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July 15, 2012

Ali Dayan Hasan (HRW Pakistan) recants statement against ISI

by ravezjunejo

Ali Dayan Hasan at IPSMM2012

The newly appointed Director General of the Inter-Services Intelligence may have attained an understated and unsung victory for his intelligence agency considering the recent and highly surprising statement by Human Rights Watch‘s Pakistan head Ali Dayan Hasan that the ISI may not be involved in the Saleem Shahzad murder AT ALL!

Mr Hasan made this statement at the recently concluded India-Pakistan Social Media Mela held at a local hotel in Karachi.  He was invited as a speaker for the session titled ‘Negotiating complexity: human rights and social media.’

Apart from his condemnation of ‘trolls’ (read his notoriously egotistical irritation on being questioned by critics in general and Twitter activist @Laibaah1 Marri in particular) on social media, Mr Hasan said “My position and HRW position is clear. We never say that he was killed by the ISI. Who killed him has to be determined by an independent probe.” Could we be correct in considering this latest statement by Mr Hasan a recanting of the previous allegations that HRW has made, all but implicating the ISI in carrying out the Saleem Shahzad murder?

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March 9, 2012

Kia tum bhool gae? A tribute to target killed Shia Muslims of Pakistan

by admin

کیا تم بھول گئے؟

خانودہ شہداہ کے روتے ہوئے چہرے!! کیا تم بھول گئے؟ شہید تاثیر کی میت پہ ماں کی طرف سے باندھا گیا سہرا __!!!! سانحہ مستونگ میں ایک ہی صف میں کھڑا کر

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February 4, 2012

Candid comment is not welcome, at least by Ali Dayan Hasan

by admin

I am cross-posting the following conversation from Twitter without any edits or comments. Please read from bottom to top, it is self-explanatory.

Omaidus Malik Omaid
@AliDayan I appr the way HRCP is workin bt the agreived parties want st fwd views, shia’s r being killed so they want open stances

AliDayan Ali Dayan Hasan
@Omaidus Please google HRW’s statements on Ahmadis and Shias.
1 hour ago Favorite Retweet Reply

Omaidus Malik Omaid
@AliDayan nd at this boiling point HR shd hav

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November 24, 2011

Pakistan’s urban elitist liberals must not uncritically promote Sherry Rehman

by admin

“My identity is that I am Pakistani and we are first class citizens here, no matter how pushed around we are.” – Sherry Rehman (interview with Huma Imtiaz in 2010)

Related posts: Some gems from Declan Walsh’s article promoting Sherry Rehman

Where Ansar Abbasi and Mosharraf Zaidi converge: “PPP killed Sherry Rehman’s bill”

Adil Najam and his pseudo-liberals’ outpouring of sympathy for Sherry Rehman – by Sarah Khan

I was shocked but not surprised to see a swift somersault in Pakistan’s urban elite’s discourse on Twitter on 23 November 2011 in the aftermath of Prime Minister Gilani’s decision to replace Ambassador Husain Haqqani with

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October 22, 2011

To Ali Dayan: You could have named me, dude!

by admin

Here is how Ali Dayan Hasan of Human Rights Watch refers to and condemns me in his interview with Global Observatory. You could have named me, dude!

Interview with Ali Dayan Hasan, Pakistan Director, Human Rights Watch
October 20, 2011

Interestingly, Ali Dayan is all praise for social media in Arab Middle East but is a bit concerned about its misuse in Pakistan.


AW: Moving on to a different type of media, what role do you see

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October 22, 2011

Abdul Khaliq Hazara and the ethnic cleansing narrative – by Marya Mushtaq

by admin

Related posts: List of non-Hazara Shia Muslims killed by SSP-LeJ-Taliban in Balochistan – by Marya Mushtaq

Is it Hazara genocide or Shia genocide? – by Musa Changezi

ISI-sponsored Shia genocide in Pakistan or Sunni-Shia sectarian violence?

Blood of Shia Muslims flows freely in Pakistan – by Amir Mir

Intellectual dishonesty in misrepresenting Shia massacres in Pakistan

The aim of this post is to introduce Abdul Khaliq Hazara, leader of Hazara Democratic Party – a pseudo-secular ethnic party through which ISI operates among the Hazara-Shias of Quetta.

He is the same individual who recently gave an infamous interview to Ejaz Haider (now more befittingly known on twitter as Ejaz Haider Jhangvi) in which he had labeled the people he claims to represent as Iranian agents. In Abdul Khaliq Hazara ‘s words, Hazara Shias:

“play in the hands of Iran, our religious leaders … Funds come from Iran through their

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October 14, 2011

AHRC report on Balochistan is a slap on the face of Pakistan army and its apologists – by Laibaah

by admin

Asian Human Rights Commission has issued a comprehensive statement on the state of Baloch genocide in Pakistan which is currently being carried out by Pakistan army, its various sub-organizations and agencies (FC, ISI, MI etc) as well as jihadi proxy organizations (LeJ, SSP, Jundullah, TTP etc).

In short, Pakistan army has extra-judicially killed more than 200 disappeared persons in Balochistan between August 2010 and October 2011. The federal and provincial governments have played an ugly role in the entire episode acting as either mere spectators or worse, as enablers of such illegal killings by repeating and reinforcing the

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October 13, 2011

Riaz Malik Hajjaji Leaks: Pakistan’s Islamopatriot Alliance (PIA)

by admin

Dear readers,

Welcome to my leaks. Yes, I leak….. good information.

Recently, I intercepted this sketch (made by Syed Ali Asghar Rafzi Sabai Irani) that was being circulated by the anti-Taliban liberal fascists!

It is a sketch of human rights activist Wali Jayan, Muslim rights activist Falak Miswaak and their true leaders and supporters, the generals and the judges who have saved Pakistan.

While liberal fascists were trying to malign these Islamopatriots and were trying to subscribe a sinister

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October 8, 2011

Urban liberal elites of Pakistan harass HDP activist Saleem Javed – by Nasir Changezi

by admin

This post is useful to understand the politics of blocking and unblocking on Twitter.

As a Shia Hazara activist, it was painful for me to observe on 2-7 October 2011 how certain urban “liberal” elites in Pakistani media and civil society (namely Ali Dayan Hasan, Raza Rumi and Marvi Sirmed) collectively harassed a Hazara activist (a propagandist of Abdul Khaliq Hazara’s Hazara Democratic Party HDP), M. Saleem Javed, forcing him to mend his ways and discourse consistent with their own narratives.

Please read the following conversation from bottom to top in order to see how urban fake liberals were able to harass and bring an impressionable Hazara activist in line with their own discourse.

mSaleemJaved Saleem Javed
Call it a ‘Kufi Shia sellout’ or whatever you want. I’m still thankful to @AliDayan for producing a balanced report on Hazara genocide.
6 Oct Favorite Retweet Reply

mSaleemJaved Saleem Javed
Bravo! RT @AliDayan: “The targeted killings of Shia R a barbaric attempt at sectarian & ethnic cleansing”says @HRW

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September 25, 2011

‘It’s totally democratic to block Laibaah, the Darth Vader of the Twitterverse’ – says Ali Dayan Hasan

by admin

Related post: Fourth suspension of Laibaah’s Twitter account – by Almadar Mengal

Some apologists or affiliates of the Deep State are currently trying to get my twitter account suspended. They did it thrice before. For example: and also:

Unfortunately this time the mafia active to get my Twitter account banned is led by none else than Ali Dayan Hasan, the controversial director of HRW in

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September 22, 2011

An open letter to Kenneth Roth, Executive Director of HRW: A call for help from Pakistan

by admin

 The following is an exact copy-paste of the ad hominem, straw man and abuses which were showered at me by Mr. Ali Dayan Hasan, Director of Human Rights Watch, Pakistan, on Thursday, 22 September 2011 in full public sight. What was my crime? I had written the following critical post: : Pakistani Shias, rights activists reject HRCP’s statement on Shia killings in Pakistan.

In summary, the following was my criticism of the HRCP statement in

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September 11, 2011

A humble request to Mustafa Qadri (Amnesty) and Ali Dayan Hasan (HRW)

by admin

Related posts: Appeal to HRW, Amnesty, HRCP: Don’t ignore or misrepresent Shia genocide in Pakistan

Resources on Shia genocide in Pakistan

SOS from Hazara Shias of Quetta

SOS from Toori Shias of Parachinar

SOS from Saraiki Shias of D.I.Khan


Mustafa Qadri and Ali Dayan Hasan are two highly respected gentlemen because of their services to human rights in

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July 4, 2011

Some tough questions for Ali Dayan Hasan, Pakistan Rep for Human Rights Watch

by admin

Ali Dayan Hasan holds civilian government not ISI and army responsible for terrorism in Pakistan

Who knows better than Ali Dayan Hasan the distinction between the lucrative profession of human rights and the actual practice of human rights! A cursory look at his family background and career will tell us a lot about his selective take on human rights and free speech (wiping out mass murder of Hazara, blockade of Parachinar, mass murders in

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