founding Editor: Laibaah

Editors and Authors: Mureed Bizenjo, Ailia Zehra, Shumaila Hussain, Tatom, Gilgiti, Alamdar Mengal, Marya Mushtaq, Ravez Junejo, Haider Karrar, Mustafa Ahmed

Twitter: @laibaah1, @mureedbizenjo, @ailiazehra, @schimihusseyn, @tatom2k, @gilgiti, @alamdarmengal, @maryamushtaq, @ravezjunejo, @haiderkarrar, @mustafaa80

11 Responses to “About”

  1. Great initiative.

  2. Great Job… I agree to the values and would like to be part of it… I am blogging in Urdu language so that I reach out to many more people in Pakistan.

  3. You guys seem to me be of other version of Zaid Hamid birgade. Plz come out of paranoia & stop playing victim. Being a Sunni, i never thought my Shia fellows as others. Being abroad and knowing how to write a few sentences does not mean a permit to spread hate among communities and sects. What you guys are doing is nothing more than hate speech.

  4. please must see the pakistani shia news paper ewanesadaqat
    emil ewanesadaqat@gmail.com

  5. ahmad kazimi if u see the comment please expt my slm we are protest in paksitan


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