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December 9, 2011

Mosharraf Zaidi: ISI’s new man in Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry

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More pain for Pashtuns and Hazaras of Pakistan and Afghanistan. ISI’s trusted friend Mosharraf Zaidi has been appointed as advisor in Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry. Long known for his refined and subtle alignment with Pakistan army’s strategic depth and proxy Jihad doctrines, Mr. Zaidi’s formal appointment in the foreign ministry is being seen as a direct check on Pakistan’s civilian government and to ensure that policies and interests of the Deep State are closely implemented and monitored.

After Sherry Rehman’s appopintment as Pakistan enovy to US, Ejaz Haider’s as head of Jinnah Institute, Mosharraf Zaidi is third person with direct or indirect influence on Pakistan’s pro-Deep State foreign policy and strategic agenda.

Here is a useful resource on Mosharraf Zaidi’s services to Pakistan’s military establishment:

On Twitter, it is pure entertainment to see professional sycophants (urban elites) congratulating Mosharraf Zaidi

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November 2, 2011

Riaz Malik debunks BBC report and sings a paen for PTI Jalsa

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Aha, Liberal fascist Kamran must be crushed. See how great patriot and defender of Pak Fauj, Ejaz Haider has decontructed this falsehood of a BBC report in his typically brillliant, “Journalism or Jabberwocky”

In doing so, he has shown us that he is not only a great journalist but is also a master at English literature when he alludes to Lewis Carrol in the title. I salute him, Mosharraf Zaidi, Omar Waraich, Ayesha Tammy Haq and Cyril Almeida for coming out openly as PTI supportors on

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January 25, 2011

“The PPP abandoned Salmaan Taseer”

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The aim of this post is to highlight and confront the “PPP abandoned Taseer” narrative which is currently being transmitted and propagated in Pakistani and international media from certain quarters who are

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