My daddy and uncle judges will always protect me – by Riaz Bin Al-Malik Hajjaji

by admin

As my title suggests, this is probably what Pakistan’s brilliant doctor-inventor-Son Arsalan Iftikhar thought. Once again, his Daddy and uncle judges were there to protect him. This is what good parenthood is all about. If your Daddy’s Supreme Court is not there to protect you from such trivial things as corruption, cronyism, nepotism charges, what good are they for any ways. May we all have Daddies and uncles as generous as His Holiness Highness Hazrat Iftikhar Chaudhry and His band of Righteous Supremes!

The silly liberal fascist “scum” are burning in their own bitter stew of liberalism and universal standards – concepts which we know are utter rubbish! I read their defeatist rants and grin in my ample belly while longing for my ninth helping of the Spartan fare of Quail and Truffle Biryani!

“Pakistan’s Supreme Court has covered itself in disgrace and this sad story of sellout and corrupt judges (barring a few honourable exceptions) is as old as Pakistan itself. They have repeatedly failed the public and have failed to provide justice and closure to over 2.3 million pending cases. Aside from providing legal cover to various military dictators – a stigma that also taints this sorry lot of bureaucrats with a God complex, Pakistan’s Supreme Court has sent one PPP Prime Minister to the gallows and illegally disqualified another PPP PM – both on trumped up charges.” Daddy’s Jihadi Supreme Court to the Rescue as Judiciary thwarts corruption investigations – again!

Cry away you liberal fascist “scum”! This Judiciary belongs to Ghairatmands like PTI and PML N. This Judiciary is for real patriotic Pakistanis like Malik Ishaq and Hafiz Saeed. This Judiciary should be answerable only to real paper like Quaid-e-Azam and not useless piece of paper like the Constitution!

If you happen to be a Rafzi (Shia) or Qadian (Ahmadi) or a Curranta (Christain) you can take a hike! No Suo Motos for your silly little causes when we ghairatmands are busy defending Ibne Iftikhar from corruption investigations. At this time, I would like to thank Samad Khurram and those at Harvard University for rewarding Hazrat Chaudhry Iftikhar (Chief of the Supreme League of Justice Party) with a medal. History will remember you in the same way that they remember those lawyers who showered Mumtaz Qadri with rose petals.

Syed Riaz Bin Al-Malik Hujjaji
Keeper of the Two Nation Theory, Protector of the Sovereignty of Supreme Court Inc. and seeker of Facebook friends

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11 Comments to “My daddy and uncle judges will always protect me – by Riaz Bin Al-Malik Hajjaji”

  1. So cooling in my heart to read this article

    Shoaib Saddal is their very close man

    How big shame donew in name of “Justice”

    Brother Riaz! Could you please send me your e mail?

  2. Arsalan is nothing but a PCO daddy’s son and nephew of Corrupt Judges. 900 million corruption was just a lolly-pop otherwise.. I am sure if investigated these Judges including Cheap Justice are indulged in corruption from head to toe.

  3. “This Judiciary should be answerable only to real paper like Quaid-e-Azam and not useless piece of paper like the Constitution!” Hujjaji-ism at its best:-)

  4. Like it dear ….. so much talks… statements….. breaking news …. controversies …. politics …. agenciess….. debates ….honor killings….. etc… m confused …. a self claimed greatest nation in the world …. but I am confused whether we have any right to claim ourselves even a single nation ….

  5. If this blog is authentic and tracable, the owner has lots of support or guts!

  6. What Stupendous act is this ?
    The upstart blogger has no morality so as to refrain from maliciously commenting sub-judicial matters in public.
    Screw you maligned Dickhead.

  7. & For sure it is a Malak Riaz sponsored blog, cent percent.
    PS. Malko Thekadar seems to pay & pamper his barking dogs very well.

  8. REal Thekedar is Iftikhar Ch

  9. If suunis dies in bomb blast or target killing, the breaking news looks like this “Four men died in target killing/BB”
    but If shias becomes victim the headline switches its vocabulary instantly to make it HOT/SELLABLE/REQUIRED/WANTED/PEOPLE WANT TO LISTEN “Four SHIAS KILLED IN TARGET KILLING”

    I honestly don’t know what is wrong with your COMMON SENSE which is not common anymore! This blog is full of Iftikhar Chauhdary and his son. You don’t even take a look on anyone else like PPP’s PML-N’s,Qs or other alliance’s corruption. you are one of those people who has no logical solution but thousands reason to criticize.

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