Deafening Silence on Minorities’ Massacres in Pakistan – by Haider Karrar

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In a speech to the New Delhi press club on July 14, 1947, the founder of Pakistan Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah said:

“Minorities, to whichever community they may belong, will be safeguarded. Their religion, faith or belief will be secure. There will be no interference of any kind with their freedom of worship. They will have their protection with regard to their religion, faith, their life and their culture. They will be, in all respects, the citizens of Pakistan without any distinction of caste and creed”

Mr. Jinnah forcefully defended the rights of the minorities to be protected and have their belief respected.

In today’s Pakistan we have forgotten the basis on which the new state of Pakistan was founded. Religious minority groups whether they are constitutional minorities or numerical minorities, whether they are Shias, Ahmadis, Hindus, Christians or Sikhs, are facing persecution, violence and discrimination.

It is the responsibility of the society and the Government of Pakistan to protect the rights of all the citizens regardless of the caste and creed.

Unfortunately, the supposedly champions of human rights, organizations such as Human Right Commission of Pakistan, Human Right Watch and Amnesty International are doing nothing except for trivializing and misrepresenting the issue as routine ‘Sectarian Violence’, thus presenting a false equation and serving to deflect from the real issue, i.e, the nurturing of the jihadi and sectarian organizations as state policy.

One year ago, 98 Ahmadis were murdered & several were injured in two separate attacks in Lahore during Friday prayers. On March 29, 2011 Pakistan’s Minister for Minority Affairs, Mr.Shahbaz Bhatti was killed by Taliban Al-Qaida Pakistan calling him as ‘Christian Infidel’. In another recent attack on September 20, 2011 in Mastung near Quetta on Shia Hazara community 29 innocent people were butchered by LeJ-TTP proxies. These are only a few among many incidents.

Why is there so much silence on the ‘Minorities Genocide’? Who is behind all this? Who are the forces working behind ‘Minority Massacre’? These questions are still unanswered & the complete nation has the right to know the reality.

The organizations which are complicit with the terrorist in Minority Genocide are the Government, Security forces, Law enforcing agencies, Judiciary, Human Right Organization & Media. Why are these organizations silent? Where is Aman Ki Aasha mafia and its vigil brigade? Why no Aman (peace) for Pakistani Shias, Ahamdis and Christians etc? Why have our security forces failed to provide security to Pakistani citizens?

In the recent past we have seen that not even a single terrorist has been punished by our judiciary & security forces. Instead terrorists who were caught red handed were released by the judiciary or by our security forces as in the case of Lashkar-e-Jhangvi aka Sipah-e-Sahaba leader Malik Ishaq, who was charged with the murder of more than 70 Shia Muslims. He was released with the tacit support of our intelligence agency. And in return Sipah-e-Sahaba assured ISI & Army of its full support by creating a Defence of Pakistan Council while carrying on their usual activities of killing infidel Shias.

Are human rights organizations, their services only for those directly involved in the Minority Genocide by misrepresenting and obfuscating the mass murders? Politicians are doing nothing except for making statements, Judiciary especially Chief Justice of Pakistan can only take suo motu action on stuff he is interested in, Media serves to reinforce the Lej aka SSP’s hate speech but ignores & suppresses the minority voice, our Security forces can do anything to get the support of these Lej aka SSP terrorists’ support, while human right organizations serve to obfuscate and trivialize the issue by terming as routine ‘sectarian violence’. It is a case of shame all around!

One Comment to “Deafening Silence on Minorities’ Massacres in Pakistan – by Haider Karrar”

  1. Yes, shameful…utterly shameful. It is also hypocritical as well. Islam: the very religion that gives the message of peace, has become the reason for mass murders by the Islamic heretics (read as extremists) in our country. The rights of non-Muslims had always been protected since the advent of Islam. Perhaps the Islam in Pakistan is different. Since there are a lot of sectarianism issues, its not so hard to believe that. I don’t wish to offend anyone. I am simply stating how I have started to see it as. I can’t allow any one to call the murderers of human beings as Muslims…Instead of showing the true nature of our Deen…it is being distorted by mindless bigots…

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