Jemima Khan lashes out at Najam Sethi’s antisemitic comment – by Laibaah

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Najam Sethi is known for making racist remarks during his weak, candid moments. A few weeks ago he was caught unguarded on Twitter when he frankly stereotyped the Taliban militants as representing the Pashtuns of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Today (8 February 2012) he was seen using racist, antisemitic remarks against Jemima Khan (Imran Khan’s ex-wife) by falsely and dishonestly alluding to her Jewish background.

Antisemitism is described as a suspicion of, hatred toward, or discrimination against Jews for reasons connected to their Jewish heritage. In the following Tweet (dated 8 Feb 2012), Sethi clearly refers to Jemima Khan’s Jewish heritage while in full knowledge of the troublesome implications of such allegation in conservative, sectarian sections of Pakistani society.

najamsethi Najam Sethi
@qumarmc Brit media described Jemima as a “jewish heiress”. Google her. But it doesn’t matter. Love transcends. Didn’t she convert to Islam?

(Not that it matters but it’s a fact that the Jewish religion goes through the mother – Jemima’s father’s mother was a French Catholic and her own mother is Protestant.)

Only a day ago, on 7 Feb 2012, Najam Sethi tried to ignite same antisemitism card against Imran Khan through his talkshow on Geo TV (Aapas Ki Baat) when he gave coverage to Mullah Fazlur-Rehman’s hate speech against Jews to paint Imran Khan as a Jewish lobby stooge. Watch from the 2:30 min mark:

Whether Sethi wants to create trouble for Imran Khan in a subtle manner is anybody’s guess. Apparently, Pakistan’s military establishment is currently investing in the Difa-e-Pakistan Council, an alliance of banned militant organizations (Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan and Jamaat-ud-Dawa) and retired army generals, in order to create a noisy, forceful right-wing pressure group in Pakistan. Any allusion to Imran Khan’s support by an imaginary Jewish lobby might dissuade the right-wing supporters from his political party (PTI) who might switch their support to the Difa-e-Pakistan Council. Given Najam Sethi’s long association with Pakistan’s military establishment, this could be a deliberate attempt to restarting a vicious propaganda against Imran Khan.

Even if the above conjecture is not true, one thing is abundantly clear, i.e, Najam Seth’s racist attitude, which must be condemned without any apologist excuses or argumentations.

Here is a transcript of how Jemima Khan responded to Sethi’s racist tweet:

Jemima_Khan Jemima Khan
@KAMRAN_FAR00Q @najamsethi My mother is a Protestant

Jemima_Khan Jemima Khan
In any case, pathetic & irresponsible that you should use your position to play the race/ religion card & stir up the fanatics @najamsethi

Jemima_Khan Jemima Khan
FYI @najamsethi Not that it should matter but the Jewish religion goes thro the mother- My father’s mother was a French Catholic

Jemima_Khan Jemima Khan
You call yourself a journalist @najamsethi ? Then check your facts

Jemima_Khan Jemima Khan
@najamsethi You have always been a critic of IK’s (except when you and your wife wanted an invitation to dinner with Princess Diana OBVS)

Jemima_Khan Jemima Khan
@najamsethi what rubbish. Sounds like you’re trying to make trouble

13 Responses to “Jemima Khan lashes out at Najam Sethi’s antisemitic comment – by Laibaah”

  1. Laibaah1 Laibaah
    @Jemima_Khan It does not matter at all, nor do you need to clarify please. Jews are as worthy & equal as are Christians, Muslims etc.

    Laibaah1 Laibaah
    @Jemima_Khan First @ najamsethi should check his facts on his own role in Balochistan:

    Laibaah1 Laibaah
    @Jemima_Khan Perhaps @ najamsethi should also check facts about his stereotyping of Pashtoons.

  2. zainkalam zain kalam
    @najamsethi Got owned by @Jemima_Khan for his stpid Idiotic comment which meant to stirr sum debate,Well he got served!

    tui_ka_baal Ghalib
    @Jemima_Khan @najamsethi… petition made against Najam sethi demanding his resignation please sign and spread the word

    asadkarachi Asad Rehman
    @najamsethi has taken a pounding from @Jemima_Khan for perpetuating myths.Its a pity mr.sethi did not apologize on air today.

    Rattan888 Ratan
    @SamadK Even yday @najamsethi was referring 2 @jemima_khan & saying abt bringing IK’s kids in a Jewish mahaul.

    ImZeesh Syed Zeeshan Ahmed
    Lost all my respect for @najamsethi today. @Jemima_Khan did the right thing. It was simply unacceptable.


    Tariq_Bashir Tariq Bashir
    @Jemima_Khan Just an innocuous remark by @najamsethi . What trouble are you talking about? Far too over sensitive of you to react like that!

    Samad Khurram, a Jamaatia homophobe comes in defence of Sethi:

    SamadK Samad Khurram
    Does anyone know happened between @najamsethi & @Jemima_Khan?

    SamadK Samad Khurram
    Apparently, @najamsethi quoted a Reuters article where @jemima_khan is referred to as a “Jewish heiress”…

  3. Jemima_Khan Jemima Khan
    @najamsethi You have always been a critic of IK’s (except when you and your wife wanted an invitation to dinner with Princess Diana OBVS)


  4. if najam sethi is conspiring against imran khan then we want him out of the system,at this time in pakistan we need to boycott such critic who is not a well wisher of our country

  5. Sethi explains his position on Twitter:

    najamsethi Najam Sethi
    @malkani1 Thank you. PTI fans are not stupid. They feel passionately for their leader. That is good for a new party but bad for critics.
    3 hours ago Favorite Retweet Reply

    malkani1 inayat malkani
    @najamsethi sir you are doing brilliant job, hope u wil carry on with honesty as always without fear of stupid PTI fans.

    najamsethi Najam Sethi
    RT @faisalyousuf_: @najamsethi I watched tht show, there is a misunderstanding. You defended IK and it isn’t …
    5 hours ago

    najamsethi Najam Sethi
    RT @AL5980: @najamsethi hmmm saw the program sethi sahab. Pls ignore the ignorant!
    5 hours ago

    najamsethi Najam Sethi
    @irfanabubakr This is a sad but correct conclusion. Even @Jemima_Khan has been stung by Pak bug of shooting first & asking question later!!
    6 hours ago

    irfanabubakr M. Irfan Abubakr
    @najamsethi seems like they are out to get you whatever you say.

    najamsethi Najam Sethi
    @niazirafae If you care to see my program, you will see I was chiding Maulana fazal for using the “jew card”. Anyway….
    6 hours ago

    niazirafae Rafae Khan Niazi
    @najamsethi You only need to clarify you were incorrect to call Jemima a Jew.

    najamsethi Najam Sethi
    It is shocking. I am being abused for defending IK against Maulana Fazal’s charge of “jewish conspiracy” against him! See the program. LOL.
    7 hours ago

    najamsethi Najam Sethi
    I can understand why and how some self-righteous and intolerant PTI wallas are provoking IK sympathisers to turn away from supporting him.
    16 hours ago

    najamsethi Najam Sethi
    Read hard facts in Pervez Hoodbhoy’s article in ET today instead of burying heads in sand.
    16 hours ago

    najamsethi Najam Sethi
    @Syed_Raza_Ali I did not make a casual swipe! I was explaining Maulana Fazal’s swipe at IK viz “jewish conspiracy” in his Kchi speech!
    17 hours ago

    Syed_Raza_Ali Syed Raza Ali
    @NadeemfParacha @Jemima_Khan @najamsethi comment about her background was a casual swipe in poor taste.

    najamsethi Najam Sethi
    @moazchohan I believe that. But tell that to Maulana Fazal! I was explaining his allegation of Jewish conspiracy viz IK & Jemima Goldsmith.

    moazchohan Moaz Bin Yunus Choha
    @najamsethi Mr. Sethi isnt religion everyone ‘s private relation with God

  6. Jemima_Khan Jemima Khan
    @najamsethi You have always been a critic of IK’s (except when you and your wife wanted an invitation to dinner with Princess Diana OBVS)

    Bohat garam! Lutf aa gaya 🙂

  7. Brizzle111
    @tammyhaq @tazeen Ur calling Jem unintelligent, yet u failed to even watch the prog.He said IK’s children r brought up in ‘Yahodi’ ‘mahool’.

    Najam Sethi @najamsethi
    @suspect22 @aasimzaki @nasimzehra @javeednusrat @hamidmirgeo Thanks for helping me to prove vicious prejudice. Now you can be blocked.
    In reply to Saad Khan
    13m Najam Sethi @najamsethi Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
    @suspect22 @Aasimzaki @nasimzehra @javeednusrat @hamidmirgeo I’m happy to enlighten you: Employer//Confernce Organiser/Univ/Thinktank.
    In reply to Saad Khan
    31m Najam Sethi @najamsethi Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
    @Aasimzaki @NasimZehra @javeednusrat @HamidMirGEO Simple: Why are foreign journalists based in Islamabad? The news is where the power is!
    In reply to Aasim
    5h Najam Sethi @najamsethi Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
    @SYKFAIR @Jemima_Khan Thank you SYKFAIR for your support in this matter. But please let us NOT stoop to personal level to attack IK/JK.
    In reply to SharifYousafKhan
    13h Najam Sethi @najamsethi Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
    RT @Zalaan1: I do not see any thing wrong in @najamsethi program again @ImranKhanPTI ,IK replied first on Fazl’s speech and bring “jew”
    13h Najam Sethi @najamsethi Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
    RT @tazeen: My latest piece – Calling out the real bullies featuring @Jemima_Khan @ImranKhanPTI & @najamsethi #Pakistan

    anjum kiani @AnjumKiani Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
    @najamsethi @tazeen Really good article, that fails to still condemn racisim”! add one more sentence! ;-)@Jemima_Khan @ImranKhanPTI

    Ibrahim Sajid Malick @IbrahimMalick Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
    Excellent piece by @tazeen Must read: “Calling out the real bullies”… via @etribune

  8. Jemima Khan @Jemima_Khan
    @najamsethi You’re entitled to criticise IK and myself. But don’t use the race card, chk facts and don’t sacrifice principles for glitzy party

    Jemima Khan @Jemima_Khan
    @najamsethi You and yr wife only suspended yr hate campaign to turn up uninvited at our house to gush & fawn over Princess Diana.

    Jemima Khan @Jemima_Khan
    @najamsethi The point is not what you said on the programme- It’s your tweets I object to and your relentless, hate campaign over 15 yrs

  9. It is our right to defend Imran Khan and Jemima Khan against these US paid analyst and their constant hatred and lies against PTI. We demand apology and clarification or their removal if they fail to do so. It is not the first time that they have tried to defame PTI with lies and incorrect information, it has been done in the past and it will be done in the future. We have been silent for long, but we will not be silent any more because we are supporters, not bullies!

    , 08/18/2011
    Personnel Files: New America adds Najam Sethi and Jugnu Mohsin to work on Pakistan
    By Allen McDuffee
    The New America Foundation has announced Najam Sethi and Jugnu Mohsin as two new senior fellows to the think tank’s National Security Studies program.

    Prior to joining the New America Foundation, Sethi and Mohsin co-founded The Friday Times, Pakistan’s first independent weekly newspaper as well as Aaj Kal, a liberal Urdu weekly paper.

    The addition of Sethi and Mohsin indicates an increased commitment to the study of Pakistan.

    “Najam and Jugnu are two of Pakistan’s most important public voices – courageous, analytical, and focused on the big questions that will shape their country’s future, said New America Foundation Steve Coll in a released statement.

    Sethi has received the highest civil award of Pakistan, the Hilal i Imtiaz, in 2010, for public service and media freedom. He is also the recipient of three International Media Awards, the Golden Pen from the World Association of Newspapers, the Courage in Journalism from Amnesty International and the Press Freedom Award from Committee to Protect Journalists.

    Mohsin has received the Press Freedom Award by the Committee to Protect Journalists. In 2005, she founded the Pakistani lifestyle magazine, Good Times. Mohsin is a founding member of the Women’s Action Forum, an organization set up to oppose gender discrimination laws in Pakistan.

    By Allen McDuffee | 01:54 PM ET, 08/18/2011

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