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June 8, 2013

White Paper on Najam Sethi’s Performance as Caretaker Chief Minister Punjab – by Mahpara Qalander

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Editor’s note: Given that this specific post has been banned by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on the advice of ex-CM Najam Sethi, we are cross-posting it to express our solidarity with LUBP and support for free speech. The post was banned on 6 June 2013 by Pakistan government

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April 3, 2013

Najam Sethi, the most trusted man in Pakistan, brought to you by Malik Siraj Akbar

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Malik Siraj Akbar, Editor in Chief of The Baloch Hal, is known for his flattery of the bold and the beautiful, ie. the rich, powerful elites of Pakistan. In the past he has been seen flattering Akbar S. Ahmed and

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April 28, 2012

Raza Rumi couldn’t stand up to his own ideals and removed my post – by Abdul Majeed Abid

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(The Following post was written by me for Pak Tea House and was even published today. To my utter surprise, there was a pandemonium created after this by people who are mentioned in this post and Raza Rumi, an otherwise reasonable person, couldn’t stand up to his own ideals and removed the post. That was an act of shameful capitulation in face of some “brouhaha” by some soul-less media personnel. I refuse to remain silent

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March 2, 2012

The Friday Times misrepresents the suffering of Pakistan’s Shias and Ahmadis

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We are very disappointed to see misrepresentation of Shia genocide in Pakistan in at least four articles in the current issue of The Friday Times (March 02-08, 2012 – Vol. XXIV, No. 03).

Clearly, authors and editors at TFT have taken lead from their Editor in Chief Najam Sethi who himself was found misrepresenting Shia genocide in Pakistan only a few days ago on Geo TV’s Aapas Ki Baat (Talk Show). The details can be read at the following link:

In addition to misinterpreting and misrepresenting the anti-Ahmadiyya legislation at least in one article by Raza Rumi (discussed next), TFT also published a misleading piece

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February 12, 2012

Tazeen Javed supports Najam Sethi: A racist defending another racist?

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Her article in Express Tribune is an example of dishonest journalism

For an example of biased, dishonest journalism, read Pakistan blogger Tazeen Javed’s op-ed in Express Tribune in defence of Najam Sethi’s racist tweets: “Calling out the real bullies”

The article is an unsuccessful attempt by the Najam Sethi fan-club to repair Sethi’s unrepairable image.

In her article, Tazeen did not mention Sethi’s habit of passing casual racist remarks. Previously it was Pashtuns, now it is Jews, next Hazaras perhaps?

Moreover, she dishonestly did not include or refer to Najam Sethi’s racist tweet which

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February 8, 2012

Jemima Khan lashes out at Najam Sethi’s antisemitic comment – by Laibaah

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Related post: Tazeen Javed supports Najam Sethi: A racist defending another racist

Najam Sethi is known for making racist remarks during his weak, candid moments. A few weeks ago he was caught unguarded on Twitter when he frankly stereotyped the Taliban militants as representing the Pashtuns of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Today (8 February 2012) he was seen using racist, antisemitic remarks against Jemima Khan (Imran Khan’s ex-wife) by falsely and dishonestly alluding to her Jewish

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October 27, 2011

From Qasida Khwani to Political Asylum: Malik Siraj Akbar’s convenient journalism

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Related post: Qasida-e-Husain-Haqqani – by Malik Siraj Akbar

We are cross-posting this interesting post by Baloch Hal editor Malik Siraj Akbar in which he “humbly and respectfully thanks the government of the United States of America” for granting him asylum in a country where in his own words he is sure he will not be judged “by the color of… skin but the content of … character.”

Malik Siraj AKbar is commonly known to have the following peculiar features:

1. Siraj belongs to the Najam Sethi lobby of the non-Baloch “champions” of the

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October 17, 2011

Maleeha Lodhi and her services to the Deep State

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Dr. Maleeha Lodhi became the Pakistani Ambassador to the US, from 1994–1997 and then during 1999-2002. Because of deep trust in her loyalty by the Deep State, she was allowed to work as an Ambassador to the US by such diverse heads of the state as PM Benazir Bhutto, PM Nawaz Sharif and General Musharraf. She is currently a special adviser to the Jang Group/Geo, a position she shares with another key asset, Najam Sethi.

Here are some quick excerpts from various resources put together to highlight Dr. Lohdi’s vital services to the deep state.


The United States has long debated how hard it can push Pakistan to attack militant strongholds in the

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September 24, 2011

Najam Sethi’s role in the Balochistan resistance movement of 1970s

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Three time tested civilian allies of Pakistan army

Najam Sethi, according to some of his “urban liberal” colleagues (some of whom are employees/columnists of The Friday Times or Daily Times), is one of the most credible name in Pakistani journalism today. While the myth of Mr. Sethi’s credibility has been effectively shattered elsewhere, the aim of this post is to examine one last urban legend which is uncritically circulated about Mr. Sethi’s valuable services in the Balochistan movement in 1970s.

The legend is: Sethi bravely fought with the people of Balochistan in their struggle against the military

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