‘It’s totally democratic to block Laibaah, the Darth Vader of the Twitterverse’ – says Ali Dayan Hasan

by admin

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Some apologists or affiliates of the Deep State are currently trying to get my twitter account suspended. They did it thrice before. For example: bit.ly/r8lDao and also: http://www.petitiononline.com/Laibaah/petition.html

Unfortunately this time the mafia active to get my Twitter account banned is led by none else than Ali Dayan Hasan, the controversial director of HRW in Pakistan.


Please read these two posts: Laibaah, the liberal fascist, must refrain from attacking human rights defenders and An open letter to Kenneth Roth, Executive Director of HRW: A call for help from Pakistan

The above two posts will clarify why Pakistan Director of Human Rights Watch (Ali Dayan Hasan) and his gang of fake liberals want to gag my voice on Twitter to deflect my criticism of the HRCP’s (non-) statement on Shia massacres in Pakistan.

Here’s a glimpse of their plan. First, they tried to ignore and ridicule my voice by dehumanizing me (terming me a virus, an internet program etc) while deflecting my criticism of the role of the Deep State ignored in HRCP’s statement on Shia massacres; they also harassed me to reveal my real identity and location (thus at least indirectly helping the Deep State to locate and harm me, the way it harmed Syed Saleem Shahzad), now they want to get my voice banned from Twitter.

As I stated in a previous post, I can tolerate personal abuse, what is really disappointing is the fact that the HRCP’s statement and Mr. Hasan’s reaction deliberately obfuscates, confuses and deflects my criticism of army/ISI in fostering the Jihad Enterprise that directly threatens the lives of 36 millions Pakistani Shia Muslims specifically and 180 million Pakistanis overall.

The following conversation is archived from Twitter:

Fake Liberal Mafia in Action

AliDayan Ali Dayan Hasan
Call Microsoft, get in touch with Twitter, rumor has it the ISI has unleashed the @Laibaah virus. It kills all human rights activists. The @Laibaah virus originates in US and targets & kills human rights activists in Pak so it can run HR movt from cyberspace as Supreme Leader

beenasarwar beena sarwar
Folks attacking HRCP are only playing into the hands of those creating divisions among progressive-minded Pakistanis. Liberal fascists = hide behind anonymous ids, have progressive pretensions, attack others who have moderate views. I don’t know what else to call people who say they’re liberal but are totally reactionary & only attack others.

Rezhasan Rezaul Hasan Laskar
@AliDayan deserves a special award, not for his HR work but just for putting up with @Laibaah every day. i blocked the bot ages ago.

Rezhasan Rezaul Hasan Laskar
Dear all, this is a request: kindly report @Laibaah as spam to #Twitter. her latest tweet describes me as spox “of ISI and Taliban”. folks i think it’s about that time when we should seriously think of reporting @Laibaah as spam to #Twitter. I’m going to start.

TheseLongWars TLW
Wow, kutti (bitch) @Laibaah gone.Glad to see her gone, but a twinge of aww maybe cause I fought her off so many times & she came back for more abuse. Sparks will fly gentlemen and ladies, watch out …#BitchBeBackSoon

aliarqam aliarqam
RT @Ziyad_F @Razarumi & @AliDayan Think dis Laibaah person is either a fool (or perhaps a low-life agency implant) V harmful to progressives

mehreenkasana Mehreen Kasana
@AliDayan Completely agree with all points concerning this Twitter troll

le_Sabre Daaniyal
re Laibah, can utter and total derangement count as honesty?

UroojZia Urooj Zia
MT @Rezhasan: folks i think it’s abt that time when we should seriously think of reporting @Laibaah as spam to #Twitter. I’m going to start.

Don’t come pissing & moaning to me about why I reported @laibaah for spam. a liar, coward, misogynist slanderer

Laibaah Laiba Ahmad Marri
Ya Pasha Madad! RT @UroojZia Don’t come pissing and moaning to me about why I reported @laibaah for spam. a liar, coward, misogynist slanderer

munir104 Munir Khan
@Laibaah It wld be totally anti democratic 2 try and shut u down – oppose it! @AliDayan

AliDayan Ali Dayan Hasan
[It will be] totally democratic to block the Darth Vader of the Twitterverse or any other anonymous troll

AliDayan Ali Dayan Hasan
@DontFearRaza I most certainly can block any anonymous troll and taht is what @laibaah is.

Reaction by other Tweeps

RiazToori Riaz Ali Toori
None can block U— The Twitter must see how much follow U and

HaiderKarrar Syed Haider Karrar
@Laibaah No one can block you. Everyone has the freedom of expression. We all are together to stop this #ShiaGenocide

coffee_n_cream One world no borders
@Laibaah That is outrageous. On what basis?

Laibaah Laiba Ahmad Marri
@coffee_n_cream Of course, they think by exposing their true, ugly faces, I was not doing them a favour.

Chiltan salma jafar
@Laibaah Cowards!

coffee_n_cream One world no borders
@Laibaah It’s essential for ppl to speak up and take position agnst injustice. If they’ve argument w you, then argue; silencing is cowardly.

Laibaah Laiba Ahmad Marri
@coffee_n_cream Silencing is a favourite tool used by the oppressors and their affiliates.

Laibaah Laiba Ahmad Marri
Next I will RT recent tweets by @AliDayan, the man supposedly watching human rights in Pakistan @hrw @KenRoth

@laibaah It wld be totally anti democratic 2 try & shut u down-oppose it! @AliDayan

@munir104 But totally democratic to block the Darth Vader of the Twitterverse or any other anonymous troll

@AliDayan don’t know if U R aware of many Great anonymous writers

@AliDayan Fail 2 understand IRE 2wards @Laibbah coz she chooses 4 good reasons anonymity RESPECT @munir104

@Chiltan i am aware of a lot more anonymous trolls, manipulators and cowards. @munir104 @AiliaZehra @Twitter

@AliDayan but who are you to judge ???

@Chiltan by the same logic, who is anyone else? Esp if they slander ppl. I’m done with this convo. Good Bye.

@AliDayan You are a director @hrw. Rights activists, some of whom want to be anonymous because of potential threats from ISI, cannot criticize a statement by HRCP? Is it slanderous to criticize HRCP or HRW?

Only recently u were pontificating agnst people acting like twitter police & now ur doing same! @AliDayan

AiliaZehra Ailia Zehra
@Razarumi No offence, but @AliDayan has blocked me. Just asked about his published work on hazara genocide. @beenasarwar

@Laibaah Arguing is completely opposite to those who don’t listen to others and keep on saying nonsense. Hypocrites!

Laibaah Laiba Ahmad Marri
@munir104 whatever evidence we present to the compromised ones, will we be able to convince them? they will drag us even further @AliDayan

@Laibaah you are under SOME attack now!

Laibaah Laiba Ahmad Marri
@husaynrs By the grace of God, I have defeated all previous attacks by fake liberals


Here is my message to those who want to get my Twitter account suspended:

I will be back.

7 Responses to “‘It’s totally democratic to block Laibaah, the Darth Vader of the Twitterverse’ – says Ali Dayan Hasan”

  1. Laibaah Laiba Ahmad Marri
    @abbasnasir59 An excellent piece by @OmarWaraich? which cites patent ISPR proxies e.g. @ejazhaider and @azharabbas

    Laibaah Laiba Ahmad Marri
    @SamadK Not a single condemnation of Sipah-e-Sahaba / LeJ and their mentors by you? Are we surprised? cc @abbasnasir59

    Laibaah Laiba Ahmad Marri
    General Pasha ko salaam karo! @abbasnasir59 @UroojZia @ejazhaider @shakirhussain @mosharrafzaidi @cyalm @omarwaraich @samadk @shahidsaeed

    Laibaah Laiba Ahmad Marri
    @IbrahimMalick Can you ask @abbasnasir59 why he is quiet on Hazara and Toori Shia genocide by ISI-TTP-SSP? Is he like @ejazhaider Kufi?

  2. u guys are being very irresponsible with ur tweets re ISI links. Plz try to get of this agenda

  3. rangeelababu Rangeela
    must confess ke @ZaidZamanHamid didnt block mein despite much mocking while @AliDayan n @javeednusrat did it on first attempt.

    y2raza sar765
    @AliDayan fact is you don’t want the same fate as SSS, and frankly i don’t blame you for that, speaking up abt Shia Massacre is a nogo area

    y2raza sar765
    @Laibaah so i state the facts, and @AliDayan blocks me !

  4. AiliaZehra Ailia Zehra
    @Laibaah Just read @AliDayan’s abusive comments. That’s pathetic! #shame #fail Continue exposing them, please don’t stop.

    Laibaah Laiba Ahmad Marri
    Thanks @AiliaZehra , My message to @AliDayan: I don’t mind personal abuses but plz document & publish data on #ShiaKillings by Deep State

    AiliaZehra Ailia Zehra
    @Laibaah He must stop personal abuses as well. That isn’t a democratic attitude at all. @AliDayan

    Chiltan salma jafar
    @AiliaZehra @Laibaah and that too with a woman I have serious gender issues about this whole thing that happened @AliDayan

    AiliaZehra Ailia Zehra
    @Chiltan Exactly. @AliDayan must apologize. @Laibaah

  5. Read Dr Haider Shah’s comments on dehumanizing. Compare with how @AliDayan tried to dehumanize me!


    Re Dr Haider’s article: @AliDayan dehumanized me by calling a virus, comp program etc. LeJ killers dehumanized Hazara Shias as hate worthy objects.

    Dr haider writes: the heartless killing of Shia pilgrims in Mastung, recurring incidents at both the social and state levels are indicative of the malaise of dehumanisation that has taken deep roots in this society.
    In all these cases, the murderers treated the victims not as humans but mere objects of hatred. This is the major symptom of dehumanisation as humans no longer remain persons but are viewed as objects.

    What distinguishes the dehumanisation trend in Pakistan from common crimes is the social approval or indifference to such occurrences. Mumtaz Qadri was garlanded by a section of lawyers and one can see numerous support sites on the net as well.

    The process of dehumanisation in a society does not happen overnight. According to one author, organised and bureaucratic state mechanisms can also give rise to a dehumanisation process that results in groups of humans being regarded as sub- or semi-human creatures, or perceived as not being human at all. Just about 70 years ago, we witnessed the mass scale killing of the Jews by the Nazis in Europe. The greatest worry in the context of Pakistan is that the state, instead of arresting the dehumanisation trend, is actively complicit in promoting it. The killing of a young man in Karachi by uniformed Rangers is indicative of the institutional disregard for human life, which is rampant in all security institutions. This particular incident made headlines only because it was by chance recorded and shown on the electronic media. The cases of Umer Cheema and Saleem Shahzad betray the deep rooted dehumanisation in the state apparatus as a dissenter is treated not as a human but as an annoyance that is removed with no remorse.

    In the heat of the moment they forgot that viewing the world as ‘they and us’ sows the seeds of hatred and thus can become the driver of the dehumanisation process.

  6. Blocking of Laibaah / subduing a voice raised for the good of everyone in Pakistan, I suppose; is an inappropriate action on the part of “Reza Hasan Laskar” and “Ali Diyan “Rezhasan, being an indian journo, claimat of big democracy, should have had the pr-requisite of his country to listened to critisism & should have answered/replied her critic with better understanding & logic instead of initiating of un suitable response of dot or spam/blocking, not worthly of an Indian journo or for that matter Human Right Activist. Laibaah might have her own perception /thinking, on behind the curtain issues/ happenings and way of highlighting / raising it and expected HRW /Amnesty international ( Pakistan) to cover it giving propective behind such killings instead of throwing the weight on secterian conflict/killing in Pakistan which really never happened in Pakistan particularly in Quetta Balochistan,even before the Independence of Pakistan in 1947. Every HRW/ Journo’s are expected to be correct in their reporting, have indepth study of the issues/happening being reported upon, highlighting the clear aspect to the ppl to understand its importance, repercussions in their country. Also be immune to critisism, ready for timely and clear response in a sensible manner bringing it to a logical conclusion. Well not to say dot, declare a critic a spam and ultimately block/subdue the voice.P’haps such action come in the sphere of failure to respond, weakness of the HRW/Journo and incorrect reporting by them.


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