Ilmana Fasih: A Deobandi atheist’s Jihad against Sunni Sufis and Shias

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Ilmana Fasih is an Indian gynaecologist, health activist, silk painter and blogger, who writes on social and health issues. In her own words, she was raised by an atheist father and a Sunni mother, married to a Syed, non denominational ultra moderate Sunni, she is anti religion to be

described at best.

On facebook and Twitter, Ilmana is known for obfuscating Deobandi and Salafi/Wahhabi terrorism against Sunni Sufis/Barelvis, Shias, Ahmadi and Christians. She is also known for constructing false binary between Sunni and Shia while ignoring or diluting the Deobandi and Salafi Wahhabi identity of ASWJ, ISIS, Al-Qaeda, TTP, Taliban, Boko Haram, Al Shabab and other terrorists. She often indulges in false equality by equating or comparing violence by Deobandi/Wahhabi/Salafi terrorists with isolated and minuscule incidents of reaction or violence by Sunni Sufis and Shias.

She is also known for deceptive and misleading propaganda against progressive Sunni Sufi, Shia and Ahmadi bloggers.

Here are some screenshots from facebook and twitter including Ilmana’s comments on a facebook post of Mr Irfan Qadri, a Sunni Sufi/Barelvi blogger.


Irfan Qadri
Video: Chanting Ya Ali, takfiri Sunni Sufis or/and takfiri Shias join takfiri Deobandis to kill four innocent Ahmadis in Gujranwala…..

Brainwashed by anti-Ahmadi hate speech by some takfiri Shias, you can see in this video clip (0:23) how some Sunni Sufis or/and Shias participated in the takfiri Deobandi-led hate mob which killed four innocent Ahmadis in Gujranwala, Pakisan

Hassan Turi Bloody hypocrite shia, though themeselves they are killed but still they support ahmadi persecution. Im shia from tribal and i acknonowledge shia bigotry against ahmadi community in pakistan.

Ilmana Fasih No no how can that be possible? Wait till LUBP friends call you a Takfiri apologists for calling out on Shia bigotry. Been there seen that…Liberal Shia means calling names to Sunni bigotry exclusively. There is no such thing as Shia bigotry.
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Irfan Qadri Ilmana Fasih LUBP is actually facing allegations by tkfiri Deobandis for being a pro-Ahmadi web site. I know you are a Deobandi yourself but don’t twist this thread to settle your score with LUBP. As a Sunni Barelvi, I fully support LUBP for its excellent work on human rights.

ایل یو بی پی کے کافر قادیانیوں اور صیہونیوں کی نقاب کشائی – از ایران نواز پاکستانی شیعہ لابی

Takfiri Shias are a tiny minority within Iranian Ayatollah loyalist Pakistani Shias and must be clearly exposed and condemned on their hate speech against Ahmadiyya Muslims.

Ilmana Fasih hahaha What made u think I am a Deobandi?Presumptions much? Raised by an atheist father and a Sunni Syed Barelvi mom, married to a Syed, non denominational ultra moderate Sunni, I am anti religion to be described at best. My statement above is related to the response I have recieved from them & called Pro-Takfiri for my anti-Iran/Ayatollah Khamenei tweets. Though if u check I am as vocal against Saudis ISIS too? How would I interpret that? I see them exclusively focus on Sunni bigotry. Ali Abbas Taj himself told me in a forumon Jaag Pakistan Jaag…Shias are bound to agree to all dictats of Ayatollah Khmeini/Khamenie or else they are considered outside the 12er faith.

Irfan Qadri Ilmana: You are wrong on two accounts:


Criticism of Shia clerics

Rusty Walker Comments like “bloody hypocrite Shia” reveals misplaced anger. It would be just as false to say “”bloody hypocrite Sunnis” – Shia and Sunnis are good people. Ahmadis are good people. Please consider that self-righteous comments do not help clarify the truth. Moderates do not hate the other sects. It is the radicals- Takfiri Muslims that are the problem.

In truth, the radical Sunnis, and the radical Shia are simply loud and violent few that command the press attention. The vast majority of Shia are not in agreement with this video.

IImana Fasih,”LUBP friends” aren’t biased against Sunni. I write for LUBP, and it is highly presumptuous to assign Sunni bigotry to them/us. If I find that they are biased at any time- I will stop writing for them. My friends include Ahmadis, Sunnis, and Sufis.

Of course this Takfiri Shia violence is possible, but, in truth, it is a small group of radicals. All Shia are not moderate. Many follow Khomeini at their own peril.

Thank you for posting ting this video, it is important to see. But, while these violent extremists are on a rampage, and should be fully condemned, this is surprising, because most Shia are not Takfiri Muslims, being a minority themselves.

Aligning to closely with Khomeini is a dangerous precedent. .Khomeini does not represent Shia Islam- true that the have gained popularity in the chaos that is in Iraq. But, there is no conspiracy of Shia against Sunni,
and this video does NOT speak for the Shia Community.
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Irfan Qadri I fully agree with Rusty Walker’s most objective and balanced comment.
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Arif Jamal · Friends with Abdul Nishapuri and 12 others
Unfortunately, most Pakistani Shias are no different than other Pakistani Islamists. (However, LUBP still does not fall in that category.) No, I dont agree with Rusty Walker. Have you heard any Shia voice against Ahmadi genocide. Even the unofficial spokesman of the ISPR Syed Faisal Raza Abidi will not say a word.
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Ilmana Fasih My above statement is based on my direct interaction with Ali Abbas Taj and his assertion about Ayatollah as mentioned above. I dont read LUBP or sectarian sites/blogs of any faith/sect.
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Rusty Walker Let us not so quickly judge the many by the few. Do not turn Muslim against Muslim based on a incendiary video, that makes me angry as it does you!
It is the few radicals that get the attention. Millions of Muslims live lives of domestic tranquility, following the Quran, teachings of Mohammed (PBUH), and interpret Jihad as internal struggle, and fighting only when provoked, as any god Muslim would protecting their family.

ANY Takfiri Muslim fits the category of Jihadist, Islamist, terrorist. They are murderers, be they Sunni or Shia. Salafists are the problem not Sunnis. Takfiri Shias, who turn against Ahmadis, are the problem, not Shias.

Let us not be so quick to mirror this violence- Anger may give us a sense of power, but it is misplaced to judge everyone by these few:
To indict the other sects based on inflammatory enraged actions of the ignorant is plying into the radicals hands. Let us be warriors together against radicals! Insh ‘Allah.
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Rusty Walker Any article I have ever written concerning Shia genocide, also mentions the violence against Ahmadis, Hindu, and other minorities. Most articles written by Shia in LUBP also sympathize with the Ahmadis.
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Irfan Qadri I have seen articles by many progressive Shia bloggers (Ai Ali Abbas Taj, Ale Natiq, LUBP etc) condemning violencce against Ahmdis. However, Khomeinite Shias remain indifferent or worse hate Ahmadis.
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Ilmana Fasih Yes I know they condemn Ahmedi persecution. Do they ever criticize Shia bigotry? Someone ( from the LUBP grp, name withheld) who said in a discussion, a Shia woman marrying a Sunni becomes a murtid…you would call him a Liberal?
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Rusty Walker Quotes typical of my articles always mentioning the Ahmedis as victims that need help, no less than Shia, moderate Sunnis, and Sufis.

“One manifestation of this growing list of atrocities is Shia Genocide. The media obfuscation of the current Shia Genocide taking place in Pakistan takes the form of calling it a “sectarian” issue, as if two sides where fighting. In fact, only the Shias are the targets of radical Sunnis (moderate Sunnis live in peace with Shias). Even Human Rights Organizations have mistakenly referred to targeted killings and beheadings of innocent Shias, as a “sectarian conflict,” which categories the atrocities into a historical context which is easy to dismiss.”

“In this particular piece it seems TFT has gone further by promoting the fact that all Deobandis consider Shia and Ahmedis to be Kafir (“unbelievers,” and thus, targets). However, Maulana Tahir Ashrafi, head of the Pakistan Ulema Council, for example, in his public discourse says the opposite. Not only has he said that to our editor in a personal exchange, but various moderate Ulema have expressed that a General Takfeer of Shia is “Haram” (troublemaker) and makes for “Fitna” (chaos). They have used various strong words against such General Takfeer. We have to take our responsibility as media people seriously and try to stop Takfeer, which to an Islamist constitutes a license to kill. TFT on the other hand is promoting Takfeer by citing some obscure Fatwa saying that Shias and Ahmadi Muslims are Kafir. Clearly they should be doing the opposite and promoting Fatwas that show Shias are part of Islam. Therefore, once we deal with the Takfeer issue the situation will at least improve for the Shia, if not for Ahmedis, which would still need to be addressed separately. Other religions have been targeted by the Takfiri Deobandis, including our minority Christian community.”

“Takfiri Deobandi militants (who are also killing moderate Sunni Barelvis and Deobandi etc).”

An Open Letter to the World Press: How mainstream media obfuscates Jihadist violence in Pakistan…

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Irfan Qadri Ilmana: There are numerous articles on LUBP in which bigotry of a few takfiri Shias has been exposed. Once again, I request you to focus on the topic of this thread instead of LUBP.

Criticism of Shia clerics
Criticism of Shia clerics Archiveسید منظر امام رضوی کا عامر حسینی کے نام خط: یہ … See More
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Rusty Walker Irfan is correct. Khomeinite Shias are radicals.
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Ilmana Fasih haha Rusty Walker, how quickly u said this video does not represent all Shias, which is v true…but you will not say the same when you will share any video from any of the Sunnis–deobandi or else. I know as a Sunni, majority Sunnis donot endorse Shia killing either. Yes many are sickeningly indifferent, to not just Ahmedi or Shia killings but generally apathetic as a whole. I have seen similar hate and abusive language for general Sunnis not just exclusively for Salafis/Deobandis on many Shia forums. But no one would ever acknowledge that.
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Rusty Walker Ilmana Fasih… thank you for admitting LUBP “condemn Ahmedi persecution.”
They should also criticize Shia bigotry where it occurs.

“Someone ( from the LUBP …said in a discussion” – in “comments,”
There are often radical voices not representative of LUBP that vent in the “Comments section using false names..

If someone said, “a Shia woman marrying a Sunni becomes a murtid!” It is a sick comment.
Even Benazir Bhutto’s father and mother were Shia and Sunni.

Irfan Qadri Ilmana Fasih Deobandis and Salafi Wahhabis are on the whole a violent, intolerant cult (ISIS, Boko Haram, ASWJ, TTP, Al Qaeda, Taliban, LeJ, Al Shabab, LeT/JuD etc) that does not represent Sunni Sufi and other Sunni Muslims. I have never seen Sunni Sufis and Shias checking identity cards and massacring Deobandis or Salafis in Pakistan or elsewhere.
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Ilmana Fasih Nope it was of the main persons from LUBP, and he said this in a discussion elsewhere, not in “comments”. I know ppl who comment r mainly fake IDs.
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Rusty Walker IImana, the “haha” was unnecessarily mocking. I will let that insult go, because you do not know me.

To the extent that you are right in those claims, I would agree with you….See More
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Irfan Qadri Someone from her close cricles (name withheld) said to me that Ilmana is a closet Deobandi supporter of ASWJ, LeJ and ISIS who poses as an atheist. In fact, there is a known lobby of Deobandi Atheists – Google article by Pejamistri on this topic.
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Rusty Walker Will do. There are many imposters.

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Ilmana Fasih Yes I know Salafis/Deobandis are violent. Where did say they r not? I condemn and mention ISIS, TTP, LeJ, AlQ by name. But I have I have seen Shia forums and Shia friends mention ISIS, Salafis as just ‘Sunnis’. Ali Zaidi does. And generally using abusive language for Sunnis in general. Is this not Takfirism too?
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Rusty Walker Ali Zaidi, whom I know well, represents only his own views. He sometimes gets carried away.
“But I have I have seen Shia forums and Shia friends mention ISIS, Salafis as just ‘Sunnis’.” No! No one who is intellectually honest would EVER just write, “Sunnis.” It would be ignorant.
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Ilmana Fasih Haha you can cook up as u like. I know who they are the same LUBP gang. And the simple reason is I include criticism of Ayatollahism and Iranian theological regime in my crticism against religious extremism, not exclusively on SAUDI takfirism. And this hurts them.
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Irfan Qadri But I have seen numerous articles on LUBP that criticize Iranian Ayatollahs. Why are you in denial?

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Rusty Walker IImana- I have tried to talk sense to you, You are only interested in your own personal Jihad against Shia. You don’t hear objectivity. You are a hater. You want to ridicule. I see the same vendetta tone in terrorist language.

IImana- Your “haha” is juvenile. Therefore, you are not worth one more comment from me.
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Ilmana Fasih Any Iranian criticsm is not taken down by Ali Abbas Taj, seen that with a direct interaction with him. And this agenda to malign Sunni moderates, secularists like me as closet Deobandis is to assert that intelligentsia in Pakistan is mainly Shias….as they say IntelligenSHIA. I can only laugh at this bigoted attempt. This is takfirism of its own kind.
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Ali Zaidi I have not used EVER abusive language against you.
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Rusty Walker Ali Z. you are a prince. You are my friend. You do get a little wild sometimes, but, it is part of your charm.
This isn’t about you. You’re a good man.

Ilmana Fasih Yes Rusty Walker I was waiting for u to come down to personal accusations, in the end. Usual modus operandi to shut up someone against Shia bigotry. I have stood up against Sunni bigotry too with a louder voice. Sunnis call me a Hindu-parast. So no worries…keep the names coming….
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Irfan Qadri Ali Abbas Taj is Editor in Chief of LUBP. He has give full freedom to me and other Sunni Sufi / Barelvi, Ahmadi and other writers. He has himself published articles in criticism of Iranian clerics.
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Ali Zaidi I think there’s someone here whose comments I cannot read. Perhaps someone who has blocked me. Ilmana Fasih it is quite confusing. Who did you address in the last comment?
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Haji Sriram Pasha · Friends with Ibrahim Sajid Malick
You appear to be a sectarian too. Why identify yourself as Sunni barelvi. Another one of those sectarian condemning other sectarians laant ho tum per aur sub sectarians per.

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Ilmana Fasih Ali Zaidi read again what did I write in ur context.
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Haji Sriram Pasha · Friends with Ibrahim Sajid Malick
That is Rusty Walker a fake profile some asshole pretending to be american. Ali Zaidi
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Irfan Qadri Haji Sriram Pasha Sir, can you please refrain from abusive language? Rusy Walker is a known writer and rights activist, a friend of Pakistan.
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Rusty Walker Haji- what is your problem? I haven’t said anything offensive to you! Ali Zaidi knows me. So, your personal insult is offensive and untrue.
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Ilmana Fasih “Rusty Walker”– usual modus operandi used by LUBP with radical Shias hiding behind to propagate Shia-Iran agenda. They use some Hindu names too Haji Sriram Pasha.Funny thng is my hardcore Secular Hindu friends know their modus operandi and laugh at them.
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Haji Sriram Pasha · Friends with Ibrahim Sajid Malick
You are a sectarian. Hate monger. You are promoting hate abuse is nothing compared to the hate you promote. sunni Barelvi.
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Ali Zaidi Rusty Walker is a very cherished friend of mine. What you have said just now will be held against you, to show you what kind of a bigot you are. Let me prove it. So Rusty is basically a Shia pretending to be an American? Wow.
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Rusty Walker The ignorant and uninformed love to believe in conspiracy theories.
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Ali Zaidi Everyone is a Shia. Rahul Sharma is a shia with a fake profile. Rusty Walker is a shia with a fake American profile. Rusty, this isn’t fair. When did you convert?
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Haji Sriram Pasha · Friends with Ibrahim Sajid Malick
Rusty Walker stop using fake profile. Who the fuck are you? Live in Arizona or Lahore.
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Ali Zaidi That’s why we say its better not to drink at such ungodly hours, Haji Sriram Pasha. You’re making a complete fool out of yourself.
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Haji Sriram Pasha · Friends with Ibrahim Sajid Malick
Yes Ali Zaidi, he pretends to be an American scholar who sells painting but gives fake address of the store in Scottsdale, Arizona. Get lost you AH.

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Ilmana Fasih Nope not Rahul Sharma. But fake names do reduce credibility. Then pouncing on to personal accusations only confirm their mindset.
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Irfan Qadri Sir Haji Sriram Pasha Please stop your abusive attacks on Rusy Walker, Ali Zaidi, Shias and Sunni Barelvis/Sufis. You seem to have a Deobandi or Salafi background or views. Kindly learn to disagree without abusing others.
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Ali Zaidi Rusty Walker bear witness to this! these are our so called moderate Sunnis. DON’T.EVER.FORGET.
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Rusty Walker Thank you, Ali Z. for straightening out.

Ali Zaid, not only knows me as a friend, but is the ONE friend of mine that can and did call me at 3AM in the morning and will I talk to him at length.
So, no, my name is real, I am an American that has many Shia, Sunni, Ahmadis, and even atheist friends. I have been to Pakistan in the old days (1972), and have many Pakistani friends.
I am not a hater. I only hate Takfiri terrorists.
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Rusty Walker THank you, Ali Z. You have warned me about I see!

Haji- I don’t respond to people who swear at me, “fuck” is unnecessary.
You are a hater too, obviously.
You all want to just be angry, mean and not listen to reason.
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Ali Zaidi Ilmana Fasih rusty isn’t fake! he comes from a family of proud war veterans. In every generation, his forebears put their lives in line to defend the freedoms and liberty that you today enjoy in North America.
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Rusty Walker This commentary is pointless-
Ali Zaidi and Irfan Qadri are the only voices of reason.
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Ali Zaidi how thoroughly amusing this is. a naturalized american wog calling Rusty Walker fake! muahahaha.
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Rusty Walker Thank you for the truth, Ali Z. Talk later.
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Haji Sriram Pasha · Friends with Ibrahim Sajid Malick
The walker hasn’t even seen where Vietnam is located. Okay what is your address in Arizona again. Is it in Gilbert, Scottsdale or some where by Rt 10?

Ilmana Fasih Apologies if he is not. Ali Zaidi. But yes fake accounts on LUBP supporters on Twitter, FB is common knowledge. However his jumping to a “Shia-hater” accusation on my comments only reveals much, the usual modus operandi.
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Haji Sriram Pasha · Friends with Ibrahim Sajid Malick
He says he lives in Chandler, owns a shop in Scottsdale, but both addresses are fake.
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Ali Zaidi lol.
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Ali Zaidi as a matter of fact, I know more about his family tree than I do about Kennedys.
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Ali Zaidi and he is also a very close friend of Maha Ali Kazmi
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Ali Zaidi a very old newspaper clipping about the fake american shia rusty.

Ali Zaidi withholding his present designation with the US armed forces, lest you start shitting your pants. lol
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Haji Sriram Pasha · Friends with Ibrahim Sajid Malick
Hohoooo you got this fake by the balls. I didn’t get this clipping.

Ilmana Fasih Irfan Qadri just read again, ” Someone close to me told u are a closet Deobandi.” This person is either not close to me and a liar. No one close to me can say anything even close to that. But thanks for sharing , this info. However as I mentioned above, I know it is very hard for the LUBP kind of sectarian lobby to swallow criticism of Shia bigotry, which I very openly do, just because I do not spare Sunni bigotry either, nor Hindu bigotry. And am proud to be transparent open book who doesn’t hide behind aliases and speaks directly, not behind the back.

Ilmana Fasih If a Shia friend of Ali Zaidi reminds me by saying:’ If u respect Omar or Yazid u are following ISIS’….I respond: “Do u know Jews thin the same about Ali’s Khyber seige.” And she blocked me. And yes talk non sense for no rhyme or reason, and is still not a hater, but yes this makes me a Shia hater and a closet Deobandi too. I simply pity rthe tubular minds who cant take back the taste of their own medicine.
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Irfan Qadri Ilmana Fasih Aside from your personal vendetta against LUBP, my only request to you in my capacity as a Sunni Sufi/Barelvi activist is to refain from false Sunni-Shia binary because both Sunni Sufis and Shias (as well as Ahmadis, Christians, Hindus etc) are vicitms of Deobandi and Salafi terrorism in Pakistan and elsewhere. Also false eqaulity between violence of Salafis/Deobandis and SunniSufis/Shiaas is wrong.
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Ilmana Fasih I am unreservedly against ISIS, TTP, SSP, AlQ, by name. So am I against Hezbollah, Hamas, and Mehdi Militia of Iraq. And Assad, as I was against Saddam. This is where I become a closet Deobandi….beause I donot please the closet Takfiris of LUBP. Anyways, to each one their level of humanity &sense of justice.

Ilmana Fasih 2. As for the ISIS interview….I just found it a contradiction to ur own stance of opposition of ASWJ interview in Friday times…for me both ISIS & ASWJ funded by KSA r rogues, but to ur dismay for me Hamas, Hezbollah & Mehdi Militia funded by Iran are too. I know this is where you guys get uneasy and call me names and anti-Shia. Never mind.
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Ali Abbas Taj No let us mind why never mind You want to specialize as lower level false binary stooge of Najam Sethi fake liberalism.

When your flawed argument was fully exposed as false binary why was it removed by your friend Beena Sarwar from Aman ki Asha.

I exposed it point by point and the Indians (who are liberal) were able to see the fake liberal false binary?
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Irfan Qadri For transparency, here is the context on facebook page and also from a Pakistani web site:…See More
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Ali Abbas Taj

Ahmadi massacre in Gujranwala: The odor of dead burnt unborn baby wishes you Eid Mubarak Pakistan
Source and Author: Naeem Shamim’s facebook The Saudi backed Punjab govt. does it… See More
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Ilmana Fasih BTW I know Irfan Qadri this name calling is only to evade the answer to my query that AAT told me on a Jaag Pakistan Jaag forum when he claimed criticizing Ayatollah Khomeini/Khamenei is equivalent to refusing being a twelver for a Shia. Tariq Jamil Khan & Ali Zaidi were there too, but I doubt if Ali will agree he remembers the discussion.
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Ali Abbas Taj Yes I do remember on matters of Taqleed this is true. This was discussion about taqleed on religion.

But it cannot be the same thing as refusing a ‘masoom’ divine Imam which all Prophets and Imams appointed by Allah are.

So it is stupid to say that following a Marjae taqleed is same as itaat e Imam where one is divine and the other is not.

This such a stupid and out of context answer that it hardly deserves an answer.

Yes on issues of Jurisprudence we have to and do follow Marja.
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Ali Abbas Taj The real question you have not answered Ilmana Fasih who is putting you up to disparage LUBP why are you trying to find 5 year old chats on JPJ?

Why were you shamelessly attacking LUBP for interviewing ISIS?…See More
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Ali Abbas Taj This was the interview which Was being compared with Najam Sethi’s Deobandi Liberal group’s shameless uncritical promotion of hate mongers Fascist and killers like Lidhanvi.

Why was this discussion deleted from Amen ki Asha by BEENA SARWAR’s Aman ki Asha a proxy of SETHI….See More

“We Will Annihilate Saudi Arabia”: LUBP’s Interview With ISIS aka Da’ish
In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, this material is distributed wit… See More
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Irfan Qadri Thank you Ali Abbas Taj for clarifying this matter. It is a pity that Dr Ilmana Fasih has distorted this pro-Ahmadi thread to malign progressive Shia and Sunni Barelvi activists, who actually stand in support of persecuted Ahmadi community.
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Ali Abbas Taj Rusty Walker I am sorry about people Mullah Deobandi Pasha’s abuse to you.

I will be in Pheonix in Late August let us do dinner. Enjoyed my Pheonix visit a year ago.

Irfan Qadri Eid Greetings to our dearest friend, rights activist and Pakistan-supporter Rusty Walker Salute to Rusy on educating Pakistani and US social media activists about takfiri Deobandi and Salafi Wahhabi terrorists who are killing Sunni Sufis, Shias, Ahmadis, Hindus and Christians in Pakistan and elsewhere.
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Ilmana Fasih 3. As much as I am in agreement with ur anti Salafi/Deobandi takfirism, but I find it a vicious campaign to malign Sunni intellectuals who do not endorse ur sectarian agenda as closet deobandi or salafi. You guys just make a fool of urself by maligning bonafide individuals. …calling names to everyone who does not endorse ur agenda ( called Beena an agent of Sethi) or maligning people persoanlly ( Like u did to Marvi Sirmede) becoming a moral science teacher ( Like u called Maheen Usmani a racist) certainly does add substantially to your group’s notoriety. But ofcourse I know this is your modus operadi, and you cant help it.
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Ali Abbas Taj Ilmana, I cannot argue against fictional charges. Be specific. I cannot be held responsible for what other Individuals are calling you. As for your contradiction claim, that like many other arguements makes no sense. The ISIS interview was specifically to highlight a genocidal intent and expose it. The Friday Times interview was to both Obfuscate and Justify Hate speech. First you opposed the ISIS interview on the grounds that it did not take place. Having been proven wrong on that count, you have changed the nature of your opposition and I have answered your subsequent charges.
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Ali Abbas Taj “endorse ur sectarian agenda” as in being specific about the identity of those who are committing terrorist acts instead of using vague, sweeping and misleading terminlogies like “Islamist/Sunni etc. Whether we make a fool of ourselves or expose the disguised sectarian bias is the call of the reader and you are welcome to your opinion.
How did LUBP malign Marvi Sirmed? Please be specific? Show us our links or references where we did that because this is where you guys get very shifty.
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Ali Abbas Taj Rusty Walker Irfan Qadri Do you see the kind of silly and delusional accusations we are faced with? LUBP has been called everything from a “Zionist/Qadiani” to”Anti Khamenai” to “Pro Khamenai” all in a day. We on the other hand prefer to strive to be universal in our human rights activism and not sacrifice the interests of one persecuted group to campaign for the rights of another. We will not back down to the pressure tactics of those who failing to make up a relevant counter argument, come up with fictional and contradictary charges, without substantiation ofcourse.
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Ilmana Fasih Sorry for the wrong thread.
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Ali Abbas Taj Ilmana Fasih if you can get past your false neutral position, please understand that on the issue of Ayatullahs, Shias range from secular to those who seek the views of Ayatullah Sistani or Ayatullah Khamenai or Nasrullah or even Bashir Najafi. Who Shias chose or not, is not my concern or that of LUBP. We have multiple voices but one area where I will not allow any compromise is on the rights of the targetted communities of Pakistan. LUBP has publically critisized Shia clerics and activists when they have uttered even one statement against Ahmadi muslims. Where were you and your “secular sectarian” buddies when LUBP was being blackmailed and threatened by a prominent anti-Ahmadi Deobandi cleric. Let me answer. Some of them were promoting the same anti-Ahmadi cleric as “progressive” while others were helping him threaten and blackmail Sunni, Shia and Ahmadi activists supporting LUBP.
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Irfan Qadri I have already stated that LUBP is the most widely read and supported Pakistani web site amongst progressive Sunni Sufi and Barelvi circles. We have hugely benefited from LUBP articles written by Sunni writers on that web site including by Muhammad bin Abi Bakr, Bahadar Ali Khan, Pejamistri and others. Indeed, Rusty Walker remains my favourite writer who is wrongly alleged by Ilmana as a Shia activist with a fake ID. I really hope she will apologize to Rusty and Ali Abbas Taj.

Ali Abbas Taj Ilmana Fasih your arguements would be more more valid if you don’t make up stuff. When did I call you anything? Similarly, you raised questions on the ISIS interview which I answered. After being countered on that, you changed your arguement and are, imo, misusing Rusty’s wall for your silly, baseless and thoroughly discreded campaign against LUBP specifically and against Sunni and Shia activists who are anti-Taliban in general.
6 mins · Like · 1

Ali Abbas Taj Ilmana Fasih could you please inform us whether you do a radio show with Jang Group’s Aman Ki Asha/Beena Sarwar? Is it your vested interests to take these unsubstantiated and quite digs at LUBP because I know Beena has unfortunately been running a campaign against LUBP for the last couple of years.


Ilmana Fasih ‏@ZEEMANA Jul 25
Moreover we moderate Sunnis openly criticize our clergy & bigotry , even KSA,but Shias moderates majority dont. Am I wrong? @PoliticoIslam
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Kamran Niaz ‏@Kayehenn Jul 25
@ZEEMANA well not exactly.. where Shia clergy have shown bigotry they have been criticised by Shias.. they’re not above that @PoliticoIslam
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Ilmana Fasih ‏@ZEEMANA Jul 25
@Kayehenn @PoliticoIslam good to know. I was told by ur friend Ali Abbas Taj that any1 critical of Ayatollah is expelled from Twelver faith.
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Kamran Niaz ‏@Kayehenn Jul 25
@ZEEMANA I don’t think it is entirely true. I will also ask @AliAbbasTaj what was the context @PoliticoIslam
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Ali Taj ‏@AliAbbasTaj Jul 25
@Kayehenn my last discussion with @ZEEMANA was when she attacked #LUBP for publishing … or interviewing #ISIS

《King in the North》 ‏@Klaashinkof Jul 25
@AliAbbasTaj She is a known Takfiri apologist …. always trying to obfuscate the truth …. nothing new! @Kayehenn @ZEEMANA
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Ali Taj ‏@AliAbbasTaj Jul 25
@Klaashinkof @Kayehenn I Think so the argument @ZEEMANA lost on Aman ki Asha run by @najamsethi @beenasarwar has been removed from there
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Ali Taj ‏@AliAbbasTaj Jul 25
@Klaashinkof She promotes false binary false shia Sunni binary False Iran Saudi Proxy war theory @Kayehenn @ZEEMANA
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《King in the North》 ‏@Klaashinkof Jul 25
@AliAbbasTaj True that! She portrays as if this is a two way war and Saudis (Salafis) are representatives of Sunnis @Kayehenn @ZEEMANA
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《King in the North》 ‏@Klaashinkof Jul 25
@AliAbbasTaj She’s keen on equating Takfiri Salafi Deobandi inhuman terrorist scum with Ayatollahs (hell of a difference) @Kayehenn @ZEEMANA

Ilmana Fasih ‏@ZEEMANA Jul 27
Today ISIS has emerged as the most brutal power due not just by Salafi support but also bcos Assad/Iran crushed genuine moerate opposition.
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Ilmana Fasih ‏@ZEEMANA Jul 27
@barbarikon sadly the moderates were oppressed persecuted by Assad, now killed by AlQ, ISIS too. Has only resulted in worse scenario.

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《King in the North》 ‏@Klaashinkof Jul 4
@ZEEMANA There are moderate Sunnis and Sufis in Syria. They are on Assad’s side! Reality check! @Askari_H @rizwarned
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Ilmana Fasih ‏@ZEEMANA Jul 4
These propagandas wont help.Assad is a dictator, who has assisted crushing moderates.@Maarkhor @Askari_H @rizwarned
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《King in the North》 ‏@Klaashinkof Jul 4
@ZEEMANA Agreed! He is a dictator. But the alternative isn’t to hand over the country to #ISIS & #JAN. @Askari_H @rizwarned
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Ilmana Fasih ‏@ZEEMANA Jul 4
@Maarkhor @Askari_H @rizwarned I agree, what has happened now is very unfortunate. What has Iran done to prevent ISIS? Fighting of 3 yrs?
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Favorited by Shumail Sufi
Durruti ‏@zbahs Jul 4
@ZEEMANA Tactic by hidden takfiris is to bring in Iran and Assad WHENEVER ISIS, TTP or Saudi is criticised. @Maarkhor @Askari_H @rizwarned

Ilmana Fasih @ZEEMANA · 51m
@Ellie0021 Oh really? I have seen some of the newest abuses on Shia sites hurled at Sunnis and their icons. 😛
View conversation
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Ilmana Fasih @ZEEMANA · 53m
I know how liberal Shias r so good at name calling to Sunnis but find it hard if reciprocated. It should be a 2-way street.@Ellie0021
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Ilmana Fasih @ZEEMANA · 56m
@Ellie0021 haha such a onesided mind u have. I have family on my Moms side with intermarried in Shias.

Abdul Nishapuri
July 27 at 12:19pm · Edited ·
There is a closet Salafi Deobandi bigot, Ilmana Faish, who says Iran and Assad are responsible for the rise of ISIS. Of course she won’t mention the role of CIA-KSA in the creation of ISIS aka Al Nusra aka FSA.
Shias, Sunni Sufis & Christians must monitor the closet Salafi Deobandi propagandist Ilmana Faish and capture her lies and propaganda.
All CIA-KSA-friendly fake seculars and fake liberals need to be closely monitored and exposed on their lies.

Shumail Zaidi Last year on Arbaeen, I put up a FB status
Jis ko bhi Nagwar hai Matam Hussain ka
Us ka Yazeed se koi rishta zarur hai
I was referring to ASWJ who wanted a ban on Arbaeen procession.
She got so offended , called me I am spreading sectarianism , blocked me … Ran social media threads against me … I am glad she is exposed. What a bigot!












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6 Comments to “Ilmana Fasih: A Deobandi atheist’s Jihad against Sunni Sufis and Shias”

  1. Jim Pivonka said:

    I have elected to permit this post and discussion to appear on my wall. I will therefor offer my observations about the matters at issue for the attention of my Facebook friends.
    First, the main point of the discussion, I think by all participants, is that the communal violence described is not “sectarian” in the sense of being the result of the traditional divide between Sunni and Shia Islam. The point made, repeatedly, is that orthodox, observant, Muslims from both traditions regard members of the other as Muslims, and regard the respect of members of the other as integral to their belief and practice. Rather, the violence is the result of, and reflects distortions of both faith traditions which are being taught and practiced by groups all orthodox Muslims regard as heterodox – outside the normal traditions and beliefs of their faiths. These are referred to as “takfiri”, a term which is applied to groups which justify violence against others with accusations of heresy. A careful reading of the comment stream will provide much more information, worthy of research and study, on this.
    Second, the comment stream and discussion includes a fight among friends. This is true in the sense of a fight, or dispute among people who are or should be allies, and in the sense of an argument among people who are my Facebook friends, who provide valuable information to me, and whose commitments and values I find sympathetic.
    The essence of this second argument appears to be disagreement about the extent to which some “liberal” thought leaders and public intellectuals have been willing or unwilling to face and address the complicity of an important, conservative Sunni school of Islam in support of communal violence against other traditions. This school is called Deobandi, after a center of conservative Islamic teaching established at Deoband, in India, after India attempted to liberate itself from the Brits, in the 1850s. The British, in an effort to decrease the cohesiveness of Indian society, subsidized the importation of the same conservative forms of Islam they were using against traditional Islamic societies in the Near East, Wahabbi and Salafi ideologies, and the then new school at Deoband furthered this strategy.
    Traditionally, Islam in the region of the Indian subcontinent was inclusive, and adapted to living in a pluralist culture and society. It was heavily influenced by Sufism, and a school of Islamic thought referred to as Barelvi. The controversy here appears to me to be over the extent to which some participants feel that some “liberals” take public positions which do not adequately address the participation of conservative, Deobandi leaning military and political figures in protecting and even encouraging Deobandi groups which are responsible for violence against essentially all other religious groups in the region.
    The list of those subject to the violence, typically beheading, includes Sunnis of Barelvi and Sufi traditions, Shia, Ahmadi (the subject of this video), Christians, and any other faith or secular thought tradition that does not match the doctrine of the persons doing the violence. The controversy among friends here is the extent to which powers, whether religious, military, or political, must be held directly and publicly accountable for the actions of those violent, takfiri, “jihaddists” who are aligned with and supported by the Deobandi aligned elites. This includes the extent to which the elites, and the Deoobandi brand of conservative Islam itself, must be called out and brought to account, along with Saudi Wahabbism, Salafism, and Qutbism, for the level of communal violence present in some Islamic nations and societies today.

  2. Shia Awareness North America shared Irfan Qadri’s video: Takfiris United against Ahmadis.
    5 hrs ·
    اب صرف ہم نہیں کہہ رہے زمانہ کہہ رہا ہے اور اگر زمانہ سے غافل ہیں تو کم از کم زمانہ شناس اور زمانے کو راہ دکھانے والے نیشا پوری جیسے سمجھدار لوگ بھی کہہ رہے ہیں کہ تکفیری صرف سنی ہی نہیں شعیہ بھی ہیں اور اگر مزید سمجھنا چاہیں تو جاکر پتہ لگائیں کہ کون ہے جو مردہ باد کے نعرے لگاتا ہے۔ کون ہے جو علی کے شیدائیوں اور حسین کے جانثاروں کو شیطان اور طاغوت وقت خامنائی کی حماقتوں کی نشاندہی کرنے والوں کی موت کی سدائیں بلند کرتا ہے۔

  3. Ali Abbas Taj Yasmeen Fatima it is important to expose the malicious lies and the people who perpetuate it. I agree the thread speaks for itself. Frankly, I am not in the mood to back down from those who think they can get away with fictional charges.
    17 hrs · Unlike · 3

    Sana Hayat K Rusty
    Eid Mubarak azizam
    17 hrs · Like · 2

    Rusty Walker Ilmana Fasih you choose to muddy up my sincere Eid Mubarak to my Muslim friends, with false accusations. This is not where you pick a fight!

    Your demonization of Shia and LUBP, is misplaced.
    I did not call you and imposter. I don’t even know you- in fact, on a different thread you called ME an imposter, and not Rusty Walker suggesting I lived in Lahore, which to my 200+ or so friends that know me well, is ludicrous if not funny.! Ali Zaidi fortunately, came to my defense; I am an open book on Facebook. So back off. Don’t confuse my kindness for weakness.

    Your inappropriate discourse on a thread where I am HONORING my Muslim friends, both Sunni, Shia is an embarrassment in front of my American friends. This is not helping the understanding of our different cultures.
    14 mins · Edited · Unlike · 4

    Rusty Walker Ilmana Fasih · PLEASE apologize for picking a sectarian fight on my sincere and genuine Eid Mubarak best wishes to Muslim friends of ALL sects, or I will be forced to block you as an agitator.
    I am tempted to delete these inappropriate and half-baked arguments from which no good and certainly no clarity of understanding will come.
    10 mins · Edited · Unlike · 4

    Rusty Walker Sana Hayat K
    9 mins · Like

    Zaeem Zia Thank you walker for wishes.. I hope everything is well with you.
    8 mins · Like · 1

    Yasmeen Fatima She won’t. On the contrary she will pretend to be bullied and play victim on her wall.
    6 mins · Edited · Like · 1

    Rusty Walker Thank you, Zaeem!
    2 mins · Like

    Zaeem Zia Ilmana chose a wrong thread to defend her stance… but walker thanks for speaking FOR humanity. Same goes to ali Taj

  4. Ilmana Fasih does a paid radio show with Jang Group’s Aman Ki Asha/Beena Sarwar. It is her vested interests to take these unsubstantiated and quite digs at LUBP because we know Beena has unfortunately been running a campaign against LUBP and other Sufi Sunni and Shia bloggers for the last couple of years.

  5. Secular Sectarians

    What does a Deobandi atheist or secular sectarian look like? The case of Faraz Quraishi – See more at:

    Ilmana Fasih: A Deobandi atheist’s Jihad against Sunni Sufis and Shias

    Sham-e-Ghariban and Barelvi-Shia Terrorists: Exposing the Bigotry of Pakistan’s Secular Sectarians – See more at:

    Deobandi Atheism – by Pejamistri

  6. Hi,
    I just wanted to show you the stuff my friend just gave me, it was a pleasant surprise, check it out

    Best Wishes, jazie_jaffri

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