Deep State punishes Ayaz Amir

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Ayaz Amir is one of very few Pakistani journalists and politicians who are a bold and honest critic of Pakistan’s military establishment and its proxies in judiciary, media and madrassahs.

Now it seems that some agents of the Deep State (some local politicians, lawyers, pseudo-liberal bloggers) have become active against Ayaz Amir in order to punish him for his pro-political class, anti-Iftikhar Chaudhry and anti-corrupt generals stance.

Ayaz Amir, member of the National Assembly from the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz, has rejected sexual assault allegations made against him by a member of the Punjab Assembly. Amir told Online that his political rivals were trying to damage his reputation by propagating that he had sexually assaulted a girl. “There is no substance to whatever allegation is being leveled against me. The victim has no medical evidence or witness to support her claim,” he said. (Source)

When contacted, Ayaz Amir told Online that his political rivals are trying to damage his prestige through false propaganda. “There is no substance whatever allegations are being leveled against me. The girl who has accused him has neither any medical evidence in support of her allegation nor does she have any witness to this incident. Three lawyers from PML-Q have been asked to contest case against me”, he said. (Source)

A Strauss-Kahn in Chakwal

Ayaz Amir
Friday, August 26, 2011

Here I was about to write of Karachi – the title floating in my mind “How Stalin would have resolved the situation”, standing up against a wall the entire Karachi administration and not a few of its political leaders – and here something has occurred in Chakwal to claim my flitting attention.

I have been accused of various things in my time – heresy to personal failings, from homage to Bacchus to philandering (this last vastly exaggerated…often the quietest souls are the most successful in this field while those who strut about or thunder the most are like dogs whose bark is worse than their bite).

During the last elections my embittered opponents, expecting a free run but not getting it, would buy entire pages of the local press to recount my personal failings, culled mostly from my own columns over the years. Which, in a way, was flattering. Who cares about yesterday’s columns? But my opponents, or their local hirelings, would go through them with an avidity I found amusing.

But for all my breaking of the ten commandments and more, never was I accused of rape. Now this defect stands remedied by an application against me by one Ms Tubassam in the court of the local sessions judge. The story is interesting.

On the 17th of August a kidnapping-cum-robbery case is registered against Tabassum, her uncle and aunt, and a few others, in police station Chakwal. The complainant is Tabassum’s mother-in-law, who also happens to be her real aunt.

On the 20th of August, full three days later, Tabassum moves a longish application under Sec 22 (A and B) against members of her own family, accusing her sister-in-law of running her as a demimondaine (French for the oldest profession), but laying stress on a singular circumstance that the local MNA, yours truly, subjected her to criminal assault (the word rape sounds jarring if used too often) in May this year, using force and violence and threatening her with dire consequences should she open her mouth.

This puts me in the distinguished company of Dominique Strauss-Kahn…with some important distinctions. In Strauss-Kahn’s case the scene of the action is New York’s Sofitel Hotel, a suite there putting you back by $3000 a night; the scene of the alleged thriller in my case is my bazaar house in Chakwal, its entrance lined by a row of shops. Enter or leave and you will be noticed by at least a score of people.

The second difference is that whereas Strauss-Kahn’s accuser had contacted the police immediately, my femme fatale is three months late, that too after the registration of a criminal case against her. I am not mentioning a third difference: I wasn’t about to enter the French presidential race. In the French case, there was some medical evidence to go by. In this case, no medical evidence, no witnesses. Just the word of the Mata Hari.

But how could a mere girl bring such an accusation against a sitting MNA? Where there’s smoke there must be a fire, I can hear armchair cynics say. As a permanent member of the club of cynics myself, I can appreciate this line of argument. Except for some telling circumstances, also worthy of consideration.

My opponents, and their number is not small, jump quickly into the fray. Their hirelings in the local press start working overtime to spread word of the MNA’s involvement in such a heinous crime. What is the world coming to?

And the Venus from Langah (her village) finds herself with strong legal help from the local bar. Pushing her application are three leading lawyers: Amin, Shaidy Shah and Amir Butt, all Q League stalwarts, Amin having been additional advocate general Punjab and Shaidy Shah an assistant advocate general when Ch Pervaiz Elahi was chief minister. Amir Butt, an able civil lawyer, was a local nazim, again a pillar of the Q League.

These lawyers don’t touch a piece of paper without commanding hefty fees. They are not known for doing anything pro bono, this just not being their style. And here for nothing, for no money at all, they hasten to the assistance of a young girl whose virtue and honour were violated by the local MNA: very touching. In the local bar these lawyers are known as members of the Z Group. Now what does Z stand for in Urdu? I’ll have to look this one up in the dictionary.

Most of the local press, knowing what is what, and having a fair idea of Ms Tabussam’s background, observes restraint. But a small group of ultra-loyalists to my Q League opponents consider this a heaven-sent opportunity, not to be missed. As that old Turkish proverb goes, you can shut the gates of the mightiest fortress but not the mouths of your enemies.

Still, there should be no hard feelings on this score. Politics is not a game for the delicate or the timid. When frustrated opponents get a chance they will be sure to exploit it. The analogy is far-fetched, and I am not making any pompous comparisons, but when Clinton was accused of his affair with Monica Lewinsky, the Republican hard-core just wanted to bring him down. Rats will be rats and your opponents will do what they can.

Even from Ms Tabussam’s point of view this strategy is ingenious for it distracts attention from her own case and focuses it on the MNA’s exploits.

And Fauzia Behram reserved-seat MPA from the PPP, affectionately called ‘Phuppi’ (auntie) in local PPP circles, and famous for her wrestling prowess in the Punjab Assembly (she was again in the news recently for felling a woman member from the other side to the ground…I wouldn’t want to be on her wrong side) rushes to Langah, promises Ms Tabassum something from the Bait-ul-Maal, and shouts that no one is above the law. I await with trepidation her next move.

Last time Auntie got angry with me she accused me at a public meeting in Thaneel Kamal (this was a year ago) of having an affair with a 23 year old girl. Her niece, Palwasha Khan, reserved-seat PPP MNA, said I should be flattered. I said let me at least have the girl’s telephone number. She gave a half smile and walked away. Palwasha is pretty and intelligent, beauty and brains. But I suppose there is no choosing one’s aunts.

An affair with a 23 year old indeed…I’d be a happy soul, counting my blessings, if a tenth of these charges were true. I know my own worth in this field. A mirror does not lie. One cannot fake being a Casanova or a ladies’ man: one is or one isn’t. I wouldn’t mind all the slander in the world provided I could convince myself – I am not interested in convincing others – that there was something to all this after all.

I would then not “…all alone beweep my outcast state, And trouble deaf heaven with my bootless cries, And look upon myself, and curse my fate…Desiring this man’s art and that man’s scope…” I would have a wicked glint in my eyes.

In this particular case my frustration stems from something else. The Italian prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi, has been accused of an affair with the 17-year old Moroccan girl known as Ruby, very tempting and very exciting. From the photos I have seen of Ms Tabussam, my curiosity aroused after her application, not even her fiercest friends would accuse her of resembling Berlusconi’s Moroccan flame. This is what rankles.

If I am even remotely guilty of criminally assaulting Ms Tabassum, or anyone like her, then there should be no hope for me, and no clemency. For I would be guilty not only of a criminal offence, a serious matter in itself, but of something far worse in the eyes of the initiated: an appalling and unforgivable lack of taste.

A violation of the law, and a serious one at that, is only worth it if the prize be sufficiently tempting. Far be it from me to run down a lady, any lady, especially one from the demi-monde – I never do that, having always considered the oldest profession to be a necessary adjunct to the human condition – but rape, and on Ms Tabussam?

This is to paint me as a desperate man, bereft of choices. I feel insulted.

Source: The News

Comments from The News:

Dear Ayaz, take it from a Galleon, you have done us proud….a sense of humor and a stiff upper lip in the face of crass accusers! Now I do not share you political opinions many times and find you too idealistic or sermonizing but on this issue you have my full support. All best!

Mr. Amir, I do hope such insinuations are dismissed with quickly – politics in general is full of crooks and charlatans, and quite a few politicians benefit from slandering others. I do hope your integrity will see you through. Pakistan cannot afford to loose the few good people it has left in politics.

I thought of Ayaz was only popular with Intelligentsia of both sides of the border. Now this sagacious aunt’s accusations will make him a house hold name in Pakistan. If one needs to climb political ladder, one has to take the help all ropes thrown at you. Our support is with Ayaz!


Campaign on Twitter against Ayaz Amir:

laalshah Feisal H. Naqvi
Ayaz Amir’s latest re rape charges pending agst him (um, pls check contempt law); his defence: 1. she’s a hooker. 2. She’s ugly. Charming

Disgusted with everyone who’s justifying Ayaz Amir’s filthy pile of misogynist bullshit. Shame on you, STFU. Morons

AliDayan Ali Dayan Hasan
Ayaz Amir is living proof that good writers don’t have to be good people. RT @baylinveil: Ugh. @laalshah

alisafir Pervez
@UroojZia the man #AYAZAMIR has found PML N as his party to further his political aspirations so V can C what is his state of mind

tazeen Tazeen
Classy RT @laalshah: Ayaz Amir’s latest defence re rape charges pending against him: 1. she’s a hooker. 2. She’s ugly.

Nadir_Hassan Nadir Hassan
Still cannot get over how unbelievably disgusting Ayaz Amir’s column yesterday was:

baylinveil bayl
Flabbergasting. RT @Nadir_Hassan: Still cannot get over how unbelievably disgusting Ayaz Amir’s column yesterday was:

FiveRupees Five Rupees
I don’t know if the rape allegations against Ayaz Amir are true, but I do know his last 4 paras here are disgusting

jehan_ara jehan_ara
I don’t know if Ayaz Amir is guilty of rape but it was irresponsible of him to write, tongue-in-cheek or not… (cont)

6 Comments to “Deep State punishes Ayaz Amir”

  1. Similar conspiracy against Ayaz Amir in 2010:

    Rural drama: a touch of blackmail
    Islamabad diary

    Friday, July 09, 2010
    Ayaz Amir

    Tuesday evening this week, while contemplating the stars and revolving a glass in my hand, my cell phone buzzed with an incoming message (from cell number 03065006674). With its spelling marvels intact, this is what it said: “After long thinking we decided not to giv yur recording to anybody, it depends on u what u want, u know well, if we hand over thir tape to…Mian brotheran..or some religious groups, what can be hepend to you and your party. Particularly in present poletical condition, just message us, u hav only 24 hours to save your skin”

    Then I remembered. A girl who introduced herself as a lady reporter (she said she had interviewed me for some forgotten paper two and a half years ago) had pestered me with late-night calls. Not that I particularly minded. As Chief Minister Raisani said of academic degrees, a degree is a degree whether fake or genuine, so too with girls (I almost said the Lord’s finest creation but on second thoughts thought better of it): a girl is a girl, whether from the New York Times or your downtown rag.

    (Rudyard Kipling had a slightly different take on the matter: “And a woman is only a woman, but a good Cigar is a Smoke.” But this is a bit showy and doesn’t really connect.)

    And what did the persistent caller ask me about? This and that. Wasn’t I lonely? No, I said most emphatically, I was not. And for good measure perhaps quoted the Maugham line: “Peace, perfect peace, with loved ones far away.”

    And how did I think the world was created? Ah, I thought, here was someone beset with a raging sense of curiosity. So I went on a bit about the Big Bang and evolution and the relativity of all religious belief. A few days later I went off on a visit to Abu Dhabi to attend a seminar on — you may have guessed it — Afghanistan and forgot all about the matter.

    Hardly had I got back from Abu Dhabi before I started receiving the phone calls again. Bored a bit by then and not fully recovered from my Gulf trip I just ignored the calls and took them no more. Then I heard a rumour on the Chakwal grapevine that someone in Mulhal Mughlan union council (to the east of Chakwal) was trying to peddle to some of my local opponents an ‘explosive’ telephone conversation of mine.

    I was a bit dismissive and shrugged my shoulders. The sum mentioned was Rs30 lakhs and I said lucky devil whoever got it. But what intrigued me was how a conversation, explosive or not, with someone in Islamabad had got to the confines of Chakwal. Then I remembered something else.

    When the persistent caller had interviewed me two and a half years ago (which was the only time I ever set eyes on her) it was not she who was really interested in the interview but someone else, someone from Chakwal, in fact from a place near Mulhal, who said he had voted for me and worked for an Urdu newspaper. His name was Liaquat Ali Khan and he was from Dhok Mehmood Morha, Daakhli Ghazial, Union Council Mulhal Mughlan, Thana Dhuman.

    Subsequent to the interview, he visited me in Chakwal twice or thrice regarding petty local matters. This happens all the time. Nameless reporters seek interviews at times with the sole purpose of gaining access. So I thought nothing of it. A couple of months back Liaquat sought my help regarding the transfer of his sister who is a teacher. I wanted to help but couldn’t because of a procedural difficulty.

    After receiving the SMS, and connecting Liaquat to this affair, I made enquiries and learned something startling. Liaquat was a convicted felon, sentenced in March 1996 in a dacoity case — case no. 17 of 1995, Thana Dhuman, under sections 392/34 — to three years rigorous imprisonment and a fine of Rs50,000. For possession of illegal weapons he was convicted in case no. 21 of 1995, Thana Dhuman, to a further term of two years rigorous imprisonment and a fine of Rs20,000.

    The fog was lifting. Liaquat was the main character behind this drama and the girl was his accomplice. But something else also intrigued me. I had heard rumours about the purported deal two weeks ago. Why was I being SMS-ed now? Clearly because no one was swallowing the fiction. I continued to gaze at the stars and played around some more with my glass.

    Wednesday evening I got another SMS: “Ok Mr Ayaz now we are free to make a deal with (and here a name of one of my opponents is given)….how you face lets see.” (One or two incendiary things I have left out.)

    A few minutes later I got another SMS, probably indicating the desperation of the callers: “Tomoro night first audio cd is given to (and here another name is mentioned). He is ready to buy thir (sic) at high rate, god bless u. Oh sorry you are god refusing.” (If some idiot is prepared to give you a good rate, why bother to call me? Certainly not to salve your conscience.)

    The first thing that comes to mind is the great generosity of the journalistic calling which opens its arms and bosom to a colourful variety of characters. A convicted dacoit masquerading as a journalist. A female journalist (working for an APP monthly publication) conducting interviews under false pretences. Both involved in outright blackmail. The guilds concerned — the Islamabad Press Club, the Rawalpindi/Islamabad Union of Journalists and the PFUJ — should look into this aspect of the matter.

    Blackmail of course is not new to the profession on whose fringes all sorts of shady and dubious characters operate. But this is pretty blatant and audacious. (I am not wholly displeased because it is also good stuff for a column. We hear of gangsters all the time and we watch mafia movies with delight but actually coming across a gangster or a group of blackmailers is a bit exciting: a case of real life imitating art.)

    The other thing of course is that if a late-night caller, especially a girl, asks you about the origin of the universe, reach for your pistol.

    But the whole thing is also a bit insulting. This blackmailing duo, this team working hand-in-glove, Svengali with his conniving and willing instrument, obviously thought that they would get away with it. Which means one of two things: they ere either very stupid or they entertained no high opinion of me. More than the attempted blackmailing the second possibility rankles. Did they take me to be such a mug?

    Blackmail can be very sophisticated and of a very high order. We’ve all heard of honey traps. If one is a victim of something like that at least there is something to remember, some memory to savour. But in the story I have related there is no honey, just manure. The characters involved — the girl who, I am informed, lives in the jurisdiction of Thana Koral near Islamabad, and her Chakwal handler — are pathetic characters. It’s like being mugged by petty thieves. Where’s the glory in that?

    About the long-since-departed Indonesian president, Ahmed Soekarno, who lived life to the full (if you get my drift) there is a story, perhaps apocryphal, that he was once shown an incriminating tape by the CIA. Far from being flummoxed, Soekarno asked for the tape to be played again, so elated was he with his performance. And suppose the CIA had attempted to blackmail Soekarno by confronting him with his views about the beginning of all things, he would have said that they were wasting his time.

    I have not been much of a traveller but I have seen a bit of the world. I can’t say I have had my share of adventures because that would be immodest. Even so, when the Towers of Jericho came tumbling down, and if I was asked to post my resume, I would be able to put a few things in. But now, two and a half years into my MNAship, when I surely deserved something better, I am confronted by these low-grade clowns. This is the pits and leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

  2. Support for Ayaz Amir on Twitter:

    Laibaah Laiba Ahmad Marri
    Deep State punishes Ayaz Amir

    NadeemfParacha Nadeem F. Paracha
    Shame the way some thakeydars of ‘Pak ideology’ (read thorny asswipes) are trying to malign Ayaz Aamir …

    AbdulNishapuri Abdul Nishapuri
    Deep State and its various proxies are defaming Ayaz Amir, one of very few honest voices in Pakistani media

    TheseLongWars TLW
    I stand with Ayaz Amir.Ill dig up that old column but somebody tried to perpetrate a smear on him 2~3 years ago as well

    gulbukhari Gul Bukhari
    @ayazamir’s hilarious & perfectly apt response to rape accusations

    beenasarwar beena sarwar
    @primary_red I agree. But when the case is clearly politically motivated, should he handle her with kid gloves?

    Laibaah Laiba Ahmad Marri
    @primary_red In principle, I agree with you. It is, however, a bit unfair to single out one (anti-estab) columnist to apply strict ethics.

    Laibaah Laiba Ahmad Marri
    @primary_red Given the gravity of allegation, Ayaz Amir’s response is understandable. Deep State is ruthless

  3. Dirty propaganda against Ayaz Amir by Urooj Zia, a known proxy of the Deep State.

    Proxies of Deep State helping each other! RT @UroojZia Read. @cpyala hits the nail on Zulfi Mirza’s head.

    You may care to note that Urooj is a paid employee of the same MNA who was granted Rs50 million by PM Gilani to keep shut.

    Urooj Zia says “As a woman I feel insulted”. Not when she uses most abusive language publicly?

    Sometimes proxies exploit apparently logical points to fulfil a more sinister agenda. Urooj has a pro-estab pattern.

    Ayaz Amir’s only crime is that he is anti-ISI and anti-ISI backed CJP. He is being framed by the Deep State.


    Urooj Zia has been hired by the Deep State to attack Ayaz Amir:

    Take the bitter pill

    By:Urooj Zia
    Source: Pakistan Today

    Like MNA Ayaz Amir, I’d considered writing on Karachi this week. I’d thought of making a joke or two about Zulfikar Mirza’s recent altercation with Rehman Malik – which makes for easy pickings, after all. But it wasn’t meant to be. My attention, like Amir’s, was drawn to an incident in Chakwal; or rather, the MNA’s rendition of it via an op-ed in an English-language daily.

    For those who might have missed it, the MNA started off by placing himself in what he refers to as the ‘distinguished company’ of Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the former IMF MD who tendered his resignation after being accused of rape. So, Amir has been accused of rape, we gather. We also gather that he considers the company of alleged rapists to be a badge of honour of some sort, but we’ll let that slide. The worthy MNA, though, wasn’t going to let things go so easily.

    I am not going to discuss the veracity of the charges against Amir; not being associated with the case or the process, it is not my place to comment on it. What I will comment on is the manner in which Amir used his op-ed space to trot out every misogynist line in the book against his accuser; all the way from the ‘oh she’s a commercial sex worker (CSW)’ to ‘ha ha she’s so ugly, why would I rape her’. One could dismiss all of this as socially-conditioned sleaziness, were someone in a lesser position to spout this nonsense. But the alarming fact here is that all of this came from a member of the National Assembly of Pakistan. A sitting MNA seems to think that a CSW has no right to complain against rape. He also seems to conflate rape with lust, when in fact the former is a heinous crime that has nothing to do with sex, per se, and is actually a twisted, misogynist manifestation of power over the survivor. One could argue that the assertions made by Amir are nothing new; these are the first points brought up even by police investigators the moment they are handed charge of a rape case. But one expects an MNA to have better sense than the thhaana wallahs.

    And this doesn’t stop at Amir either. His boss, Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani, has been known to throw his weight behind those accused of sexual harassment. A case-in-point is a recent incident from Punjab University, where despite the fact that an enquiry committee had verified charges against the accused, the PM allegedly stepped in and tried to overrule the committee’s judgment. Even the appointment of the new auditor-general of Pakistan – the highest office of accountability in the country – is fraught with similar accusations. Contrary to assertions made by the auditor-general’s well-wishers, charges of sexual harassment against him weren’t ‘baseless’; they were dropped, on ‘higher’ orders, using an obscure technicality despite the testimony of more than 40 eyewitnesses.

    Perhaps the powers-that-be need to be educated about the very concept of violation of one’s being. Perhaps they also need to be informed about the definition of ‘consent’ – that ‘no’ means ‘no’. It doesn’t mean that the person is being coy and wants you to ‘try harder’. It means that the person wants you to go away, and if you refuse to comply, you are committing a heinous criminal offence. As such, a CSW can also file charges of rape; just because s/he caters to a demand for sex does not mean that s/he is ‘fair game’. Furthermore, rape is not about lust by any stretch of the imagination. Rape is not about a woman’s lifestyle choices; it is not about how she is dressed, or how she behaves, or what she does for a living, or whether she smokes or drinks. Rape is about misogyny and ‘power’ over someone who is either considered weaker than the perpetrator, or someone who ‘intimidates’ and challenges the rapist’s sense of faux-masculinity. As such, it has nothing to do with the survivor’s “looks” either.

    If Pakistan were a person, it would be strapped into a straight jacket and thrown into a padded cell right about now. Not just because lunatics such as Mumtaz Qadri think it is okay to gun down people whose views might differ from theirs, but also because 52 percent of its population is constantly considered second-grade citizenry; because few women here can expect to be treated with respect or even like human beings.

    MNA Ayaz Amir might have gained some sympathy for having to grapple with such grave charges, but he lost our votes when he launched into a filthy, misogynist tirade against his accuser. As a woman, all I can now say to him and his kind is: Yeh watan tumhara hai, Hum hain khvam vakha iss mein. As a woman, MNA Amir, I feel insulted.

  4. This is strange, few months back Ayaz Amir wrote to PFUJ that a woman journalist Aaliya Tabassum was blackmailing him. Her name was also Tabassum. Is it a coincidence?

  5. by TLW:

    the whole damn thing looks fishy. I couldn’t seem to find any reference to Ayaz Amir being charged with rape in any newspaper and no news articles as of this moment.

    Ayaz Amir’s column was the first media report I saw of this, and certainly it did betray some mysogynistic views, but then again when a person like him has been in false accusation situations before, he would be expected to react in a manner like this.

    He was, as mentioned in the postscript, falsely accused of being an Ahmedi, and then also of some sort of strange combined religious/adultery “>blackmail attempt.

    There’s a history here, of political opposition to Ayaz Amir by smear campaign. I think this, also very twisted facet of rural politics deserves a look at, too.

  6. he seems to have assaulted the girl but he should be given a chance to prove his innocence in the court of law.

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