Interfaith Unity against Hate – Mumbai Initiative

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MUMBAI! INTERFAITH UNITY AGAINST HATE is a response to the terrorist attacks in Mumbai from US-based Hindu, Muslim, Sikh & Jewish communities, along with members of all faiths and secular supporters. 


As an interfaith community we will pass a candle in a display of hope, interreligious collaboration, and unity, providing a safe and inclusive space for South Asians and others to mourn the victims in Mumbai and stand together against interreligious hatred. Opening prayers to be lead by faith leaders. 


Attendees will share personal accounts of their response to hateful speech and actions, giving practical and powerful guidance on how to counter extremism in our daily lives and in our communities.

Terrorism has no faith. To those who seek political gain by further dividing humanity and our faiths, stop doing so in our names! Together, as people of all faiths, we all honor the victims of these attacks, and while we may disagree on many points, we reaffirm the underlying unity of all faiths in the face of murderous hatred. 

To reach out to the South Asian public through regional language TV and other media conveying an interfaith message of interreligious solidarity and tolerance. By posting a videotape of TALK BACK TO HATE stories on YouTube, we aim to inspire more and more ordinary people to stand up and speak out, giving a voice to hope

One Comment to “Interfaith Unity against Hate – Mumbai Initiative”

  1. A novel published by a Pakistani on inter-religious tensions is the first in this genre in Pakistan. Let’s call this the first attempt towards tackling a menacing issue. After all acknowledging a problem is the first step towards its solution. Novel is Fire of Love by Adeerus Ghayan. It’s high time now that Pakistan starts addressing this issue in literature and media. India has been doing it for decades.

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