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January 1, 2012

Askari Raza’s murder: Cafe Jhangvi makes fun of Shia protesters in Karachi

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Askari Raza, secretary general of Pasban-e-Jafaria, was killed by ISI-backed LeJ terrorists on 31 Dec 2011

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The demonstrators, 15,000 in number marched around 15 kilometres from Ancholi to the Governor House, to mourn the murder of Askari Raza who was killed Saturday night in Gulshan-e-Iqbal when two armed men opened fire at him. During the 10-hour long sit-in outside the Governor House in Karachi, a six member

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December 9, 2011

My hero is Samad Khurram – by Riaz Malik Hajjaji

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Here is an example of Samad Khurram’s philosophy and modus operandi: Salman Taseer’s murder and the footsoldiers of media

Samad Khurram refuses US medal

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November 17, 2011

Husain Haqqani, memogate and urban elites’ pandemonium on Twitter

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A critical analysis of Husain Haqqani vs Mansoor Ijaz saga

Express Tribune must not distort facts about Husain Haqqani

There is a great pandemonium of urban (fake) liberals on Twitter. Mansoor Ijaz has published his BBM conversations with an unknown government official. Admiral Mullen has finally acknowledged that the memo in fact existed and was delivered to him. Najam Sethi has predicted that Husain Haqqani might soon lose his job. Husain Haqqani himself has offered to resign.

With the much speculated resignation of Husain Haqqani in sight, there is an environment of mourning in the circle of Pakistan’s urban elites on Twitter.

غلام بھاگتے پھرتے ہیں مشعلیں لے کر
محل پہ ٹوٹنے والا ہو آسماں جیسے

(Loose translation: Slaves are running around in a state of frenzy as if the sky is going to fall on the palace.)

It is quite entertaining to see known PPP-phobes or Zardari-phobes to see competing with each other praising Ambassador Haqqani and highlighting his indispensability to Pakistan and PPP. Those who usually keep complete silence

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September 16, 2011

Cyril Almeida’s invitation to army to save Pakistan from Zardari

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According to Cyril: Army must consider that "the costs of non-intervention are higher than the benefits of the status quo."

Critical readers of Pakistani media are quite familiar with Cyril Almeida and his double-tongue when its comes to the ostensible criticism of army and appreciation of democracy while remaining loyal to the narratives of the Deep State. Mr. Almeida’s writings and services to the Deep State are a living proof of the fact that there are not only right wing columnists and media persons (mainly in the Urdu press) who recycle and reinforce the Deep State’s narratives, there are also some seemingly liberal columnists and writers (mainly in the English press) who are equally friendly and useful to the Deep State.

Special links with the military establishment 

Pakistan’s media circles are aware of frequent contacts between ISPR and Cyril, a privilege which is not available to anti-establishment journalists. Recently Cyril’s close contacts with the Deep State were revealed by none other than another ‘colleague’ i.e. Ahmad Quraishi. Mr. Quraishi writes quite visibly upset by the fact that Mr. Almeida leaked details of a confidential brief by none other than General Kayani:

Columnist Almeida extensively quoted from a background briefing and turned inaccuracies into policy statements. Thankfully, he didn’t forget to add, “All comments were made strictly on the condition of anonymity being maintained.” Oh really?

Mr. Almeida apparently was one of four-dozen editors, talk-show hosts and columnists invited by Pakistan Army Chief

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September 6, 2011

Urban liberal friends of the Deep State activated against Farhat Taj

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Will you reveal your sponsors, Samad Khurram?

Farhat Taj is amongst very few credible Pakistani scholars who have honestly and bravely presented a Pashun perspective on the Taliban and exposed the complicity of Pakistan army with the sectarian and jihadi

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July 14, 2011

Pakistani Tweeples slam pro-JI homophobe Samad Khurram

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Samad Khurram is anti-drones, anti-USA, anti-LGBT and anti-politicians

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistani twittersphere has extended immense support to Pakistani senator and interior Minister Rehman Malik for his

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